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Name: Michael Wilson Email: ceo@ashfieldbowlingclub.com.au
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 24 Nov 2009 08:43:52 GMT

Comment: Many thanks to our hard working committee for all the preparations for this important milestone in our Club's history. It is going to be a great week,our Club is the 2nd oldest in New South Wales and one of the oldest in Australia. Our Club compliements one of the most beautiful parks in Sydney,just 7 kms from the CBD. We are indeed the Jewel in the Crown of the Ashfield Muncipality. Thanks to our community for their support over our 120 year history.  Finally to everyone who has put down a bowl on our greens we have all shared in something special, Michael Wilson Secretary/Manager

Name: Neil Dalrymple Email: ndalrymple@bowlsaustralia.com.au
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Country:   Date: 25 Nov 2009 03:22:30 GMT

Comment: On behalf of Bowls Australia, congratulations to the Ashfield Bowling Clubs on the achievemnt of 120 years in existence. This is a signficant milestone and I congratulate all past and current members of the club for their contributions. I look forward to reading about your activities during this special year and wish the club well for a very successful future in bowls. Congratulations! Neil Dalrymple CEO - Bowls Australia

Name: Michael Beaumont Email: michael@rnswba.org.au
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 25 Nov 2009 03:35:45 GMT

Comment: Congratulations on the first 120 years. A great little club with the best board room in Sydney. its been a pleasure to spend time there.

Name: Ian McKnight Email: ian.mcknight@rnswba.org.au
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 27 Nov 2009 02:20:43 GMT

Comment: On behalf of the Royal New South Wales Association I offer our heartiest congratulations to the Ashfield Bowling Club on attaining a great milestone in celebrating its 120th Anniversary. It is a truly wonderful achievement to be in existence for such a long period of time. We wish the Ashfield Club, its Board and members all the best for the future. Ian McKnight State President

Name: Vita Sutton Email: randvsutton@optusnet.com.au
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 28 Nov 2009 21:36:46 GMT

Comment: Congratulations Ashfield Bowling Club on reaching your 120th Year...in dog years that is ..840 years!!!!! Go Ashfield Go......Yayyyyyyyyyy!!

Name: Graham Earp Email: mrtrivia@optusnet.com.au
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Country:   Date: 30 Nov 2009 01:23:05 GMT

Comment: Congratulations, over the past year I have met many of the members and their guests and have thoroughly enjoyed your company presenting trivia on a Wednesday night. May you all enjoy many more years of successful bowling and the wonderful companionship that the club offers.

Name: Stuart Chapman Email: discostu@unwired.com.au
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 4 Dec 2009 01:25:16 GMT

Comment: Congratulations Ashfield BC on this wonderful milestone. On behalf of Zone 11, all the best for your celebrations and look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.Regards Stuart Chapman Zone 11

Name: Tracey Jones Email: callmetracey@optusnet.com.au
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 5 Dec 2009 07:38:01 GMT

Comment: Congratulations to Ashfield Bowling! 120 years young....

Name: Brian Taylor Email: bryan.taylor1961@bigpond.com
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Country:   Date: 15 Dec 2009 07:13:38 GMT

Comment: I wish say congratulations to the Ashfield Bowling Club of a 120 years to say thank you for the invite,an wish you all another 120 years.And it was a joy to be involve with the club.In my time i was there as a member.