The Club's 119th Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 26th October 2008

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It is with much pleasure and honour that I present the Chairpersonís report to this 119th Annual General Meeting of Ashfield Bowling Club.

In summary our Club has had a successful and progressive year in virtually all areas of our operation. I will briefly detail some of these successes.

Firstly & foremost this is a Bowling Club and our Club is here for people to play bowls. The two sub clubís the Menís & Womenís Club have undertaken their tasks in a passionate manner and this has resulted in enjoyable social games, highly contested  Championship matches, good performances in Pennant Competition and well run tournaments at our own Club. A very good example of one these performances was the Menís Pennantís. Having lost a number of players to other Clubs our bowlers were required to play beyond their ability to be competitive.  The players did play beyond their ability with the result being our Club leading the section for 75% of the competition. Our womenís club is now one of the few remaining Womenís Clubís in our area. Along with their normal bowling accomplishments the womenís club put on a number of very good tournaments that had high participation rates from other Clubs. Both Clubís came together for our major recruitment drive for players in February. Whilst other Bowling Clubs have reported a decline in Playing membership it is pleasing to be able to report we have a Nett increase of 15 players for the year. Both Clubís are financially stable having undertaken fund raising responsibilities through raffles and co-ordinating our casual bowlers. I would like to thank to two Presidentís of the sub clubs and I would like to acknowledge our Bowlís Co-ordinator Faye Flint for a job well done.

Financially wise the Club had a very good year. David Gwalter our Hon.  Treasurer will detail more of this in his report. The Board resolved to seek broader advice on the Clubís Investments for to this a sub committee was formed and I would like to thank the members of that sub committee in particular John Morgan for their input. We undertook some major capital work during the year and also much needed repairs. The installation of the shades was completed at an overall cost of $31,577 we received a grant of $13,000 from the Department of NSW Sport & Recreation the cost to the Club was $18,577. Security cameras were installed to give our members, visitors and staff increased safety and accountability.  The cost of the cameras was close to $20,000. The major capital work for the year that was commenced in March and completed after the 30th June in September was the installation of stormwater harvesting and a new irrigation system. Obtaining the relative approvals was a lengthy process. Our greens will now be watered using only water from the underground tanks. The water used on the Jack Muirhead Green will be recycled into the tanks. In this day of the community being very environmentally aware our Club is very much leading the way. The total cost of this project was $80,018 of which the Federal Government through the Community Water Grants Program gave us $40,530 with a cost to the Club $39,488. Another major item undertaken during the year was the internal painting of the Club. Minor items were replacement ice machine, conversion of poker machines and new lockers for the Ladies Room.

2007/08 was the first full year that the Club had a contractor cater. The original cater elected to withdraw his services in January this year and after advertising we were grateful to obtain the services of Franki Ha. Franki had previous experience in Bowling Clubs and this has proven to be a benefit to our Club. Franki has provided a very professional and good catering service. I thank Franki and his family for their contribution.

During the year the Board put into place a Workplace Relations Policy in line with that from Clubís NSW. Items in place have been a formal appraisal system for staff and the adoption of a relative Job Description for Michael Wilson our Secretary/Manager. This has given better communication between the Board and staff. I would like to formally acknowledge the staff and our Greens Contractor for their work in make our Club operate smoothly.

The Board has realised its need to be more educated, give the Club direction and have a high level of transparency. A workshop was held post 30th June to begin the development of a Strategic Plan for the Club. With regard transparency the Board elected to publish the minutes of Board Meetings on the noticeboard. I would like to thank all members of the Board during the year for their contribution.

Some other items I would like to mention is the introduction of our Friday night meat raffles, it is pleasing to see the number of people in particular people from our local community at the Club on a Friday evening. We have also this year had our web site in operation. This has proven an important communication tool and will become a more relevant communication tool in the future. To give you an idea there has been 142,329 hits on our web site since February 2007.

In closing I would like to thank every member for their contribution and support of our Club and look forward to 2008 as we enter our 120th year.


Russell Butler


26th October 2008.


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