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All-day play on the Ashfield Club's
1 January 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 1 January 1895, page 6


On Saturday afternoon a three rink match between
the Glebe and Waverley Clubs was played on the former's green, Wentworth Park. After its long spell of comparative idleness, the green was in good condition, and played well. The game was very fluctuating, the half hour scores showing alternately in favour of one side and then of the other. Mr. J. A. Hogue, M. L. A. , president of the Glebe Club played in one of the home rinks. The rinks and scores were: -  

No. 1, Waverley- Wahlberg, J. Graham, E. Barnes, G. T. Clarke (captain), 26. Glebe - J. A. Hogue, Carlaw, A. M. Kinley, J. Dickenson (captain), 28.

No. 2. Waverley - O. Carroll, H. A. Magney, W. Wynne, W. Andrew (captain), 27. Glebe - H. N. Vaughan. H. Fogd, H Taft, H. M'Pherson (captain), 32.    

No. 3, Waverley - E. Thomas, J. A. Livingstone, W. M'Leod Captain Kondio (captain), 31. Glebe - A. Thornley, F. Buckle, J. G. Purves, Captain Messell (captain), 20.  

The scores for the three first half-hours were - 1st, Waverley 16, Glebe, 12; 2nd, Waverley, 32,   Glebe 37; 3rd, Waverley 43, Glebe 52. 

In the semi-
final the Glebe was still 11 points ahead but in the final the positions were reversed and Waverley won the match by four points. Major Blanchard acted as umpire and scorer.

The third round of the Redfern Club's championship match was brought to a conclusion on Saturday afternoon. Hanigan defeated Parker by 31 to 27, Rose defeated Richardson by 31 to 19, and Wilderstrom, defeated Howe by only one point, the     scores being - Widerstrom, 31; Howe, 30. At the conclusion of the matches drawing for the fourth round took place, Halligan being drawn against Widerstrom. This round will be the semi-final, and  Rose will play off with the winner for the champion- ship.The games must be played off before Friday  next.

Members of the City Club have been invited by the president (Mr John Graham) to luncheon in the pavilion, Cook Park, to day. The Mayor- elect (Alderman S. E. Lees, M L A ) is expected to be present.

There will be all-day play on the Ashfield Club's green to-day, luncheon being provided for members in the pavilion. A large attendance of bowlers, as usual on holiday occasions is anticipated.

On account of the holidays the Victorian Bowling   Association's championship pennant matches has been postponed temporarily. Play in connection therewith will be resumed on 5th January.  

The Victoria Club severely defeated North Fitzroy, on the Victoria green, on Saturday. Victoria was ahead in every rink, and won the match by 43 points.

Prince's Park, a young club made a very creditable performance in its match with the veteran South Melbourne Club, being defeated by only four points.

At the conclusion of the recent big match between the Victorian and North-Western Bowling Associations, in which the former were defeated, the president of the V. B. A. stated that the team was weak because of tho absence of several of its best players. The president of the South-Western B. A. scored, however, by stating that his association had to be content with whatever players could find it convenient to take part in the match.

Ashfield green well attended
1 January 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 2 January 1895, page 3


Yesterday the members of the City Club were en
tertained at an oyster luncheon in the pavilion by Mr John Graham (president). Mr Graham presided and was supported by Messrs W. H. Goddard and R. N. Sadlear. Among those present was Mr John Young, president of the New South Wales Bowling association, who was warmly welcomed   to the green. The secretary apologised for the absence of the Mayor. After luncheon the chairman presented Mr W. D. Nightingale with the presidents trophy-a gold bracelet of handsome design. The second prize, a silver sugar-bowl, was awarded to Mr. C. W. Knight, Toasts were then proposed. Mr. Chapman pro- posed "The New South Wales Bowling Association,   coupling with it the name of Mr John Young ". Messrs. R. N. Sadlear and A. E. Butler responded. Mr Young proposed " The City Club," coupled with the name of its president Mr. John Graham. He congratulated the club on electing Mr Graham: to a position he so worthily filled. Mr Graham re- turned thanks for the compliment paid him. Other toasts were proposed, and brief remarks made by Mr. W. H. Goddard, Major Morris, Mr. S. Gelding (hon. sec. ), and others. A friendly game was subsequently played on the green.

The new Mayor of Sydney (Alderman S. E. Lees, M. L. A. ) has rejoined the City Club.

Yesterday afternoon the suburban greens were very well attended, more members playing than on Christmas Day. At the Ashfield green the attendance was especially good. Renewed interest is generally being evinced in the game, and in many of the clubs there has recently been a good increase in the membership.

Recent Victorian matches were-Victoria (95) v. Flemington (78), played at Flemington and Albert Park (91) v. Dandenong (5O), played at  Albert Park.

Pennant Draw for Saturday 12 January 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 11 January 1895, page 6


The selection committee of the Waverley Bowling and Recreation Club have selected the following to represent that club in their match at the City green to-morrow in the first round of the pennant matches -Rink No. 1: Messrs. J. A, L. Livingstone, J. Graham, Watkin Wynne, and W. Andrew (cap- tain). Rink No. 2: Messrs. E. Thomas, G. J. Waterhouse, M. J. Fitzgerald, Captain Kondio (cap- tain). Rink No. 3: Messrs. O. Carroll, A. A. Locke, E.. E. Wahlberg, W. Macleod (captain). Rink No. 4: Messrs. H. King, Major Blanchard, A. Horrocks, and H. C. Evans (captain).

The secretary of the association (Mr. H. B. Cohen)   has announced the fixtures for tomorrow's championship matches as follows -Ashfield v. City,  on Strathfield green; Balmain v. Redfern, on St. Leonards green , Victoria Park v. Strathfield U.R.C , on Balmain green , Waverley v. St. Leo- nards, on City green, Newtown v. Rosehill, on Ashfield green.

The family of the late Sir Alfred Stephen, late patron of the Now South Wales Bowling Association, have forwarded a letter thanking the president and members of the association for their letter of sympathy.

One of the most unique trophies ever offered is the Holroyd silver bowl, which was presented by the late Arthur Todd Holroyd, Master in Equity, for competition amongst members of the Balmain Club.   The trophy is practically an ordinary playing bowl, made of silver, and is very heavy. Under the conditions of play it must be won by one person either three times in succession or five times in all. It has now been played for eight years, the winners being   1887, H. Jervis, 1888, C. R. Allt, 1889, H. B. Cohen, 1890, R. A. Wilson, M.D., 1891, J. J. Reeder, 1892, H. B. Cohen, 1893, R. A. Wilson, M.D., 1894, P. J. Kelly, M.B. From this it will   be seen that the trophy has only been won twice by two persons. This year's contest for it will even- tuate in a few dayjs. Tho name of each annual winner is engraved on the ball.

The New Zealand Bowling Association, at a meeting held at Dunedin, decided to include in the grand tournament programme a pairs match, as well as the rink and single matches.

Christchurch and Canterbury clubs recently played a return match on the former's green, the weather conditions being highly favourable. Each side was, represented by five rinks, and the home players obtained a some what decided victory, being ahead in every rink but one, and scoring 125 points to their opponents' 84. At seven heads Christchurch had made 44 and Canterbury 26, and at 11 heads Christchurch 79, Canterbury 50.

At the conclusion of the N.S.W. Association's pennant matches a programme of interclub matches will probably be arranged.

The team to represent the Newtown Bowling Club in the Pennant match against Rosehill, to be played on the Ashfield green on Saturday next, will be selected from the following 20 players -Messrs A. T. Plein, A. Murray, R. T. Bellemey, F. Freeman, G. Gommeson, S. Sweeney, J. P. Dalrymple, E. .J. Pearson, R. Fielding, H. Garland, J. Pritchard, J.   Dunlop, W. Newman, L. M'Donald, W. Freeman, J. Dickinson, J. Bradbury, A. Miller, J. Gentle, .T. Eve. The captains will be Messrs. Fleay, Sweeney, Pritchard, and Dickinson.

Ashfield Pennant Side
Ashfield Club's champion medal Draw
23 January 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 12 January 1895, page 7


Ashfield Club will be represented by the following rinks in the match for the champion pennant, to be played on the Strathfield green this afternoon -No. 1; J. Hankin, G. Dupain, G. M. Laurence, J. Davies (captain). No. 2; W. Kay, J. Hutchings, F. J. Josephson, W. Gelding (captain). No. 3; H. Drake, F. Thomas, W. H. Hoskins, L. H. Whittle (captain), No. 4; J. Groth, Hugh Dixson, J. W. Mortley, G. M. Miller (captain). Mr. T. J. Howard, secretary of the Ashfield Club, will act as umpire.

At a meeting of the committee, held on Wednesday night, the drawing for the first round of the Ashfield Club's champion medal contest took place. Conditions were drawn up, and it was resolved that the round be played on on or before 11th February. The drawing resulted as follows - Searl v. Fehon, Robertson v. J. M. Pierce, Kay v. T. T. Jones, W. H. Davies v. Denham, Hodgson v. Laurence, Harper v. Haigh, Kent v. Miller, Scho field v. Lumsdaine, Ross v. Hammond, Browne v. Lochhead, Hankin v. Hutchings, Brentnall v Bailey, Beattie v. Brierley, Gelding v. Gourlay, Upward v. Mortley, Dixson v Broughton, Pepperday v Drake, Norris v. Whittle, A. W. Pearce v Dupain, Brandis v. Reid, Kellett v. Armitage, Pye v Rofe, St. Clair   v. Steel, Mitchell v. Wilson, Thomas v T. Josephson, Groth v. Smith, Watson v. Aitken, Howard a bye.

Newtown Club will be represented in its Pennant match against Rosehill, at Ashfield, to-day, by, A. T. Fleay, A. Murray, R. T. Bellemey, F. Freeman G. Gommeson, S. Sweeny, J. P. Dalryrmple, E. J. Pearson, R. Fielding, H Garland. J. Pritchard, J. Dunlop, W. Newman, L M'Donald, W. Freeman, J. Dickenson, J. Bradbury, A. Miller, J. Gentle, J. Eve. Messrs. Fleay, Sweeney, Pritchard, and Dickenson will be the captains.

Victoria Park's team in the pennant match against Strathfield at Balmain to-day is-J. P. Walker, W. Rigg, J. Briton, S. Duncan, R. C. Mercer, J. E. Lee, J. M'Lachlan, J. Gilfillan, M. Newton, H. M'Kenzie, W. H. Rowsell, H. Herbert, J. Carlaw, H. Hewlett, W. J. Loudon, J. B. Gibbs. Captains A. Harbor, C. J Lane, C. W. Wiseman, I. Dunshea.

Ashfield Round 1 Pennants 1895.

The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 14 January 1895, page 3



On Saturday afternoon was inaugurated what is in New South Wales bowling circles the great event of the season, viz. , the contest for the Association pennant, which carries with it tho championship of the colony. For some weeks past the contest has been looked forward to with great eagerness, and   opinions as to the respective merits of the competing teams have been much divided; nevertheless, assiduous practice has been the order of the day. The eight teams who competed in the first round on Saturday were representatives of the Balmain, Ashheld, City, Waverley, St. Leonards, Rosehill, Newtown, and Victoria Park Clubs. Of these the first mentioned was the winner of last year's contest, having in the final round defeated the Ashfield Club   by three points on tho Balmain Green, Ashfield was the Runner-up, and the City, which was defeated by Ashfield in the semi-final, the third in place. This year the Balmain team, though still strong, was admittedly not so formidable as last year, and, consequently, opinions as to the winner were pretty evenly divided between Ashfield and the City, with a slight preference for the former. Other clubs that had seriously to be reckoned with were St. Leonards and Redfern, recent play of the latter being remarkably good The other competing teams were also unusually good,   and were thoroughly representative of their respoctive clubs. A matter that conduced to the uncertainty of the result of the contests was the resolution of the Association that the games be played on neutral greens, likewise the new rule that a club on its first defeat immediately drops out of the contest. The equity of the first resolution was generally conceded, and had it been in force last year the contest might have terminated differently. With regard to the new rule, although it considerably shortens the contest, it is attended with the great disadvantage that first class teams might, on the first round, be excluded from all further play, while a weaker one might even attain to the position of runner-up. The former was well exemplified on Saturday, when, though admittedly very strong, the Ashfield and Redfern Clubs were thrown out of all further contest. In next year's matches this should be remedied.

In Saturday's matches there were several surprises. Notable was the defeat of Ashfield by the City by 15 points. Though uncertainty existed as to the   issue of the contest, it was considered that the win either way would be very small-but a few points, and therefore a victory by 11 came as a   great surprise, similarly in the case of the Balmain Redfern match, won by the f ormer by 14;, Newtown's win of 1 against Rosehill was also unex- pected Taken all through, however, the matches were exceptionally well contested, and to none of the defeats was disgrace attachable. The other results were Strathfield defeated Victoria Park by 1, and St. Leonards defeated Waverley by 23. Only five out of the 10 competitors of Saturday now remain, viz , tho City, Balmain, St. Leonards Newtown, and Strathfield The association committee will meet during the week to make arrangements for the second round.



This match, which was admittedly the contest of the day, was played on the Strathfield green, which, though heavier than was anticipated, was in excel-   lent condition. The muster of onlookers, was unusually large, and the keenest interest was shown in the game throughout. The Union Recreation Club had kindly placed their pavilion at the disposal of the visiting teams, and had provided excellently for their wants during the day. Mr John Graham president, appeared as umpire for the City, and Mr F. J. Howard (secretary) as umpire for Ashfield. Major Morris scored for the City, and Mr Howard for Ashfield.   Rev Hugh Dunlop acted as referee. After a preliminary "roll up" of half an hour, in which both   teams took part, the belt was rung, and play commenced at 2.40. In No. 1 rink (Knight v Gelding)   the City speedily attained a lead but in No. 2 (Whittle v Forsyth) the reverse was the case. No.3 rink: (Miller v Hinchcliffe) showed equal, and in No. 4 there was also an equality. The first half hour scores as shown -City: First: 5; second, 2; third, 4; fourth, 4. Ashfield: first, 1 second, 5  third, 3 fourth, 6. Totals--15 all. Inthe second     half the City began to draw away. Ashfield No. 1 being much behind, but No. 2 ahead.

Second half scores-City First, 12 second, 6 third, 9 fourth, 10. Ashfield: First, 3 second, 10, third, 7 fourth 10. Totals-City, 37 Ashfield, 30. The third half showed still better for the City,   which had now established the good lead of 16 points. Ashfield's losses in Nos. 1 and 3 were very pronounced, both being 9 points behind. Scores-City First 17 second, 14 third, 17 fourth, 14. Ash- field First, 8: Second, 11 Third, 8 Fourth, 15. In the semi final the City's lead had been reduced by 1, though Ashfield's Nos. 2 and 3 had now fallen   behind Scores-City First, 19; second 15; third, fourth 21; Ashfield First, 15; second 19; Third 16 Fourth, 20. At 4.40 p m the final commenced. Both sides now played more steadily,   and Ashfield made a determined effort to pull up, but unsuccesstully, and at the conclusion of the round it was found that the City had won. Scores: City First 24 second, 34; third 25; fourth, 26. Ashfield First, 18; second, 21; third 28; fourth, 27. Grand totals-City, 109 Ashfield, 94. Majority for City, 15.

The rinks and scores were -

No. 1- City: W. H. Goddard, J. Beveridge, D. Nightin-   gale, C. W. Knight (capt), 24. Ashfield: W. Kay, J.   Hutchings F. J. Josephson W. Gelding (capt.) l8.  

No. 2, -City: S. GeIding, R. Muir, H. Harris, J, Forsyth (capt), 34. Ashfield: H. Drake, F. Thomas, W. H. Hoskins, L. H. Whittle (capt), 21.        

No. 3 -City: H. Hughes, J. Gelding, H. E. Vaughan, T. C. Hinchcliffe, (capt), 25. Ashfield: J. C. Groth, H. Dixson, J. W. Mortley, G. M. Miller (capt), 28.      

No. 4 -City: E. Cansdell, J. Hedges, A. E. Butler, A. Coker (capt), 26. Ashfield: T. Hanken, G. Dupain, G. M. Lawrence, J. Davies (capt), 27.      


The Balmain Bowling Club played Redfern on the St. Leonards Green on Saturday afternoon. Balmain won, with 104 as against Redfern's 90, the scores at the half hours being -first half hour Balmain 22,

Redfern 12, second 42, 28: third 58, 57; fourth 78,   71. The green which has not been top dressed this season was in excellent condition, and played very     fast, the " dra"' being on the western side towards   the pavilion. The rink' s and scores were as. follows - Balmain. - No. 1 rink: H. Selfe, F. Lemm, B. Kershaw, and A. Cruickshank (captain), 25. No. 2 Rink: H Young. A. Marshall, J. D. Cronin, and H. B. Cohen (captain), 35.i No. 3 rink: A. Christie, V. Cronin, W.Akhurst, and G. C. Murdoch (captain), 20. No. 4 rink: C. Batson. W. H. Dalrymple, Dr R. A. Wilson, and J. J. Header, 24. Total, 104.  

Redfern. - No. 1 rink: J. Locke, W. Richardson, C. Roberts, and J. Brogden (captain) ,20. No. 2 rink: R. Br own, D. Perkins, J. Hanigan, and B. Widderstrom (captain), 19. No. 3 rink A. Mihell, E. Wadley, C. Gorton, and G. W. Howe (captain), 30. No.4 rink: W. lRose, E. Parker, J. Medcalf, and M. J. Conlon (captain), 21. Total. 90.  

Ashfield Club's president's trophy Draw

The Sydney Morning Herald  Friday 18 January 1895, page 6



A general meeting of members of the New South Wales Bowling Association was held at Young's chambers, Pitt and Park streets last night. In the absence of the president (Mr John Young) Mr J. W. Mortley (vice- president,and president of the Ashfield Club), occupied the chair. There were also   present representitives of the Ashfleld, Balmain,   City, St. Leonards, Waverley, Newtown, Victoria Park, and Redfern Clubs. Mr. Veale, a representa-   tive of the New Zealand Bowlers, was introduced to the meeting. On the motion of Mr Gelding, seconded by Mr Board, it was resolved that the second round of the pennant matches be played on Saturday, I16th February. The drawing then took place, and resulted in the Strathfield (Union Recreation) Club being drawn against Newtown the green to be mututally arranged. St. Leonards v City, on the Balmain green and Balmain a bye. It was resolved, on the motion ot Mr. S. Gelding, that a   champion gold medal (value six guineas) and a trophy (value four guineas) be given by the associa-   tion for competition among the members of the   Pennants clubs also that the delegates of the various   clubs be a sub-committee to make arrangements. Mr Veale of Taranaki said a suggestion had been made by Mr. Paul, president New Zealand Club, that an intercolonial match be arranged for between New South Wales and New Zealand. The Napier, Wanganui, and Auckland clubs had ex- pressed themselves as favourable to the project, and it was probable that at Easter time a very représentive team from the North Island (N. Z. ) would   visit New South Wales. There would be four or five rinks, and Mr Paul would make the necessary arrangements. The chairman expressed pleasure at the proposition. On the motion of Mr Board it was resolved that the secretary invite the North Island (N. Z.) Association to play here, and that he arrange a series of matches. The treasurer reported that the credit balance was £44 7s 10d. Mr Evans drew attention to the rule stipulating that the association should draw up a programme of matches for the ensuing year. Ho complained of neglect in this particular, which, he considered, was most essential to the prosperity of the clubs. The secretary explained that it was intended to draw up a programme after the pennant matches. The matter led to a lengthy discussion, and Mr Evans   eventually moved,' That the secretary of the association convene a meeting of club secretaries to draw up a programme for submission to tho committee of the association. The motion was carried. At the suggestion of Mr Dalrymple, it was resolved that the conditions for the champion rink be the same as last year. It was resolved that an entrance fee of £1 per rink be charged to provide the prize, and that it be competent for any club to enter more than one rink. It was resolved that a second prize he given in the event of a certain number of teams entering.

A meeting of club delegates was subsequently held, Mr. Cronin, of Balmain, presiding. It was resolved that an entrance fee of 5s be charged for the champion medal contest, and that entries be sent in not later than 9th February. Conditions to be same as last year.

At a recent meeting of the committee of the City Club, held in the pavilion under the presidency of Mr. John Graham, the resignation of Mr. Hodges as treasurer was received and accepted. Major Morris was elected to fill the,vacancy, and Mr. A. Coker was as elected to the vacant seat on the committee.

Balmain and Glebe clubs play an inter-club match on Balmain green next Saturday. Balmain will be represented by the following -H. Broderick, J. A. Brodie, J. Hurst, A. Christie, G. C. Murdoch, W. Akhurst, B. Kershaw, T. Lemm, C. Batson, Dr. Wilson, Captain M'Clemens, J. H.Jervis, A.   Marshall, H.. Selfe, C. Turner, and J. D. Cronin.

The drawing for the first round of the Ashfield Club's president's trophy contest has resulted as follows -Hankon v. Upward (8), Pepperday (12) v. Norris, Lawronco v. Robortson (7), .Denham (16) v. Bailey, Aitken (1) v. Thomas, Kellett v. Armitage (4), Lockhead (4) v Pye. Reid v. Steel, Hammond v. Smith, Beattie (7) v. Wilson, Hoskings v. Golding, Brentnall v. Kent (10), A. W. Pearce v. St. Clair, Hodgson v, Brandis, Drake v. Jones (10), Josephsen v. W. H.. Davies (12), Broughton v. Mitchell, Beverley (3) v. Fehon, Ross (9) v. Whittle, Haigh v. Dilpain, Schofield v. Groth, Dixson v. Moore (G). Hutchings v. Howard (5), J. M. Pierce v. Kay, Browne (4) v. Watson, Searl (6) v. Rofe, Bnerloy (5) v. Gourlay, Millen a bye. The handicaps will be rearranged at the conclusion of the round.

Newtown will be represented in its match against St. Leonards next Saturday by A. T. Fleay, S. Sweeney, J. Pritchard, A. Murray, R. Fielding, J. Dalrymple, J. Dunlop, G. Gommeson, F. Freeman, R. T. Bellemey, W. Newman, E J. Pearson, J. Gentle, L. M'Donald, A. Miller, J. Bradbury, B. Langley, and J. Eve.

Tho St. Leonards team in the match with Newtown will be-J. Trindle, D. A. Moore, T. Jelley, A. J. Broad (captain) , R. C. Brindley, J. H. Bligh, J. Stevens (captain) ; - Earl, F. Cahill, W. H.

Stephenson, W. P. MoorE (captain) ; W. Wilkie, - M'Grath, T. T. forsyth, T. Prince (captain).

Redfern v. Waverley, on the Waverley green, on Saturday (to-morrow). Waverley team is as follows -E. Thomas, Captain Mulholland, W. Wynne, W. Andrew (captain), E. E. Wahlberg, M. J. Fitzgerald, W. Macleod, Captain Kondio (captain), Dr. Moore, J. A. Livingstone, J. Graham, H.A. Magney (captain), A. H Waterhouse, E. Baines, A. Horrocks, G. T. Clarke (captain).  

Two well-known New Zealand bowlers are at present in Sydney, and were received by the association at its last meeting. They will shortly proceed to Tasmania. As a result of their visit it is probable that the scope of the intercolonial matches will be greatly increased.

As the North Island (N.Z.) Association has taken the initiative in intercolonial matches with the Australian colonies, it is more than likely that the South Island Associatian will take steps towards having itself represented at future intercolonial matches.

Glebe and Balmain play four rinks on the latter's green on Saturday next. Glebe team . Messrs. Hogue, Mackinlay. Purves. Buckle, Messell, Mac pherson, Fogdon, Bugler, Taft, James, Abrams, Dickenson, 'ïhornley, Barcher, H. N. Vaughan, Cole, Thomlinson.  

Todays Local Matches

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 19 January 1895, page 7


The Newtown and Strathfield (Union Recreation) clubs have been drawn against one another in the second round for the champion pennant. The secretaries, Mr. J. F. Dalrymple (Newtown) and Mr. Chris. Little (Strathfield), conferred yesterday morning, and resolved that the match be played on the Ashfield green, which had been placed at their disposal.

Today's local matches are -Newtown v. St. Leonards, at Newtown , Balmain v. Glebe, at Balmain, and Waverley v. Redfern, at Redfern.

Program of Inter-Club Events for February- March 1895 

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 25 January 1895, page 3


By resolution of the Bowling Association of New South Wales a meeting of club secretaries was held at Young's-chambers, Pitt and Park streets, last night for tihe purpose of drawing up a programme of inter-club matches for the season. Mr. S. Gelding, J.P. (City), presided, and there were also present Messrs. F.J. Howard (Ashfield), Alderman A. J. Board (St. Leonards), H. C. Evans (Waverley), Alderman C. W. Wiseman (Victoria Park), W. Rose (Redfern), J. F. Dalrymple (Newtown), and H. B. Cohen (Bal- main) secretary of the association. The clubs unrepresented were Strathfield, Rosehill, the Glebe, and Manly, the two latter being as yet unaffiliated. It was intimated that while not willing to bind them- selves absolutely to a programme, the Glebe and Strathfield clubs would he willing to play inter-club matches. With a view to arranging a programme, Mr. Howard moved, and Mr. Dalrymple seconded, " That the whole of the clubs, affiliated and otherwise, be included, próvide the latter become affiliated before the commencement of the matches." An amend- ment by Mr. Wiseman, "That only the affiliated clubs, including Manly, be included in the pro- gramme," lapsed for 'want of a seconder. The motion was then carried. Mr. Koso moved,-"That the matches already arranged by the secretaries of some of the clubs stand good, and that inter-club matches be arranged to take place after 30th March." The motion was not seconded. Mr. Evans moved and Mr. Dalrymple seconded,-" That the matches commence on 23rd February." Mr. Board moved as an amendment,-" That no matches take place till after the conclusion of the pennant contests. ' Mr, Cohen seconded the amendment, which was lost, the original motion being carried. The meeting then arranged the following programme :

February,- 23.- Waverley v. Redfern, at Redfern; City v. Ashfield, at Ashfield ; Rosehill v. Strathfield, at Strath- field ; Manly v. Glebe, at Glebe: Newtown v. St. Leonards, at St. Leonards ; Victoria Park v. Balmain, at   Balmain.

March 2.-Redfern v. Newtown, at Redfern : Waverley v. Balmain, at Waverley ; City v. St. Leonards, at city: Ashfield v. Strathfield, at Strathfield ; Victoria Park v. Glebe, at Victoria Park ; Rosehill v. Manly, at Manly.

March 9.-Waverley v. City, at City; Redfern v. New- town, at Newtown; Ashfield v. Balmain, at Ashfield; Victoria Park v. St. Leonards, at St. Leonards; Strath- field v. Manly, at Strathfield ; Rosehillv. Glebe, at Rosehill.

March 16.-Redfern v. City, at Redfern ; Waverley v. St. Leonards, at Waverley; Glebe v. Balmain, at Balmain; Victoria Park v. Manly, at Manly; Newtown v. Strathfield, at Newtown; Rosehill v. Ashfield, at Ashfield.

March 23. -Redfern v. St. Leonards, at St. Leonards ; Waverley. Newtown. at Newtown; Manly v. City, at City; Glebe v. Ashfield, at Glebe; Strathfield v. Victoria Park, at Victoria Park ; Balmain v. Rosehill, at Balmain.

March 30.-City v. Rosehill, at Rosehill ; Redfern v. Balmain, at Redfern: Victoria Park v. Ashfield, at Ash- field; Waverley v. Glebe, at Waverley: Manly v. Newtown, at Manly; Strathfield v, St. Leonards, at Strathfield.

On the motion of Mr. Evans it was decided, " That this programme be submitted to tho association for adoption, and that at the conclusion a programme for the remainder of the year be arranged."

In view of the proposed visit of the New Zealand Northern Association bowlers to this colony, it might be stated that this association was formed in Welling- ton in April. 1890. It includes the following clubs :~Auckland, Wellington, Thorndon (Wellington), New Plymouth, Wanganui, Napier, Port Ahuriri (Napier), Palmerston, North Gisborne, and Hastings. Mr. J. C. M'Vay, of Napier, occupies the position of president. The association was primarily formed because of the inconvenience to Northern players involved in journeying to the South Island to take part in the New Zealand Association tournaments, which are held alternately at Christchurch and Dunedin.

Play for the Victorian North-Western Bowling Association's Championship, together with the gold medal presented by Dr. Woolley, will take place at Bendigo.

No less than 64 entries have been received for the Victorian Association's champion contests, which will be played on' the Melbourne, South Melbourne. St. Kilda, and Richmond Union greens. The prizes are -First, £10; second, £ 4; third, £2. Messrs. Allan, Baxter, and J. Wilson are the umpires.

The New South Wales Association will inaugurate the local champion medal and champion rink contests early next month.

During the holidays a series of inter-club matches among New Zealand clubs was played at Dunedin. Green Island defeated Kaituna by 6 points. Dunedin defeated Roslyn by 6 points, and Port Chalmers defeated Taieri by 9 points.

The first programme of the Victorian Association's premiership contests has now been concluded. In section A, Williamstown and Melbourne came out even, but in the deciding match that was played on Port Melbourne green Melbourne won by 4, making 96 to its opponents' 92. In section B Armidale and Moonee Ponds also came out equal, which necessi- tated another match. Richmond Union was victorious in section C, successfully beating St. Kilda, Brighton, M.C.C., I'ort Melbourne, and North Fitz- roy. In section D Albert Park had an unbroken record, beating Hawthorn by 34, Camberwell by 39, Flemington by 29, Essendon by ll, and Carlton by 13. Albert Park and Richmond Union will now have to play off.

It is probable that a strong team from Newcastle will shortly visit Sydney, an invitation to play on the Ashfield green having been favourably received.

Tho Richmond Union Club (Victorian Association) has won thoeAitken trophy, and is considered to have   an excellent chanco of winning the Victorian premiership this year.

The New South Wales Association has favourably considered the suggestion for two prizes in the champion rink contests, and provided sufficient entries are received the idea will be carried out.

Most recent Victorian results are :-Albert Park defeated Prince's Park by 93, on former's green ; Carlton beat Fitzroy by 22, on latter's green ; West Melbourne defeated Victoria by 25, on West Mel- bourne green ; and Hawthorn defeated tho M.C.C. by 4, on former's green.

Considerable progress is being made with the various club handicaps and contests locally, and in several clubs the events are drawing towards con- clusion. The pennant matches have to some extent interfered with the games, but the defeated clubs will now be able to play them out without further interruption.

A. H. Kellett v W. Armitage in the Ashfield Club's championship


On Thursday afternoon, at the invitation of Mr. John Graham (president) a scratch team representing the newly-formed Randwick Club played several members of the City rink. Owing to the unavoidable absence of   many of the host Randwick players the match was hardly a representative one, but a very enioyable time was spent, the City green now being in tip-top condition.

Two rinks from Manly will play an inter-club match with the local men at the Victoria Park green this afternoon. Victoria Park will be repre- sented No. 1 rink: J. Lane, J. M'Laughlin. M. Newton, W. Rigg (capt ), rink no. 2: A. Harber, J. Britton, J. P. Walker, J. Gilfillan (capt ).

A. H. Kellett obtained an easy victory over W. Armitage in the Ashfield Club's championship contest, they played on Thursday afternoon, and Kellett scored 19 points to his opponent's 1. He maintained a big lead all though the game, and eventually won the match by 31 to 17.

Ashfield has entered two rinks for the association champion trophy
Latest results of the Ashfield Club's general handicap 
Newcastle Club will send four rink's to play Ashfield 9th March.

The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 14 February 1895, page 6


This week the association (committee and
delegates) will meet for the purpose of considering the delegates' programme and interclub matches, also to make the draws for the champion medal and champion rink contests. Entries for the latter events closed last Saturday.

Results of the City Club's general handicap matches are -Cansdell beat Sheidon, G. Gelding beat Fosberg, Sadlear v. Wilson (a bye), Bedford v. Crawford (bye), Horrocks v Knight (bye), Bray v. Keary (bye), Cutter v. Kuglies (bye). In the club'a champion medal matches the results are - Hughsi beat Lyons, Nightingale beat Crawford, Bedford v. M'Kinlay (bye), Horrocks v. Hordern (bye), Bray v. Hodges (bye), Wheeler v. Forsyth (bye), Cutter v. Kelly (bye), Sadlear v. Adams (bye). The byes were given to those last mentioned.  

In the champion pennant match betweon the Newtown and Strathfield U.R. clubs, to be played on the Ashfield green on Saturday, the former will be represented by A. T. Fleay, S. Sweeney, J. Dickinson, and J. Pritchard (captains), A. Murray, J. J. Dalrymple, J. Dunlop, J. Bradbury, A Miller, J. F. Bellemey. G. Got mmeson, W. Newman, P. Freeeman, L. M'Donald, J. Gentle, E J. Pearson.

Ashfield has entered the following two rinks for the association champion trophy -W. Gelding, G. Lawience,W. H. Hôskings. J. Davies (captain), J Groth, J. Hutchings, T. J. Josophson, G. M. Miller (captain). Its entries for the single championship are H. Drake, J. Hankin, and T. J. Josephson.

Victoria Park defeated the local mon rather badly in the match at Rosehill, scores. Victoria Park, 71 Rosehill, 50, majority, 24.

Waverley Club has entered the following rinks for the association's champion rink prize: - E. Thomas, H. C. Evans, W. Andrew, Captain Kondio   (captain) , H King, Major Blanchard, W Macleod, G. F. Clarke (captain). For the gold medal it will be reprcsented by G J. Waterhouse, W. Wynne, W. Macleod, J. C. Warne, G. T. Clarke, Major Blanchard,   E. Thomas, Captain Kondio, and H. C. Evans.

It is probable that, as the last match was spoiled by the wet weather, the Newcastle Club will send four rink's to play Ashfield on 9th March.

The two matches in the second round of the pennant contests will bo played on Saturday-St. Leonards v. City, at Balmain, and U. R C. v. Newtown, at Ashfield.

Latest results of the Ashfield Club's general handicap are -Kellctt (33) beat Armitage (17), Aitken v v. Watson. (bye) Rofe v Pye (bye), Broughton v Hixson (bye), Denham v W. H. Davies (bye),   Pepperday v. Drake (bye), Brandis v. Reid (bye) In the prèsident's trophy matches results are - Robertson, v Laurence (bye), Aitken v Thomas     (bye), Golding v Hoskings (bye), Jones v Drake (bye), W. H. Davies v Hoskin (bye). Ross v. Whittle (bye), Moore v Dixson (bye), Rofe v. Seail (bye), Kay (31) beat Pierce (15), Pye (31) beat     Lockhead (27), Schofield (32) beat Groth (20).

In a five rink match against Waverley, at Waverley, on Saturday, Ashfield will be represented by-Gourley, Mitchell, Laurence, Hoskings (captain), Steel, Howard, Schofield, Whittle (captain),     Kay, Upward, Thomas, Josephsen (captain), Loch- head, Pye, Dixson,, Gelding (captain) , Groth, Pierce,   Dupain, Motley (captain) emergergencses Reid,   Pepperday, W. H. Davies, and Beverley.

The Newtown Club has entered two rinks for the champion rink matches as follows -A. F. Fleay, S. Sweeney, J. Dickenson, I. Pritchard, J. Bradbury, J P. Dalrymple, E. J. Peairson Emergencies-A. Murray and G Gommeson. For the association champion medal the following have been entered -   A. T. Fleay. S. Sweeny, J. Dickinson, J. Pritchard, J. F. Dalrymple, J. Bradbury.

Messrs. A. Coker and J., Forsyth have been elected captain of the two rinks entered for the champion contest by the City Club.

Waverley has beaten both Randwick and St. Leonards, the former by eight and the latter by 24.

A special meeting of the Balmain Club was held last night in the clubroom, under the presidency of Captain S. H. Trouton. Amongst the principal business conducted was the passing of a motion making all visiting members of the Bowling and Lawn Tennis Clubs affiliated with the association Honorary members of the Balmain Club.


The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 16 February 1895, page 10



A meeting of the NewSouth Wales Bowling Association (committee and delegates) was held at Young's-chambers, Pitt and Park streets on Thursday night. Mr. John Young (president) occupied the chair, and there were present the following representatives-Ashfield, Messrs , J. W. Mortley and J. Davies , Balmain. Messrs. Cronin and Dalrymple; City, Messrs. J. Graham and Chapman. M. L. A. , Newtown, Messrs. A. T. Fleay and J. F. Dalrymple, Waverley, Messrs. H. C. Evans and Waterhouse. Victoria Park, Mr. Dunshea St. Leonards, Messr.s Snodgrass and Stevens, Messrs H.. B. Cohen (hon, secretary) and Beveridge (hon, treasurer). The Strathfield U. R.. club wrote, stating that it could not accept any fixed programme of interclub matches. The Glebe Club wrote asking that open- ings be left for them in the programme. The Manly Club forwarded its subscription. In connection with   the letter, the secrotary stated the club had not complied with the regulations regarding registration. It was decided that the matter   stand over till the next meeting. 'The meeting then proceeded to consider the matter of intercluíb matches Mr. Cohen reported on the meetting of secretaries to draw, up a programme and pointed out that the pro- posals were not prac table. He moved that the matter be postponed till the various association champion matches were concluded. Mr. Cronin   seconded, and pointed out that Balmain could not fall in with the programme. Mr Waterhouse pointed out that the rules demanded that a programme should be arranged at the beginning of the year. Mr. Chapman said there were no   champion matches when the rule was drawn up and   he thought it would be bettor for the matter to lapse this year. Mr. Beveridge moved, and Mr. Mortley. seconded,-"That consideration of the secretaries' programme be postponed till next meeting of the committee, to permit of other clubs' affiliating " Mr. Evans said the association was in fault, and was not really regulating bowling affairs in the colony, and he objected to the association convening a meet- ing of the secretaries and then ignoring their re- commendations. After further discussion, Mr Evans   said it appeared that any programme would be totally unpracticable, and he therefore moved that   the programme be not adopted. Mr. Water- house seconded the motion, which was carried. On   the motion of Mr Fleay, the secretaries were accorded     a vote of thanks for their trouble. Mr. Cohen reported a good credit balance at the bank. It was stated that 10 entries had been received for the champion medal. On the motion of Mr. Davies, it was decided that the first round of this contest be played offon or before 9th March The first draw   then took place, as follows, the first-named having to challenge the other, and the green to be mutually arranged -

A. Newling v. G. J. Waterhouse, W. Rigg v J. C. Waine, J. Pritchard v M. T. Conlon, D Perkins v. J. Dickenson. J Dunshea. J. Sweeney, G. T. Clarke v. W. M'Leod, H. Fullager v. J. W. Cooper, Major Blanchard v. G. D. Snodgrass, C. W. Knight v. W.   Young, J. Graham v. E. Thomas, G. W. Howe v. Dr Wilson, J. Bradbury v. W. Hankin, H. C. Evans v. W. H. Stephenson, F. J. Josephsen v. A. T. Fleay, A. Coker v. T. T. Forsyth, B. Kershaw v. J. F. Dalrymple, J. J. Reeder v. J. Finlayson, T. Beveridge, v. H. Drake, Captain Kondio v. W. Wynne, A. Harber v. H. B. Cohen.

Before the drawing for the champion rink contest   took place it was resolved that losing rinks imme- diately drop out, and that, in the event of any player being unavoidably absent, his club may appoint a substitute, provided such substitute had not been a defeated rink. It was also resolved that the prize for the winning rink be of the   value of £10, and that for the runners-up be £ 5 , likewise that they be played on nuetral greens, first round to be played off on or before Wednesday, 6th   March. The drawing resulted as follows -

Waverley A (Kondio) v. Ashfield B (Davies) at St. Leonards, Redfern A (Corlon), v City B (Forsyth) at Balmain, Newtown B (Fleay) v. City A. (Coker) at Ashfield, Newtown A. (Dicken- son) v St. Leonards A (Board), at City , Victoria Park (Harber) v. Ashfield A (Miller) at Strathfield, Balmain a (Cohen) v. Redfern B (Howe), at Ash- field , Balmain B (Reeder) v. Waverley A (CIarke) at Ashfield , St Leonards B a bye

On the motion of Mr. Davies, it was resolved that, on match occasions, visiting teams be made honorary members during the day of the club on whose   green the match is played.  

The following six rinks will represent Waverley in the match against Ashfield, at Waverley, to-day - A. A. Locke J. T. Chaplin, J. Graham. W. M'Leod (captain) . W. A. Firth, A. H. Waterhouse, A. Hor- rocks, G. T. Clarke (captain) E. H. Parsons, E. W. Manby, E. E. Wahlberg, Captain Kondio (captain), E. Thomas, A, Gardiner. G. J. Waterhouse, W. Andrew (captain) W. S. Vile. B. Shankland, J. A. Livingstone, M. T. Fitzgeiald (captain), J. S. Shaw, Major Blanchard, E. Barnes, J. C. Warne, Captain Mulholland, of the Waverley Bowling and Recreation Club, who is leaving for Europe, was bid bon voyage by the members of that club last night. Alderman G. J. Waterhouse, the president of the club, occupied the chair, and a Humorous gathering of the captain's club mates were present The chairman (Mr. W. Macleod) and H. C. Evans (secretary) testifiod to the great interest Captain Mulholland had taken in the club, and wished him a pleasant journey and safe return.

Waverley v Ashfield, 16 February 1895 

The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 19 February 1895, page 6



The Waverley and Ashfield Bowling Clubs played a five-rink game on the Waverley Green on Satur- day. The match proved interesting and most exciting, the Waverley team winning by four points after a stubborn contest the rinks and scores were -

Rink No. 1: -Waverley: Messrs. W. A. Firt,h A.   H. Waterhouse, A. Horrocks and J. C. Warne (captain)   10. Ashf1eld; Messrs. Lockhead, Reid, Dixson and Gelding; (captain), 16.

Rink No. 2: - Waverley: Messrs. A. A. Locke, J. T. Chaplin, J. Graham, and W. Macleod (captain) 27. Ash- field, Messrs. Steel, Pye, Schofield and Whittle (captain) 28.

Rink No. 3: -Waverley: Messrs. E. Thomas, A. Gardiner, G. J. Waterhouse and W. Andrew (captain) 10, Ashfield: Messrs. Groth, Pierce, Dupain and Mortley (captain), 20.

Rink No. 4: - Waverley: Messrs. A. Sands, W. G.Vial, J. A. Livingstone, and M. J. Fitzgerald (captain), 11.    

Ashfield: Messrs. Gourlay, Mitchell, Lawrence and Hoskins (captain). 42.      

Rink No. 5. - Waverley: Messrs: E. H. Parsons, E. W. Manby, E. E. Wahlberg, and Captain Kondio (captain), 30. Ashfield: Messrs. Kay, Upton, Thomas, and Josephson (captain), 24.  

The half hour scores were -Waverley, 21, 57, 92, 110 and 134. Ashfield:, 27, 54, 73, 105 and 130. The finals were: - Waverley 134, and Ashfleld 130, Waverley thus winning by 4 points.  

Handicaps in the Balmain Club competition for the Holroyd Silver Bowl have been made as   follows -Jervis, Kershaw, Dr Wilson,H. B.Cohen, and J. J. Reeder, scratch; Batson, 4 points , J. Brodie, Marshall, and Young, 10 points. The winner of this match will bo entitled to have his name engraved on the trophy.

On Friday J. W. Mortley defeated J. Upward in   the Ashfield Club competitions by a considerable number of points. Thirty-two entries, making eight rinks, have been received for the Ashfield Club's champion rink contests for vice-presidents' gold medals. The runners-up will receive consolation prizes.

 Ashfield club's handicap

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 22 February 1895, page 3


The New South Wales Association has formally invited the North Island (N. Z. ) Association to send an intercolonial team here at Easter.

The Newtown Club has selected the following to represent them in the association championship matches -To play the City J. Pritchard, A. Murray. J T. Dalrymple, S. Sweeney (captain). To play St. Leonards' E. J. Pearson, J. Bradbury, J. Dunlop, T. Dickenson (captain). A. L. Butler (31) has defeated James (13) for the City Club's champion medal.

Waverley will be represented in a match against Redfern, at Redfern on Saturday, by Major, Blanchard, W. M'Leod, G. T. Clarke, H. King, E. Thomas, J. Livingstone, G. J. Waterhouse, W. Andrews, E. H. Parsons, J. T. Chaplin, J. Graham,   Captain Kondio, O. Carroll, W. Wynne, E. E. Wahlberg, and J. C. Waine.

A. Coker (of the City) played T. T. Forsyth (of St. Leonards) on the Balmain green on Tuesday for the association medal, and defeated him by 31 to 30. W. H. Stephens (of St. Leonards) defeated A. C. Evans (Waverley) in the same event on the Waverley ground-Stephens, 31 , Evans, 29.

The committee of the Redfern Club has decided that the first round of its President's trophy contest must be completed this week.

Further results of the City Club's champion made contest are -T. C Hinchcliffe (31) v. S. L. Spier (29) , A. E. Butler (31) v. J. Hobson (23) . D. V. Solomon (31) v. A Rofe (18) , J. Graham a bye.

The following will represent Redfern in Saturday's match against Waverley -Brown. Clarke, Dearin, Gorton, Howe, Hanigan, J. Johnson, Locke, Med- calf, M'Ñamara, Mihell, Parker, Perkins, Richardson, Roberts, Rose, Wadley, and Widerstrom.

The Glebe Club has declared the following handicaps and draws for the Buckle trophy -J. A Hogue (13) v. C R. Tomlinson (scratch), D. Solomon (10) v .J. Dickerson (scratch), M. Bugler (15) v. J. G. Purves (scratch), E. Solomon (3) v. H Taft (scratch), H. Fogden (scratch) v. L. G. Abrams (15), H. M'Pherson (scratch) v. Captain Messell (4), A. Thornley (9). A. M'Kinley (scratch), H. N. Vaughan (scratch) v. J. Cole (3), J. K. OToole (6) v. H E. Vaughan (scratch).

For the Ashfield club's handicap, Miller (31) beat W. H Davies (8), yesterday, Reid (31) beat Steel (20), and Kay (31) beat Whittle (20).

Drawing for the Ashfield Club's Championship (second round) has resulted Howard v. Haigh, Kellett v. Hanken, Pye v. Gourlay, Reid v. Law- rence, Thomas v. Leonard, Fehon v. Watson, Steel v Dupain, Kay v Pierce, Brentnall v. Hoskings, Dixson v. Groth, W. H. Davies v. Miller, Schofield v. Drake, Mortley v. Mitchell, Whittle, a bye.

Ashfield Club's president's trophy contests

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 23 February 1895, page 12



A meeting ot the committee of the above was held at Young's chambers Pitt and Park streets last night Mr. J. W. Mortley (vice president) presided, and the following clubs were represented -Ashfield Strathfield, Balmain, Waverley, Newtown, City and St. Leonards. An application from the Newtown Club for permission to change it's green for the champion rink matches from Balmain to Ashfield was granted, the Manly Club, in reply to secre- tary's letter, forwarded its credentials and   on the motion of Mr Cohen was admitted to the association. The drawing for the third round of the pennant matches then took place, and resulted in Strathfield being grawn against Balmain, and St. Leonards getting a bye. It was unanimously decided   that the match be piayed on the Ashfield green on Saturday, 2nd March, and that the winner play St. Leonards on 9th March. It was also resolved that the delagates of the two clubs arrange upon that green the final shall be piayed. Sundry accounts were passed for payment. A point of play that led   to a great deal of discussion was raised bv Sir A. T. Fleay. It was whether a jack having been driven into the ditch outside the rink and the bowl falling into the ditch of the rink, the bowl or jack was still alive. Mr Cohen pointed out the rule providing that if the jack has driven out of the rink the head should be played over again. Mr Toohey said that if, under SUCH curcumstances, the jack was held to be alive the centre rinks would have an advantage over the others. Mr Cronin pointed out that the rules required that the jack should be played on the edge of the rink. played on when knocked into the gutter. After further discussion in which Messrs J. M. Toohey, Horrocks, Fleay, Snodgrass, and others took part, it was resolved that the matter be left   to the delegates themselves to take action. In the second round of the Ashfield Club's president's trophy contests, the following drawings have taken place -Miller v Upward, A. W. Pierce (10) v  Gourlay, Kellott v W. H. Davies (8), Beverley (9) v H Drake, Wilson (J3 v Schofield, Reid v Watson, Pepperday or Norris v Howard. Mitchell (10) v Brentnall, Laurence v Soerl (8), Whittle v   Kay (5), Bailey v Dixson, Hosking v Pye (9), Thomas v Haigh (5) Upward has defeated Hankin and Kay has defeated Whittle. The round is to be played off before 6th March.

The first round of the Balmain Club's matches for the Holroyd trophy has resulted as follows -J. T.   Reeder (scratch) defeated H. B. Cohen (scratch), by 31 to 19., A Marshall (10) defeated J. A. Brodie (10) a bye, J. H. Jervis, C. Batson, B. Kershaw, H. Young, C. Turner and Dr Wilson each received a bye. In the second round, C. Batson (4) beat J. J. Reeder (scratch) by 31 to 28. J. H. Jervis (scratch)   beat H. Young (10) by 31 to 29. The games J. A. Brodie (10) v B. Kershaw and C. Turner (10) v Dr Wilson have yet to be played. The following entries have been received for the Ashfield Club's champion rink match - Arrmitage, Aiken, Bailey, Bretnall, Brierley, Broughton, Beverley, Davies, J., Davies, W. H.  Dixon, Drake, Dupain, Gelding, Gourlay, Groth, ' Haigh, Hankin, Howard, Hutchings, Josephsen, Kellett, Kay, Laurence, Lockhead, Miller, Miller,     Moore, Mortley, Morris, Pierce, Pearce, Pye Pepperday, Schofield Searl, Thomas, Upward, Watson, Whittle, Wilson, Ross, Steel, Reid, and Hoskings, T. Davies, Hugh Dixson, W Gelding, W. Hankin, J. Hutchings, F. J. Josephson, G. M. Lawrance, G. M. Miller, J. W. Mortley, L. H. Whittle, and W. H. Hoskings, have been elected captains.

The rinks have been selected by the Balmain Club to represent them in the association champion rink matches. They are as follows:   Kershaw, W. Akhurst, G. C. Murdoch, H. B. Cohen (captain), C. Batson, V. Lemme, Dr Wilson, J. J. Reeder (captain).

In the forthcoming round of the champion pennant match on the Ashhold green, between Balmain and Strathfield, the former will be represented by - No. 1 Rink: C. Batson, W. H. Dalrymple, Dr Wilson, J. J. Reeder (captain), No. 2 Rink: H.   Young, J. D. Cronin, J. H. Jervis, H. B. Cohen (captain), No 3 Rink: A. Christie, A. Marshall, W. Akhurst, G. C. Murdoch (captain), No 4 Rink: H. Selfe, F. Lemme, B. Kershaw, W. D. Cruikshank (captain).

C. W. Knight defeated M. W. Carpenter in the City Club's champion medal contests yesterday by 31 to 26.

Armadale has defeated Albert Park by 29 in the Victorian Associations pennant contests. The scores were- Armadale, 107, Albert Park 78. The final match will be played on Albert Park, and if Arma- dale wins it will receive the pennant.

The proposod match between Tasmania and Victoria, at Tasmania, has been postponed.

In the South-Western Association's matches Eaglehawk beat Kingston and Bendigo defeated Castlemaine.

The Melbourne men defeated the Old Colonists' Association (Ballarat) in a game on the Albert Green by 7 points.

The Victorian association team beat the Castlemaine Club on the Patterson Green by 35 points.  

Mr W. Gome of the Auckland Club, has been appointed president of the North Island (N. Z.)   Bowling Association.

Mr J. Puller has won the championship of the Camberwell Club, Mr C Baker being runner-up.

The New Zealand bowling tournament was recently played at Dunedin, and occupied over a week. Kaituna won the premiership, defeating Port Chalmers by 29 to 7. Port Chalmers had previously   defeated the Caledonian, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Phoenix (Dunegin) teams. The prizes were substantial, viz., a certificate, suitably framed with the names of the winners engrossed thereon and gold medals of the value of £2 10s each, presented by Mr. James Horsburgh, president of the N. Z. Bowling Association. The prize for the runners up were medals valued at £2 each. There were also mátches for pairs, 26 having entered, and it resolved itself into a final contest between R. Struthers and W. Barnett (Christchurch) and T. W. Smithand C. J. Payne (Kaituna). TheChristchurch team won   the single champion also had a large entry, and it   was finally won by W. M;Laren (Kaitangata) beating T. Sneddon. Three prizes were oftered- first, gold medal (£3 3s) second, gold medal (£2 3s) third, pair of ivory-mounted bowls. The third prize was undecided, R. Struthers and S. Manning having yet to play. A smoke concert in the Oddfellows' Hall wound up the proceedings and a jovial evening was spent. The prizes won during the tournament were presented to the winners.  

F. J. Josephson (Ashfield) v A. T. Fleay (president, Newtown)
N.S.W. Association's single championship 

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 2 March 1895, page 12


In the City Club's general Handicap W. H. God- dard defeated Dr. Barkis by 8 points, Goddard getting ,31 and Barkis 23.

In the match between Waverley and Victoria Park on the latters green -to-day the former will be represented by H. M'Kenzie, P. J. Byrne, J. Gilfillan, A. Harbor (captain); W. J. Loudon, J. E. Lee, J.   M'Laughlan, C. J. Lane (captain); J. P. Walker, H. Herbert, J. Briton, S. Dunshea (captain) ; W. Young, J. Stinson, J. B. Gibbs, W. Rigg (captain).

On the Ashfield green yesterday Kay (31) defeated Pierce (27) in the club championship contest. W. H. Davies (8 points) scored 31 to A. H. Kellett's l8 in the President's Trophy matches.

On Thursday afternoon several interesting contests in connection with the N.S.W. Association's single championship were played. On the Ashfield green two of the contests came off. Mr. H. B. Cohen (secretary of the association) was matched against another splendid player in Mr Harbor (of Victoria Park). For some time the play was neck and neck, but in the last few heads Cohen drew off and won by 31 to 23. The other match was between Dr R. A. Wilson (ex-president. Balmain), and Mr George Howe (president, Redfern), also first-rate men. The play here was similarly close. Howe gaining by the last three heads. Howe .31, Wilson 24. J. J Reeder (Balmain) and F. Finlayson (secretary, Rosehill) played off   at Strathfield, the winner getting the somewhat easy win of 31 to 16. F. J. Josephson (Ashfield) played a good game with A. T. Fleay (president, Newtown)   at Balmain. 'The former won after a close contest by '9 points- 31, 22. On the Rosehill green H. Ful- lager played.J. W. Cooper, and beat him by 31 to 23. A. Newby (Rosehill) also scored a win by 2 points from Waterhouse (Waverley).

Pennant Semi Final Balmain v Strathfield

The Sydney Morning Herald 
Monday 4 March 1895, page 3


Saturday 's pennant matches at Ashfield being the semi-final for the New South Wales championship, aroused an extraordinary amount of interest. The   green was extremely well patronised during the day, not only by members of the bowling fraternity, but also by interested onlookers from various parts. Many of the most prominent residents of the district including the Mayor, were present. The green was in first class condition and its fastness was a subject of general comment. Play started punctually at 2.45 p. m., Mr J. W. Mortley (president, Ashfield)     umpiring for Strathfield and Mr P. J. Howard ( secretary Ashfield) similarly officiating for Balmain, both acting also as scorers. Very little play sufficed to show that the competing teams were very evenly matched and this judgement was thoroughly confirmed by the subsequent play. The end of the first half showed Strathfield to be somewhat ahead   in every rink except No 3, whereCruickshank held his own against J. C. Smith. The scores were Strathfield No 1, 3; No. 2, 6; No. 3, 5; No. 4; 4; Balmain No. 1, 2; No 2, 1; No. 3, 8; No. 4, 3; 18-14. In the second half Balmain slightly bettered it's position and reduced the lead by 1. At the conclusion of this term the scores stood-Strathfield: No. 1, 10; No. 2, 11; No 3, 7; No. 4, 6. Balmain: No. 1, 7; No. 2, 3; No 3, 12; No. 4, 9; 34-31.

This result was mainly owing to the excellent play of Balmain's No. 3. In the third head-the middle of the game-the relative positions of the contestants were reversed. Balmain's Nos. 1 and 4 had forged   considerably ahead and to them, with No 3, was due the subsequent creditable showing. At this stage the scores stood-Strathfield No 1,15; No. 2, 16; No. 3, 14; No. 4, 10. Balmain: No. 1, 17; No. 2, 10 No. 3, 16; No. 4, 15. 55 -58. A determined endeavour on the part of Strathfield to re-secure their lost lead   then ensued, and their efforts were rewarded with   success. Credit was mainly due to Nos. 1 and 2, which put on 10 and 7 respectively in the half hour Nos. 3 and 4, however, failed to regain their lost lead. The scores now stood -Strathfield No 1, 25; No. 2, 23; No. 3, 18; No. 4; 13. Balmain No. 1, 18 No. 2, 14; No. 3, 21; No .4, 22.79-75. The next being the final half, a very determined struggle   for the supremacy took place. The results were in   many ways remarkable Balmain's No. 1 kept its   opponents at 25 and meanwhile increased its own score by 12 and its No. 2 put on 6 while giving the other side but 2. The showing in Nos. 3 and 4 was in favour of Strathfield, which had put on 7 and 6 respectively to their opponents 3 and 4. No. 4 Balmain was still well ahead and with No. 1 really won the match. At the call of time the totals were  Strathfield: No 1, 2o; No. 2,25; No. 3, 25 No. 4, 19. Balmain: No. 1, 30; No 2,20; No. 3, 24, No. 4 26. The grand totals thus showing-Balmain, 100 Strathfield, 94. The Union Recreation Club is deserving of every credit for the really excellent stand it made against a club of such generally acknowledged efficiency as Balmain the difference of scores, after all, being merely nominal

The rinks and scores were -  
No. 1 - Strathfield: J. B. Dimelow, W. R.Cowdery, W.   Garrett, J. M. Toohey (captain), 25. Balmain: C. Batson,   W. H. Dalrymple, Dr Wilson, J. J. Reeder (captain), 30.

No. 2, Strathfield, A. C. Bunting, W. Drake, G. Cowdery, J Williams (captain), 25. Balmain: V. Cronin     J. P. Hogg, J. H. Jervis, H. B. Cohen (captain), 20.      

No. 3. - Strathtfield: W. Kopsen, A. Saddington, C.   Little, J, C, Smith (captain), 25. Balmain: C. Turner, F.     Lemm, B. Kershaw, W. Cruikshank (captain), 24.        

No. 4 -Straithfield: E. P. Livermore, J. C. Nott, Dr.Blaxland, T. B. Rolin (captain), 19. Balmain: A.   Christie, A. Marshall, W. Akhurst, G. C. Murdoch (captain), 26.

At the conclusion of the match the customary civilities were exchanged in the pavilion, Mr Mortley   acknowledging the expressions of thanks to Ashfield for the uso of its green.

It is probable that the next and final round of the pennant matches, which will be contested by Balmain and St Leonards, will be played on Saturday next on a green to be mutually arranged.

Drawings for the third round of the Ashfield Club's contests 
champion rink Ashfield v Waverley
Ashfield Club's general handicaps 

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 8 March 1895, page 6


Through the association championship rink contests an unusual amount of interest has been aroused in bowing circles during the week.

The matches were inaugurated by the Balmain Redfern contest in the Ashfield green on Monday. Mr. T. .T. Howard umpired for Balmain, and Mr. Hall for Redfern. Play all through was pretty even,   but in favour of Balmain if anything. Towards the end, however. Balmain earned a good lead, and but for the last head Redfern would have been beaten very severely. Balmain won by 7 points.

Ashfield No 1 played Victoria Park, at Strathfield yesterday. The latter played a really good game, but were eventually defeated.

Balmain No. 2 team, captained by J. J. Reeder, defeated Waverley No. 2, captained by G. T. Clarke, on the Ashfield green, yesterday afternoon.

Bradbury and Kankin played in the association's champion medal contest at Redfern on Monday, the latter winning by 21 points.

A match in the first round for the association's champion rink prize took place on Wednesday afternoon on the St. Leonards green, between Ashfield and Waverley. Ashfield put in its second team against Waverley's first, and the former did not appear to play up to their usual form, and their captain, in particular, apparently was not in playing condition. The bulk of the work was put in by Laurence, second man, who played weil Mr F. J Howard offciated as umpire for Ashfield, and Mr O. Carroll for Waver- ley. The scores at the half-hours for Ashfield and Waverley, in the order named, were-3-10, 12-13, 15-16, 15-22, 18- 30, totalling 18 points for Ashfield as against 30 for Waverley. Thus Waverley won by 12 points.

Drawings for the third round of the Ashfield Club's contests took place yesterday, afternoon, with the following results -For the champion medal: W. Little v. Mortley, Groth v. Hankin, Hoskings v. Laurence, Watson v Howard, Kay v. Gourlay, Miller v. Stool, Thomas v. Schofield. For the general handicap: Howard (scratch) v Beverley (5   points), Hoskings (scratch) v.Miller (scratch). Kay   (scratch) v Wilson (3 points), W. H. Davies (9 points) v. Bailey (scratch), Laurence (scratch) v. Thomas (6 points), Reid (7 points) v. Gourlay (scratch), Brentnall a bye. The round must be played off by 20th March.

The Newcastle Club has definitely decided to send four rinks to play Ashfield on the Ashfield green on Saturday next. The visitors will be entertained at lunchin the pavillion.  

In tho Association's champion medal contests, I. Dunshea (Victoria Park.) defeated S. Sweeney (Newtown) on the Balmain green by 31 to 7.

In the second round of the Ashfield Club's general handicaps Wilson defeated Schofield by a few points.    

 Ashfield v Newcastle

The Sydney Morning Herald  Saturday 9 March 1895, page 12


The following players will represent the Newtown Club in it match against Redfern to be played on the former's green this afternoon. A. T. Fleay, J. Dickinson, A. Murray, R. T. Bellnemy, T. Gentle, A Sweemy, A Newman, S. Sweeny, J. Pritchard, R. Fielding, J. Bradbury, G Gommeson, B. Langley, E. J. Pearson, L. M'Donald, and J. F. Dalrymple. Play starts at 2.30p.m.      

In the champion rink contest's, the City team (Forsyth) met Redfern {Conlon) at Balmain on Tuesday. The rinks and scores were -City: S. Gelding, R. Muir, C, W, Knight, J. Forsyth (cap- tain) 29. Redfern: T. Mihell, W. Gorton, T Hani- gan, M. J. Conlon (captain), 22.

Redfern will be represented in this afternoon's match with Newtown by Brown, M. J. Conlon, Dearin, Gorton, G. W. Howe, J. Halligan, Hall, Locke, J. Johnson, Medcalf, Macnamara, Parker, Roberts, Rose, Richardson, and Wilderstrom.    

A match between senior and junior club players will take place on the Waverley Green this afternoon.

In the third round of the Redfern Club's president's trophy matches, M. J. Conlon (scratch) beat A. Miholl (6) by 31 to 13, on Thursday afternoon.

At the conclusion of this afternoon's match between Ashfield and Newcastle the rinks competing for the trophies presented by the Ashfield Club's vice presidents (Messrs W. T. M. Fehon, C. Brandis, and T. T. Jones) will probably be chosen.

PENNANT FINAL  City v Balmain 9 March 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 11 March 1895, page 6



The great bowling event of the season, viz , the contest for the premiership of the colony and the association's champion pennant, was brought to a  definite conclusion at the City Club's green, Cook Park, on Saturday afternoon. Representatives of the competing clubs-Balmain and St. Leonards-met during the week to select the scene for the final struggle and the Citygreen was chosen as a result of   the latter's winning, the toss. The predictions of Balmain were rather in favour of Ashfield or Strathfield but it was contended with good reason, that as they had already played  and won one of the matches on the former it could not be considered strictly neutral. However, the choice, as it eventuated, proved to be a happy one,   and satisfactory in all respects to both sides. Seldom, if ever, has the City Club's pretty sward been in  better condition than on the occasion of this match. The turf was nicely cut and rolled and offered an excellent surface for play. While drawing admirably   on both hands, it was neither too fast nor yet too heavy, approximating closely in these respects to the greens of the competing clubs. As was to be expected the match attracted a large concourse of bowlers. Represented on the ground were most of the metropolitan clubs, and old intercolonial players were well in evidence. Among those present were Messrs. John Graham (president, City), S. Gelding (secretary. City), Alderman Moguey, Dr. Moore, J. Muguey (Waverley) F. J. Howard, (secretary, Ashfield), C. W. Knight, Chapman, M. L. A. , H. Hughes, A. J. Board (secretary, St. Leonards), F. Punch, H. B. Cohen (secretary , N. S. W. Association), Major Morris, Dr. Wilson and many others equally well known in bowling circles. Every provision for the comfort of the competing teams was made by the City Club       authorities. The general feeling among those present seemed to be that Balmain would secure a repetition of its prevíous year's success; nor was the opinion without good reason. The club had main- tained throughout the year a most creditable record,   and though admittedly not so strong in play as at an earlier period, was acknowledged still to be very   formidable. St Leonards, on the other hand had bad difficulties to contend against such as initiated considerably against its chances of success. Still, taken altogether, the teams were considered to be very evenly matched and the subsequent play of both was watched with the keenest interest. The form shown-though considerably in advance of that of some other matches of the series- was hardly first-class, yet at times some exceptionally good shots were played.    

Play started punctually at 2. 35 p. m. Mr S. Gelding was appointed umpire for Balmain and Mr Solo- mon for St. Leonards, Mr J. Forsyth acted as referee. The first half-hour gave but small indica- tion of the ultimate result of the match. While Balmain was behind in No 1, St. Leonards was slightly in the rear in Nos. 2 and 4, the differences, however, not being very material. At the conclusion   of the half hour, scores stood -Balmain No. 1, 3; No. 2, 8 No. 3, 3 , No. 4, 5. St Leonards No 1, 6 , No. 2, 5, No. 3, 3 , No. 4, 2 Totals, 19-16. In the second half Balmain drew away in all but No 3, which, for the time, was much behind. The   scores at the end of this half stood -Balmain No. 1, 12; No. 2, 13; No. 3, 5; No. 4, 11. St. Leonards: No 1, 8 ; No. 2, 8 No. 3, 12; No. 4, 5. Totals, 41-33.The third half witnessed a   material betterment of the St. Leonards position. By vigorous play its No. 2 (Alexander) became even with it opponents, and it's No. 1 came within a point of them. No. 3 maintained its lead, but No. 4 still remained 8 behind, the scores now showed Balmain No. 1, 16; No. 2, 13;, No. 3,10;, No 4,     19. St Leonards No. 1, 15; No. 2, 15; No. 3, 17; No. 4,13. Totals, 60 all. From this point the real struggle for supremacy began. Both sides played with more steadiness, and careful driving instead of driving came more into favour. Yet even in this the semi-final it was impossible to tell   with any amount of confidence which side would   eventually prevail. In Nos. 1 of both teams the scores became even, Balmain was 1 ahead in No. 2,   and 3 ahead in No. 4 , but St. Leonards led by 3 in No. 3. The posting of the totals was awaited with some anxiety. The score   now was-Balmain: No. 1, 20; No. 2, l8; No. 3, 16; No. 4,22. St. Leonards: No. 1,20; No. 2, 17, No. 3,19; No. 4, 19. Totals, 76-75. The final was then entered upon, Balmain only needing to main- tain its small lead to win the game. No. 1 (Cohen) forged ahead and secured a good lead, but No. 2 fell off to the extent of 10 points. No. 3 failed to equa- lise, and No. 4 had its minorty reduced by 1. The ill-success of Nos. 2 and 3 lost Bal- main the game. Shortly after 5.50 p. m. the final results were posted. They were-Balmain No. 1,   31, No. 2, 19 No. 3, 21, No. 4, 25. St. Leonards:

No. 1,24: No. 2,29: No. 3,24: No. 4, 23. Grand totals: Balmain, 96 St. Leonards, 100. The North Shore Club thus won the pennant by 4 points, after a game which, in its latter stages, was well played out.

At the conclusion of the match the customary compliments were interchanged in the pavilion, and the City Club was heartily thanked for its generosity to the players.

The rinks and scores were-  

No. 1 -Balmain: H. A. Young, S. P. Hogg, J. H. Jervis, H. B. Cohen (captain), 31. No 1 -St. Leonards: W.l Wilkie, D. G. Snodgrass, W. H. Stephenson, J Stevens (captain), 24.

No. 2 -Balmain: A. Christie, A. Marshall, W. Akhurst, G. C. Murdoch (captain) 19. No. 2 -St Leonards: J. B. Moore, F. J. Cahill, W. P. Moore, W. Alexander (captain) 29.

No. 3 -Balmain: II Selfe, F. Lemme. B. Kershaw, W. D. Cruickshank (captain), 21. No. 3 -St, Leonards: J Hobson, H. H. Bligh, T. T. Forsyth, F. Punch (captain) 24.

No 4 -Balmain: C. Batson, W. H. Dalrymple, Dr. Wilson, J. J. Reeder (captain), 25. No. 4 -St Leonards: A. M'Leod, W. Barnet-Smith, T. Jelly, A. J. Board (captain).

Death of The Governor, His Excellency Sir Robert Duff

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 16 March 1895, page 9

At a meeting of the New South Wales Bowling Association, held at Young's-chambers, Pitt and   Park streets, last night, Mr Cronin (representing   Balmain) mentioned that his Excellency had occupied the position of patron of that club, and(suggested that in respect to his memory all interclub and friendly matches be postponed Mr. Chapman, M. L. A. (City Club), strongly supported the proposition, as also did Alderman Board (St. Leonards Club), the chairman (Mr J. W.   Mortley, Ashfield), and others. Mr Cronin thereupon moved-" That the association, having heard   with deep regret of the doath of his Excellency the   Governor, requests all associated clubs to postpone all matches that may have been arranged." The motion was unanimously carried.  Mr John See, president of the Randwick Orphous Club, postponed their smoke concert last   night, owing to the death of the Governor, and a vote of sympathy with Lady Duff was passed.  

 The drawing for the first round of the Ashfield Club's vice-presidents' trophy rink matches

 The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 19 March 1895, page 3


The drawing for the first round of the Ashfield Club's vice-presidents' trophy rink matches has resulted as follows -Searl, Lochhead, Rofe, Whittle (captain) v. Gourlay, Watson, Upward, Josephson (captain), J. M. Pierce, Pepperday, Thomas, Laurence (captain) v Beverley, Haigh, Norris, Miller (captain) , Brake, Pearce, Wilson, J. Davies (captain) v Reid, W. H. Davies, Schofield, Hankin   (captain). Armitage, Howard, Bailey, Hutchings (captain) v. Aitken, Mitchell, Brentnall, Hoskings (captain); , Kellett, Broughton, Kay, Mortley (captain) v Moore, Carson, Dupain, Gelding   (captain) Steel, Pye, Groth, Dixon (captain), a bye. 'The round is to be played off on Saturday next.

In the final for the championship of the Rosehill Club, J. Finlayson (secretary) beat H. Fullagar by two points. Scores: Finlayson, 31 : Fullagar, 29.

A movement is on foot for a meeting of club secretaries to make arrangements for a series of inter-club matches.

A novel series of matches has been introduced by the Waverley Club. Two men play four bowls against other two playing a similar number-21 points up. Many of the matches have already been decided, and the first round will probably be concluded this week.

In the third round of the Ashfield Club's championship matches, Hankin yesterday defeated Groth by 1 point-31-30. The fourth rounds of the club's championship and handicap matches will be drawn this week.

The Waverley Club championship has been won by Captain Kondio, Wahlberg being runner-up. W. Andrew took first prize (£4 4s trophy) in the   general handicap, O. Carroll, the seccond prize (£3 3s trophy), J. A. Livingstone the third (£2 2s trophy), and Captain Kondio the fourth (£1 1s trophy).

Arrangements have been made for a four-rink match between Ashfield and Newcastle, on the Newcastle green, on 6th April.

Third round of the Ashfield Club's Championship 

Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 23 March 1895, page 42


A game was played on the City Club's Upper Green on Monday in connection with the club's champion medal between Mr. E. Cansdell and Mr. C. V. Solomon, and resulted in a win for Mr. Cansdell-scores, 31-16. Mr. T. Kearly beat Mr. C. W. Knight -scores 31-25. Mr. A. Coker beat Dr. Barkis-scores, 31-28.

In the final for the championship of the Rosehill Club,. J. Finlayson (secretary) beat H. Fullaghar by two points. Scores: Finlay- son 31, Fullagar 29.

In the third round of the Ashfield Club's Championship matches, Hankin on Monday defeated Groth by one point-31-30.

The Waverley Club championship has been won by Captain Kondio, Wahlberg being runner up. W. Andrew took first prize (£4   4s trophy) in the general handicap, O. Carroll tho second prize (£3 2s trophy), J. A. Living- stone the third (£2 2s trophy), and Captain Kondio the fourth (£1 1s trophy).

A meeting of the N.S.W. Bowling Associa- tion was held last week, Mr. J. W. Mortley in the chair. The second round for the cham- pionship medal was drawn as follows: J. Beveridge v. A.Fullagar, G. W. Howe v. G. T. Clarke, E. Thomas v. J. J. Reeder, G. W. Knight, v. W. H. Stephenson, A. Newling v. J. Dunshea, H. B. Cohen v. F. J. Josephson, G. D. Snodgrass v. A. Coker, M. J. Conlon v. W. Hankin, J. Dickenson v. Captain Kondio, W . Rigg v. B. Kershaw. This round must be played off on or before March 30. The second round of the champion rinks was drawn as follows: Newtown (Dickenson) v. Ashfield (G. M. Miller), on Balmain Green ; City (J. Forsyth) v. Balmain (H. B. Cohen), on Ash- field Greèn; Balmain (J. J. Reeder) v. St. Leonards (F. Punch), on the City Green; City (A. Coker) v. Waverley (Captain. Kondio), Balmain Green. This round must be played off on or before April 3.  

 Newtown v. Ashfield 27 March 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 29 March 1895, page 6


An association champion rink match was played on the Balmain green on Wednesday between teams representing Newtown and Ashfield. The result was an easy win for Ashfield by 43 to IO. The rinks were Ashfield, .T. Groth, J. V. Mortley, F. F.Josephson,  G. M. Miller (captain) , Newtown, E. T. Pearson, J. Bradbury, J. Dunlop, .T. Dickinson (captain).

The association match at Ashfield yesterday between the City and Balmain rinks, captained by C. W. Knight and H. B. Cohon respectively, had to be broken off after half an hour's play on account of the rain. The score at the time was small.

Yesterday Hoskings beat Kay, at Ashfield, by 31 to 28. after a close game.

G. W. Howe (Redfern) defeated T. Clarke (St. Leonards) in the association championship on the City green yesterday by 31 to 8.

In the final for the Citc championship J. Varley plays D. Nightingale, and S. Gelding gets a bye.

Ashfield Club's championship Final

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 30 March 1895, page 12


On Thursday afternoon G. D. Snodgrass (St. Leonards) mid A. Coker (City) played au Association Medal match on the City Green. Coker scored 31 to his opponent's 17. J. J. Reeder (Balmain) also played and defeated E. Tnomas (Waverley), the scores being Reeder 31, Thomas 21.

G. M. Miller defeated J. W. Mortley for the Ashfield Club's championship on Thursday. The game was somewhat easy, Miller making 31 to his opponent's 10.

G. W. Howe (Redfern) easily defeated T. Clarke (St. Leonards), in the association championship, on the City Green, on Thursday. Howe compiled 31 while Clarke was making 8.

For the City Club championship, J. Varley plays D. Nightingale, S. Gelding playing-off with the winner for first prize.

It is now pretty definitely settled that a North Island (N.Z.) intercolonial team will play here at Easter.    

Ashfield Club's vice-presidents' trophy 1st Round, Ashfield Club's president's trophy 4th Round 23 March 1895

Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 30 March 1895, page 4


A game was played on the Waverley Green on Saturday afternoon between the Waverley and Manly Clubs, and resulted in a win for Manly. Scores : Waverley, total 88, Manly, 50.  

The match, Newtown v. Waverley, on the Newtown-Erskineville-road Green, resulted in a win for Waverley, and following were the scores : Newtown 92, Waverley 104.

The first round in connection with the Ashfield Club's rink matches for the vice-presidents' trophy was played off on Saturday afternoon, and the following were the results :

J. Searl, T. Alphen (sub), J. Groth (sub), L. H. Whittle (capt), 11 v.. R. Gourlay, G. Watson, J. Upward, F. J. Josephson (capt), 28.

J. M. Pierce, J. Pepperday, F .Thomas, G. M. Lawrence (capt), 15; v. J. Beverley, H. C. Haigh, R. Norris, G. M. Miller (capt), 25.

H. Drake, A. W. Pearce, E. Wilson, J. Davies (capt), 30; v. J, Reid, W. Davies, D. J. Schofield, W. Hankin (capt), 22.

W. Armitage, F. J. Howard, C. Bailey, J; Bailey, J. Hutchings (capt) ; v. E. Aitken, K. Mitchell, F. Brentnall, W. H. Hoskings (capt), 16.

W. Kay, E. C. V. Broughton, A. H. Kellett, J. W. Mortley (capt), 24; v. R. W. Moore., J. P. Carson, G. Dupain, W. Gelding (capt), 19.

E. Steel, J. H. Pye, J. Groth, H. Dixon (capt), a bye¡ The defeated rinks, 5 in num- ber, drop out of further contests.

Only six men remain in the fourth round for the City Club's championship. They have been drawn as follows: A. Coker v. J. Varley, E.   Cansdell v. S. Gelding, D. Nightingale v. T. Keary.

In the fourth round of the Ashfield Club's president's trophy contest F. J. Howard (31) defeated R. Wilson (15).

The last match of the fourth draw in connection with the City Club's General Handicap was played on Monday afternoon on the City Green, Cook Park, between Messrs. A. Coker and D. Nightingale, and resulted in a win for Mr. Coker. Scores : Coker 31, Nightingale


The draw for the fifth round in connection with the City Club's General Handicap took place on Monday afternoon. The following matches are for the prizes : Mr. Crawford (4) plays Mr. C. V. Solomon (4) ; Mr. E. Cansdell (6), v. Mr. A. Coker (scr). To be played off by Friday, the 29th instant.

The finals in connection with the Holroyd trophy competition were played off on Satur- day afternoon on the Balmain Green. The following is the result of the third round: Mr. B. Kershaw, 31, beat J. A. Brodie (handi- cap 10), 30; C. Batson (4), 31, beat J. J. Reeder, 28 ; Dr. R. A. Wilson, 31, beat C. Turner (10), 20; J. H. Jervis, 31, beat H. A. Young (10), 28. Semi-final round: J. H. Jarvis, 31, beat C. Batson (4), 25; B. Kershaw, 31, beat Dr. R. A. Wilson, 30. The final1 round thus left Mr. B. Kershaw and Mr. J. H. Jervis to play off. Both started from scratch. Mr. Kershaw finally won a capital game, the scores being : Mr, Kershaw. 31 ; Mr. Jervis, 19.

Oxenham's sweep on Tattersalls Club Handicap waa drawn in the presence of the press at Tattersall's Club Rooms, Brisbane, on

March 22. Owing to the demand for admission numbers had to be turned away. The general opinion is that in promoting the above con- sultations Mr. Oxenham has made a move in the right direction.

Innovative Idea: Scoreboards at the Head of the Rink




One of the most important matches that has ever taken place in the colony was played on the Ashfield green yesterday afternoon. Though intercolonial matches between New South Wales and Victoria have been played for many years past, this is the first time that New Zealand has played against any of the Australian colonies. The first match of the round was according   watched with great interest, and in attendance at the green yesterday representatives of almost every cluh in the metropolitan distict. Among the more prominent bowlers present were:-Messrs. John Young (president) and H. B. Cohen     (secretary) of the association; J W Mortley (president), J. Davies (treasurer), F. J. Howard  (secretary), G. M. Laurence, and W. Hankin of the   Ashfield Club: Watkin Wynne (vice president) Waterhouse (president) and Alderiman Magney of   the Waverley Club; A. T. Fleay (president) and J. F. Dalrymple (secretary) of the Newtown Club; W. Rigg M. L. A. (president) and C. W. Wiseman (seretary) of the Victoria Park Club; J. Graham,     (president), Chapman, M. L. A., Major Morris, H. Hughes, and C. W. Knight, City Club; G. Howe (vice-president) and W. Rose (secretary) Redfern Club; Cox, Rosehill Club; Dr. Wilson   (vice president), Balmain Club; Chris Brandis (vice president), Ashfield; -Alderman Stanton, Alderman N. Neville (Mayor), Ashfield: Mr F. Punch (president), St. Leonards Club and members of most of the other clubs in the metroploitan district. The Ashfield Club had made special preparation for the occasion, and, in addition to deco- rating the club's premises, had arranged for   the entertainment of the visitors. An innovation that was greatly appreciated was the placing of scoring boards, at the head of each rink.  On these the scorers recorded the result of every head played- a convenience that was greatly appreciated by those present. In addition the half-         hour scores were recorded as usual. The attendance at the green the day was very large, and among those present were many ladies. On their   arrival the New Zealanders were officially welcomed   by the Mayor (Alderman N. Melville) who expressed pleasure at their arrrival in the borough.  Mr. Paul, on behalff of the visitors, cordally acknowledged the compliment. After the       teams been photographed, play commenced at 2.50 p. m. Mr J. Mortley (president Ashfield) was appointed umpire and referee, and the Rev. H. Dunlop and Mr. F. J. Howard (secretary) Ashfield, general scorers. The rink scores were Messrs. G. Dupain, J. Davies, W. Kay , and Major Morris.

The commencement of the game was closely watched. In the first head New South Wales scored 3 each in Nos. 1 and 2, and 4 in No. 3, while the scored 1 in No. 4. In subsequent heads       however, the visitors pulled up, and the  first half-hour scores were as follows -New Zealand: No. 1, 3; No. 2, 4; No. 3, 2; No. 4, 4; total, 13. New South Wales: No. 1, 5; No. 2, 4; No. 3, 6; No. 4, 2; total, 17. The visitors then drew up in No. 1 somewhat, but their other rinks fell further behind. T he scores for the second half hour showed : - New Zealand: No. 1, 8; No. 2, 6; No, 3, 7; No. 4, 5; total, 26. New South Wales: No. 1, 8, No. 2, 15; No. 3, 12; No 4, 8; total, 43. In the third half hour the visitors did not better their |poisition, but rather- lost griound. Their No. 2 played a good game, and reduced its minority, but the others remained very much in their previous positions. The scores at the conclusion of the half stood as follows - New Zealand: No. 1, 10; No. 2, 11; No. 3, 9; No. 4, 8. New South Wales: No. 1, 15; No. 2, 17; No. 3, 19; No. 4, 15. N. Z., 38, N. S. W. 66. The semi final witnessed a slight betterment of the New Zealanders position. Especially was the case in regard tp their No. 3 who, by splendid playreduced their minority from 10 to 3- an excellent performance. Their other rinks however, did not do as well, but nevertheless the general deficiency was reduced by 9 points. The scores at the end of the half stood: New Zealand No. 1, 12; No. 2, 14; No. 3, 18; No. 4, 11. New South Wales: No. 1, 19; No. 2, 17; No. 3, 21; No , 4, 17. Totals: New Zealand, 55: New South Wales, 74. The final half led to some determined play on the part of the visitors, and so far as No. 4 was concerned with most successful results. During this term their No. 1 made 3, their No. 2' made 3, then No.3 made 2, and their No.2 made 12. This however, was not sufficent, as New South Wales team put on 6 in No. 1, 17 in No. 2, 7 in No. 3, and 5 in No.4. The match concluded  at about 3.30 p.m., the result beinig a most       pronounced win for the local men, by 107 to 77. 

he scores at the final were: New Zealand: No. 1, 17, No. 2, 17, No 3, 20; No 4, 23.New South Wales: No. 1, :No 2, 34: No 3, 28; No. 4, 22. Great credit is undoubtedly due to the New Zealanders for the splendid manner in which they drew the shot, especially in view of the fact the majority of them played with big-biassed bowls on a fast green. The driving of some of their captains was also exceptionally good. At the conclusion of the game the customary compliments were exchanged in the pavilion. Mr Mortley and Mr John Young spoke in apreeciative terms of the play of the visitors, and warmly congratulated them thereon. Mr Paul replied on behalf of the New Zealand team, and said he was satisfied that the game had been won on its merits. The   visitors were excedingly pleased at the reception they had received. Cheers were then interchanged and the meeting dispersed.      

The rinks and scores were: - 
No.1 RINK. New Zealand: J, M'Kenzie, P. C. Carthew, S. Rundle, G. J. Newman (captain), 17. New South Wales: R. Muir, J. Stevens, G. M. Miller, M. J. Conlon (captain), 23.

No.2 RINK. New Zealand: J. Dingle, F. Jury, H. Ward, J. Paul (captain), 20. New South Wales: F. J. Josephson, J. Young, C. W. Knight, A. Coker (captain), 34.       

No.3 RINK.: New Zealand: J. Patterson, J. Kirker, W. E. Payne, P.
Oliphant (captain), 20. New South Wales: J. F. Dalrymple, B. Kershaw, G. W. Howe (captain), 28.

No.4 RINK.: New Zealand: D. Ross, A. Thompson, W. Ledingham, A Stewart (captain), 23. New South Wales: A. Harber, H. B. Cohen, Dr Wilson, J. J. Reeder (captain), 22. 

Totals: New South Wales, 107; New Zealand, 77; majority for New South Wales, 30.


Australian Town and Country Journal 
Saturday 13 April 1895, page 16


The team of New Zealand Bowlers now visiting Sydney played their first test inter- colonial match on the Ashfield Green on Tuesday. Four rinks were played, and twenty-five heads up took the place of the usual two hours and a half. After an inter- esting match the visitors, were beaten by 30

points. Scores :-.

No. 1 Rink.
N.S Wales (23).                            New Zealand (17).  
B. Muir                                            J. M'Kenzie
J. Stevens                                      P. C. Carthew
G. M. Miller                                     S. Rundle
M. J. Conlon                                   G. J. Newman

No. 2 Rink.
N.S. Wales (34).                            New Zealand (17)
J. Josephson                                  J. Dingle
John Young                                     F. Dury
C. W. Knight                                    H. Ward
A. Coker                                           J. Paul

No. 3 Rink. 
N.S. Wales (28).                             New Zealand (20)
J. F. Dalrymple                               J. Patterson
J. Harrigan                                      J. Kirner
B. Kershaw                                      W. E. Payne

No. 4 Rink. 
N. S. Wales (22).                            New Zealand (23)
G. W. Howe.                                     P. Oliphant
A. Harber                                          D. Ross
H. B. Cohen                                      A. Thompson
Dr. Wilson                                         W. Ledingfham
J. J. Reeder                                       A. Stewart.

Totals, 107.                                      Totals, 77. 

The half-hour scores were: New South
Wales, 17, 43, 66, 74, 107; New Zealand, 13, 26, 38, 55,77.

 N.S.W. v. New Zealand Game 2 & 3, 10 April 1895.


The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 11 April 1895, page 6





The semi-final and final games in the contests between the New Zealand and New South Wales intercolonial teams aroused an even greater amount of interest than the initial match. Owing to the   short stay of the visitors it was found advisable to play off the semi final and final on the same day, the former being played on the City green and the latter at Waverley. Play was commmenced, necessarily, at an early hour, the bell being rung shortly before 11 a.m. The pavilion and surroundings of the green were thronged with in- terested spectators. In addition to those who were present at Ashfield the previous day were Alderman S. E. Lees M.L.A. (Mayor of Sydney), Captain   Trouton (president, Balmain), Mr Punch (president).   and Mr A. J. Board (hon. sec. St. Leonards' Club), Mr Joseph Abbott, M. L. A., Mr H Chapman, M. L. A. , Dr Moore, and numerous others Mr. John Young (president), Mr H. B. Cohen (secre- tary) and other oflicers of the association were also in attendance. The oflicers of the day were - Messrs Sadlear, referee J. W. Mortley (N S.W ) and A. E. Butler (N Z ), umpire; S. Gelling (secretary, City), general scorer and Major Morris, S. T. Spier, T. Keary, and J. Beveridge, head scorers. The grand total for the whole game stood New Zealand, 109 New South Wales, 63 - a splendid victory by 46 points for the visitors.

Tho rinks and scores were -
No. 1 RINK.  New Zealand: J M'kenzie, P. C. Carthew, 8. Rundle,   G. J. Newman (captain), 24. New South Wales: R. Muir, J. Stevens, G. «M. Miller,   and M. J. Conlon (captain), 17.

No. 2 RINK. New Zealand; J. Dingle, F. Jury, A. Ward, and J. Paul (captain), 20.  New South Wales: F. J. Josephson, Captain Kondio, C. W. Knight, A. Coker (captain), 23.

No. 3 RINK.
New Zealand: Rhodes, J, Kirker, W. E. Payne, F.  
Oliphant (captain), 30. New South Wales: J. F. Dalrymple, A. T. Fleay, B. Kershaw, G. W. Howe (captain), 11.

No. 4 RINK.
New Zealand: D. Ross, A. Thomson, W. Ledingham, and A. Stewart (cáptain) , 12. New South Wales: A. Harbor, W. Wynne, Dr. Wilson, and J. J. Reeder (captain), 12.  

Luncheon was subsequently held in the pavilion


Simultaneously with the commencement of the final match on the Waverley green a change of   weather occurred. A bitterly cold wind sprang up, and most of the players were compelled to don their coats. A slight alteration-by the substitution of C. W. Wiseman for W. Wynne-was effected in the composition of the local team. The play was altogether different from that of the morn- ing, for as the latter was decidedly in favour of the visitors throughout the afternoon's re-   sults were pronouncedly in favour of the home men. The final totals were -New Zealand, 73; New   South Wales, 105. Majority for New South Wales,     32. This colony has thus after a protracted contest against first-class players, succeeded in maintaining its position. 
Rinks and scores were -   

RINK No. 1.
New Zealand: J. P. M'Kenzie, P. C. Carthew, G. Rundle, and E. J. Newman (captain), 14. New South Wales: J. Stevens, R. Muir, G. M. Miller, .and M. J. Conlon (captain) ,27.

RINK No. 2 
Ncw Zealand: J Dimrlc i Jury, A. Ward, J. Paul (captain), 27. New South Wales: F. J. Josephson, C. W. Wiseman, C. W. Knight, A. Coker (captain), 17.  

RINK No. 3.
New Zealand: R. Rhodes, J. Kirke, W. S. Payne, P.   Oliphant (çaptain), 23. New South Wales: J. F. Dalrymple, J. Hanigan, B. Kershaw, G. W. Howe (captain), 24.

RINK No. 4.
ew Zealand: D. Rose, G.Thompson, W. Ledintham,    
A Stewart (captain), 9. New South Wales: A. Harber, H. B. Coker Dr. Wilson.     J. J. Reeder (captain), 37.  


The Sydney Morning Herald , Saturday 13 April 1895, page 6



Yesterday the New Zealand Intercolonial team was entertained by Mr. John Young (president) and the members of tbe Noe South Wales Association. At 9.30a.m. the visitors were taken for a   trip down to the harbour in tbe steamer Dawn. Many of tbe New Zealanders were accompanied by tbeir wives and daughters, the company altogether   numbenng about 150. Leaving Circular Quay, the steamer coasted along by Farm Cove, Rushcutters Bay, Double ßay, Rose Bay, and Vaucluse, thence pro- ceeding to Watsons Bay. Here a landing was effected, and the party proceeded to view the Gap. After an oyster luncheon on board, the party proceeded for a short distance in the opposite direction,   going up the Paramatta River as far the Iron Cove Bridge. During this part of the trip the weather was extremely unpleasant, rain falling at intervals, and a cold wind blowing. On the return journey a call was made at Mort''s and the Government docks, where H.M. ships Royalist and Goldfinch are at present lying. The docks, pumping station, and works were inspected, the visitorsbeing much impressed with what they saw.  

The arrival of the steamer at Annandale was delayed for a short time on account of the steering gear giving way. The Johnston-street wharf was  however, reached ingood time. At Kentville   the party was heartily received and welcomed by Mr. John Young and Mrs. Young, and the ladies   were invited to afternoon tea. The bowling pavilion  and grounds were nicely decorated, and matches between the New Zealanders and New South Wales,   bowlers were arranged. 'The game was witnessed by a numerous assenblage. Among those present were Mr. John Graham (president). Mr. S. Gelding (secretary), Mr. Alderman Chapman, M.L.A., Messrs. C. W. Knight and A. Coker, City Club , Alderman S. K, Lees, M.L A., Mayor of Sydney,   Mr. H. B. Cohen, secretary N.S.W. Association, Mr. J W. Mortley (president), Mr. F. J. Howard   (secretary), Ashfield Club . Mr. W. Rigg, M.L A. (vice-president), Mr. C. W. Wiseman (secretary), Victoria Park Club , Mr. A. T. Fleay (vice-presi- dent), Mr. J. F. Dalrymple (secretary), Newtown   Club. Mr. G. W. Howe (vice-president), Mr. Rose (secretary), Redfern Club, Mr. J. A. Hogue, M.L.A. (president). Glebe Club, Dr. Wilson (vice-president), Messers. Cruickshank,   Kershaw, and J. J. Reeder, Balmain Club; Mr.   Watkin Wynne (vice-president), Waverley Club . and very many others. Two New South Wales teams, or four rinks each, were selected, and each team played for 1 1/4 hour. The green was not in as good a condition as usual, but nevertheless a very enjoyable game was played. During the afternoon an eixcellent luncheon was provided in tbe pavilion, and non-players were accommodated with games in tlhe skittle alleys and billiard-room. The comfort of the lady visitors from New Zealand was well attended to by Mrs. Young, Mrs. Kerr, and Kaepell. At the conclusion of the bowling match, Mr. Paul   (manager) heartily thanked Mr. Young, on behalf of the team, for the excellent treatment they had received while in the colony, and extended a hearty invitation to the New South Welshmen to visit New Zealand. The day's outing was concluded with mutual cheers for the New Zealand and the New South Wales bowlers.

The association champion rink prize between City and Ashfield clubs

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 20 April 1895, page 12


The following will represnt the Waverley Club in a match against Victoria Park on the Waverley green to-day -Messrs T. Vial, H. C. Evans, Captain Kondio, Dr Moore, Gardiner, Wahlberg, M'Leon. King, Mitchell, H Magney.G. T. Clarke, Locke, Livingêtone, Fitzgerald, J. Waterhouse.

The second round of the contest for the trophies  presented by the vice-presidents, for the best rink in the Ashfield Club, will be played off to-day. The match is exciting much interest.

It is anticipated that the next round of the association matches will be drawn next week, the present  rounds having almost reached a conclusion.  

The association champion rink prize now lies between teams selected by the City and Ashfield clubs, the loser receiving second.

 21 April 1895



The second round of the club rink matches, for the vice-president's trophies are played on the Ashfield green on Saturday, in the presence of a good number of spectators.Six rinks competed, and as three were defeated only three remain to play in the next round. The successful rinks were those captained by Dixson, Josephson, and Hutchings. The players and scores were as follows -
No. 1 -- W. Kay, E. C. V. Broughton, A. H. Kellett, J. W. Mortley (captain), .24; R. Steel W. H. Harris, (sub), J Groth, H. Dixson (captain), 28. Majority for Dixson, 4.    

No. 2 -- J. Beverley, H. C. Haigh, R. Norris, G. M. Miller (captain), 21; R. Gourlay, G. Watson,J. Upward, F   Josephson (captain) . Majority for Josephson, 1.        

No. 3. -- H. Drake, A. W. Pearce, T. Wilson, J. Davies (captain), 17. W. Armitage, F. J. Howard, C. Bailey, J. Hutcens (captain), 20. Majority for Hutchings, 3.    

In the drawing for th third round has resulted in the pitting of Hutching's Rink against Dixson's, Josephson's securing a bye.  

Ashfield Club Championship and Handicap Finals
Ashfield's vice-president's trophies Matches
20 April 1895


Australian Town and Country Journal 
Saturday 27 April 1895, page 43


New Zealand v. Victoria.

The second intercolonial match between representative Viotorian and New Zealand teams, was played on Monday on the Mel-   bourne Green, Windsor, and after a most exciting game the contest ended in a draw, eaoh side sooring 66 points.

The principal single events of the Ashfield Club-the Championship and Handicap Matches-were brought to a conclusion last week. The two competitors for the former were W. Hankin (last year's champion) and W. H. Hoskings. The result of the match was a decided win for Hankin, who played well up to his usual form, by 31 to 14. Thomas and Howard played even in the handi- cap. At the commencement, and till the middle of the game, the play was pretty equal. However, towards the end, Thomas drew away and won by 12 points.

One of the semi-final matches for the Association champion rink trophy was played on the Balmain Green on April 19 between the St. Leonards and Ashfield teams; Ash- field won by six points. The following were the players and scores : Ashfield : J. Groth, J. Hutchins, F. J. Josephson, G. Miller (captain), 27. St. Leonards : Stephen, Snodgrass, J. Stephens, F. Punch (captain), 24.

A game played on Saturday between Waverley and Victoria Park on the Waverley Green resulted in a win for Waverley, and tho following were the players and scores : 
Waverley: Locke, Parsons, Fitzgerald, Waterhouse 31 - Victoria Park:     Loudon, Lee. M'Laughlin, Lane, 21. Waverley:   Moore, Gardiner, Macleod, Wahlberg, 30. Victoria Park: Mackey, Chisholm, Young, Rigg, 20.     Waverley: Thomas, Vial, Evans, Kondio, 34,   Victoria Park: Herbert, Stewart (sub.), Moody,Gibbs, 11. Waverley: King, Mitchell. Graham, Clarke, 20. Manby (sub.), Stinson, Duncan, Wiseman,  21. Totals Waverley, 115; Victoria Park, 73. The half-hour scores were : Waverley, 24, 50, 85, 100, final 115. Victoria Park, 20, 31, 40, 64, final 73.

The drawing for the third round has resulted in the pitting of Hutchings's rink against Dixson's, Josephson's securing a bye.

Our Melbourne correspondent telegraphs: On the Melbourne Green, at Windsor, on Saturday afternoon a bowling match be- tween Victoria and New Zealand took place, the visitors winning by 83 points to 70 after an exciting game.

A game played on Saturday between the Manly and Waverley Clubs resulted in a win for Waverley. The following were the players and scores : Waverley: Sadler, Marshall, Andrew, Horrooks, 34.   Manly: Rossiter, Byrne, Luckham, Bacon, 19.   Waverley: Firth, Waterhouse, Blanchard, Wynne, 24. Manly: Luff, Austin, Hobson, Nightingale, 24. Totals Waverley, 58: Manly, 43.     

The second round of the Ashfield Club Rink
matches for the vice-president's trophies was played on the Ashfield Green on Saturday. The successful rinks were those captained by Dixon, Josephson, and Hutchings. The players and scores were as follows:    

No. 1.-W. Kay, E. C. V. Broughton, A. H.   Kellett, J. W. Mortley (captain), 24 ; R. Steel, W. H. Davies (sub), J. Groth, H. Dixson (captain), 28. Majority for Dixson. 4.

No. 2.-J. Beverley, H. C. Haigh, R. Norris, G. M. Miller (captain), 21 ; R. Gourlay, G. Watson, J. Upward, F. J. Josephson (captain), 22, Majority for Josephson, 1.

No. 3.-H. Drake, A. W. Pearce, T. Wilson, J. Davies (captain), 17 ; W. Armitage, F. J. Howard, C. Bailey, J. Hutchings'(captain), 20. Majority for Hutchings, 3. 

Ashfield v City

The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 30 April 1895, page 3


                                  THE CHAMPION RINK FINAL. 

This afternoon, at 2. 30 o'clock, the final match for
the trophies offered by the association for the champion rink of the colony will be played off on the Balmain green. The competing rinks represent the Ashfield and City clubs, and are respectively captained by Miller and Coker. Throughout the contests both rinks have shown excellent form, and are un- doubtedly well representative of the two clubs. A large attendance of bowlers is expected at the match, as it is one of the most important of the season The rinks are - 
Ashfield -J. Groth (leader) J. Hutchings (scorer), T.
J Joseph«on (measurer) and G. M. Miller (captain).
City -W. H. Goddard (leader) H. Hughes (scorer), D.
Nightingale (measurer), and A. Coker (captain).  

The fixtures for the quarter, as arranged by a
meeting of club secretaries at the City green, are - 
May 4-Waverley v Redfern (at Waverley), Victoria Park: v St. Leonards (at St. Leonards), Ashfield v New-
town (at Ashfield).
ay 18-City v Redfern (at City) Newtown v St. Leonards (at Newtown), Waverley v Victoria Park (at
Victoria Park ).
June 1 City v Ashfield (at Ashfield) Redfern v Vic- toria 1 ark (at Redfern), Waverley v Newtown (at New
June 15-Waverley v St. Leonards (at Waverley), Newtown v Redfern (at Redfern), City v Victoria Park (at  
Victoria Park).
June 29-City v Newtown (at City) Waverley v Redfern (at Redfern), Ashfield v VictoriaPark (at Victoria 
July 13 -St. Leonards v Redfern (at St. Leonards) Newtown v Waverley (at Waverley), City v Victoria Park 
(at City).
July 2, -Waverley v Ashfield (at Ashfield) City v St. Leonards (at St Leonards)Victoria Park v Redfern (at Victoria Park).

The following rinks have been chosen to represent Ashfield in a match with Newtown, on the Ashfield green, on Saturday -Groth, Dupain, Mortley, Miller (captain), Drake, Searle, Lawrence, Gelding (captain), Steel, Howard, Dixon, Josephson (captain), Aitken, sen , Noms, Hutchings, Hankin (captain).

A proposal has been made for the holding of an intercolonial conference to secure a uniformity of laws relating to the game.

In response to a request of the club, Mr W. W. Stephen has consented to succeed his father, the late Sir Alfred Stephen, as patron of the City Club, Mr Stephen has also warmly thanked the club for the eulogistic manner in which reference was made to the warm interest his father always evinced m the welfare of the institution.


Ashfield v City

The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 2 May 1895, page 6



Yesterday afternoon the final match for the Association Champion Rink trophies was played off   between the Ashfield and City clubs. The result showed the great superiority of the City over all other clubs, inasmuch as the Ashfield team was         ignominiously defeated. The ultimate result was a   win for the City 41 to 17.  

Final of the Ashfield Club's rink championship 
will be played off to day. 
Opening of Randwick Bowling Club

The Sydney Morning Herald 
Saturday 4 May 1895, page 12


New South Wales Bowling Association.  

A meeting of the association was held at the Australia Hotel last night, Mr J. W. Mortley (president, Ashfield) presiding. There were also present Messrs J. Graham (president, City), H. C. Evans (secretary, Waverley), W. J. Loudon (Victoria Park), D. Keshaw and Dalrymple (Balmain), H. B. Cohen (honorary secretary, and others. The newly-formed Randwick Bowling and Recreation   Club wrote inviting the presence of the president and office-bearers of the Association at the opening of the club premises this (Saturday) afternoon. Accouuts in connection with the entertainment of the New Zealand intercolonial team were passed for payment. An extension of time of one week was granted M. J. Conlon to play H. Fullagar in the fourth round of the champion Medul match. In connection with a proposition for the arrangement of a series of interclub matches, it was mentioned that a number of club secrétaries had met at the City Green and arranged a programme of matches. The chairman expressed satisfaction that such an arrangement had been made. Messrs. H. C. Evans and Loudon endorsed the action of the secretaries, and Mr Cohen expressed the opinion that the association should withdraw the rule relating to inter club matches, in order that such matches might be arrangod by the various club

An inter club match between Waverley and Redfern will be played on the latters green to-day.

The final of the Ashfield Club's rink championship will be played off to day.    

The new Bowling Recrcation Club at Randwick will be opened this afternoon.

Opening of Randwick Bowling & Recreation Club 4th May 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 6 May 1895, page 6


Evidence as to the popularity of bowls was strongly forthcoming on Saturday last at the opening of the new bowling green and club premises of the Bowling

and Recreation Club at Randwick. The club has only been in existence since last October, and the members set to work with a promising enthusiasm, with the result that the triangular piece of ground at the corner of Cowper-street and the Avenue, which was only six months ago a heap of drifting sand and stunted trees, has become converted into a picturcsque   recreation ground creditable to the borough. The attendance on Saturday was numerous and representative. The presence of many ladies added to a charming scene. The pavilion and grounds were     gay with bunting, and the general appearance was   full of brightness. 'The Bavarian Brass Band played   a programmeo of music. Among the numerous assemblage of people present were -The hon. C. G. Heydon, M.L.C., Messrs. Angus Cameron. David Storey (vice-president Randwick Bowling Club), J.   A. Hogue (president Glebe Bowling Club), W. Rigg (president Victoria Park Bowling Club), John See, H. Chapman, C. Collins, Frank Farnell, Ms L. A.,   the Mayor of Randwick (Alderman F. W. H. Pierce,Alderman James Robertson. T. T. Spring,   T. H, Perry, William Houston, J. A. I. Perry, the Rev, Fathers Donze, Tierney, the Revs, William Hough and Joseph Campbell, Messrs. John Graham (president City Bowling   Club), J. W. Mortley (president Ashfield Club), F. Punch (president St. Leonards Bowling Club), W. H Dalrymple (Balmain Bowling Club), Walkin   Wynne (vice-president Waverley Bowling Club),   H. B. Cohen (hon. secretary New South Wales Bowling Association), George Denning, A. J. Kiss, W. Dymock, Dr. Barkas, Messrs. W. T. Waters, George Raffan, John Forsyth, J. C. Goodwin, J.T. Davenport, J. Hedges, D. M. Myers. Arthur Scott, J. I. Haycroft, Cecil W. E. Bedford   (council clerk, Randwick), Joseph Coulter, T. M Alcock, R. G. Watkins, Herbert, T. H Martyn, R. B. Cameron, H. F. Francis, Dr Reddall, Dr Hankins, Dr Fieldstad, Dr. Fraser, Messrs. Robert   Sands, Henry Clarke, R. N. Johnston, U. W. Carpenter, S. J. Bryen, Baxter Bruce, O. M.   Williams, A. Fenton Spencer, Thomas J. Lowe, jun., M. H.Kelly, Campbell M'Dougall, P.   Nicolle, J. G. Carter, W Withers, B Foley, W. S. Preddey, Samuel Steele, James Cook, A.   Hellicar, Do Lissa, Wheeler, A. Kidman, and many other prominent local residents and followers of the game. Mr. John Young, the father of bowls in New South Wales, was prevented from being present, as he is away in the country. Shortly after 3 o'clock Mr. A W. Meeks (president of the club) said he had much pleasure in calling upon Mr Archibald Forsyth, as the veteran bowler present, to     declare the green open for play.

Mr. FORSYTH, who was warmly applauded, bowled   the jack across the green. He then said he trusted those present would not take it as any criterion of the state of the green if his bowl went wide, as he had not played for some considerable time. The first   bowl hit the jack, and the shot was loudly applauded. Mr. Forsyth then said the green was in a fit condition for play, and he had much pleasure in declaring it open.

Mr A. W. MARKS said he thought it was neccessary for him, as president of the club, to make a short   explanatory speech. Some years ago a number of local gentlemen had expressed a desire to have a bowling-green in Randwick, but the attempt had failed. An opportunity having been presented, how-     over, of securing the present piece of ground, the idea of starting a club was again set on foot, and that day proof of success was shown. The piece of   land was secured from the Lands Department on a   15 years' lease, at a small annual rental, so that the club were in possession of the ground for 15 years.   He referred to the success of similar institutions, and he felt Randwick would not be behind. In    

years' time, when all arrangements had been completed, Randwick residents would be pleased to have   such a picturesque ground in their midst. He had to   sincerely thank the Waverley, City, and other  bowling clubs for the true brotherly spirit, which he thought should always exist between the clubs.   During the formation of the Randwick green he and the club members had been invited to play in all the   greens The Randwick Club had shown that they   appreciated the invitations by defeating the first club they had met. (Laughter ) He declared the   green had duly been opened. (Applause )  

The gentlemen present then made an adjournment     to the billiard room, and the ladies were entertained   at a cold collation in the clubroom.

In the billard-room Mr A FORSYTII proposed   "Success to the Randwick Bowling and Recreation Club." He said he had not the slightest doubt that   the club would become a great success, and would   largely contribute to the goodwill and & sociality of the place. ( Applause )

Mr David Storey, M. L. A.. , said the success of the club was already assured, and the club had  rightly recognised the great means of recreation and pleasure that would be brought about by the establishment of such an institution. The thanks of the club were due to so large an attendence of ladies and gentlemen n to grace the opening ceremony. Alderman F. W. H. Pierce (the Mayor of Randwick) said he would afford every support to the club, as he felt sure it would do a great amount 0f good to the  

borough generally. (Applause.) , Mr Watkin Wynne (vice president of the Waverley Bowling Club) said the club he represented had proved a pronounced success, and he thought he could safely predict the same for the Randwick Club, as it had been started on good lines.  

Mr J A Hogue, M. L. A. (president of the St. Leonards Bowling Club), also endorsed the former speaker as to the success of the club as, in his opinion, they had started on admirable lines. Mr John See, M. L. A., (said all such institutions had a good effect     on society and had one great conducive benefit, the   general welfare of the place. Randwick, when he had first come to reside there had no gas or water service, and no tram communication. One by   one they were securing social comforts, and the establishment 0f a recreation club was the last though not the least. He hoped it would prove a social benefit to the place.

Mr ANGUS CAMERON, M. L. A., said he heartily endorsed the sentiments of congratulation, and   wished the club success.

Rinks were chosen from the leading bowlers   present, and a pleasant game was played.  

Mr A. W. Meeks (president) and Mr John Wallace (hon. secretary), and a members' committee worked most assiduously during the afternoon to ensure the success of the ceremony. The enclosure is 1 acre 1 rood in extent and is situated in the heart of the borough, near the Waverley-Randwick   tram extension. So far only one bowling green   has been formed, there being provision for playing   five rinks. Another green will be formed on the upper portion of the ground, and the tennis courts   are now being laid. The pavillion is of neat and attractive appearance. The main pavillion is 6Oft. by 60ft with billiard room 30 by 26 ft, bar 22 by 10ft,. clubroom 22 by 9ft , bowl-room -22 by 9ft.    

The building is constructed of wood, and the interior is finely fitted up with varnished kauri pine. Mr. A. Fenton Spencer was the architect, and Mr David Barron the builder.

The final of Association Champion Rink Matches Ashfield v City

4 May 1895


The final match in connection with the Association Champion Rink Matches was played off last week between the Ashfield and City Clubs. The result showed the superiority, of the latter, as the Ashfield team was ignominiously defeated. The ultimate result was a win for the City by 41 to 17.

The double-handed handicap of the Waverley Club was concluded last week, when . Messrs. J. A. Livingstone and W. G. Vial defeated Captain Kondio and J. Morcombe by 21 to 9, thus securing the first prize.


The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 15 May 1895, page 8


A keenly-contested match between the above clubs was played on tbe Ashfield green on Saturday afternoon. It was originally intended to play four rinks, but as only ten Balmain players appeared it was found necessary to allow them five substitutes to make up three rinks. The match started at 3 o'clock, Mr T. J. Howard (secretary, Ashfield) acting as umpire and scorer. In the first two half hours the visitors had the advantage, standing 18 to 11 in the first, and 31 to 26 in the second. In the third half the home team pulled up and passed their opponents, showing 41 as against 36. In the semi-final Balmain again progressed and showed 52 to 52. At the 25th and final   head the totals were - Ashfleld, 61. Balmain, 59. The home team thus won the match by two points During the afternoon some excellent play was shown on both sides, The rinks and scores were -  

No 1 -Balmain: Marshall, Lemm, Dr Wilson, J. J. Reeder (captain), 21. Ashfield: Aitken, sen., J. M. Pierce, J. W. Mortley, W Hankin (captain), 19. No 2; Balmain: Dalrymple, J. Upward (sub), C. Batson, G. Murdoch (captain), 17, Ashfield: H. Drake, J. Searl, G. M. Laurence, F. J. Josephson(captain), 25. No. 3 Balmain: Turner, W. Gelding (sub ), J. Jervis, W.   Akhurst (captain), 21. Ashfield: J. Groth, G. Dupain,   H. Dixson, G. M. Miller (captain), 17.

Semi-final round for the championship of the colony

F. J. Josephson (Ashfield Club) v J Dickinson

Proposal to start Burwood Bowling Club

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 25 May 1895, page 7


In the semi-final round for the championship of the colony, F. J. Josephson (Ashfield Club) has been matched against J Dickinson, M. J. Conlon (Redfern Club) drawing a bye. The winner of the Josephson-Dickinson match plays off with Conlon for the championship and the N. S. W. Bowling Association's trophy.

In a match against Randwick, on the Randwick green this afternoon, the Waverley Club will be represented,by W. Andrew, J. C. Apted, E Bennett, Owen Carroll, H. C. Evans, Captain Kondio, A. Gardner, J. Graham, J. A. Livingstone, A. A. Locke, Dr. Moore, F. M'Elhone, E. Thomas, E. E. Wahlberg, G. J. Waterhouse, and W. Wynne.

A movement, which bids fair to be successful, is on foot for the establishment of a bowling club at the Burwood Recreation ground, which have recently passed under new management.

21 May 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 24 May 1895, page 6



At a meeting held on Tuesday night, the hon. secretary of the Bowling Club wrote stating that it had been resolved that the Mayor for the time being be an hon. member of the club. It was decided that the compliment be suitably acknowledged. A letter from Granville asking for co-operation in an   effort to secure a reinstatement of the Local Government Bill was merely received. Ashfield Council wrote on the subject of the repair of Greenhill street. The Mayor stated his intention of conferring with the Mayor of Enfield on the matter. A communication from Mr. Ramsay, of Dobroyd, re the rubbish tip, was referred to the Mayor. The Under- secretary for Public Works notified that the Minister had authorised the payment of £256 14s 6d to the council for the maintenance of the Canterbury road within Ashfield boundaries. The Mayor said a Government officer had made an inspection, and immediate steps would be taken for the carrying out of repairs Alderman Upward gave notice of motion that the papers laid on the table re the creation of a fourth ward be considered. Alderman Beaver drew the Mayor's attention to the condition of the Alt-street subway, and suggested that the Railway Commissioners be asked to hand over the subway to the council and make an allowance for its maintenance. The Mayor promised to interview the Commissioners on the subject.

Draw for Ashfield Handicap Matches for the Browne trophy

Australian Town and Country Journal

Saturday 25 May 1895, page 42


A match was played on Saturday afternoon on the Victoria Park Green between the Waverley and Victoria Park Clubs. The game was commenced about 3 p.m., and the first half-hour the scores were : Waverley 25, Victoria Park 24; second half, Waverley 52, Victoria Park 61; third half, Waverley 71, Victoria Park 84 ; fourth half, Waverley 99, Victoria Park 121 ; fifth half, Waverley 106. Victoria Park 136.

A match was played on Saturday afternoon on the City Green between the City and Red- fern Clubs. Twenty-one ends were played, and the green was in good condition. The first half-hour the scores were : Redfern 24, City 17 ; second half-hour, Redfern 46, City 37 ; third half-hour-, Redfern 66, City 52; fourth half-hour, Redfern 83, City 80; the game resulting in a win for the Redfern Club.

A match, Newtown v. St. Leonards, was played on Saturday âfternoon on the Newtown Green and resulted in a win for St. Leonards by 82 points to 72.

The drawing and handicapping in connection with the Ashfield Handicap Match for the Browne trophy resulted as follow : A. H. Kellett (6yd) v. W. Gelding (scr), J. Searl (6) v. W. Kay (scr)/C. Bailey (scr) v St. Clair (16), J. Reid (scr) v. W. T. M. Fehon (8), M'Donald (12) v. J. Wilson (scr), G. M. Law- rence (scr) v. G. Dupain (5), A. Rofe (4) v. W. Aitken (scr), P. Thomas (scr) v. P. J. Howard (4), R. Mitchell (9) v. J. M. Pierce (scr), R. Munday (16) v. J. Davies (scr), G. Watson v. P. Hodgson (8), Perkins (8) v. H. C. Haigh (scr), J. .Beverley (scr) v. Dr. Lockhead (scr), J. Hutchings (6) v. G. M. Miller (scr), J. F. Carson (scr) v. F. Kent (8), W. H. Davies (scr) v. W. Denham, M. J. Hammond (12) v. J. Groth (scr), W. H. Hos- kings (scr) v. E. G. Aiken (9), Smith (12) v.   H. Dixson (scr), A. W. Pearce (scr) v. J. N. Ferguson (6), J. Upward (7), v. W. Harkin (scr), Thatcher (6) v. E. C. V. Broughton (scr), J. W. Mortley (scr), v. R. Gourlay (7), W. Rogers (10), v. J. H. Pye (scr), R. W. Moore (scr), v. W. Armitage (scr), F. Brentnall (scr) v. T. T. Jones (12), R. Stanton (7) v. A. C. Brierley (scr), H. Drake (sor) v. W. Steel (5), W. Pepperday (5) v. H. Ross (scr), Wiesener (16) v. H. L. Whittle (scr), F. J. Josephson (scr) v. W.  Robertson (8), R. Norris (scr) v. D. J. Scho- field (3), H. A. Browne (scr) v. C. Brandis (scr). The round is to be played off on or before June 8.

Ashfield Clubs Handicap 1st Round

25 May 1895

Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 1 June 1895, page 43


In response to an invitation, a number of members of the Waverley Club visited the Randwick Green on Saturday afternoon. A four-rink match was played, and resulted in a win for Waverley by 38 points. The rain somewhat interfered with the play. The Waverley Club have invited the members of   the Randwick Club to play a game on the Waverley Green on June 22.

A game was commenced on the Glebe Green on Saturday afternoon between the Glebe and Victoria Park Clubs. The rain greatly interfered with the game and only two half hours could be played. When the play was stopped the scores wore : Victoria Park, 30; Glebe, 14. ,

In the Ashfield Clubs Handicap Mr. W. Kay (scr) defeated J. Searl, (5 points) by 31 to 19. F. Thomas (scr) gave B. F. J. Howard (4 points) a bye, and W. Gelding has likewise given his opponent a walk-over.

The final round in connection with , the trophy presented by the president of the Red- fern Club was played off on the Redfern Green recently, between Messrs. M, J. Conlon and W. Richardson, and the game resulted in a win for Mr. Conlon, the scores being Conlon 31, Richardson 8.

The final of the Buckle Bowls, Glebe club, was played by Messrs.v Messell (3) and Thornley (8), and won by Mr. Thornley. Scores-: 31-23.  

The following matches have been played off on the Victoria Park Green-.-President's Handicap : J. M'Laughlin (6 points) beat J. Oarlaw (scr), 33-17 ; J. B. Gibbs (0) beat H. Hewlott (7). 31-20; W. Riger (0) beat J. E. Leo (8), 31-20 ; J. Stinson (10) beat J. W. Moody (0), 31-28; A, Thornley (0) beat H. Herbert (0), 32-24.

NSWBA Singles Semi Final


The semi final match for the Single Four-bowl Championship of the colony will be played off on the City green this afternoon, at 2 o'clock the contestants will be -F. J. Josephson (Ashfield Club) and T. Dickinson (Newtown Club). Both players are in   good form, and it is anticipated that all the clubs will be represented at the match. The winner will   play off with M. J. Conlon (Redfern Club) for the championship.

Ashfield Club contest for the Moss Browne trophy

The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 13 June 1895, page 3


The first round of the Ashfield Club contest for the Moss Browne trophy has resulted as follows :

Kellett a bye, Kay (31) beat Searl (19), Bailey a bye, Reid a bye, Wilson a bye. Lawrence a bye, Howard a bye, Pierce a bye, Watson a bye, Lockhead a bye. Miller a bye.  Carson a bye, W. H. Davies a bye. Groth a bye, Upward a bye, Mortley a bye, Brentnall a bye, Drake (31) beat Steel (30), Whittle a bye, Josephson a bye, Schofield a bye.

The drawing for the first round of the Newtown Club contest for the Pritchard trophy has resulted:

A. Newman (10) v. J. Eve (12), R. T.Bellemey (6) v. E. J Pearson (5), W. Freeman (6) v. A. Gosche (7), J. Gentle (6) v. S Sweeney (scratch), J. Dunlop (scratch) v. L. M'Donald (5), B. Langley (10) v. J. Dickinson (3 behind scratch), G. Gommeson (6) v. A. T. Fleay (scratch), J. F. Dalrymple (scratch) v. T. Freeman (7), A. Miller (6) v. A. Murray (3), R. Fielding a bye.

Ashfield v. Randwick. 

The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 17 June 1895, page 6
v. Randwick.  

Teams from the Randwick and Ashfield Bowling Clubs played a four rink match on the Randwick Bowling Green on Saturday. Twenty one heads   were played, and an interesting contest took place the Ashfield team in the earlier stage of tho game scored rapidly, but towards the close the local players showed good play. In three of the rinks the play was even, but in No. 2 rink the Ashfields secured a substantial majority. The rinks and scores were as follows -  

Rink 1 - Ashfleld W. Kay, R. Norris, J. W. Mortley, J. Davis (captain), 26. Randwick : J. Coulter, W. Withers, W. Houston, John Wallace (captain), 18.      

Rink 2 - Ashfield: H. Drake, F. Thomas, D. Schofield, L. H. Whittle, (captain), 33. Randwick: Arthur Scott, A. W. Meeks, J. Varley, J. Hodges (captain), 9.        

Rink 3 - Ashfield: R. Steel, F. J. Howard, G. Dupain, F. J. Josephsen (captain), 21. Randwick: T. B. Perry, A. F. Spencer, C. G. Heydon, H. Chapman  (captain) , 25.

Rink 4 - Ashfield: R Goulay, J. Searle, G. W. Laurence, W. Gelding (captain), 13. Randwick: G. Raffan, J. Maynard, J. N. Cook, J. Forsythe (captain), 18.  

The scores at the conclusion of the game were:- Ashfield, 93; Randwick: 70. Ashfield winning by 23 points.

City v Victoria Park

Four rinks represented the City in a match against Victoria Park, on the Victoria Park green, on Saturday. The game was rather one sided, the visitors obtaining big leads in three rinks, while in the other the home team only led by one. Mr L. V. Solomon umpired and scored. The rinks and scores were -

No 1 -City: J. H. Morris, J. Graham, U. W. Car- penter, H. Harris (captain), 29. Victoria Park: J. J. Walker, J. M. Laughlin, J. B. Gibbs, J. Gilfillan (captain), 5.

No . 2 -City A. Rolfe, H. A. Magney, A. F. Butler, C.W. Knight (captain) 23. Victoria Park: S. J. Ridley, C. Dietrich, J. Briton, W. Rigg (captain), 24.  

No 3-City: E. Cansdell, J. Wheeler, W. H. Goddard, A. Coker (captain), 23.Victoria Park: H. M'Kenzie, W. J. Moody, W. Young, C. W. Wiseman (captain), 24.      

No 4 -City: T. Kearney, J. Beveridge, H. Hughes, S. Gelding (captain), 22. Victoria Park:, W. J. Loudon, J. E. Lee, M. Newton, C. J. Lance (captain), 11.

The totals were-City 97, Victoria Park: 55. Majority for City, 42.

 M. S. Browne trophy Matches 20 June 1895


Ashfield Club Contests

Several matches for the M. S. Browne trophy were played on the Ashfield Green on Thuirsday afternoon. Very close contest betweenKellett and Bailey resulted in a win for the latter by one point 31-30. Wils0n (6 points) defeated Miller (scratch) by 31 to   20. Groth (5 points) beat Carson (16 points) by 31 to 27.

Ashfield v. Randwick 15 June 1895

Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 22 June 1895, page 42


Waverley played Glebe on Saturday, the latter winning by 10 points. Following were the players and scores:

Rink 1.-Glebe: Cole, O'Toole, Fogden, Messell (captain), 26. Waverley: G. Sad- ler, J. M. Prior, M. J. Fitzgerald, W. An- drew (captain), 20.

Rink 2.-Glebe: J. A. Hogue, F. Buckle, J. G. Purves, A. Mackinlay (captain), 19. Waverley: R. Beatton, J. I. Haycroft, E. E. Wahlberg, Watkin Wynne (captain), 15.

The half-hour scores were-Glebe, 10, 26, 41, 45; Waverley, 9, .23, 31, 35. The finals were-Glebe, 45; Waverley, 38.

The match Waverley v. St. Leonards resulted in a win for St. Leonards, and the following were the players and scores:

Rink 1.-St. Leonards: J. Trimble,   M'Grath, W. B; Smith, W. Alexander (cap- tain), 26. Waverley: A. A. Locke, A. Gard- ner, W. Macleodi G. T. Clarke (captain), 22.

Rink 2.-St. Leonards: J. B: Moore, Da- vid Moore, J. Hobson, T. Jelly (captain) 19. Waverley: J. Morecombe, T. Marsh- all, E. Thomas, F. M'Elhone (captain), 28.

Rink 3.-St. Leonards: R. C. Brindley, H. H. Bligh, D. G. Snodgrass, F. Punch (cap- tain), 29. Waverley: O. Carroll, E. G. N. Gibbes, J. Graham, Captain Kondio (captain), 16.

Rink 4-St. Leonards: W. Wilkie, W. Horrocks, J. Jago, T. T. Forsythe (cap tain), 33. Waverley: H. King, E. P. Kir by, W. A. Firth, A. Horrocks (captain), 12.  

The half-hour scores were:-St. Leonards, 18, 45, 72, 90, 107; Waverley, 16, 32, 49, 64, 78.

The finals were.-St. Leonards, 107; and Waverley, 78; St. Leonards winning by 29 points.

A match, Ashfield v. Randwick, on the Randwick Green, resulted in. a win for Ashfield. The following were the players and scores-

Rink 1.-Ashfield: W. Kay, R.. Norris, J. W. Mortley, J. Davis (captain), 26. Rand- wick: J. Coulter, W. Withers, W. Houston.. John Wallace (captain), 18.

Rink 2.-Ashfield: H. Drake, F. Thomas, D. Schofield, L. H. Whittle (captain), 33. Randwick: - Arthur Scott, A. W. Weeks, J. Varley, J. Hedges (captain), 9.

Rink 3.-Ashfield: R. -Steel,- F. J. How-   ard, G. Dupain, F. J. Josephson (captain), 21. Randwick: T. B. Perry, A. F. Spencer, C. G. Heydon, H. Chapman (captain), 25.

Rink 4.-Ashfield: R. Goulay, J. Searle, G. W. Laurence, W. Gelding .(captain), 13. Randwick: G. Raffan, J. Maynard, J. N. Cook, J. Forsyth (captain), 18.  

The scores at the conclusion of the game were:-Ashfield, 93; Randwick, 70; Ash- field winning by 23 point's.

A match City v. Victoria Park resulted in a win for the City Club, and the following were the players and scores- .

No. 1.-City: J .H. Morris,' J. Graham, U. W. Carpenter, H. Harri's, '(captain), 29. Victoria Park: J. J. Walker;; J. M'Laughlin, J. B. 'Gibbs, 'J. Gilfillan!(captain), 5.

No. 2.-City: Ai. Rolfe H. A. Magney, A. E. Butler, C. W. Knight (captain), 23. Victorian Park: S. J. Ridley, C. Dietrich, J. Briton, W. Rigg (captain), 15.

No. 3.-City: E. Cansdell, J. Wheeler, W. H. Goddard, A. Coker (captain), 23. Victoria Park: H. McKenzie,W. J. Moody, No. 4: ,City: T. Kearey, J. Beveridge, H.. Hughes, S.Gelding (captain), 22.- Victoria Park: W. J. Loudon, J. E. Lee, M. Newton, C. J. Lance (captain),11.     

The totals were: City, 97; Victoria Park, 55. Majority for City, 42.  

The second annual meeting of the Waverley Club ,was held on Monday night.

Alderman Waterhouse in the chair. There was. a mlarge attendance. The second an- nual report showed that the total receipts (members subscriptions, bar, billiards, billiards, etc.) amounted to £1209 7s 1d, which with £173 4s 11d brought forward from last year,

made a total of £1382 12s.. ,The report and balance-sheet were adopted. The follow- ing officers were elected for the ensuing year: President Mr.William -M''Leod; vice-presidents, the Mayor of Waverley (Alderman A. C. Hewlett, J.P.), Mr. R. G. Watkins, Alderman G. J. Waterhouse, Mr.   Watkin Wynne; hon. secretary, Mr. A., Horrocks; hon. treasurer, Mr.- H. C. Evans; general committee, Messrs. A. J. Sands, E. H. Parsons, A. A. Locke, Major Blan- chard, and E. J. Vial. A number of toasts were also honored. At the conclusion of the meeting two oil paintings of Mr. Wat- kin Wynne and Mr. H. C. Evans, painted by Mr. W. M'Leod, were presented to the club.

The Randwick : Club, which was recently opened, is making very good progress, and   has already a large roll of members.


The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 6 July 1895, page 12


The second round of the above has resulted in as follows -Drake (5) beat Kay (5) by 31 to 21, Groth (5) beat Carson (16) by 31 to 27, Bailey (4)   beat Kellett (7) by 31 to 30, Lockhead (10) beat Josephson (scratch) by 31 to 27, Wilson (6) beat Miller (scratch) by 31 to 20, Laurence (scratch) beat Upward (7) by 31 to 20 Rogers (10) beat Howard (6) by 31 to 24. Brentnall, Mortley, Pierce, Brierley, and Schofield obtained byes. The drawings for the third round are -Armitago v Groth, Mortley v Brierley Rogers v. Wilson, Bailey v. Lockhead, Schofield v Reid or Whittle, Drake, Brentnall,   Laurence a bye.  


The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Monday 29 July 1895, page 6


Last Saturday witnessed the conclusion of the programme arranged by the secretaries. Unfortunately the weather during the afternoon was very un- pleasant. The strong wind which prevailed pre- vented really good play, and at a certain period it waa found necessary to postpone the games for some minutes on account of the rain. These unfavourable conditions necessarily shortened the matches.

The contests of the day were as follows :


Four rinks from Waverley proceeded in drags to Ashfield, and were met by the president and officers of the club. It had been intended to play a five rink match, but at the last moment the visitors found themselves unable to bring more than four into the field. A vacant position in their team was filled by a substitute. Play started at 2.35 p.m., Mr. F. J. Howard acting as umpire and scorer. At the end of the first half-hour the scores were even, being 20 all. In the second, however, the home teams forged ahead, and the showing for the term was: Ashfield, 42; Waverley, 33. The third half showed the positions to be rela- tively the same, each side putting on l8 points. Scores: Ashfield, 60; Waverley, 51. At this period a heavy shower felt and play had to be temporarily postponed. Shortly after the game was resumed the timefor the semi-final expired, and the game for   the term were therefore very small-Ashfield, 68 ; Waverley, 54. It was agreed on recommencement that the number of heads be reduced from 25 to 21, but some confusion was caused through one rink not being cognisant of the arrangement. At the twenty-first head the totals stood: Ashfield, 83; Waverley, 75. The additional heads played in the lost rink, however, made the scores even, namely, 83 all.

The rinks and the scores for the 21 heads were:

No. 1.-Ashfield: J. M. Pierce, A. C. Haigh, J. W. Mortley, W. Hankin (captain). 27. Waverley : H. King, G. Sadler, E. E. Wahlberg. A Horrocks (captain), 21.

No. 2.-AshSeld : J. Reid, J. Searl, G. Dupain, W. Gelding (captain), 19. Waverley : E. Parsons, Major Blanchard, W. M'Leod, W. Andrew (captain), 14.

No. 3. -Ashfield: H. Drake, D. J. Schofield, F. Thomas, L. H. Whittle (captain), 19. Waverley:- O. Carroll, T. Marshall, E. Thomas, F. M'Elhone (captain), 22.

No. 4.-Ashfleld : R. Gourlay, L. R. Mitchell, G. M. Laurence, J. Davies (captain), l8. Waverley : A. Locke, J. E. Norris (sub.), G. T. Clarke, W. Wynne (captain), l8.


 The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 2 August 1895, page 5


A successful smoke concert in connection with the Ashfield Bowling Club was held in the club's pavilion last night. The place was decorated with lanterns, flags, &c., and there was a large attendance of members and their friends. Mr. J. W. Mort- ley, president, occupied the chair, and among those present were Messrs. W. T. M. Fehon, C. Brandis (vice-presidents), Alderman N. Melville (Mayor), Mr Nelson, and a large number of others, The principal business of the evening was the   presentation of the vice-presidents' trophies to the members of the winning rink. Mr. Fehon compli- mented the winners and presented them with four splendid gold medals manufactured by T. T. Jones and Co , the well-known jewellers, of George-street The medals bore the monogram of the club on one side and on the other were the names of the members of the winning rink. The form was that of a Shield, surmounted by a scroll. The winners were Alderman F. J. Josephson (captain), Alderman J. Upward (measurer), Mr. G. Watson (scorer), and Mr. R. Gourlay (leader). Suitable acknowledge- ment was made by the winners. The running-up rink was presented with consolation prizes-the members being Messrs. J Hutchings, C. Bailey. F. J. Howard, and W. Armitage. During the evening an excellent musical programme was carried out, those taking part being Messrs E. G. Aitken, R. Gourlay, G. Dupain, J. Beverley, T. Alphen, F. Thomas, P. Jones, J. W. Mortley, and a number of others. Mr. G. Dupain accompanied.

Ashfield v. Waverley  28 July 1895

Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 3 August 1895, page 42


At the last meeting of the Brighton Social and Bowing Club, held at Lady Robinson's Beach, the sub-committee appointed to arrange for affiliation with the N.S.W. Bowling Association reported that this would date from October next, but in   the meantime, through having made application, the club would be; granted all the privileges affiliated clubs were entitled to. It was also announced that Mr. John Young, president of the N.S.W. Bowling Association, would formally open the green directly it was ready.

A four-rink match between Ashfield and Waverley was played on the former's green on Saturday, and ended in a tie, with 84 points all. Twenty-one heads were played.   The half-hour scores were: Ashfield 1st, 20 ; 2nd, 42;. 3rd, 60 ; 4th ; 68; 5th and final, 84. Waverley-1st, 20; 2nd, 33; 3rd, 51 ; 4th, 54; 5th and final, 84.

The Redfern' and Victoria Park Clubs played a three-rink match on the latter's   green, the visitors winning by 23 points.

A four-rink matoh between the City and St. Leonarda Clubs was played on the latter's green. Rain stopped the game, the score at the time play waa'abandoned being: City, 79 ; St. Leonards, 54.  

The final contest between ; Messrs. T. C. Gibson and S. Drammond for the trophy presented by Mr. P. C. Cox,.president of the Rosehill Bowling Club, was played at Rosehill on Saturday. Mr. Drummond, who had a handicap, of 5 points, won by 31 to 21.


Ashfield v. Victoria Park.  10 August 1895.

The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 13 August 1895, page 6


Ashfield v. Victoria Park.

The above clubs played on the Ashfield green on Saturday afternoon. For the greater portion of the game the advantage lay with the visitors , but in the semi-final the home team drew slightly, and in the final won the game by a single point.

The rinks and scores were: -

No 1 - Ashfield: J. Groth, J. Upward, J. Aitken, sen ., W. Gelding (captain), 35. Victoria Park: J. J. Byrne, C. Dietrich, J. B. Gibbs, J. Burton (captain), 33.

No 2 -Ashfield: J. Beverley, W. Freeman, Hugh Dixson, W. Bankin (captain), 19. Victoria Park: H. M'Kenzie, W. J. Moody, W. Young, C. W. Wileman (captain), 37.

No 3.-Ashfield: A. H. Kellett, G. Watson, J. W.   Mortley, F. Josephson (captain), 18. Victoria Park:  W. J. Loudon, J. E. Lee, R. Mercer, C. J. Lane (captain), 35.

No. 4 -Ashfield: W. Steel, J. Pepperday, J. Davies, G. M. Lawrence (captain), 36. Victoria Park: T. H. Brod- dulph, J. M. Laughlin, M. Newton, J. Gilfillan (captain), 13.

The half hour scores were - Ashfield: 15, 33, 58, 82, 99. Victoria Park: 20,42, 63, 79, 98. Majority for Ashfield, 1.

Newtown v Redfern.

A friendly game of bowls took place on Saturday afternoon, on the Erskineville-road green, between the Newtown E R. and Redfern Clubs. The game a three-rink one- was a very close one throughout, and resulted in a win for the visitors by 5 points.

Waveley v. St. Leonards.

A five-rink match took place on Saturday after- noon between tbe Waverley and St. Leonards Clubs on the green of the latter. At the second half-hour   Waverley led by six points-41 -35, but afterwards fell behind, putting together a total of only 100 against St. Leonards 134. The half-hour totals were-St. Leonards, 25, Waverley, 12-35-41, 86-65, 112-83. 134-100, and with the exception of No. 4   rink the game appeared somewhat unequal. The rinks and scores were -

St. Lennards, No. 1 rink: T. Hall, A. Cosgrove, B. Brindley, and A. J. Board (captain), 33.   Waverley, No. 1 rink: O. Carroll, Major Blanchard, J. Graham, and W. Wynne (captain), 15. St Leonards, No. 2 rink: J. Jago, F. J. Cahlll, J. B. Moore, and W. Alexander (captain), 31. Waverley, No. 2 rink: A. A. Locke, J. S. Shaw, O Walhberg and W. M 'Leod (captain), 12. St. Leonards, No. 3 rink: T. Mus- grave, J. Trimble, J. Forsyth and F. Punch (captain), 27. Waverley, No. 3 rink: H. King, T. Marshall, F. Thomas and A. Horrocks(captain), 13. St Leonards, No. 4 rink:  J.Shepherd, H. H. Bligh, T, Jelley, and J. Stevens (cap-   tain), 23. Waverley, No. 4 rink: J.I Morcombe, J. Sadler,   G. J. Waterhouse, and H. C. Evans (captain), 24. St.   Leonards, No. 5 rink: O Sleeman, W. Horrocks, W. P.  Moore, and T. T. Forsyth (captain), 20. Waverley, No 5   rink: E. H. Parsons, F. P. Kirby, M. J. Fitzgerald, and Captain Kondio (captain), 25. Totals: St. Leonards, 134, Waverley, 100.

ASHFIEID BOWLING CLUB-The borough council, as trustees of the park, has granted the Ashfield Bowling Club permission to extend its premises an additional 10ft in order that the green may be enlarged. 


The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 5 September 1895, page 4

Move to standardise Rules between Vi., N. Z. & N. S. W.

The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 2 October 1895, page 7


A meeting of the Bowling Association of New South Wales was held at the Hotel Australia on Monday Mr J, W, Mortley (president Ashfield Club and general vice-president) presided and there were also present-Messrs W, M'Leod and A, Horrocks (Waverley Club), J, Davies (Ashfield Club), M, Chapman (City Club), Jago (St. Leonards Club), Gorton (Redfern Club), W. J. Loudon (Victoria Park Club), H. B. Cohen (hon. secretary), and J. Beveridge (hon treasurer).

The president of the Victorian Bowling Association forwarded a telegram sympathising with the association and bowlers of New South Wales on the loss of Mr J. M. Toohey. The Industrial Blind Institution requested a subscription to the funds. The president of the Northern Bowling Association of New Zealand wrote stating that its intercolonial team had been very favourably impressed by the treatment it had received in New South Wales, and the hospitality that had been extended to it. The association expressed its hearty thanks for what had been done, and expressed a hope that the New South Wales Association would be well repre- sented at the annual New Zealand tournament next year. In another communication the secretary of the New Zealand Associa- tion wrote, stating that the council had, at its last meeting, appointed two officers to communicate with the New South Wales and Victorian Associations on the subject of bringing the rules of the game into conformity. The officers were empowered to compare rules, find out the deviations, and make adjustments.

Opening of the Brighton Bowling and Recreation Club's Green

Australian Town and Country Journal 
Saturday 5 October 1895, page 44


The' official opening of the Brighton Bowling and Recreation Club's Green, Lady Robinson's Beach, took place on Saturday afternoon, with great eclat. There were upwards of 100 gen- tlemen present, representing almost every club, affiliated with the New South Wales Bowling Association. Among those present were : The Hon. J. H. Carruthers, Messrs. C.   Bull and Chanter, Ms.L.A., Messrs. J. W. Mortley (president of the Ashfield Club), and W. T. M. Fehon (vice-president of the association). Mr. H. B. Cohen (secretary of the association), Messrs. J. Graham (president of the City Club), Mr. S. Gelding, J.P. (sécré- tary of the City Club), Mr. G. W. Howe (pre- sident of the Redfern Club), Mr. A. T. Fleay (president of the Newtown Club), Mr. W. Mácleod (vice-president of the Victoria Park Club), Mr. Kersham (vice-president of the Balmain Club),, Mr. F. J. Howard (secretary of the. Ashfièld Club), Alderman J.. H. Clayton (Mayor, of Rockdale), Alderman Martin (Mayor of Moama), Inspector Larkin, Messrs. M. J.Conlon, C. W. Knight, J. Dickinson, Walter Goddard, and W. Dolman. Apologies were received from the Hon. G. H. Reid, Messrs. Price, Edden, Ms.L.A., and Oliver.

The opening ceremony was performed by Mr. John Young, president of the N.S.W. Bowling Association, who was made a life member of the club. A. lot of speech making and toasting was subsequently indulged in.

A friendly game was played on Saturday afternoon on the Balmain Green between the Wàverley and Balmain Clubs, and resulted in a win for the Balmain players, the scores  being Balmain 123, Waverley 90.


The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 12 October 1895, page 12



The fifteenth annual meeting of the Bowling Association of New South Wales was held at the Hotel Australia on Wednesday night. Mr John   Youngng (president) occupied the chair, and fully 60   members were present. Among those present were officers and members of the following clubs -Ashfield, Balmain, City, Waverley, Redfern, Randwick, Newtown, Victoria Park, St. Leonards, Brighton,  Strathfield, Rosehill, Manly, and Glebe. The Glebe and Randwick clubs forwarded their subscriptions, and were admitted to the association. Hon. John Toohey wrote thanking the associations of New South Wales and Victoria for their expressions of deep regret at the death of Mr J. M. Toohey.

The writer spoke of the high opinion the deceased gentleman had of his brother bowlers, and the devotion he had to the game. In conclusion Mr Toohey said the family were deeply touched by the kind expressions of the two associations. Mr. H. B. Cohen (hon. secretary) submitted the annual report. It was stated therein that the win scored by Victoria in the last intercolonial match had made the respective showings-Victoria, 12, New South Wales, 6. Fifteen rinks, from eight clubs, took part in the year's Champion rink Matches, the winners being the City, and the ruuners-up the Ashfield rinks. There were 10 entries for the champion medal. Mr/ M. J. Conlon secured the prize, and Mr. Dickonson came second. The champion pennant was contested for by most of the clubs St. Leonards was the successful competitor, Balmain being next in order. The winning club will be entitled to fly the pennant   till September, 1896. The association was congratulated on the fact that during the year the first New Zealand intercolonial team visited the colony.and was suitably entertained. The results of the New Zealand matches were -on Ashfield green, New South Wales, 107: New Zealand, 107. On City green, New South Wales 63, New Zealand, 109. on Waverley green, New South Wales 105, New Zealand 73. The results of the Victorian   matches were -On Port Melbourne green, Victoria 111, New South Wales 73; on Albert Park Green, Victoria 120, New South Wales 84. Feeling   reference was made to the removal by death of three     of the most prominent members of the association. Sir Alfred Stephen, Mr Audrew Payten, and Mr J. M. Toohey. The treasurer (Mr John Beveridge) reported a credit balance of £26 14s 5d.

The President said the bowlers of New South Wales were to be congratulated on the success that had attended the game. Theo progress that bad been made during the past 15 years had been marvellous, and should cause them to rejoice. He trusted the example set by New Zealand would be followed up, and that a représentative team would be sent there   at anearly date. The advent of the Waverley,  Randwick, and Brighton clubs was to be warmly welcomed. The deaths of Sir Alfred Stephen, Mr A. Payten, and Mr James Toohey were very deeply to be regretted. A team from Victoria might be expected here at Easter for the purpose of playing the intercolonial matches. In conclusion, Mr Young expressed the hope that at no very distant date a team would be sent to England, where they would assuredly receive a right royal welcome. He moved the adoption of the reports, Mr J. W. Mortley seconding.

Mr J A Hogue, M. L. A., in supporting the adoption of the report, said he was exceedingly pleased at the progress the game had made, and he entirely concurred with what the president had said. Bowlers owed much to the energy and tact of Mr. H. Copeland, who when Minister for Lands had assisted greatly in enabling greens to be made on public parks.

Mr A Harber also supported the motion, and mentionod that a club had been established at Bathurst with a membership of 60. The green had been made by the borough council in the Town Hall   grounds (Applause).    

Mr H. C. Evans said the association was not responsible for the progress of bowls in the colony.   The executive of the
association had not been up to
the mark. The progress had been mainly due to the press and individual men, and had been made in spite
of the executive of the association. The motion was carried.

The election of officers was then proceded with. In proposing the new Governor (Viscout Hampden)   for the position of patron, the chairman referred to the fact that his excelloncy came of an old bowling stock. He felt sure the Governor would accede to their request to take the position. The motion was carried unanimously. For president Mr Mortley proposed and Mr Hogue seconded Mr John Young. Mr Frank Punch supported the proposition, which was also carried unanimously. On the motion of Mr S. Gelding, Mr J Beveridge was unanimously re-elected treasurer. For the position of secretary Mr Mortley proposed Mr Cohen, and Mr S. Gelding proposed Mr H. C. Evans. On a ballot being taken Mr Evans was elected. The various gentlemen returned thanks. Mr Graham, Mr M. J. Conlon, and the president referred in terms of the highest appreciation to Mr Cohon's services to the game and suggested that he   be presented with a testimonial. Ultimately the matter was left to the presidents of the various clubs. Messrs. W. Horrocks and G. Saywoll were elected auditors, Prizes and trophies were then distributed. The champion pennant was handed over to Mr Punch vice president of St Leonards Club. Mr Michael Conlon was presented with the cham- pion medal, and Mr Dickenson with the prize for runner-up. His prize for the champion rink was handed to Mr A. E. Butler (secretary) on behalf of the City Club and that for the runntug-up rink to Mr F. J. Howard (secretary) on behalf of the Ash- field Club. Appropriate response was made.

The annual meeting of the Newtown Bowling Club was held in the pavilion on Thursday evening,   last. There was a good attendance of members, and the hon. treasurer's statement showed a credit   balance of about £8. The following officers were elected for the season - President Mr W. Dolman, vice presidents Messrs J. Pritchard, A. Murray, and H. Morgan committee, Messrs A. Miller, J. Dunlop, Mr W. Gosche, delegate, Mr A. T. Fleay , hon. treasurer, Mr A. T. Fleay , hon secretary, Mr J. F. Dalrymple.  


New Pennant Rules

The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 24 October 1895, page 7



Judging from the unusually large attendance at the annual meeting of the association, and the enthusiasm displayed thereat, the interest in the matches of the forthcoming season will be excep- tionally great. During the past year the number and membership of the associated clubs have increased nearly 50 per cent ,while the value of the club properties has been augmented in a more than corresponding ratio. Nor has this progress been confined to the metropolitan area. While the clubs at Newcastle   have increased their membership and bettered their financial position, the formation of powerful clubs in other localities in the colony has been reported. The wave of progress has overextended to the neighbouring   colony of Queensland, and in the movement of the two New Zealand associations (North Island and South Island) for a codification of the rules of the game throughout Australasia-which movement, by the way, has received the hearty support of the New South Wales Association-will be seen a further stage of advance. The proposition of the president of the New South Wales Association that a team be sent to the old country, is also worthy of remark. Four colonies now take part in the annual intercolonial contests, and it is only a question of time when the whole of the bowlers of Australasia will be brought into touch in these matches.

The prospects of the season in this and the neigh- bouring colony of Victoria are exceptionally favour-   able.The principal Victorian Association, comprising 25 clubs, has already completed its cham- pionship arrangements, and its method of dividing the clubs into sections, arranged alphabetically, was last night followed up by the New South Wales Asso-   ciation. To the effortsof Messrs Horrocks, W. Macleod, and Wathm Wynne this re- form is principally due, and the result will undoubtedly be a greatly increased interest in the game. Under the old arrangement each club as defeated fell out, but under the new it will have several opportunities of retrieving its fortunes. This will be considered much more satisfactory, as under the superseded system of last year several strong clubs, such as Ashfield, were put entirely out of the contest through having to meet clubs of somewhat similar   calibre, while comparatively weak organisations had the chance of attaining to the position of runner-up. Mr H. C. Evans has also been instrumental in bringing about several highly desirable reforms, the nett result of which will be not only a sustained interest on the game, but an extensive addition to the bowling ranks. The result of this year's champion pennant contests is difficult to estimate,though it may confidently be anticipated that one of the older clubs will have the privilege of flying it for the subsequent season. The matches have already been narrowed down to 13 clubs, but the possible winners are not more than five. Notwithstanding this, the matches will undoubtedly be contested probably keener than ever before, and the increased latitude to clubs in the champion rink matches will more than likely bring out a lot of new and hitherto unknown howling talent. Altogether the prospects of the season are better than any in the history of New South Wales bowling heretofore.

In Detail: New Pennant Format/ Rules

Australian Town and Country Journal 
Saturday 2 November 1895, page 41


The executive committee of the New South Wales Bowling Assooiation met at the Hotel Australia on Monday, Mr. J. W. Mortley (Ashfield) in the chair. The principal busi- ness of the evening was the consideration of the programme of matches for the season, as drawn up by the committee. After some debate the list was adopted. The following are some of the rules under which the Pennant Matches are to be played :

That each club shall be drawn to play with 1 each other club in the section. Twenty-five ends to be played instead of by time as heretofore.. Should the measure for first shot . result in a tie, the end shall count in the number to be played. Dead heats do not count. Should the match be a tie, another end to be played by all the rinks. That each club shall pay an entry fee of 10s 6d, to be expended in providing a pennant and shield. Such pennant to be flown for one year only after being won. The  shield to be always held as a record of the win. That all pennant matches shall be under the oontrol of the match committee, with the secretary of the association. No club to have more than one member on the committee. That the match committee of the, association shall have full power to adjudicate in any case not provided for in these rules; their decision to be final. That the declared winner in each section shall play off as directed by the match committee. That eaoh club shall have the right of playing an equal number of matches on and off their greens, as far as practicable, the opening matches of the series to be played in December, and on days thereafter as fixed by the match committee.That in all pennant matches an umpire shall be appointed before starting the game, whose decision as to fitness of green or weather shall be final. That in the event of a game being interrupted by any adverse circumstances, it shall be continued from its existing ' stage (umpire noting number of ends and score) to the full number of twenty-five ends, on a day to be mutually arranged by the two secretaries ; in the event of a disagreement, the match oommittoe shall fix the date, providing always that the team need not necessarily be the same.

That nothing in the foregoing shall prevent clubs from making engagements for any dis- engaged Saturday, but the Pennant matches only shall be reckoned for the purposes of determining the position of clubs. All clubs in the association to be entitled to equal pri- vileges. The winner in each section is the club which scores the most wins. In the event of a tie the deciding game is to be played on a green on a date fixed by the match committee. Each game must commence not later than 3 o'clock.

Sale of Liquor Banned 6 November 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 7 November 1895, page 5


The Ashfield Council last night, as the park trust, considered the application of a recent deputation of local temperence bodies that the use of liquor at the Bowling Club on the park be abolished.

Alderman Brown made a proposition to the effect that the request of the deputation be granted, and steps be taken by the park trustees to prohibit the sale of intoxicating liquors on the park.

The Chairman seconded the motion pro forma.

Alderman Stanton moved an amendment to the effect that the deputation be replied to stating that the trustees had seriously considered the matter, and as affairs were at present conducted at the green, the trustees could not accede to the request.

Alderman Upward seconded the amendment.

The original motion was lost by six to two, and the amendment was earned by six to two, Aldermen Brown and Melville forming the minority.

PENNANTS: ASHFIELD v. REDFERN, 3 Rinks 30 Nov. 1895 Enlarging the Ashfield green has now been completed

The Sydney Morning Herald Saurday 30 November 1895, page 7



This afternoon a new regime in connection with New South Wales bowling will be inaugurated. Under the auspices of the association the first of a series of inter club matches will be played. Fourteen clubs will be engaged and the matches will     doubtless be watched with a great deal of interest, more especially as the champion pennant matches commence on 7th December. In inter-club matches alone over 200 players will be engaged, but in addition there will be the usual rink play on every green. To-day's matches will be as follows:- Glebe v Balmain, four rinks; City v. Victoria   Park, four rinks; Strathfield v. Brighton, three rinks; St. Leonards v. Newtown, four rinks; Randwick v. Waverley five rinks; Ashfield v. Manly, three rinks; Rosehill v. Redfern four rinks, each contest will take place on the green of the club  first mentioned.

In addition to the association fixtures the Randwick Club will to day take the opportunity of re-opening its green which has been extended, opening   its two asphalt tennis courts and opening its quoit ground. The bowling and tennis matches will both be played against the Waverley Club's representatives. Quoit matches have also been arranged. There will probably be a large attendance of bowlers and afternoon tea has been provided for the ladies.

The Waverley Bowling and Recreation Club is arranging for a trip to Tasmania during the holidays. Dates are to be arranged at a meeting to be held next Wednesday evening.        

A movement is on foot for the establishment of a  bowling club at Paddington, the project has been heartily taken up, and has every prospect of a successful issue.

It is understood also that West Maitland will speedily see an effort to start a club, the aldermen of the locality having while on a visit to one of the Newcastle greens expressed their intention of taking steps in the matter.  

The work of enlarging the Ashfield green has now been completed, the work being most satisfactory. The enlargement will afford accommodation for nine full rinks and permit of 72 men playing at tbe same time. The green is now the largest in the colony.  

Following are the matches and players for today: -

GLEBE V. BALMAIN. 4 Rinks.- Glebe: A. Thornley, H.Tift, J. G. Purves, F. Buckle, A. Mackinlay, H. M'Pherson, P. Lassen, A. Huenerbein, J. Stimson. D. Snodgrass, J. Amess, M. Bugler, J. Wirth, A. Wakins, G. F. R. Burcher, J. A. Hogue. Balmain: C. Turner, J. K. Hamilton, J. H. Jerris, W. Akhurst, C, Batson, M. Newton, Dr. Wilson, J. J. Reeder, H. Selfe, A. Christie, B.   Kershaw, W. Cruikshank, A. Marshall, F. Lemm, G. C. Murdoch, H. B. Cohen.  

CITY v. VICTORIA PARK, 4 Rinks, - City: Sheldon, H.   Hughes, R. Muir, R. N. Sadlear, A. P. Bedford, Howie, D. Nightingale, A. Coker, Major Morris, U. W. Carpenter,   W. H. Goddard, C. W. Knoght, J. Graham, A. E. Butler,  A. J. Board, T. C. Hinchcliffe; emergencies, Wilson, Dr.  Barkas, H. A. Magney, E. Cansdell. Victoria Park: H. M'Kenzie, J. M'Laughlin, W. Young, C. W. Wiseman, W. J. London, J. E. Lee, R. C. Mercer, C. J. Lane, P. J. Byrne, C. Deitrich, J. Briton, W. Rigg, M'Causland, J. Chisholm, J. W. Moody, J. T. B. Gibbs; emergencies, G. Griffith, M. Moran, J. P. Walker.

STRATHFIELD v. BRIGHTON, 3 Rinks.-Strathfield: H. S. Bird, T. R. Allt, L. Myles, J. C. Smith, Kopsen, T. J. Thompson, Cowdery, A. Saddington, Levermore, J.   B. Dimelow, Bunting, Drake; emegencies, Page, Brighton: F. George, W. Woodruff, J. J. Bradbury, T.     Saywell, J. Kidman, W. Corbett, W. Kenwood, E. B. Phippard. T. J. Gibbons, A. Edward, D. Snodgrass, T. Lucas; emergency, G. F. Saywell.  

ST.LEONARDS v. NEWTOWN, 4 Rinks. - St. Leonards : W. Wilkie, H. H. Bligh, W. P. Moore, J. Stevens, W. H. Perry, J. Jago, J. Hobson, T. T. Forsyth, J. Liggins, J. Trimble, T. Jelley, W. Alexander, R. C. Brindley, J. Peat, W. B. Smith, F. Punch; emergencies, J. Earl, F. J. Cahill, O. Sleeman, Dr Moore. Newtown : A. T. Fleay,   J. Pritchard, J. Dickenson, J. F. Dalrymple, A. Murray, .     G. Gommeson, W. Dolman, J. Gentle, A. Miler, W. Gosche, B. Langley, A. Newman, L. M'Donald, R.   Fielding, E. J. Pearson, R. T. Bellemey, H. Garland.    

RANDWICK v. WAVERLEY. 5 Rinks. - Waverley: H. King, W. Horrocks, G. J. Waterhouse, A. Horrocks, A. A.  Locke, J. Graham, E. E. Wahlberg, W. Wynne, E. Thomas, Major Blanchard, W. Macleod, Captain Kondio, F. H. Parsons, Captain Mullholland, E. Baines, M. J. Fitzgerald, Dr. M'Donald, T. Marshall, W. Andrew, H. C. Evans. Randwick : Howie, Crouch, Coulter, J. Forsyth, Raffan, Meeks, Cook, Hodges, Lewis, Spencer, Artur Scott, Varley, Maynard, Heydon, Andrew Scott, Chapman, Bedford, A. Reid, Perry, Wallace ; emergencies, Hodgson, Roberts, Nicholson, Wakelin.    

ROSEHILL v. REDFERN, 4 Rinks. - Rosehill selected from the follwing: - F. C. Cox, S. Walker, S. Lavers, G. Coats, W. Tunks , J. M'Cormick, J. Finlayson, E. Ellison, H. Hayward, C. J. Byrnes, T. W. Pollock, H. Mason, W. Hart,   Dr W. Brown, W. Burkitt, J. Grimes, J. Cowper, W. Hitchcock, D. D. Henderson, S. Drummond.

ASHFIELD v. REDFERN, 3 Rinks. - Ashfield: Team chosen from those members present on the green at 2 o'clock. Manly: C. R. Austin, F. B. Baron, G. Harrison, R. A Luckham, F. Morris, P. Byrne, W. Blake, W. Drake, J. J. Lough, J. Milne, King, F. Kilminster.

Ashfield v. Manly Results Pennants Round 1

The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 3 December 1895, page 7


The INTER- CLUB Matches.

The whole of the matches arranged for Saturday were successfully brought off. The various greens presented animated appearances, the musters of players being larger than usual The biggest wins of the day were those of Ashfield (v. Manly), Redfern (v. Rosehill), St. Leonards (v. Newtown), and Waverley (v. Randwick). The respective majorites were 52, 33, 50 and 38.. Other matches were more even. Saturday was an excellent day for the game, and play generally was much above the average.

Ashfield v. Manly 
This contest took place on the Ashfield green. Unfortunately, the visitors were short of players and had to take two substitutes to make three rinks. The Manly men being mostly new players, the game was somewhat one-sided. The totals at the conclusion were-Ashfield, 103 , Manly, 51. The rinks and scores were -

No. 1 - Ashfield : J. Harrison, F. Freeman, J. E. Norris, F. J. Josephson (captain), 38. Manly: Balehin, A. C. Haigh (sub ), P. Byrne,, K. A. Luckham (captain), 15.

No. 2. - Ashield: T. Wiesher, G. Dupain, J. Upward,   J. W. Mortley (captain) 19. Manly : F. Morris, G. Har- rison, C. K. Austen, F. B. Bacon (captain), 25.

No. 3. -Ashfield: .J M. Píerce, E. G. Aitken, C. Bailey, W. Hankin (captain), 46. Manly: Rummell, Dr. Lockhead (sub ), Black, Drake (captain),11.  

Half-hour scores -Ashfield, 28, 55, 79, 89, 103 , Manly, 4, 20, 31, 47, 51. Majority for Ashfield, 52.

Results Pennants Round 1

Australian Town and Country Journal 
Saturday 7 December 1895, page 41


The Inter-Club Matches.

Saturday was a busy day with the members of the Bowling Clubs, the occasion being the opening of the season with the inter-club matches. There was a good attendance of bowlers at the various greens, which were in good order.

The match Balmain v. Glebe, on the Glebe Green, resulted in a win for the Balmain Club, the scores being: Balmain 106, Glebe 87.

The match City v. Victoria Park, on the City Green, resulted in a win for the City Club, the scores being: City 100, Victoria Park 89.

The match Randwick v. Waverley, on the Randwick Green, resulted in a win for the Waverley Club,the scores being 139 points to 101.

The Redfern Club played Rosehill Club on the Rosehill's Green, and the game resulted in a win for Redfern, the scores being: Redfern 113, Rosehill 80.  

The match St. Leonards v. Newtown, was played on the former's green, and St. Leonards Club scored a win, the numbers being: St. Leonards -121, Newtown 71.

A three-rink game was played, on the Strathfield Club's Green between the Strath- field and Brighton Clubs.- The match re- sulted in a win for Strathfield, the scores being: Strathfield 89, Brighton' 63 'points.  

iThe following pennant matches are to be played off this afternoon :-Section A, : Balmain; v.  Strathfield, on the Balmain Green; Rosehill v. St. Leonards, on the Rosehill Green ; Waverley v. Newtown, on the Waverley Green; the Ashfield Club has a bye. Section B : Randwick v. Victoria Park, at Randwick: Glebe v. City, at the Glebe ; Redfern v. Brighton, at Redfern.

Pennants Round 3, Ashfield v. Rosehill 14 December 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald 
Saturday 14 December 1895, page 12


The second batch of the association inter-club matches will be played this afternoon, it being optiontal with the club secretaries whether three or more rinks play on each side. The fixtures are - Victoria Park v Glebe (on Victoria Park Green) , Brighton v City (on Brighton Green) , Newtown v Strathfield (on Newtown Green) Randwick v St Leonards (on Randwick Giecn), Manly v. Waverley   (on Manly Green) Rosehill v. Ashfield (on Rosehill Green), Redfern v. Balmain (on Redfern Green).

Thee selections made are as follows-  

Victoria Park. --.E. M'Causland, J. Laughlan, J. W. Moody, A. Harber, W. J. Loudon, J. E. Lee, R. C. Mercer, C. J. Lane, M. Moran, G. Griffiths, J. Briton, C. W. 'Wiseman, C. Diedrich, J. Chisholm, J . B. Gibbs, W. Rigg.

Glebe. - - JohnYoung, J. A. Hogue, H. Taft, A. M'Kinlay, F. Lassen, H. Macpherson, J Cole, D. Snod-   grass, A. Thornley, A. E. Vaughan, A Huenerbein, J.   Wirth,, G. F. Burcher, F. Stimson, E. G. Barker, A. Wilkins.    

Brighton. - - Edward, Gibbons, Phippard, Kenwood, Cornelius, Kidman, Woodruff, Corbett, M'Leod, M'Naunce,     Hegarty, Lyons, Alcove, T. Sayell, Gommesson, Bradbury, Emergencies, Nickless, Partridge, G. F. Saywell.

City. -Candsdell, Graham, Bulter, Coker, Sheldon,   Crawford, C. Solomon, Hinchcliffe, D. Solomon, Keary, Board, Nightingale, Morris, James, Hughes, Knight.

Strathfield -Smith, Allt, Thompson, Drake, Cowdery, Saddington, Bunting, Dimelow, H. S. Bird, Delbridge, M'Kenny, Myles.

Randwick -Arthur Scott, C. G. Heydon, J. Cook, J. Hedges, F .G. Crouch, Hodgson, J. Varley, Perry, Lewis, J. Coulter, Andrew Scott, J. Wallace, C. Bedford, G.   Raffau, J. Forsyth, H. Chapman. Emergencies : Stephenson, Spencer, Reid, and Goodwin.

St Leonards - W. Wilkie, G. .Jbarry, Jas. Forsyth,   .J Stevens, J. Higgins, F. J. Cahill, T.Jelley, W.   Alexander, W. H. Perry, Dr. Moore, H. H. Bligh, T. T. Forsyth, O Keehan, J. Pratt, W. B. Smith, F. Punch.

Waverley-- D. Mitchell, A. Gardner, K. E. Wahlberg, W. Wynne, D. M'Donald, Major Blanchard, L. Baines, G. T. Clarke, A. A. Locke, E. G. N. Gibbes, T. Marshall, W. Macleod.

Ashfield -- J. M. Pierce, E. G. Aitken, C. Bailey, W. Harker, J. C. Harrison, J. Hutchings, J. W. Mortley, G. M. Miller , J. C. Groth, H. Dixson, G. M. Lawrence, W. Gelding, H. Drake, F. Thomas, J. Davies, L. H. Whittle. Emergencies : G. Dussain, F. J. Howard, T. Wresher, F. Freeman, and J. Harrison.  

Redfern -G. Howe, M. J. Cordon, J. Hanigan, C. Roberts, B. Wilderstrom, G. Hall, A. Mihell, Dr. Perkins,   T. Clarke, T. Dearin, C. Gorton, W.. Richardson, W. Rose, E. Parker, J. Locke, J. Bromwich.

Balmain -- C. Turner, J. A.Brodie, C. Batson, W. Akhurst, F. P. Ruffley, S. P. Hogg, B. Kershaw, W. Cruickshank, A. Marshall, H. A. Young, F. Lemm, H. B. Cohen, M. Newton, W. H. Dalrymple, Dr.Willson, J. J. Reeder.

A meeting of the association will probably be held on Monday week for the purpose of electing a treasurer in succession to Mr. J. Beveridge, to make arrangements for the champion rink matches, and to consider Mr. G. W. Howe's proposition for the extension of an invitation to the Ballarat bowlers.

In reply to a communication sent by the New South Wales association suggesting certain alterations with a view to uniformity in the rules of the game throughout Australasia, Mr. A. Baxter (secr- tary of the Victorian association) has written stating that his association was generally favourable to the suggestions, but was decidedly against the New Zealand system of playing with oue foot off the mat. The New South Wales Association suggested that the whole or portion of both feet be kept on the mat. Mr. Baxter has asked to be in- formed of the decision of this association on the sub- jects in question. No reply has yet been received from the New Zealand Association.

An excellent suggestion, which, no doubt, will receive due consideration, has been made with regard to the selection of teams for the intercolonial matches. It is proposod that two full teams of four rinks (32 men) be selected, and that a match to be termed "Probables v Possibles " take place between them. The association selection committee would carefully watch the play of the men, and from the whole number select the 16 they considered best qualified to represent the colony.

A movement is on foot for the extension to this colony of the Victorian eastern of honorary club membership. By this method fully-paid members of all associated clubs would enjoy the advantages of general honorary membership, and much annoyance and unpleasantness would be obviated.

The Waverley Club has inaugurated its fourth general bowling handicap. The prizes are trophies valued at 5 guineas, 2 guineas, 1 guinea, and 10s 6d respectively, the respective donors being the pre- sident, the vice-presidents, the committee, and the hon. treasurer, Eighty-six entries have been received, and the conditions are four bowls each and 21 ends. The first round is to be completed by the 31st instant.

Several members of the Redfern Club, together with one from Ashfield, will join the Waverley team in its forthcoming tour through Tasmania.

It is not improbable that the association at its next meeting will be invited to consider a certain matter in connection with the game that occurred in the pennant contests last Saturday.

Mr John Davies (Ashfield), the new treasurer of N. S. W. Assocation

The Sydney Morning Herald 
Saturday 21 December 1895, page 12



This afternoon the second round of the champion  

pennant matches will be played off. The fixtures are as follows:-Section A : St. Leonards v. Balmain (on Balmain green), Strathfield v. Ashfield (on Strathfield green), Newtown and Waverley clubs, byes. Section B : Glebe v. Randwick (on Glebe Green), Victoria Park v. Redfern (on Vic- toria Park Green), City v. Brighton (on City Green). The principal matches of the day will be :-St. Leonards (present champion) v. Balmain (last year's champion), Strathfield v. Ashfield, and Victoria Park v. Redfern. The results of these contests are very difficult to foretell. The City v. Brighton match is, of course, a certainty for the formor club, while Glebe-Randwick game should be somewhat close.

The team being sent by the Waverley and other clubs to Tasmania will leave Sydney by the Oonah on the 28th December, and will arrive at its destina- tion on the night of the 30th. After playing matches at Hobart an th 1st and 2nd January, the team will proceed to Launceston on the 3rd, arriviug at that town in the afternoon of the same day, and playing a match immediately after arrival and another in the afternoon of the following day. A return to Hobart will be made on the 6th January', and a final match played the same day. The return journey will be entered upon on the 7th January, and the team expects to arrive in Sydney on the night of the 9th or morning of the 10th. The members are :-Waverley : Messrs. W. Macleod, Walkin Wynne, Owen Carroll,E. Barnes, A. J. Sands, F. E Wahlberg Major Blanchard, E. G. M. Gibbs, H. C. Evans (secretary NSW Association) ; Red- fern, C. Roberts ; City, S Gelding ; Balmain, J. H. Jervis ; St. Leonards, W Wilkie.

Unless care is exercised there is likely to be some trouble in connection with the pennant and other association matches. One of theo rules of the   assocation distinctly provides that players who belong to one or more clubs can only declare and play for one club. Already there have been two infringements of the rule and the matter has led to some comment. The probable efTect of any further infringement will be the intervention of the match committee of the association and a possible nullification of such matches in which the rules are not observed.

Mr John Davies, the new treasurer of N. S. W. Assocation, is probably the oldest bowler in the colony and is certainly one of those most widely known and highly esteemed. He has occupied prominent positions in clubs in Victoria and this colony and is at the present time treasurer of the Ashfield Club. He acted as association delegate for the Ashfield Club for some time and the news of his acceptance of the office of treasurer of the association has given general satisfaction.

Early in the new year a match between Parliament and the Waverley players will take place on the Waverley Green. Mr. W. Rigg M.L.A. (president   Victoria Park), is organising the Parlimentary   team and among the probable players are-the Hons. J. H. Carruthers (patron Brighton Club) and C. G. Heydon (Randwick Club), Messrs. Storey, M. L. A. (Randwick Club), J. A. Hogue, M. L. A. (president Glebe Club), Nelson, M. L. A. (Ashfield Club), A. W. Meeks, M. L. A. (president Randwick Club) and others.

This afternoon the Newtown Green which has been undergoing top dressing, will be officially reopened for play. The ceremony will be performed by the Mayor of Newtown (Alderman H. T. Morgan).

A match between the Millers and the Master Bakers of the city and suburbs was played on the V ictoria Park green on Wednesday, each side being     represented by two rinks. The Bakers won by 8 points. The rinks and scores were -

No. 1 Bakers -E. Rogers, W. Rogers, M. Moran, C. W. Wiseman (capt.) 39 ; Millers -E. G. Barker, J. P. Walker, Moodie, Aitken, sen. (Capt.), 14.  

No. 2 Bakers. - Langen, Law, M. J. Conlan, J. G. Purves, (Capt.), 16 ; Millers - Dalrymple, Scott, jun., Aitken, jun., Wallace (Capt.), 33. Totals - Bakers 55, Millers 47.

Players are reminded that entries for the Champion Rink match close on January 4th, and must be accompanied by the fee.

Australia v. World, played on the Ashfield green 
28 December 1895

The Sydney Morning Herald 
Saturday 28 December 1895, page 12


Yesterday afternoon Mr. H. C. Evans (secretary N.S.W. Association) received a cablegram from Mr. J. H. Mentiplay (secretary Northern Bowling Association of New Zealand) announcing that a grand tournament would be held at Wellington in February, and inviting the bowlers of New South Wales to take part.

A send-off to the team deparling for Tasmania to- day was given at the Waverley Club last night. Mr Waterhouse presided, and over 40 bowlers were present. The toast of "The Departing Team" was proposed by the Mayor of Waverley and supported by Messrs. A. Horrocks (secretary W. B. C.) and   G. T. Clarke. Messrs. S. Gelding (City Club), H. C. Evans (secretary N. S. W. Association), Jervis (Balmain Club), and Wilkie (St. Leonards Club) re- sponded. An apology for non-attendance was re- ceived from Redfern members of the team. Subsequent to the speech-making a social evening was spent, several gentlemen contributing to the amuse- meut of the company.

At the invitation of the president (Mr W. H. Goddard) a good number of players attended a luncheon at the City Club, Cook Park, on Boxing Day.

This afternoon a club match, Australia v. World,   will he played on the Ashfield green, the teams to be chosen by the selection committee. After the match a meeting will be held for the purpose of selecting the pennant team for the next round.

The Randwick and Waverley clubs are announced to play a match on the Waterley green on 4th January. Each team will in all probability consist of not less than four rinks.

The next round of the pennant matches will not be played till 11th January. On that date there willI be two matches in A section, and three in B section. The competing clubs will be -A section ; Strathfield v. Waverley, at Strathfield green. Ashfield v. St. Leonards, at Ashfield green ; Balmain and Newton,   byes. B section : Randwick v. City, at Randwick green, Brighton v. Victoria Park, at Brighton green, Redfern v. Glebe, at Redfern green.

The Tasmanian team will depart by the Oonah to-day.

The opening round of the Association Champion Rink matches will be played next month, the greens to be decided by the association match committee.

The Victorian Association has unfortunately been unable to avail itself of the offer of Mr. A. Aitken,who promised to contribute the sum of £50 towards sending a team to New Zealand, provided an additional £100 was raised. Only half-a-dozen players saw their way clear to take the trip.

The funeral of Mr. Walter Nation, J.P , who was for years secretary of the Richmond Union Club, was one of the largest that ever took place in Mel- bourne. The place of the burial was the Boroon- dara Cemetery, the funeral taking place last Saturday.

The principal results of the last round of Northern Victorian Associations' Pennant matches were the defeat of Learmonth by Ballant by 45, and of Clunes by Buninyong by 11.

AUSTRALIA V. WORLD. at Ashfield 28 Dec 1895.



A match between representatives of Australia and those of the World took place on the Ashfield green on Saturday afternoon. The match commenced with five full rinks on each side, but after the first head had beeon played a heavy shower of rain and hail came   on, and the captains in No. 1 rink, together with the   measurer in another, did not afterwards resume play. Notwithstanding the disadvantages, a very good game was played, and at the conclusion the  Australians were found to be ahead in every rink   with the exception of No. 2. The latter was very     lbadly defeated, and completely lost the match. The World won by two points. The rinks and scores were -

No 1 - Australia: R. W. Moore, F, Freeman, F. J. Howard, F. J. Josephson,(captain), 22. World; T. Wiesner, W. Pepperday, W. Robertson, J. Davies (captain), 21.  

No. 2 - Australia: A. E. Davies, A. W.Pierce, H.   Dixson, G. M. Miller (captain), 10. World; H. Drake, W. Kay, J. C. Groth, G. M. Laurence (captain), 34.    

No. 3 - Australia: :E. G. Aitken, J. Reid, J. E. Norris, F. Thomas (captain) 28. World; W. Steel, R. Gourlay, J. Aitken, J. Hutchings (captain),18.    

No . 4. - Australia : :L. R. Mitchell, J. Hebblewhite, J. Upward, W. Hankin (captain), 27. World; W. Armitage, T. Wilson, J. M. Pierce, C. Bailey (captain), 19.  

No 5. - Australia : T. Meares, R. T. St. Clair, F. Brentnall, L. H. Whittle (captain), 27. World; J. C. Harrison, Butcher, G. Dupain, J. W. Mortley (captain),  24.

Totals : World 116, Australia, 114 Majority for World, 2 .

What promises to be a most interesting and exciting contest will eventuate on the City Clubs green, Cook Park, on New Years Day, when a team  selected by the president of the association (Mr John Young) will play a strong City team. The president is selecting his men from among the members of the principal clubs, and as very strong combination will   probably be the result. Ashfield Club will be represented by Messrs J. C. Groth, J. W. Mortley, W. Hankin, and G. M. Miller.

The departure of the Tasmanian team on Saturday afternoon was witnessed by a large and representative gathering of bowlers from the metropolitan   clubs. As the steamer left the wharf hearty cheers were given, and equally hearty response made by those on board.

Rink captains for the next round of the Pennant contests were chosen by the Ashfield Club on Saturday, Messrs G. M. Miller, W. Hankin, W. Gelding, and L. H. Whittle, the previos captains being re-elected.The club will play St. Leonards on the Ashfield green.

It is intended to convert portion of the larger green at the Union Recreation Club, Strathfield, into a tennis court, the tennis section of the club having increased consideribly of late and the present accommodation having been found insufficient.

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