The 120th Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 25th October 2009.

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Our Chairperson Russell Butler presented the following report:


It is with much honour and pleasure that I present the Chairpersonís report to this 120th Annual General Meeting of Ashfield Bowling Club. In fact a significant milestone for our Club

The 2008/ 2009 year has as we all know been a challenging year as a result of the Global Financial Crisis for all businesses and individuals and our Club and our members were not exempt. Despite the Global Financial Crisis to which I will touch on later I want to reemphasise the reason that our Club was founded 120 years ago  and that is for the sport of Lawn Bowls and that is what it will always be a Lawn Bowls Club.

Many Bowling Clubs suffered during the year calling for expression of interests through amalgamations, however the activity on our Greens was I am pleased to say lively. Our two sub clubs competently managed the affairs in the running of the bowls. Our Menís Club for the first time in many years fielded two Pennant sides showing the increase in membership of their Club over the last couple years as opposed to decline in other Clubs. The Grade 4 team won a number of matches however the Grade 6 struggled as they were probably playing above their grade. The Womenís Club in Pennant Competition preformed very well winning the Inner West District competition and reaching play offs. With further increases in the Womenís Club Membership over the year it is hopeful that next year they will progress further and also have an additional team in the Pennant Competition. The Club ran a number of tournaments during the year and I must congratulate the Womenís Club who ran the majority. There was always positive feedback from visitors on the running of the tournaments. Our Club Championships have been played in a highly competitive nature. Congratulations go to our two singles Champions Greg Aspinall who won the Menís singles for the 14th time and Beverley Pendleton who won the Ladies singles for the 4th time. It was pleasing to see a number of rookie bowlers winning Championships. The Menís Pairs was won by John Bailey and Sol Pedersen both who have been bowling for under 3 years. One of the highlight wins, although not an official Championship was the win by 18 year old Susannah Miechels in the Open Consistency. Her win even generated an article in the local newspaper. I would like to thank a number of people regarding our Bowls, firstly Faye Flint our Bowls Co-ordinator who makes sure it all flows together, Alan Burton our Greenkeeper who gives us excellent greens to play on, the Committees of the two sub clubs who undertake their tasks in a passionate manner. Finally I would like to acknowledge June Donoghoe who after three years as President of the Womenís Club stepped down. During her time as President the Womenís Club had great success in all areas.

As I mentioned in my opening comments this year the Global Financial Crisis impacted on us all. Along with this the Club industry as a whole had to come to terms with the continuing impact of the indoor smoking ban. David Gwalter our Treasurer will elaborate on the Financial Performance of the Club. However I would like to mention the following. The Board continued to act in a prudent manner with regard our major assets our investments. Prior to September last year our portfolio was heavily exposed to property and the Board upon advice of a Licensed Financial Advisor diversified the portfolio. We were unable to redeem two property portfolio investments of $660,000 to LM Mortgage Fund and $588,000 to AXA Property Fund. The LM Mortgage Fund continues to have a freeze on redemptions and the AXA property Fund is also frozen and has been revalued to $485,000. Members maybe concerned with the Clubís bottom line of $174,903 loss. Of this there is a $203,111 impairment loss which is a write down in the value of our portfolio. Although my report covers the 12 month to 30th June 2009 I am pleased to advise you that for the three months to September 2009 there has been a reversal of $139,122 on this impairment loss. Trade wise our Bar trade increased demonstrating more people through the door and like the industry as a whole our gaming decreased. David Gwalter has done an excellent job in his role as Treasurer in these tough times. Many thanks David. I would also like to thank John Morgan for his contribution on the Financial Sub-committee.

Our Club has established itself as an important community facility. We have catered for bowls for a wide range of people including many people with disabilities. The Clubhouse has facilitated many people from our Motherís Groups on Thursdays, which was featured in the Daily Telegraph, Bridge Club on Fridays, raffles on Friday evenings, and numerous birthdays, christenings and many other functions and meetings by the community. I would like to thank our cater Franki Ha and his family for their input during the year.

I would also like to extend thanks to our staff during the year for their input. Michael  Wilson and our staff have executed their duties in a conscientious  manner and on behalf of the Board and members we extend our thanks 

The Board has always carried out their duties in the best interests of the Club. Our meetings have been held in a positive manner. The Board has striven to develop their skills. All members of the Board became members of the Club Directorís Institute which gives invaluable learning material for Board Members. Along with the monthly Board meeting there are numerous tasks Board members need to be across the top of including many e-mails regarding the operation of the Club.

Some other items I would like to mention briefly are thanks to the 120th Anniversary Committee. They are busily preparing for our celebrations during the first week of December and I encourage everyone to participate. Our web site is considered one of the best Bowls Clubís web sites and this is demonstrated by 287,000 hits on our site over the last 12 months.

 In closing I would like to thank every member for their contribution and support of our Club in what was a difficult year and look forward to an improved year for 2009/10.


Russell Butler


25th October 2009.


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