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THE HOLIDAY IN THE SUBURBS. Ashfield Park 1 January 1896



A large number of holiday-makers journeyed to North Sydney on New Year's Day. The cable and electric tramways were taxed to their utmost capacity. The railway from Milson's Point to Hornsby was also well patronised, no fewer than 718 passengers being carried to and from the many charming spots along the line, being an increase of 113 over New Year's Day, 1895. At Balmoral Beach some 4000 or 5000 people held picnics. Every   nook and corner seemed to have its party of pleasure-seekers, who, with full hampers and happy faces made the most of the holiday. From Folly Point numbers again spent the day on the water visiting all the favourite haunts so well known to all visitors to Middle Harbour. Along the roads were to be seen every class of vehicle, from the unostentatious springcart to the four-in-hand drag, conveying their freights to Middle Head and other spots in the neighbourhood. Everything passed off without accident of any kind, so at any rate the new year opened auspiciously in North Sydney.

An unusually large number of people visited the western suburbs yesterday, especially those districts more remote from the city. A good many attended the Wesleyan camp meeting, held at Croydon Park, the various congregations of Ashfield, Croydon, Croydon Park, Summer Hill, Burwood, and Canterbury being well represented. In addition the public parks at Ashfield, Burwood, and Petersham, togethor with the recreation-grounds in the western suburbs, were well patronised by holiday-makers. Bowlers, tennis players and cricketers were well in evidence at the Ashfield and Strathfield clubs, and the Ashfield courts.  

Waverley v.Hobart 2nd & 3rd Games 2January 1896

Launceston Examiner Thursday 2 January 1896 p 7 Article

The second and third games between the Waverley (N.S.W.) and Hobart Bowling Clubs was played to-day before a numerous band of spectators, who evinced great interest in the sport. Hobart won the second game by 12 points. The decid- ing game was played in the afternoon, and was won by the Waverley by 28 points. The visitors, therefore, who won the first game on Tuesday, were proclaimed the victors. The following are scores : Second game.-Hobart: Chapman, Reynolds, Mapley, Snowden, 25. Waverley : Baines, Blanchard, Wahlberg, Wynne, 21. Hobart: Roberts, Nicholls, Crisp, Gregory, 16. Waverley: Carroll, Gibbes, Evans, Gelding, 27. Hobart: Boland, Wilkinson, Seabrook, Steinbach, 35. Waverley 1 Wilkie, Sands, Jervis, Roberts, 16. Totals: Hobart, 76; Waverley, 64. Final.-Hobart: Boland, Wilkinson, Seabrook, Steinbach, .18. Waverley: Baines, Gibbes, Jervis, Evans, 29. Hobart: Roberts, Nicholls, Crisp, Gregory 20. Waverley . Wilkie, Blanchard, Roberts, Wynne, 26. Hobart: Chapman, Reynolds, Mapley, Snowden, 24. Waverley: Carroll, M'Leod, Wahlberg, Gelding, 85. Totals: Waverley, 90 1 Hobart, 63.

Waverley v Tasmania 2 January 1896

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 4 January 1896 p 11


Entries for the Association Champion Rink matches close to-day. Two emergencies may be   named at time of entrence, but are only allowed to play in the event of any member of the rink being incapacitated or absent from Sydney. Only full members are eligible and entrants who belong to one or more clubs must, in accordance with rule 19, represent the club for which they have declared.

Up to a late hour yesterday the following entries had been received by the acting secretary, Mr A. E. Butler, at the City Green -Ashfield, 1 rink ; Redfern, 1 rink ; City, 2 rinks ; Waverley, 3 rinks ; Brighton, 1 rink ; St. Leonards, 3 rinks ; Randwick, 1 rink ; No entries have as yet been received from the Balmain, Strathfield, Rosehill, Newtown, Victoria Park, Glebe, and Manly clubs, though it is anticipated that further entries will be received to-day.

The New South Wales team at present in Tasmania has been successful in its first round of matches against Hobart As already reported in the Herald, the first match was won with a majority of 25 points. On Thursday the remaining two matches of the rubber were played. The first contest of the day was won by the Hobart team by 12 points but the second and final was won by the visitors by 28, the scores being-N. S. W.,: 90 ; Hobart 62. Up to the present the record of the N. S. W. representatives has been creditable, their winning points being 53 as against 12 or a total majority in the three games of 41.

The rinks and scores in the first match wera as follows : - 
No. 1. N. S. W. : O. Carroll E. Gibbes, S. Gelding, H. C. Evans (captain), 31. Hobart ; Boland Wilkinson, Sea- brook, Steinbach (captain), 15.  

No. 2. N. S. W. : W. M'Leod, Major Blanchard, E. E. Wahlberg, Watkin Wynne (captain), 26. Hobart : Chap- man, Reynolds, Mapley, Snowden (captain), 16.

No 3. - N. S. W. : W Wilkie, Sands, Roberts, J. Jervis (captain), 23. Hobart : Crisp, Roberts, Nicholls Gaylor (captain) 24. Totals : N.S.W. 80, Hobart, 55.

After being closed for top-dressing for some time, the City Green, Cook Park, was officially opened by the president of the association (Mr John Young)   on New Year's Day, the presidents and officers of many of the metropolitan clubs being present. The green was in unusually good condition, though one or two rinks were rather heavy.

The rinks and scores in the match City v. President's (suburban) team on New Year's Day were as  follow -

No 1 -President's team : A. Medcalf, A. Mackinlay, H. Chapman, A. Harber (captain), 2o. City : Sheldon, A. P. Bedford, J. Cutter, R. N. Sadlear (captain), 17.  

No. 2. - -President's team : W. Rigg, J. W. Mortley, Dr. Wilson, G. M. Miller (captain), 19. City : Crawford, U. W. Carpenter, F. J. Josephson, C. W. Knight (captain), 23.

No. 3. - President's team : W. Newton, W. Rose W. Hankin, L. H. Whittle (captain), 33. City : J. Keary, Wilson, Solomon, T. Hinchcliffe (captain), 14.

No. 4. - President's team : J. C. Groth, J. Hanigan, H. B. Cohen, J. Young (captain), 25. City : W. H. Goddard, H. Hughes, D. Nightingale, A. Coker (captain),26  

Totals : President's team, 102 ; City 80.

Half-hour scores : President s team, 15, 60 71, 90,102, City, 18, 29, 55, 67,80.

An interesting five rink match between the Waverley and Randwick clubs will be played on the Waverley green this afternoon. Each side will be represented by five rinks, and though many of the best Waverley players are at present in Tasmania, the match will probably be a close one.

The players receiving forfeits or byes in the first round of bowling handicap of the Waverl'ey club have been drawn together in accordance with the conditions, and they are required to play off by Saturday, the 11th instant. In case of any matches not being played by that date the forfeiture rule will apply.

The members of the team at present playing in Tasmania are expected to arrive again in Sydney on the 10th instant, which is the day previous to the third round of the pennant matches.

In the Victorian pennant matches the Prahran Club has sustained its record by easily defeating the M.C.C. ; Port Melbourne, another unbeaten club, defeated Victoria ; and Carlton scored a win against Richmond Union. These were in section A. In section B Melbourne beat Brighton, Hawthorn defeated Moonee Ponds, and Collingwood beat West Melbourne. St. Kilda re- ceived a bye in the round. The contests will be resumed on the same day as the New South Wales pennant matches, viz , 11th January.

Australia v. The World @ Ashfield 2 January 1896



A match was played on the Ashfield Club's Green on Saturday afternoon between members of the club who are natives of the colonies and those who come from other parts of the world, known as Australia v. The World, and resulted in a win for the World. The following were the players and scores :

No. 1 Rink.-Australia : E. W. Moore, F. Freeman, F. J. Howard, F. J. Josephson (captain), 22. World : T. Wiesner, W. Pepperday, W. Robertson, J. Davies (captain), 21.

No. 2 Rink,-Australia : A. E. Davies, A.W. Pearce, H. Dixson, G. M. Miller (captain), 10. World: H. Drake, W. Kay, J. C. Groth, G. M. Lawrence (captain), 34.

No. 3 Rink.-Australia : E. G. Aitken, J. Reid, J. E. Norris, F. Thomas (captain), 28. World: W. Steel, E. Gourlay, J. Aitken, J. Hutchings (captain), 18.

No. 4 Rink.-Australia : L. E. Mitchell, J. Hebble- white, J. Upward, W. Hankin (captain), 27. World : W. Armitage, T. Wilson, J. M. Pierce, C. Bailey (captain), 10.

No. 5 Rink.-Australia : T. Meares, R. T. St. Clair. F. Bretnall, L. H. Whittle (captain), 27. World: J. C. Harrison. - Butcher, G. Dupain, J. W. Mortley (captain), 24.  

Totals: World, 116; Australia, 114, Majority for World, 2.

The next Pennant matches will be played off January 11.

Pennants Round 3, Ashfield v. St. Leonards  11 Jan 1896



This afternoon the third round of the Champion Pennant Matches will be played in section A. The Strathfield Club will play Waverley (on the Strathfield green), Ashfield will play St. Leonards (on the Ashfield green), and Newtown secures a bye. In section B, Randwick plays City (on Randwick green), Brighton plays Victoria Park (on Brighton green), and Redfern plays Glebe (on the Glebe green). The closest contests of to-day will undoubtedly be those between Ashfield and St Leonards, and Strathfield and Waverley, although Glebe should give Redfern a fairly good   run. The Ashfield-St. Leonards match will be especially interesting, inasmuch as the St. Leonards Club is the holder of the pennant at the present time, while Ashfield has on several occasions run the winners very close. Strathfieldhas an advantage over Waverley, as the match is to be played on the Strathfield green. The City Club has an immense advantage over a new club like Randwick. Beyond all question, how over, the match of the day will be that between St. Leonards nnd Ashfield, Balmain receives a bye from Rosehill.

At the invitation of Mr. Quong Tart, the presidents, secretaries, and treasurers of the metropolitan clubs will be entertained, at a luncheon at Quong Tart's rooms, King-street, at 7 o'clock next Friday night. Mr. John Young (president N.S.W. Bowling Association) will preside.



The excessive heat of Saturday proved very trying to those engaged in the champion pennant matches, nevertheless the games were watched with keen interest by the numerous visitors to the different greens. One effect of the heat was to drive off   whatever moisture there might have been on the ground, and consequently to make the greens very fast. As a general thing the play was well up to pennant form, although some men from whom much was expected were verymuch off. Particularly did the latter refer to Ashfield and Redfern teams.

Following are particulars of the matches. 


As previously mentioned, this was the match of the day. The green was fast but in very good order. Play commenced at 2. 45 p. m., Dr Moore umpiring   and scoring for Waverley, and Mr F. J. Howard for Ashfield. The visiting team began to lead from the outset. At the first half hour it was leading by 17 points, at the second, it led by 21, and was well ahead in every rink. During the third term its total lead was diminished by only one point, but it still preserved its rink leads. The semi final saw a great change in the showings due entirely to the splendid play in Ashfield's Nos. 1 and 3. St. Leonards now led by only 16, and was behind in two rinks. With 17 points to win Ashfield started in on the final. In the few remaining heads its No. 1 made the really wonderful performance of increasing its score from 23 to 41-18 points-while its opponent remained stationary No.' 3 and 1 put on 9 and 7 respectively, and No. 2 made an additional 3. When the grand totals came out it was found that the home team had won by 6.   AshflieId, 104 St. Leonards, 98. To the splendid play of Messrs. E. G. Aitken and W. Hankin was mainly due the winning of the match for their side   they being heartily congratulated subsequently.

The rinks and scores were -    

No. 1 - Ashfield : J. M. Pierce, E. G. Aitken, C. Bailey, W. Hankin (captain), 41. St. Leonards ; W. H. Perry, A. M'Leod, J. Jago. T. T. Forsythl (captain), 22.      

No. 2 -Asshfield : R. Drake, F. Thomas, J. Davies, L. H. Whittle (captain), 12. St. Leonards : W. Wilkie, H. H. Bligh, W. P. Moore, T. Jelley (captain) 26.

No. 3 - Ashfield : W. Steel, F. Freeman, G. M. Laurence, W. Gelding (captain), 29. St Leonards : J. Trimble, J Liggins, J. Hobson, W. Alexander (captain), 26.

No. 4 - Ashfield : J. C. Groth, Hugh Dixson, J. W. Mortley, G. M. Miller (captain), 22. St. Leonards : R. C. Brindley, C. J. Berry, W. B. Smith, F. Punch (captain), 26.

Half hour scores -Ashfield : 10, 22, 40, 67, 104. St. Leonards : 27, 43, 60, 83, 98. Majority for Ashfield, 6.

Strathfield U. R. G. v WAVERLEY.

This was an event match, though the visitors had a small advantage in the first two terms. In the final half Waverley led by five, and in the second it  increased its majority to nine. During the third it fell much behind. Strathfield obtaining a lead of five. The semi-final showed much more strongly in favour of the home team, which increased its lead by no less than five times the number. With   an advantage of 25 the match was pretty well assured. Very remarkably, however, the whole of the four Strathfield rinks made only one point during the final, while Waverley made 20.The home lead   of 25 thus became a win of 6. The rinks and scores were : -

No. 1 - Strathfield : Cowper, Cowdery, Belbridge, Thomp- son (captain), 31. Waverley : Locke, Blanchard, Wahl- berg, Watkin Wynne (captain), 15.  

No. 2 - Strathfield : Ross, Saddington, Dr. Blaxland, Williams (captain), 26. Waverley : W. Horrocks, Seads, Baines, A. Horrocks (captain), 21.

No 3 -Strathfield : Dimelow, Page, Oatley, Allt (cap- tain), 20. Waverley : Macdonald, Markel, Andrew,  Evans, (captain), 25.    

No 4 -Strathfield : Bunting, G. Bird, Rolin Smíth (captain),16. Waverley : Thomas, Parsons, Macleod,  Kondio, 28.  

Half hour scores : Strathfield, 16, 29, 57, 94, 95.  Waverley : 21,38,52,69,89.      

Majority for Strathfield, 6

Balmain v. Rosehill, bye for former. Newtown, bye  drawn.  

Ashfield v. Newtown Champion Rink Match 11 January 1896

The Champion Rink Matches.

The following is the result of the first drawing in connection with this year's Champion Rink Matches, the first match to be played on Wednesday, January 15, and thereafter on Wednesday afternoons as may be arranged:

Waverley v. Redfern, on City Green. Waverley: Loch, Waterhouse, Wahlberg, Wynne (captain). Redfern: Brogden, Hanigan, Howe, Con- lon (captain).

Balmain v. Randwick, on Ashfield Green. Balmain: Kershaw, Akhurst, Murdoch, Cohen (captain). Randwick: J. Forsyth, Hedges, Wallace, Varley (captain).

Balmain v. Victoria Park, on St. Leonards Green.-Balmain: Newton, Batson, Wilson, Reeder (captain). Victoria Park: Loudon, Macausland, Mercer, Lane (captain).

Ashfield v. Newtown, on Waverley Green. Ashfield: Groth, Thomas, Lawrence, Whittle (captain). Newtown: Fleay, Pritchard, Dalrymple, Dickinson (captain).

Brighton v. City, on Glebe Green.-Brighton: Lyons, Bradbury, Snodgrass, Corbett (captain).  City: Muir, C. Solomon, Cutter, Hinchcliffe (cap- tain).

Glebe v. St. Leonards, on Newtown Green. Glebe: Purves, M'Kinlay, Vaughan, M'Pherson (captain). St. Leonards: Liggins, Jelley, Hobson, Alexander (captain).

City v. Brighton, on Balmain Green.-City: Goddard, Knight, Nightingale, Coker (captain). Brighton: T. Saywell, Kenwood, Georges, Woodruff (captain).

Waverley v. Victoria Park, on Redfern Green. Waverley: Bains, Macleod, Andrew, A. Horrocks (captain). Victoria Park: Rigg, Moodie, Wiseman, W. Young (captain).

Waverley v. St. Leonards, on Victoria Park Green. Waverley: Thomas, Fitzgerald, Evans, Kondio (captain). St. Leonards: Brindley, Smith, Stevens, Punch (captain).

St. Leonards a bye.Perry, Jago, W. P. Moore, T. T. Forsyth (captain).




Yesterday afternoon the next round of the cham- pion rink matches under the ausptcos of the asso- ciation was played off. The greens on which the contests took place were :-Ashfield, City, Waverley, St. Leonards, Glebe, Newtown, Redfem, and Vic- toria Park. The afternoon was very unpleasant for play on account of the drizzling rain; which made the green heavy and the bowls difficult to handle. Several of the results were quite unlooked for, parti- cularly the defeait of Redfern by one of the Waverley teams, the defeat of Balmain by Randwick, and the defeat of Victoria Park by another Waverley team. Ashfield also defeated a very strong rink from New- town. The following results are to hand :

This match, played on the Ashfield green, was     very close all through. Towards the end Randwick   drew away and won the match by 3 points. The rinks and scores were : - 
Randwick : -J. Varley, J. Hedges, J. Wallace, J. For- syth (captain), 25. 
Balmain : - C. Murdoch, H. B. Cohen, B, Kershaw, W. Akhurst (captain), 22.

This match was played on the Redfern green, Waverley winning hy 13 points, or more than two to one. Tho rinks and scores were : 
Waverliy.- Barnes, Macleod, Andrew, Horrocks (captain). 25.
Victoria Park.- Wiseman, Moodie, Young,Rigg (captain), 12.

Pliayed on the Waverley green, this match was won by the Ashfield team by 6 points. Rinks and scores were : 
Ashfleld.-Groth, Thomas, Laurence, Whittle (captain), 20. 
Newtown.-Fleay, Pritchard, Dalrymple, Dickenson (captain), 14.

Waverley defeated a splendid Redfern rink on the City green by the comparatively large number of 5 points. The rinks and scores were : 
Waverly. - Locke, Waterhouse, Wahlberg, Watkin Wynne (captain) 24. 
Redfern. - Widerstrom, Hanigan, Howe, Conlon (captain), 19.

This match was played on the Victoria Park green, and was won by the North Shore men by only 2 points. Rinks and scores : 
Waverley. - Thomas, Fitzgerald, Evans, Kondio (captain), 21. 
St. Leonards, -Brindley, Smith, Stevens, Punch (captain), 23.

This match was played on the St. Leonards Bowl- ing Green yesterday, and resulted, after an interesting and exciting game, in favour of Victoria Park by seven points. The day proved anything but agreeable, the rain interfering- considerably with the game. The following are the rinks and rink scores : 
Victoria Park : Loudon, Moran, Mercer, and Lane (captain), 30 ; 
Balmain : Batson, Newton, Dr. Wilson, and J. J.
Heelier (captain), 23. 
The half-hour scores were Vic
toria Park, 6, 8, 16, 22, 30 ; Balmain, 8, 13, 17, 21, 23.

Ashfield lead Pennants Section
Mr G. M. Laurence Ashfield's delegate to NSWBA
18 January 1896


This afternoon the fourth round of the matches for the Pennant Championship is to be played off.  Interest will entirely centre on the contest in section A, there being no fixtures for section B till 1st February. At preseut Ashfield stands premier in Section A, and this afternoon's matches will, to some extent, show whether it will keep the lead. The fixtures for to-day are -Section A, Newtown v. Balmain (on Balmain green) ; St.. Leonards v.   Strathfield (on strathfield green) ; Waverley v. Ashfield (on Waverley green) ; Rosehill a bye.

In connection with the Newtown Club, H. Garland with a handicap of 6 points, beat J. Dickinson (owes -3 points) after a close game in the semi- final of the Prichard trophy. He will now play J. Dunlop for first prize.The tournament for   the gold and silver watches presented by W. Dolman,   Esq , president of the club, will be started next week.

The Newcastle bowlers have accepted an lnvitation from the Newtown Club to play a friendly match   on the latter's green on the 27th instant.

The Waverley Club's tournament for the president's trophy is being, played, and much interest is evinced   in the several contests. Some close matches have been played, especially that between Messrs Wynn and Marshall, the former winning by a few points.  

The hon secretary of the Northern Association of NewZealand advises that his association is considering the amendments suggested by the New South Wales Bowling Association in the laws of the game, and that he hopes to early advise the result.

The tournament to be played at Auckland is fixed for 24th February, and programmes are expected shortly, when they will be distributed.

The members of the New South Wales Bowling Association will be called together shortly to consider alterations in rules.  

Mr G. M. Laurence has been appointed delegate to the New South Wales Bowling Association for the Ashfield Club, vice Mr. J. Davies, appointed treasurer of the association.

The results of the Victorian champion Pennant   matches to date are as follows -Section A : Port Melbourne, 6 , M. C. C. , 5 ; Prahran, 5 Victoria, 3 ; Carlton, 3 ; Richmond Union, 2 ;Dandenong,1. 
Section B : Melbourne, 6 ; Collingwood, 4 ; St. Kilda, 4 ; West Melbourne, 3 ; Brighton, 3 ; Moonee Ponds, 2 ; Hawthorn, 2. 
Section C : Camberwell,
5 ; Williamistown, 4 : Kew, 2 ; Auburn, 2 ; Essendon, 1. Section D: Fitzroy, 4 ; Armadale, 4 ; Albert Park, 3 ; Prince's Park, 2 ; North Melbourne, 1 ; North Fitzroy, 0.    

Mr Robert Goulay, a member of the committee of the Ashfield Club, has presented a gold medal he competed for by members of the Brighton club, Lady Robinson's Beach. Mr Gourlay resided at Brighton for a time.


Ashfield v. Waverley.18 January 1896




Saturday turned out a fairly good day for the fourth round of the pennant matchesa, though on ex- posed greens, players were considerably troubled by the wind. As has been mentioned, the matches were confined to the clubs in section A, consequently only half the usual number of contests took place. The most noteworthy of the three were those between St. Leonards and Strathfield, on the North Shore green, and between Newtown and Balmain, on the Newtown green. In the first case the Strathfield team made the surprising performance of all but

defeating the pennant holders, St. Leonards winning by only a bare point. In the other instance the late pennant holders went down comparatively badly to the Newtown team, the win being one of six points. Ashfield had an easy win against Waverley, the majority being 19 points. The penn- ant contest will not be resumed till 1st February.   Following are accounts of Saturday's matches -  


Played on the Newtown green, Erskineville-road, this match throughout its course was a mere procession so far as the general totals were concerned.

The local team went away from its opponents at   the very start. When the first half-hour score was put up a lead of 12 points shown. During the second, Newtown added 21 to it's total, as against 15 made by Balmain, the lead thus being increased to 20. In the third term the visitors did considerably better, for while Newtown only obtained another 13 they put on 26. This brought down the lead to 7, and things looked brighter for Balmain. The improvement did not continue, however, as during the semi-final Newtown got 19 as against 17. Even now the lead was only 9, and there still remained a good chance for the visitors. A big effort to pull up was made, but without ade- quate success, the additions being-Balmain 20, New-   town, 17. The latter thus won the match by 6 points. Total scores -Newtown 102, Balmain 96. Each side won in two rinks. The rinks and scores were -

No. 1. - Newtown : Newton, Gommeson, Dolman Pritchard (captain), 32. Balmain : Ruffley. Hogg, Ker- shaw, Cruikshank (captain), 16. 
No. 2 - Newtown : Pearrson, Gentle, Murray, Dickenson (captain), 21.Balmain : Marshall, Lemm, Murdoch, Cohen (captain), 28. 
No. 3 - Newtown Gosche, M'Donald, Fielding, Fleay (captain), 29. Balmain : Turner, Brodie, Akhurst (captain), 30.
No. 4 - Newtown : Langley, Miller, Dunlop, Dalrymple (captain), 20. Balmain : Batson, Newton, Wilson, Reeder (captain), 30. 
The half-time scores were : - Newtown, 30, 53, 66, 85 ; final, 102 Balmain, 18, 33, 59, 76 ; final, 96.


On the St. Leonards green on Saturday the pennant match St. Leonards v Strathfield was played before a great number of interested spectators, and resulted, after a very close game, in favour of the local club by one point only. The St. Leonards representatives at the end of the first five heads led by three points, and at the conclusion of the 10 heads led by two points. The end of the next five   heads still saw them with the same advantage. The visitors then put in a strong claim, and at the commencement of the last five heads had a strong lead of 10 points. The home team, however, were not to be denied, and, playing well together, succeeded in   securing the victory by one point only. The following are the rinks and rink scores : -

Rink 1. -St. Leonards : Wilkie, H. H. Bligh. J. Trimble, T. Jelly (captain), 10 Strathfield : Ross, Rickards, Dr. Blaxland. J. Williams (captain), 30.   
Rink 2 - St. Leonards : R. Brindly, J. Liggins, Smith, P. Punch (captain), 16. Strathfield : Kopsen Page, Dime- low, Altt (captain), 24.  
Rink 3-St. Leonards : M'Leod, Cahill, J. Hobson, W. Alexander (captain), 12. Strathfield : Cowper, Ahercrom- bie, Delbridge, T, J, Thompson (captain), 22. 
Rink 4 - St Leonards ; Perry, Dr. Moore, Jago, T. T. Foryth (captain),34. Strathfield ; Bunting, Saddington,   Cowdery, J. C. Smith (captain), 15.

The half hour scores were -St. Leonards, 19, 38, 60, 67,   92. Strathfield, 16,36, 58, 77, 91. Totals : St. Leonards : 92, Strathfield 91. Majority for St. Leonards, 1 point


The Ashfield and Waverley Clubs met in a pennant match at the Waverley Green on Saturday, the game resulting in a win for the Ashfields by 19 points. At the termination of the first half-hour the scores were   equal, viz , 11 points each, and, in fact, during the earlier portions of the play the game was well con- tested. At tho end of the third half-hour, however,   the visiting team had established a lead of 16 points the result of excellent play. From this out they maintained their lead, although in the last five heads the local team made a bold but ineffectual bid for victory. The rinks and scores are as follows -

No. 1 - Ashfield : Pierce, Aitken, Bailey, Hankin (cap- tain), 28. Waverley : Macdonald Marshall, Waterhouse, Evans (captain), 13.  
No. 2 - Ashfield : Groth, Dixson, Mortley, Miller (cap- tain), 29. Waverley : King, Locke, Andrew, Wynne (captain), 16.
No. 3 - Ashfield : Steel, Freeman, Lawrence, Gelding,   (captain), 24. Waverley : Haines, W. Horrocks, Macleod, A Horrocks (captain), 19.  
No, 4 - Ashfield : Drake, Thomas, Davis, Whittle (cap- tain), 13. Waverley : Thomas, Morecombe, Wahlberg, Kondio (captain), 27.  

The half hour scores were -Ashfield : 15 34,65, 87, 94 ; Waverley : 15, 35, 49, 57, 75. The finals were : Ashfield 94 ; Waverley : 75- Ashfield w inning by 19 points.    



Section A.

Clubs.                      Matches               Won.         Lost.              Bye or

                                  Played.                                                         Forfeit.

Balmain                         3                          1                2                    1 
Strathfield                     4                          1                3                    0
St. Leonards                 3                          2                1                    1
Waverley                       3                         1                 2                    1
Newtown                       2                          1                 1                    2
Ashfield                          3                         3                 0                    1  

Draw of the Ashfield club's championship and president's trophy 



There are no association fixtures for to-day, but inter-club and club trophy matches will be played on most of the greens.
As advertised in the Herald a general meeting oí the association will be held at the Hotel Australia next Thursday night. The principal business will be consideration of letters from tbe Northern Bowling Association of New Zealand, in regard to alterations in the rules of the game . Mr. G W. Howe's proposal to invite the Ballarat (Vic.) bowlers to visit Sydney, and consideration of the   Ashfleld-Newtown dispute regarding payments to caretakers. Several other matters of interest to players will also be dealt with.  
The secretary of the association (Mr. H. C. Evans) has had prepared a printed list showing the existing and proposed new rules of the association. These will be dealt with at Thursday night's meeting.
Following are the drawings for the first rounds of the Ashfield club's championship and president's trophy matches -Club Championship Miller v. Broughton, T. T. Jones v Groth, A W. Pearce v Cameron, Howard v. Law, Laurence v Aitken, sen , W. Rogers v. Kay, Wiesher v Bailey, Kellett v Gray, J. M. Pierce v. Monday, Fehon v Semple, Golding v Hutchings, Mitchell v. Pepperday, G. H. Rogers v. Hankin, Gourlay v. J. G Harri- son, Reid v. Rowsell, Brothwood v Thomas, Whittle v. Ferguson, Steel v Rofe, Thatcher v. Haigh, Watson v. Freeman, L G. Aitken v. Moore, Lockhead v Schofield, Robertson v. Brandis, Harwood v. Mortley, Armi- tage v. J. Harrison, Drake v. Vallentine, Norris v. Stanton, Dupain v. Cockbaine, J. Davies v Brent- nall, Searl v. Wilson, Upward v St. Clair, Meares v. Dixson, Josephson v. Butcher, Murcutt v. Carson, Brierley a bye. President's Trophy : Law (9) v. Brentnall, Fehon v. Gray, Scho- field v. J. C Harrison, Moore (7) v Hutchings, J. Harrison v. Howard, Barthwood v. A. W. Pearce, Aitken, sen , v. Groth, Semple (6) v. Gourlay, Murcutt (10) v. Searl, G. H. Rogers v T. T. Jones, J. M. Pierce (6) v Josephson, W. Rogers (12) v Gelding, Ferguson (8) v Wiesher, Armitage (10) v Miller, Norris v. Freeman, J. Davies v. Wil- son (7), Aitken, jun , v Monday (15), Rofe (U) v Laurence, Cockbaine (15) v Dupain, Kellett v. Broughton (7), Hankin v Meares (15), Upward (9) v. W. Little, Brandis (10) v. Watson, Drake (3) v. Thomas, Rowell (7) v. Bailey,   Haigh v. Hinwood (10), Lockhead (5) v. Kay, Pepperday v Cameron, Stanton v Butcher, Steel (4) v. Dixson, Vallentine v Thatcher, Robertson v.   Reid (6), Brierley v St. Clair (8). First-named players challenge the others, and the round must be placed off by the 17th February.

Following are the draws and handicaps in the first round of the Newtown club's matches for the gold and silver watches presented by the president, Mr W. Dolman. Altogether there will be four prizes, and the membors are requested to note that the round must be played off by the 10th of February, and those who have not played their tie off by that date will be struck out -
A Murray (5) v. B. Withers (10); R. Fielding (5) v. G. Gommerson (5) ; H. Garland (2) v. A. Postie (12) ; J. Dunlop ( 2 behind) v. W. Kenwood (5) ; Dr Boyd (12) v. R. T. Behemey (6 ; W. Carpenter (10) v. A. Newman (10) ; W. Freeman (6) v. F. Parker (4) ; T. Samson (12) v. B. Langley (12) ; A.Miller (8) v. J Pritchard (2 behind) ; L M'Donald (5) v. E. Phippard (6) ; A. T. Fleay (1 behind) v. H Morgan (12) ; J Dickinson (3) v. W. Gosche (7) ; W. Dolman (4) v. E.J. Pearson (6) ; J. F. Dalrymple (scratch) v. J. Gentle (7).

The final for the trophy presented by Mr. J. Pritchard was won by J. Dunlop, and H. Garland secured the second prize.

With the exception of the contests in Section A the Victorian pennant matches have now been con- cluded. In section A Port Melbourne and Prahran have tied, each having six wins. Melbourne won in section B, Camberwell in section C, and Armadale   in section D. The list of wins is as follows -
Section A -Port Melbourne, 6; Prahran, 6; M. C. G. 4; Carlton, 4 ; Victoria, 4 ; Richmond Union, 2 ; Dandenong, 2.
Section B -Melbourne 7 ; Collingwood, 4 ; St ˇKilda, 4 ; Brighton, 4 ; West Melbourne, 3 ; Mooney Ponds, 3 ;Hawthorn, 3.
Section C - Camberwell, 5 ; Williamstown, 4 ; Kew, 2 ; Essendon, 2 ; Auburn, 2 ; Flemington, 0.Section D -Armadale, 5 ; Fitzroy, 4 ; Albert Park , 3 ; Prince's Park, 2 ; South Melbourne, 2 ; North Fitzroy, 0.
It was decided that the tie between Port Melbourne and Prahran be played-off on the Victoria green. The winners in the four sections will play against each other as follows -Camberwell v Armadale, Melbourne v. Port Melbourne or Prahran.

Third draw for the association champion rink matches



The Waverley bowling team which recently visited Tasmania were hospitably entertained by Mr. Quong Tart, at his rooms, King-street, Sydney, on January 17. The president of the association, Mr. John Young, occupied the chair.
A match for the Pennant Trophy was played on the Newtown Club's Green on Saturday between the Newtown and Balmain Clubs. Mr. E. Parker was umpire and scorer. The first half-hour the scores were:-Newtown, 30; Balmain, 18. Second half-hour: Newtown, 53; Balmain, 33. Third half-hour: Newtown, 66; Balmain, 59.

The following is the result of the third draw in connection with the association champion rink matches:
St. Leonards v. Waverley, on the Victoria Park Green.
Randwick v. Victoria Park, on City Green.
Ashfield v. Waverley, on St. Leonards Green. City v. St. Leonards, on Randwick Green. Glebe v. City, on Waverley Green.
The next contest has been fixed for January 29.

Draw for last 5 in the champion rink matches, to play 12 February 1896



The following draws haye been made by the association selection committee for the next round of the champion rink matches. The contests are to   be played off on Wednesday, 12th February -City v. Glebe, on St. Leonards green , Waverley v. Ashfield, on Balmain green ; Randwick, a bye.

The Balmain Club has commenced it's tenth annual contest for the Holroyd silver bowI, the conditions being the same as in previous games. The first round had to be played off this week, tbere being nine entrants. The bowl has to be won by an individual three times in succession, or five times in all. The drawings for the first round were - C. Turner (8) v. J. H. Jervis, M. Newton (6) v. H. A. Young (8), J. J. Reeder v. J. A. Brodie (8) H. B. Cohen v. Dr. Wilson, F. Lemm (4), a bye. For the prize of four guineas offered by Mr. G. C. Murdoch to the Balmain Club, the conditions are four bowls each and 31 up, there being two players on each side, and each to fall out as defeated. The first round was also fixed for this week, and the draws were -

W. Heselton and H. B. Cohen (captain) v. V. Cronin and J. J. Reeder (captain). Dr. Davidson and H. Selfe (captain) v A. H. Stevens   and J. H. Jervis (captain). A. Marshall and Dr. Wˇlson (captain) v W. Higstrim   and S. P. Hogg (captain). J. A.Brodie and W. Cruickshank (captain) v. C. Turner   and A. Christie (captain). G. Corkhill and M.t Newton (captain) v. H. A. Young and W. Akhurst (captain).  

In connection with the Newtown Club several tie in the Dolman trophy have been played off and more will take place during the week. Some of the contests have been very keen, and a great amount of interest is centered in the tournament. The following players have so far been successful - E. Parker beat W. Freeman, B. Langley beat T. Jansom, A. Murray beat W. Withers, J. Dunlop beat W. Ken- wood, R. Fielding beat G. Gommeson. The current round closes on 10th February.

A luncheon was given at the City Green on Anni- versary Day, a good number of players being present.

The secretary of the association (Mr H. C. Evans) is wanting the club secretaries asking to be informed by 8th February whether any of their club members will take part in the tournament at Auckland, New Zealand commencing 24th February. It is under- stood that the s. s. Rokamabana leaves by Sydney on 12th February direct for Auckland and that if a number of bowlers went a reduction could be arranged. Seven or eight players, mostly from the Redfern Club, have already signified their intention of taking the trip.

As the Victorian Inter-colonial team will be playing in Sydney at Easter it is probable that the various Ballarat clubs will not come here till later in the year, the association being averse to the coinciding of the two events.    

Champion Rink Match ASHFIELD V WAVERLEY 26 January 1896.




The fifth round of the championship pennant matches, to be played this afternoon, will be of   unusual interest, in as much as it will pretty well decide what clubs will meet in the final. Especially   will this be the case in sectionB,   where the Redfern and City clubs meet, on the City green. The contest between these redoubtable clubs   will practically decide which is to have the premier- ship in the section. In section A, the Balmain - Waverley match, on the Balmain green, may be considered almost a certainty for the home team. Ashfield, the leading club in the section, has to meet Newtown on the Ashfield green, and considering that Newtown beat Balmain, the contest is likely to prove a close one. Strathfield receives a bye from Rosehill, and St. Leonards has drawn a bye. In section B, in addition to the City Redfern match, the fight between   Victoria Park and Glebe on the forners green, is likely to bo close. The Brighton -Randwick match, on the Brighton green, will in no way affect the ultímate result, it being recognised that the supremacy in section B lies, between the City and Redfern. This will be the last occasion but one on which the clubs; in both sections will play simiultaneoosly, there being no further matches in B section till 15th February.  


Interest in the association champion rink contests is beginning to get keen, inasmuch as only five teams now remain to compete. The results of the last round, played on Wednesday, were as follow : -

The match, played on the City green, was much closer than was anticipated. The scores   were level at the 25th head (which is the     number of heads stipulated for these contests), and an extra head had to be played. The match was won by just one point, J. Forsyth, the Randwick captain, carrying the jack when the opponents were lying several.The rinks were -  
Randwick - Varley, Hedges, Wallace, J Forsyth (captain), 28.
Victoria Park - London, Moran, Mercer, Lane (captain), 27.  

The defeat of the St. Leonards team by Waverley on the Victoria Park green, came as a great sur- prise. The game was in favour of Waverley pretty well all through, and they won by the large number of 16. Rinks and scores -
Waverley - Locke, Waterhouse, Wahlberg, Wynne (captain), 29.
St. Leonards - Perry, Jago, Moore, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 13.

Played on the St. Leonards green. The Ashfield team won by more than two to one, having the lead all through the game. The rinks and scores were -   
Ashfield -Groth, Thomas, Laurence, Whittle (captain), 35.  
Waverley -Baines, M'Leod, Andrews, A. Horrocks (captain), 16.  

The St. Leonards team lost this match by only one point against the team at present holding the championship (without one exception). Rinks and scores -
City -Knight, Goddard Nightingale, Coker (captain), 24.
St Leonards- Brindley, Smith Stevens, Punch (captain), 23

The Pennant Matches Ashfield v. Balmain. 8 February 1896



The Pennant Matches.

The sixth round of the pennant championship matches in section A has been fixed for this afternoon, the draws being :-Ashfield v. Balmain, on theAshfield Green. Newtown v. St. Leonards, on the Newtown Green , Waverley v Rosehill, on the Waverley Green , and Strathfield a bye. Only one match, howevor, will be played to-day, namely, that between Ashfield and Balmain. The St. Leonards Club requested a postponement of its engagement with Newtown till 22nd February on account of the municipal elections, and the Newtown Club has fallen in with this arrangement. Rosehill has given Waverley a bye, but a team from Waverley will proceed to Parramatta to play a fnendly inter-club match with the Rosehill Club. The only pennant match of the day is likely to prove a good one.The Balmain team, with one possible altera-   tion is likely to be the same as in the other contests, but in the Ashfield teami there will probably be some alterations. To-day's contest will be watched with   much interest, especially in view of the fact that Ashfield sustained its first defeat last Saturday.

Messrs. Hanigan and Brogden (of the Redfern   Club) and F. J. Josephson (of the City Club) have înformed the secretary of the association (Mr H. C. Evans) of their intention of proceeding to Auckland to take part in the grand tournament of the North   Island Association of New Zealand. Mr B. Ker- shaw (of the Balmain Club), who is already in New   Zealand, will also take part. As the steamer departs from Sydney next Wednesday, the secretary of the association desires all intending competitors to notify him at once.

An inter-club match between the Redfern and Brighton clubs is to be played on the Redfern Green this afternoon. Each side will probably be represented by four rinks.

The Victorian Association pennant matches are rapidly approaching a conclusion, and the final stages will be entered upon to-day. The winning clubs in sections A B, C, and D, namely, Camber- well, Armadale, Melbourne, and Prahran will play-off against each other. Camberwell will meet Armadale (last years champion) on West Melbourne Green, and Melbourne will play Prahran on the Fitzroy Green.The two winning clubs will play the best two games out of three, one each on their own green, and the third, if necessary, on a neutral green, commencing 22nd February.

THE CHAMPIONSHIP PENNANTS MATCHES. Ashfield v. Balmain 8 February 1896



One match in the sixth round in section A was played on Saturday, the contesting teams being   Ashfield and Balmain. The scene of the contest was the Ashfield green, and the local club suffered its second reverse. The result that of the clubs in section A Ashfield, Newtown, Waverley, and St. Leonards stand upon precisely the same footing, each being credited with four wins, including byes. As already an-   nounced the Newtown-St. Leonards match stands postponed till the 22nd instant. Waverley received a bye from Rosehill, but played an inter-club match on its green and Strathfield drew a bye. Of the A section clubs Ashfield will play no more, it having drawn a bye in the next and final round of the sec- tion. Following are particulars of Saturday's matches - 

Ashfield received what was a pretty heavy reverse on its own green at the hands of Balmain. The local club was however, severely handicapped by     the unavoidable absence of two of its strongest men-Drake and Miller, the latter being a captain. Following were the rinks and scores -  
No. 1 - Balmain : C Batson, Manfield Newton, Dr. Wilson, J. J. Reeder (captain), 25. Ashfield : J. M. Pierce, E. G. Aitken, C.Bailey, W. Hankin (captain), 17.    
No. 2 - Balmain: H. Young, F.Lemom, O. C. Murdoch, H. B. Cohen (captain), 20. Ashfield : J. Harrison, F. Freeman, F. Thomas, L. H. Whittle (captain) , 25.  
No. 3 - Balmain : C. Turner, W. H. Dalrymple, J. H. Jervis, W. Akhurst (captain), 38. Ashflied : J. C. Groth, Hugh Dixson, J. W Mortley, J. Davies (captain), 15.
No. 4 -Balmain : F. P. Ruffley, A. Christie, J. D. Cronin, W. Cruickshank (captain), 13. Ashfield : W. Steel, J. Hutchings, G. M. Laurence, W. Gelding (captain), 24.
Totals : Balmain,96 ; Ashfield, 81.I Majority for Bal- main, 15. The half-hour scores were - Balmain : 16, 30, 50, 75, 96. Ashfield : 18, 40 50, 60, 81.

Waverley received a bye from Rosehill, Strathfield drew a bye.  

Balmain: Played, 5 ; Won 2 ; Lost, 3 ; Bye or Forfeit, 1. Strathfield : Played, 4 ; Won, 1 ; Lost, 3 ; Bye or Forfeit, 2. St. Leonards : Played, 3 ; Won, 2 ; Lost, 1 ; Bye or Forfeit, 2. Waverley: Played, 4 ; Won, 2 ; Lost, 2 ; Bye or Forfeit, 2. Newtown : Played, 3 ; Won, 2 ; Lost, 1 ; Bye or Forfeit, 2. Ashfield: Played, 5 ; Won, 3 ; Lost, 2 ; Bye or Forfeit, 1.

Section B. 
Randwick: Played, 4 ; Won, 1 ; Lost, 3. Victoria Park : Played, 4 ; Won, 2 ; Lost, 2. Glebe : Played, 4 ; Won, 1 ; Lost, 3. C
ity : Played: 4 ; Won, 4 ; Lost, 0. Redfern: Played, 4 ; Won, 3 ; Lost, 1. Brighton: Played, 4 ; Won, 1 ; Lost, 3.

Clubs winning most matches in each section will play- off in the final.





A scene occurred at the Ashfield Council last night on the occasion of a special meeting for the election of Mayor. The minutes having been read and the Mayor (Alderman N. Melville) having read a section of them Act relating to Mayoral elections. Alderman   A. Brown proposed that Alderman Melville be Mayor for the ensuing 12 mouths. Alderman Dougan proposed that Alderman Mills be elected to the position. Alderman Stanton then inquired how the election was to be conducted, and said there was one gentleman who should be elected who had not been  proposed. In the absense of one alderman, he desired to propose Alderman Upward. Alderman  Stanton then proceeded to refer to the manner in which the election was being conducted, and was several times requested by the Mayor to confine himself to the subject under consideration.    

Subsequently, the Mayor declared the nominations closed, and said he would put the unities to the meeting, beginning with that of the alderman last proposed. Alderman Stanton said he strongly objected to such procedure. An altercation ensued, the Mayor ordering the alderman to resume his seat.  Alderman Brown said he would not allow such things to go on. The Mayor said he appealed to Alderman Brown- the first proposition was the  motion, and the others were amendments (Alderman Dougan and others: "Not at all" Alderman   Stanton said the way things were being conducted was something disgraceful. A scene then ensued,   and the Mavor asked those in favour of Alderman Upward to vote. All the aldermen rose from their seats and refused to vote. Alderman Brown said that if the motion was put again he would leave the room. He was not going to allow such a state of things. He wanted to see fair play, and wanted to see him (Alderman Melville) reelected but he was not going to be a party to that sort of thing. The Mayor said he would take all responsibility. The aldermen then rose in a body, Alderman Stanton exclaiming, " Gentlemen, this is all the Mayor wants ' ' (Applause. ) The aldermen  were about to leave the room when one of the large number of ratepayers present exclaimed, "It is a disgrace to the place" Alderman Mills   said there was no option but to proceed to the last extremity of the law and refer the matter to the Governor. Alderman Stanton (mounting the  rostrum said he had come many miles, at personal inconvenience, to attend that meeting but what the Mayor was trying to do was to get other aldermen there. Alderman Mills said he had been in the borough 37 years, and had never seen such a grave scandal. Alderman Stanton then proceeded to reiterate his complaint, the meeting then being in a very disordered state, and ratepayers interjecting freely. The Mayor rising and addressing Alderman Mills, said he objected so as to "dish"' him and put Alderman Upward in. Alderman Mills (to the ratepayers) : "What do you think of him now?" (Great uproar).  Alderman Mills then proceeded to criticise the Mayor very strongly, and advancing to the partition   between the ratepayers and the council table, asked whther that was the man they had introduced. (Groans and boohoos ) In the midst of great confusion the Mayor announced that he adjourned the meeting to that night week, but the majority of the aldermen had already left the room. Those present at the meeting were Alderman Melville (Mayor),   Dougan, Brown,Upward, Stanton and Mills. Mr. Thomas Bavister, M. L. A., occupied a seat on the dais.  

Champion rink match between Waverley and Ashfield
First rounds of the Ashfield Club's champion rink and president's trophy contests




This afternoon the final sectional rounds of the pennant matches will be played off. In section A   Strathfield will play Newtown on the Strathfield green, St Leonards will play Waverley on the St. Leonards green, Ashfield receives a bye from Rosehill, and Balmain draw a bye. In section B Randwick plays Redfern on Randwick green, Victoria Park plays City on Victoria Park green, and Glebe plays Brighton on Brighton green. The A section matches will undoubtedly be of the greatest moment, inasmuch as they will decide whether two clubs are to remain in the competition or not, Ashfield and Waverley having practically their last hope. In section B the supremacy of the City Club is pretty well assured, it being considered certain that both the Citv and Redfern will win their contests of to-day. There will, however, in all probality be some surprises, especially in view of the results of the last two rounds, and it will not be en- tirely unlooked for if final and decisive matches in both sections have to be played off. This afternoon the Ashfield and Balmain Clubs will play a four rink inter-club match on the Balmain green.

The secretary of the association (Mr. H. C. Evans) has intimated that a special meeting of the association committee will be held next Tuesday night. The matters to be considered are most important.    

They embrace consideration of the letter from the Victorian South-Western Association, re visit to Sydney : appointment of a sub-committee to carry out the champion medal contest, appointment of a match committee , and discussion re rules of the as- sociation. The meeting will be of unusual interest to some clubs, inasmuch as several matters in dispute will be practically decided.

The rink which will represent New South Wales at the Auckland Tournanent (N. Z.) left on Wednesday afternoon by the Rotomahana. Mr. W. C. Goddard (president City Club) and other prominent players were present at the send-off. The players were presented with a large Australian ensign, to be flown at all matches in which they take part, and were authorised to present a medal to be played for as coming from the Ashfield Club.

The champion rink match between Waverley and Ashfield, played on the Balmain green on Wednesday,   was won by the former club by one point.The contest was extremely close, and was only decided on the last head. The rinks and scores were - Waverley: Locke, Waterhouse, Wahlberg, Wynne (captain), 23. Ashfield : Groth,Thomas, Laurence, Whittle (captain), 22.

Twenty players have been drawn for the second round of the £10 trophy offered by the Brighton Club. About a fortnight has been allowed for the conclusion of the round.

The first round of the match for the Robert Gourlay Gold Medal has been concluded, 10 competitors now remaining. Mr Gourlay has intimated his willingness to donate a trophy to the Ashfield Club, of which he is a committeeman.

During the ensuing week the first rounds of the Ashfield Club's champion rink and president's trophy contests will be brought to a conclusion. The selection   committee will subsequently make arrangements for the vice-president's and Brown trophy matches.

The final sectional matches for the Victorian Association's pennant will be played off to-day, Camberwell and Armadale meeting at West Melbourne, and Melbourne and Prahran at Fitzroy.  






The rain on Saturday afternoon interfered with the match arrangements for the day, and in only two instances were the contests played right through.   In section A the Newtown Club proceeded to Strathfield to play the Union Recreation Club, but as the weather seemed so threatening it was deemed advisable not to commence the game. The St. Leonards- Waverley match, on the St. Leonards green, was   gone through, the result being the defeat of the visiting team. Ashfield, which received a bye from Rose Hill, was to have played an inter-club match   with Balmain on the latter's green, but the engagement could not be fulfilled. Balmain was the club in the section drawing a bye. In section B the Randwick - Redfern match, on the Randwick green was commenced but at the fifthteenth head the players had to desist, the home team then having a lead of 17. Victoria Park and   the City played to a finish on the former's green, the home team sustaining one of the severest defeats of the season - 43 points. At Wentworth Park green Brighton entered into a contest with the Glebe. At the seventh head the match was postponed, the locals then being in the lead to the extent of 34 points. Under Pennant No. 9 all games interrupted by adverse circumstances must be continued from the   stage at which the interruption occurred till the whole 25 heads be concluded. The umpire is re- quired to note the number of rounds and scores, and the secretaries mutually arrrange a date for further play. In the event of disagreement the association match committee must step in and fix a date,   although the players need not neccessarily be the same as on the first occasion. Under these circumstances the uncommenced and unfinished matches must be played off at an early date, New- town now having postponed two matches. This club will play St. Leonards next Saturday on Newtown green. At present Ashfield and St. Leonards lead in section A and the City, having won all its matches, is the assured winner in section B-the Randwiick-Redfern and Glebe-Brighton postpone-   ments notwithstanding. Following are particulars of the contests -  



The St Leonards Club and the Waverley representatives met on Saturday last on the St. Leonards green. A great amount of interest was taken in this match from the fact that the local club had so far only suffered one defeat. The victory ultimately rested with the St. Leonards  representatives by 11 points. The game, which   was witnessed by a large number of people, proved very interesting, though the local club led at the termination of each of five heads. At the close of the match Mr. F. Punch (president St. L. B. C.) rose and addressed those present. He said he   was naturally pleased his club had proved victorious, inasmuch as the victory gave them a show of meeting the winners of the B division. He did not think the condition of the weather had given much advantage to either side, and he was sure the Waverley team would not grudge them their victory. They were the champions of last season, and would do their best to sustain that position. He   called upon those present to give three cheers for the Waverley representatves and one for their worthy president, Mr. W. M'Leod.  

Mr M'Leod responded, and congratulated the St. Leonards Club on their win, which had been honestly and fairly attained. In playing them they had to meet a team of experienced players, and he regretted to say that, so far they had never beaten     the St. Leonards Bowling Club, although he hoped the day would come when they would achieve that distinction. He thought the St. Leonards Club would go near to winning the pennant, and he was sure they had the best wishes of Waverley, who were   always willing to acknowledge the merits of their   successful opponents. He called for three cheers for the St. Leonards Club and one for Mr. Punch.

The following are the rinks and the rink scores - No. 1 -St. Leonards : O. Sleeman, H. H. Bligh, J. Trimble, T. Jelly (captain), 23. Waverley : E. Thomas, E. A. Parsons, W. M'Leod, Captain Kondio (captain), 20.        

No. 2. St. Leonards : W. H. Perry, J. B. Moore, J. Jago, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 28. Waverley : D. M'Donald, T. Marshall, W. Andrews, H. L. Evans (captain), 21. 

No. 3 - St. Leonards : B. C. Brindley, W. Wilkie, W. B.
Smith, F. Punch (captain), 21. Waverley : J. Morcombe, W. Horrocks, J. Graham, A. Horrocks (captain), 17.    

No.4 - St. Leonards : J. Higgins, J. Peat, J. Hobson,       W. Alexander (captain) 20. Waverley : A. A. Locke,   Mayor Blanchard, E. Wahlberg, W. Wynne (captain), 23.    

The half-hour scores were -  St. Leonards, 19, 37, 55, 73, 92 ; Waverley, 14, 27, 40, 66,   81. Majority for St. Leonards, 11.




A meeting of the Bowling Association of New South Wales was held at the Hotel Australia on Thursday night. Mr William M'Leod (vice -president) occupied the chair and the following clubs were represented -Ashfield, Newtown City, Victoria Park, Balmain, Waverley, Randwick, Glebe, and Redfern. The Victorian North- Western     Association intimated its willingness to accept this association's invitation to play a series of matches in Sydney, provided the contests took place in June. It was resolved to fall in with the suggestion and the Ballarat clubs will accordingly be invited over for that date, The Victorian Association wrote requesting that the annual inter-colonial match, which is to be played in Sydney this year might be started   on Easter Wednesday instead of Tuesday. The request was agreed to. A letter from the Ashfield club, intimating that it had made overtures to Newtown tor a settlement of the difficulties between the clubs, was received with expressions of satisfaction. It was decided that the first prize for the champion rink matches be a trophy valued at 10 guineas and the second prize a trophy valued at 5 guineas. The   election of a sub committee to carry out the contest for the champion medal in terms of rule 28, resulted as follows -Messrs. J. Davies (Ashfield), J. Forsyth (Randwick), W. Akhurstt (Balmain), G. W. Howe (Redfern) and F. Punch (St Leonards). The   treasurer reported a credit balance of £94 10s 6d. The secretary drew attention to the new rules which had been passed at the special general meeting, and said he did not consider they required further confirmation. The chairman expressed the opinion that according to precedent the new rules were in force. It was agreed that the secretary notify the clubs to that effect, and also of the provision for two delegates instead of one as formerly. On the motion   of Mr J. Forsyth it was resolved that the proposed new laws of the game be placed before the clubs for one month by which time the resolutions of the New Zealand (North Island) and Victorian Associations would probably be to hand. The motion was         carried, it being pointed out that the federal rules would probably be in forçe for the inter-colonial match with Victoria at Easter. Other business of a minor nature was also transacted.    

Progress Scores Pennants 1896 after 6 Rounds




The match for the pennant between the City and Victoria Park Clubs, on the latter's green, on Saturday afternoon resulted in a win for the City Club. The following were the players and scores :

No. 1 Rink.-City : Morris, Butler, Cutter, Knight, 25. Victoria Park: Loudon, Gilfillan, Buxton, Harber, 17. No. 2 Rink.-City : Goddard, Carpenter, Harris, Coker, 28. Victoria Park : Griffith, M'Laughlin, W. Young, Rigg, 24. No. 3 Rink.-City : Sheldon, Magney, C. Solomon, Hinchcliffe, 47. Victoria Park : Nolan, Lee, Moody, Wiseman, 10. No. 4 Rink. City : D. Solomon, Hughes, Muir, Nightingale, 27. Victoria Park : M'Causeland, M'Kenzie, Mercer, Lane, 33. Totals: City, 127; Victoria Park, 84.

The pennant match, Glebe v. Brighton, at the Glebe green, had to be abandoned at the 17th head, and the score stood : Glebe 77, Brighton 43. The following were the players and scores :

No. 1 Rink.-Glebe : Kendall, Stinson, Buckle, Macpherson, 20. Brighton : M'Namee, M'Bride, Gibbons, Lyons, 11. No. 2 Rink, - Glebe: Hogue, Carlaw, Lassen, John Young, 22. Brighton: Cornelius, Halligan, Phippard, Woodruff, 8. No. 3 Rink.-Glebe : Wirth, Cole, Thornley Taft, 13. Brighton : Price, M'Leod, Kenwood, Bradbury, 16. No. 4 Rink.-Glebe : Huenerbein, Purves, Johnson, MacKinley 22. Brighton : P, Cornelius, Gunther, Kidman, Corbett 8. The following were the half-hour scores : Glebe, 27, 46, 69 ; final, 77. Brighton ˇ 16,32, 43; final 43.

Ashfield had a forfeit from Rosehill, and Balmain had a bye. The match Strathfield v. Newtown was not commenced. The match Randwick v. Redfern   was commenced, but had to be abandoned at the fifteenth head, the home team then leading by 17 pointB. Soores : Randwiok 74, Redfern 57. No. 2 Pennant Rule reads: . . . " That in the event of a game being interrupted by any adverse ciroumstances, it shall be continued from its existing stage (umpire noting number of ends and score) to the full number of twenty-five ends, on a day to be mutually arranged by the two  secretaries ; in the event of a disagreement, the match committee shall fix-the date, providing always that the team need not necessarily be the same."

The match St. Leonards v. Waverley resulted in a win for St. Leonards by 11 points, and the following were the players and scores : No. 1.-St. Leonards : O. Sleeman, H. H. Bligh, J. Trimble, T. Jelly (oaptain), 23. Waverley : E. Thomas, E. A. Parsons, W. M'Leod, Captain Kondio (captain), 20. No. 2.-St. Leonards : W. H. Perry, J. B. Moore, J. Jago, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 28. Waverley : D. McDonald, T. Marshall, W. Andrews, H. L. Evans (captain), 21. No. 3.-St. Leonards; R. C. Brindley, W, Wilkie, W. B. Smith, P. Punch (oaptain), 21. Waverley : J. Marcombe, W. Horrocks, J. Graham, A.. Horrocks (captain), 17. No. 4.-St. Leonards : J. Liggins, J. Peat, J. Hob- son, W. Alexander (captain), 20. Waverley : A. A. Locke, Major Blanchard, E. Wahlberg, W. Wynne - (captain), 23.

The New South Wales representatives, Messrs. Hanigan, Brogden and P. Josephson, left Sydney for New Zealand last week to take part in the bowling tournament to be held there. Mr. Brown, a prominent member of the Ashfield Club presented Mr. Josephson with an Australian ensign to be hoisted at every place the matches are played. The players left by the steamer Rotomahana and were given a stirring send-off. Mr. Kershaw will join the team at Auckland.




A meeting of the Bowling Association of New South Wales was held at the Hotel Australia on Thursday night. Mr William M'Leod (vice -president) occupied the chair and the following clubs were represented -Ashfield, Newtown City, Victoria Park, Balmain, Waverley, Randwick, Glebe, and Redfern. The Victorian North- Western     Association intimated its willingness to accept this association's invitation to play a series of matches in Sydney, provided the contests took place in June. It was resolved to fall in with the suggestion and the Ballarat clubs will accordingly be invited over for that date, The Victorian Association wrote requesting that the annual inter-colonial match, which is to be played in Sydney this year might be started   on Easter Wednesday instead of Tuesday. The request was agreed to. A letter from the Ashfield club, intimating that it had made overtures to Newtown for a settlement of the difficulties between the clubs, was received with expressions of satisfaction. It was decided that the first prize for the champion rink matches be a trophy valued at 10 guineas and the second prize a trophy valued at 5 guineas. The   election of a sub committee to carry out the con- test for the champion medal in terms of rule 28, resulted as follows -Messrs. J. Davies (Ashfield), J. Forsyth (Randwick), W. Akhurstt (Balmain), G. W. Howe (Redfern) and F. Punch (St Leonards). The   treasurer reported a credit balance of £94 10s 6d. The secretary drew attention to the new rules which had been passed at the special general meeting, and said he did not consider they required further confirmation. The chairman expressed the opinion that according to precedent the new rules were in force. It was agreed that the secretary notify the clubs to that effect, and also of the provision for two delegates instead of one as formerly. On the motion of Mr J. Forsyth it was resolved that the proposed   new laws of the game be placed before the clubs for one month by which time the resolutions of the New Zealand (North Island} and Victorian Associations would probably be to hand. The motion was carried, it being pointed out that the federal rules would probably be in forçe for the inter-colonial match with Victoria at Easter. Other business of a minor nature was also transacted.    





Yesterday a member of our staff made inquiries at the city and suburban hospitals, as well as interviewing the city health authorities, with the object of ascertaining the extent to which typhoid is provalent. It was generally pointed out that the disease exists on a large scale at presont, but this is usual during the first quarter of every year. The superintendent of the Sydney Hospital (Dr Binnie) stated that about the month of February thehospital always expects a larger number of typhoid patients than at any other portion of the year and although there are 21 cases at present in the institution arrangements had previously been made for the accodation of the increased number. It was stated that the cases at the Sydney Hospital were generally of a more serious character   than those of last year. Dr. W. C. Wilkinson, who is a member of the hon. medical staff of the hospital, stated that he was of opinion that the disease created   in an unusually virulent form at present. There are   three casesof typhoid in St. Vincent's Hospital, 20   in Prince Alfred Hospital, three in the Western Suburbs Hospital, and two in North Sydney Hospital. These are not exceptional numbers for  the present season of the year, but they show that the disease is prevalent. In the hospital at Ashfield   there are three typhoid patients, all of whom are in a convalescent stage, no deaths in that locality having occurred. During the past two months four deaths from typhoid have occurred in the Parramatta District Hospital, and there are at preseut 12 patients in the institute.

The City Health Office (Dr Gwynne Hughes) last night stated that so far is the city itself was concerned there was no epidemic of typhoid. The following figures will show the number of patients in the principal hospitals at the end of last month, all of whom belonged to the city proper (the figures already given representing Sydney and suburbs) -Sydney Hospital, 6 ; St. Vincent's Hospital, 3 ; Coast Hospital, 7 ; Children's Hos- pital, Glebe, 1 ; Prince Alfred Hospital, 2. Dr Gwynne Hughes added that all these cases came from the city itself, and the figures are supplied to him from the hospitals. They do not represent an epidemic of typhoid, considering how regular are the visitations of the dreaded bacteria about this season. The figures for the present month are not yet complete but they are not expected to exceed those we have given for January. Thus it will be seen that a larger proportion of cases of typhoid came from the suburbs than from the city, in the figures with regard to the number of patients at present in the hospitals will indicate. Of the city patients, four died during January. The City Health Officer stated that he was of opinion that the disease was abating. In a portion of Waterloo, and within an area of half a mile, he had attended personally 16 cases and in this locality there hadd been an epidemic, but it was now abating.

One difficulty in the stamping out of typhoid lies in the fact that there is no Health Act to provide for reporting infectious diseases to the health authorities. At present the authorities are compelled to rely upon the courtesy of medical men and in many case's and unless a case eventually is treated at the hospital or is fatal, the health authorities have no knowledge of the fact at all. Thus there is no official way of   determining whence the germs or the diabase spring, or where the disease is most provalent. In England the local boards are informed of all cases of infectious disease, and immediately take steps to hate the promises of the patient properly disinfected, as well as measures to prevent any epidemic. Dr Gwynne Hughes expressed the opinion that if a bill for this purpose were made to law the authorities would be able to do a great deal towards stamping out typhoid in the same way that smallpox is stamped out. In Europe a  typhoid serum (of the Pasteur Institute) had been   discovered but its use had not got beyond the ex- perimental stage. If, like the diphtheria anti-toxin, which had lessened the death rate in diphtheria are mendously, it were found to be effective, much good would result but it was neccessary to have a Health Act with the provsions mentioned, so that the authorities would be made aware of any outbreak of an infectious disease.

Second round of the Ashfield Club's handicap matches: The draw
 29 February 1896


The sectional matches for theo pennant are to be finished, up this afternoon, when Strathfield and Newtown will play their postponed game on the Strathfield green, and Glebe and Brighton will finish their contest on Wentworth Park green. As previously mentioned, the matches will not affect the ultimate result of the contest. The first round of the semi-final, between St. Leonards in section A and the City in section B, will be played off on 7th   March, on St. Leonards green.

The semi final match for the rink championship was played off on the Balmain green on Wednesday, the contestants being, Waverley and Randwick, the scoring was very even the sides being even at the eighth, fifteenth, and seventeenth heads. In the subsequent four heads Rand- wick scored a point each time and though Waverley scored one in each of the two following Randwick won by two points Dr. Wilson acted as referee, and Mr A. W. Meekin scored. The association will fix a date on which Randwick and the City, will meet in the final. If the City wins it will receive first prize and Randwick the second, but in the event of the City losing it will play Waverly for second place. The rinks and scores in Wednesdays match were -  
Waverley - Locke, Waterhouse, Wahlberg, Wynne   (captain), 20. Randwick -Varley, Hedges, Wallace, Forsyth (captain), 22.

The Waverley club's contests for the president's and committee's a prizes has been narrowed down to four men. Locke will play Macleod, and Wahl- berg will meet W. Horrocks. The prizes are - First, the president's , secoud. the vice president's,     third, the committee's , and fourth, the treasurer's. Sixty-four entries have been received for the club's   Novices' Handicap, which has to be played off by 21st March.  

The draw for the second round of the Ashfield Club's handicap matches took place on Monday. The round must be played off by 7th March, and the   handicaps are final.

Mr W. G.Corbett has been elected secretary of   the Brighton Club, vice Mr G. F. Saywell, re- signed and Messrs J. F. Hegarty, F. J. Gibbons, J. Bradbury, P. Hoarty,and J. Alcock have been appointed a committee. It has been decided to present the retiring secretary with a testimonial. The president (Mr James Kidman) has offered a trophy for competition.

Following is the draw for the second round of the Ashfield Club s handicap matches -Freeman 4 v. Aitken, jun. 3, A. W. Peirce 12 v. Laurence! scr, J. M. Pierce 5 v. Weisener 7, W hitle scr v. Law IO, Watson 8 v. Steel 3, Rowsell 7 v. Robertson 5, W. Rogers 10 v. Groth scr, Semple 12 v Pepper- day 7, Kellot 6 v Butcher 8, Thomas scr v. Butcher 7, Dupain 4 v Howard 5, Miller scr v Kay 5, Wilson 5 v. J. C. Harrison 5, Meares 9 v. G. H. Rogers 10. Matches already played are those between Wilson and Harrison (won by the latter) and Groth and Rogers (won by the former).

The round of the compétition for a trophy pre- sented by the president (Mr G. J. Barry) has been completed, with the following result : - J. B. Moore 31 beat W. Wilkie 23 ; T. T. Forsyth 31 beat W Barnett-Smith 13 , F. Punch 31 beat O. Sleeman 21 ; J Hobson 31beat H.H. Bligh 20 ; J Peat received forfeit from T. Hall, and J Jago a forfiet from W. Alexander.
The draw for the third round resulted as follows - J. B. Moore v J. Peat ; T T Forsyth v. J. Hobson ; J. Jago v. A. M'Leod, and F. Punch a bye.

Ashfield results of President's Trophy 
Draw for the second round of the Champion Medal 



The first round of the Ashfield Club President's Trophy and Championship matches was closed on Saturday. The results were : President's Trophy Miller 31 beat Armitage 23, Whittle 32 beat Up- ward 25, Mitohell 31 beat Carson 25 ; Law, Harrison, sen., Howard, A. W. Pearoe, Groth, Semple, G. H. Rogers, J. M. Pierce, W. Rogers, Wiesener, Freeman, Wilson, Aitken, jan., Laurence, Dupain, Kellett, Mears, Watson, Thomas, RowBell, Pepperday, Kay, Butcher, Steel, Robertson, byes. Champion Medal-Kay 31 beat W. Rogers 6, Pepperday 31 beat Mitohell 21, Hanken 31 beat G. H. Rogers 9, Freemason 31 beat Watson 8, Harri- son, jun., 32 beat Armitage 18 ; Gourlay 31 beat Harrison, sen., 26, Thomas 31 beat Brothwood 26; Miller, A. W. Pearce, Laurence, J. M. Pierce, Steel, Stanton, Upward, Butcher, Brierley, Groth, Howard, Wiesener, Kellett, Aitken, jun., Robertson, Dupain, Wilson, Meares, Murcutt, byes.

The draw for the second round of the Champion Medal contest resulted as follows : Gourlay v. Miller, Stanton v. Muroutt, Steel v. Freeman, Howard, Meares, Kellett v. Wilson, Brierley v. Kay, Wiesener v. A. W. Pearoe, Pepperday v. Groth, J. M. Pierce v. Aitken, jun., J. Harrison v. Thomas, Robertson v. Upward, Dupain v. Laurence, Hankin a bye. The round is to be played off on or before March 7.


W. Hankin, L. H. Whittle (Ashfield), selected to play for N. S. W. against Victoria 
Mr W. Aitken (Ashfield club) will play for Victoria???????



As much misconception prevails regarding the performances of the Sydney rink at the Auckland tournament, owing to the brevity of the cables, Mr. Hanigan, who has returned to Sydney, has prepared a statement of results. It shows that in the rink matches Sydney beat Christchurch and Auckland, and was defeated by Napier and Gisborne, also by Auckland on a subsequent occasion. In the first round of the Champion Pairs, Kershaw and Josephson beat the Ponsonby team,and in the second round they-were defeated by the Wellington team. The other Sydney pair, Brogden and Hanigan, beat the Wellington pair in the first round, beat the Auckland team in the second round, and were only defeated by Napier in the third round. The four-rink championship of New Zealand was won by Auckland, and Christchurch was the runner-up , but, as has been shown, the representatives of both clubs in other matches were beaten by Sydney.

Alderman F. J . Josephson, who acted as manager for the Sydney rink, at the Auckland tournament, has intimated that he has arranged for an inter-colonial match between the North Island (N.Z ) and New South Wales.

The New South Wales Association will meet at the Hotel Australia on Thursday night to receive the report of the inter-colonial selection committee, and to arrange for the reception and entertainment of the Victorian team.

The association has chosen the following 20 players from among 85 candidates for selection to represent New South Wales in the intercolonial match at Sydney at Easter - W. Hankin, L. H. Whittle (Ashfield), T. Hinchcliffe, D. Nightingale, W. Goddard, A. Coker (city),H. Macpherson (Glebe), J.   Dickinson, J. F. Dalrymple (Newtown), J. Wallace (Randwick), M. J. Conlon, G. W. Howe, J. Hannigan (Redfern), A. Harber (Victoria Park), T. Hobson, F T Forsyth (St. Leonards), W. Wynne, A A, Locke (Waverley) Mr. A E. Butler (secretary City Club) has been chosen umpire for New South Wales.

The Victorian team is -1st rink : W. Cleverdon (Au ), W. Pearson (Will.), W. Spry (N F ), J. J. Bartlett (P.M.), captain. 2nd rink E. J. Dillon (F..), C. Wright (K.), S. Nathan (R. U.), W. J. Cuddon (M. C. C.), captain. 3rd rink W. Aitken (S. M.), F. J. Dodge (A.P.) , J. Macdonald (Ar. ), C. Bennie (Ar ), captain, 4th rink W. Louie (F.)  A. Aitken (Ar.), R J. Inglis (M. C. C.), C. Wood (M.), captain.Emergencies S. Spry, E. D. Heather, J. H. Sutherland, J. Stedford. It will be seen that the team is well representative of the Vic- torian associated clubs, Mr. Allan Baxter (secretary Victorian Association) will act as umpire.

The first match of the rubber will be played on the Balmain green on Wednesday, 8th April, the second on the Waverley green on 9th April, and the third (if necessary) on the Ashfield green on Saturday, 11th April. In the event of the third game not being played the Ashfield club committee has decided to invite the Victorians to a friendly game. One of the members of the Ashfield club (Mr W. Aitken) is a member of the Victorian Association, and will play for Victoria in the intercolonial.

This afternoon a five-rink match between Victoria Park and Waverley will be played on the Victoria Park green.

The great event of to-day will be the first of the three finals for the Pennant Championship, which will be contestad by the St. Leonards and City clubs on the St. Leonards green. Both clubs have shown themselves superior to the clubs in their sections, and the match should prove very interesting and excit- ing, and will, no doubt, be closely watched.

Club members are reminded that entries for the Single Championship close on Monday. The association sub-committee will meet on Tuesday night to draw the first round.

Balmain green will be the scene of the semi-final champion rink match, to be played by the City and Randwick teams on the 18th instant. Should Rand- wick win, the City and Waverley will play off for second prize on the Randwick green on the 25th instant.

For the Ashfield club's vice-presidents' trophy matches the following have been selected rink captains -W. Aitken, Thomas, Gelding, Davies, Mortley, Hankin, Whittle, Miller, Upward, Bailey.

For the Redfern Club Championship - B. Widerstrom (31) beat J. Medcalfe (12), C. Roberts (31) beat D. Mihell (28), and G. W. Howe (31) beat W. Rose (22).

Draws for the third round of the Newtown club's Dolman trophy are -B. T. Bellemey v. Dickinson, B. Langley v. A. Murray, J. T. Dalrymple v A. T. Fleay, R. Fielding a bye. Round to be played off on or before the 18th instant.






A very large number of spectators, representing many metropolitan clubs, witnessed this contest on Saturday. The progressive results were the reverse of cheering to the partisans of the local team, inasmuch aa they showed a continuous falling off in their representa- tives. The first result announced provoked general astonishment, the City appeared with a lead of no less than 16, or more than two to one. Scores: - City, 26, St. Leonards, 10. During the second term the local team improved its position, but not to the extent that was anticipated. It reduced the lead to 10. Scores: City, 35 , St Leonards, 25. In the third term the visitors made a big rush to the front, putting on 27 points as against their opponents' 16. This gave the City the fine lead of 21 points.

St Leonards during the semi-final struggled gamely but hopelessly, being altogether overmatched. The additional points made were -City, 17. St Leonards, 12.The City lead thus became 26, making the match   almost a certainty. In the final the visitors had it all their own way, but nevertheless did not relax their efforts. The result was an additional 27 to their credit On the other hand, St. Leonarda could only get 12, and the grand totals came out-City 106, St. Leonards 65, City thus winning by 41 points.

Following were the rinks and scores :-

No. 1 -City: J. Crawford, H. Hughes,K. Muir, D.   Nightingale (captain) 12. St. Leonards : W. Wilkie, J. Peat, W. B. Smith, T Jelley (captain).22.

No 2 - City: W.H. Goddard, U. W. Carpenter, J. Harris, A. C oker (captain), 33. St. Leonards : W. H. Perry, J. Trimble, J Jago, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 10.

No. 3 :-City : Sheldon, T. Gelding, C. Solomon, T, Hinchcliffe (captain) 31. St. Leonards : R.C .Brindley, J. B. Moore, Jas. Forsyth, F. Punch (captain), 14.      

No. 4 -City: Major Morris, A. E. Butler, J. Cutter, C. W. Knight (captain), 30. St Leonards : J. Liggins, A. M'Leod, W. Gordon, J. Hobson (captain), 19.

The half-hour scores were :- City: 26, 35, 62, 79, 106; St. Leonards, 10, 25, 41, 53, 65. Totals: City, 106, St. Leonards, 65. Majority for City, 41.


These club played a five-rink on the Victoria Park green on Saturday afternoon, the visitors win- ning by but 1 point. An unusual circumstance of the match was that when four rinks had finished play the total scores were equal at the last held of the remaining one. The match was thus won on the last head. The rinks and scores were -

No 1 - Waverley: M'Donald, Gardner, Thomas, M'Leod (captain), 33. Victoria Park : Byrne, Chisholm, M'Loughlin, Wiseman (captain), 26.    

No. 2-Waverley : Carlaw(sub), Smith, Clarke,     Wynne (captain), 22. Victoria Park : Loudon, Moran, Briton, Moody (captain), 28.

No 3-Waverley : Carroll, Baines, W. Horrocks, Gra- ham (captain) 22 1 VictoriaPark : M' Kcnzie, Faulkner, Gibbs, Young (captain), 20.

No 4- Waverley: Mitchell, Mulholland, Andrew, Evans (captain), 17. Victoria Park : Wheeler, Lee, Gilfil- lan, Harber (captain), 27 .

No 5-Waverley : Locke, Blanchard, Marshall, Wahl- berg (captain), 15. Victoria Park : M'Causland, Griffiths, Mercer, Lane (captain), 27.

Totals: Waverley, 129, Victoria Park, 128. Majority for Waverley, 1.


At a meeting of the captains on Saturday after- noon the rinks competing for the vice-presidents' trophies were arranged as follows -Gourlay, Haigh, E. G. Aitken, Upward (captain), Law, Mitchell, J. M. Pierce, W. Aitken (captain) , Watson, W. Rogers, Brentnall, Bailey (captain) Reid, Meares, Groth, J. Davies (captain) , Armitage, Stanton, Schofield, Laurence (captain) Brothwood, Auld,   Dupain, Miller (captain) , Searl, A E Davies, Kay, Mortley (captain), Kellett, G. H. Rogers, Drake, Hankin (captain) , Steel, Baker, Freeman, Thomas, (captain) , Pepperday, Carson, Howard, Gelding (captain) , Wilson, A. W. Pearce, Butcher, Whittle (captain), Wiesner, Thatcher,Rowell, Hutchings   (captain).

Entertainment planning for the Victorian Visit 19 March 1896


ASSOCIATION. Meeting 19 March 1896

   A meeting of the committee of the above was held at the hotel Australia last night, Mr John Young (president) occupied the chair, and the following clubs were represented - Ashfield, Balmain, City, Strathfield, Redfern, St Leonards Newtown, Waverley, Randwick, Glebe, and Victoria Park. The secretary (Mr. H. C. Evans) reported on the result of the selection of the inter- colonial team to play against the Victorian team. A letter was received from Mr. Allen Baxter (secretary Victorian Association), stating that he would advise this association of the movements of the Victorian team an soon as a start was made for this colony. A discussion took place on the matter of entertaining the team. The treasurer (Mr. J. Davies) reported an existing credit balance of £98 12s Sd, and that after all expenses had been paid the sum of £56 Is 8d would be available. Mr Evans moved, "That the entertainment be a trip round the harbour." Mr. W. H. Goddard seconded, and Messrs Rose, G. W. Howe, and Hogue, M.L A., supported the motion, which was carried unanimously. A committee of six was appointod to make and carry out all arrangements in connection with the matter, those appointed being-The president (Mr. J. Young), the secretary (Mr. H. C. Evans), the trea- surer (Mr. J. Davies), Messrs W. Rose (Redfern), J. Forsyth (Randwick), J. W. Mortley (Ashfield), F. J. Cahill (St Leonards). W. Rigg, M.L.A. (Newtown), and T.R. Allt (Strathfield). A sum of   £5 each was granted the clubs entertaining the visitors. Correspondence regarding the Melbourne tournament was read. It was resolved that those clubs which had not sent in the names of their delegates be requestod to do so, and that they be notified that the vice-presidents be elected at the next meeting. Mr. G T. Clarke wrote suggesting the establishment of a club for bowlers in the city.The   letter was received. It was announced that the following names of club delegates had been forwarded :

Ashfield, Messrs J. W. Mortley and G M. Laurence , Newtown, Dolman and Fleay , Strathfield, T. R Allt and Williams, City. W. H Goddard and A. E. Butler , Randwick, J. Forsyth and Wallace , Victoria Park, W. Rigg, M. L. A , and Loudon , Redfern, G. W. Howe and Gorton, Balmain, Cronin and W. Akhurst, St Leonards, Smith and Cahill, Waverley, W. Macleod and Horrocks.   Mr. Hogue made a suggestion that a test match be played between the selected inter-colonial team and the best team that could be selected. The suggestion was not adopted.

Subsequently a meeting of the reception sub-committee was held, and it was decided to hold the picnic down the harbour on 10th April, Mr Mortley being empowered to arrange for the catering. It was decided to invite the Governor to the opening matches, and to have a Mayoral reception.

Mr Groom, of the Victorian intercolonial team practised on the Ashfield green



This afternoon the following association interclub matches will be played -Glebe v Brighton, on Glebe green (Wentworth Park) City v Newtown, on City green Strathfield v Randwick, on Union Recreation Club green, St Leonards v Manly, on North Shore green , Waverley v.Rosehill, on Waverley green, Ashfield v Redfern, on Ashfield green Balmain v Victoria Park, on Balmain green. No other association interclub matches will be played till 18th April.

The Brighton Club members have arranged for a rendezvous on their own green, at Lady Robinson's Beach, this afternoon, when social scratch matches will be contested. Bowlers from other clubs will be welcome.

The Waverley team to play against Rosehill this afternoon at Waverley Park is as follows -Locke, Gibbs, M'Leod, Wahlberg (captain) . M'Donald,   Blanchard, Thomas, Kondio (captain) , Morcombe, Parsons, Andrew, Evans (captain) , Barnes, Mulhol- land, Croker, Gardiner (captain).  

Mr Groom, of the Victorian intercolonial team, has arrived in Sydney, and has practised on the Ashfield green for two days.

In the semi-finals for the Newtown Club's president's trophy matches J. F. Dalrymple (31) beat A. Murray (19), and R. Fielding (31) beat J. Dickinson (27). The two winners will play off for first and second prizes, and the others for third and fourth.

REDFERN V. ASHFIELD. Interclub Match 28 March 1896



The third of the series of inter-club matches arranged by the association was played on Saturday afternoon.

This, a three-rink match, was played on the Ashfield green, and was won by the visitors by seven points. The visitors led all through the game, and won in two rinksout of three. The rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Redfern : Macnamara, Richardson, Parker , Rose (captain), 14. Ashfield : Harrison, sen., Kellett, Mortley, Hankin (captain), 26.
No. 2 - Redfern : Johnson, Gordon Medcalfe, Roberts (captain), 28. Ashfield : Steel, Dupain, Harrison, jun.,   Gelding (captain), 22.
N0. 3, - Redfern : Wilson, Bromwich, Hall, Widerstrom (captain), 30. Ashfield : Drake, Freeman, Hoskings, Thomas (captain), 17.
Half-hour Scores - Redfern : 18, 35, 51, 64 final 72. Ashfield : 15, 26, 39, 50 final 65.majority for Redfern, 7.

Mr. W. Aitken, of the Ashfield Club, a member of the Victorian team, 
will be unable to play
Ashfield Club Championship rising "young" Bowler defeats multi winner and defending champ.



After two days' exciting play the contests for the individual championship of the colony were brought to a conclusion on the City green on Saturday afternoon the whole series of matches having been confined to two days, interest therein was highly concentrated, and close attention was sustained tbroughout. The number of contestants was reduced from 41 on the first day's play to eight on the second. The players were divided into four sections, and four greens - Waverley, Randwick, Balmain, and St. Leonards - were played on. At Waverley proceedings com- menced at 10 a. m. , and other rounds were played at 1 p m. and 3pm. At Randwick the hours were 11 a. m. and 1. 30 p. m. , and at Balmain and St Leonards the same. The umpires for the first day were: At Waverley, Mr. A. E. Butler at Randwick, Mr. J. Forsyth, at Balmain, Mr. W. D. Cruickshank, at St. Leonards, Mr. J. Davies. The results of the play at St Leonards have already been given. Following is an epitome of the others - First Round - C. Soloman (31) beat F. Lemm(15), T. T.     Foryth bye from J. Sheldon, G. W. Howe (31) beat W. Young (20).  
Second Round - H. H. Cohen (31) beat C. Soloman (24) B. Wilderstrom (31) beat T. T. Forsytheo (19), G. W. Howe bye from J. Graham, J. Hobson (31) beat J. R . Hamilton (23). Final Round, - B. Widerstrom (31) beat H. B. Cohen (15), G. W. Howe (31) beat J. R. Hamilton (23).

AT RANDWICK. First Round - Dr. Wilson (31) beat T. J. M'Laughlin (17), B. Kershaw (31) beat J. Dickenson (17), J. H. Jervis bye from C. J. Waterhouse, W. Wilkie bye from H.. C. 1-Evans.
Final Round. - Dr. Wilson (31) beat J. H. Jervis (27), B.     Kershaw (31) beat W. Wilkie (25).    
AT BALMAIN. First Round - A. A. Locke (31) beat C. W. Knight(29), E. E. Wahlberg (31) beat J. Hanigan (22), A. Coker (31) beat W. H. Dalrymple (26), M. J. Conlon, bye from J. C. Groth.  
Final Round. - M. J. Conlon (31) beat E. E. Wallberg (24), A. Coker (31) beat A. A. Locke.

On Saturday afternoon the contests were brought to   a conclusion on the City green, in the presence of a very representative gathering of bowlers from Ash- feild, Balmain, Waverley, Randwick, Redfern, Glebe, St. Leonards, Newtown, Victoria Park, and, in fact, nearly all the associated clubs. The matches were carried out under the supervision of Mr. J Davies, assisted by Messrs. Cruickshank and A. E. Butler. Those remaining in the   contest were - A. Coker and T. C. Hinchcliffe (City) , W. Akhurst, Dr. Wilson, and B. Kershaw (Balmain) . M. J. Conlon, G. W. Howe, and B. Widerstrom (Redfern). These were drawn against one another at 10. 30 a. m. and at 11 a m sharp the   contests commoned. The green did not appear to give     much satisfaction. As a matter of fact, there were many complaints of its condition. Primary results were as follows :-

First Round - Coker (31) beat Kershaw (24), Hinchcliffe (31) beat Conlon (21), Widerstrom (31) beat Akhurst   (15). Wilson (31) beat Howe (20). Coker, Hinchcliffe, Widerstrom, and Wilson thus remained to play in the semi-final, which was com-         menced at 1. 30 p. m. Hinchcliffe having defeated Conlon pretty decisively his chances of winning in this round were considered very good. Hinchcliffe had stood 20 to Conlan's 15, 29 to his 16, and 30 to his 19. In this draw he came out against Widerstrom, who had beaton Akhurst by more than two to one, Coker and Dr Wilson were also against one another. The results were :- SEMI FINAL. 
Coker (31) beat Wilson (23). Hinchcliffe (31) beat Widerstrom (18).

The championship now rested between the two City men, and there was much speculation as to which would prove the winner. Both had played well al though , but many who had watched the contests closely expressed their preference for Hinchcliffe's chances. At the start off Hinchcliffe got 3 in, and immediately after added a 1. Coker obtained 2 in the third head, Hinchcliffe came to the fore in the succeeding three, and made 1,1,2. Coker got in the shot at the seventh head, and kept it for the two following. He added 1, 3, 1.  Hinchcliffe got one point at the 10th and 2 at the 11th heads. At the 10th head the scores stood - Hinchchffe, 9 , Coker, 7. With the exception of the 14th Coker scored in all the heads from 12 to 17 in- clusive. His additions were 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 ; Hinchcliffe making one in the 14th. The latter also made 1 in the 18th, but Coker followed with 3 in the 19th. In the 20th Hinchcliffe gained a single. At this period the scores stood-Hinchcliffe, 14 Coker, 18. In the 2lst Hinchcliffe put on 3, while his opponent got 2 in the head succeeding. Remaining heads up to 27 were won by Hinchcliffe, whose scores were - 2, 2, 2, 1, 3. Coker again came to the fore with 2 in the 28th, and 3 m the 29th. Hinchcliffe gained the 30th adding 2. Scores-Hinchcliffe, 29 , Coker, 25. The 3lst brought Hinchcliffe within a point of the game. Coker, however, played steadily, and, putting on three in the 32nd head, brought his     total up to 28. With only two points between the   players the înterest now became extreme. The play     exhibited was of a really brillaant character both men drawing their shots beautifully. Where Hinch-   cliffe appeared to have the advantage, however, was     in his splendid diplomacy as shown by the way in   which he played for position. The 33rd head saw the conclusion of the game-Hinchcliffe, 31 Coker, 28. Majority for Hinchcliffe, 3. The winner will receive the champion gold medal and the runner-up a trophy.

The Victorian intercolonial toam will arrive in Sydney at 11. 15 a. m. on Tuesday. They will be received at the Hotel Metropole at noon. 
On Saturday afternoon four of the Victorian players who are already in Sydney had a roll upon the City green. Those present were Messrs. Inglis, Groom, and Spry (2). 
Mr. W. Aitken, of the Ashfield Club, a member of the Victorian team, will be unable to play in the intercolonial on account of his absence in Brisbane.
Mr Cudden has been appointed secretary of the visiting team, vice Mr. Allen Baxter.
The Waverley Club has organised a tournament with four prizes of £10, £5, £3 and £2, together with consolation prizes for winners of two rounds and upward. The conditions are pairs with four bowls each and 21 points up, Entries close when 64 names have been sent in. All clubs have been invited to enter.

For the Ashfield Club Championship, F. Thomas defeated G. M. Miller, on Saturday morning. In the previous round he defeated W. Harkin, the winner of last and preceding years. Mr, Thomas is a rising young player, and is considered to have excellent chances for both the club championship and handi-cap matches.  

The championship of the Brighton Club, together with the Gourlay gold medal has been won by W. F. Corbett who defeated M. M'Namee in the final by 23 to 15.




The Victorian intercolonial team arrived in Sydney yesterday morning, and were accorded an official reception by the New South Wales Association at the Hotel Metropole. The visitors were met at the Redfern station by Messrs John Young (president), J. Dsavies (treasurer), H. C. Evans (secretary), and other officers of the association. They were subsequently driven to the Metropole, where a       représentative gathering of bowlers awaited them. Mr John Young presided at the reception, and among 60 or 70 bowlers present were -Messrs. J. ' W. Mortley (president), J. Davies (treasurer), F. J. Howard (secretary), G. M. Miller, and R. Gourlay, Ashfield Club; W. Rigg M. L. A. (president), and A. Harber, Victoria Park Club; Watkin Wynne   (vice-president), A. Horrocks (secretary), and H. C. Evans (treasurer), Waverley Club; A. E. Butler (secretary), T. C. Hinchcliffe, R. Muir, C. W.   Knight, H. Hughes, and H. Chapman. City Club; J. T. Dalrymple (secretary ) and Pritchard, Newtown Club; Wallace (secretary) and J. Forsyth,   Randwick Club; F. J. Cahill (secretary), T. T. Forsyth, and Wilkie, St. Leonards Club; G. W. Howe (president) and M. J. Conlon, Redfern Club;   D. Kershaw, Balmain Club; Qnong Tart, and others.

The Chairman said that that was about the nineteenth occasion on which intercolonial matches had been played. Of those who represented Victoria in 188O on the Annandale green, he saw only two present-Messrs. Butler and Sutherland. Mr Hinchcliffe and himself were the only two present who represented New   South Wales on that occasion. He was very pleased to be able to say that the game was flourishing in the colony, and he hoped that both sides would do justice to the game. Whichever side won would surely be the better team. He proposed the health of the Victorian team.

Mr Wood (president of the Victorian Association) responded, and said he had to thank the NSW bowlers for the reception they had accorded them. The Victorian bowlers had invariably been highly gratified at the hospitality extended them by the N. S. W. players, and to make a fitting return always occassioned perplexity to the Victorian Association.

He was very pleased to say that the game of bowls was making great progress in Victoria, and that the entries for the various matches had been very numorous. He proposed the health of the New South Wales bowlers.  

This was responded to, and the gathering then   broke up. In additton to Mr Wood, the principal members of the Victorian team present were Messrs. S. Nathan, Mayor of Richmond and president Richmond Union Club, A. Aitken, president Armadale Club, Cuddon, treasurer Richmond Union Club, W. Aitken, and Groom. Subsequant to the reception the visiting team held a meeting, at which it was unanimously decided to accept the invitation of the Waverley Club to a luncheon and drive prior to the second match.

At 1 p. m. the visitors proceeded to Balmain green, the scene of the first match. They were hospitably received and entertained by Dr. Wilson (ex-president). A good number of the New South Wales players also attended at the green, and during the afternoon a friendly match was played. The play of the Victorians was not particularly impressive, though some fairly good shots were drawn by the captains.  

Theo team to represent Victoria in the intercolonial match against New South Wales to-day is as follows -No. 1, Romie, A. Aitken, Inglis, Wood (cap- tain) ; No. 2, S. Spry,Wright, Nathan, Cuddon (captain) , No 3, Doeg, Pearson, H. Spry, Bartlett (captain) , No. 4, W. Aitken, Dodge, M'Donald, Bennie (captain) , emergences, Groom, Sutherland, Waxman, and F. Spry ; umpire, George Thompson.   Play will commence at 1 p. m. Tomorrow's a match   will be played on the Waverley green, and the third match, if necessary, on the Ashfield green on Saturday.




The first round of the annual Intercolonial   Bowling Match between New South Wales and Victoria was played on the Balmain green yester- day afternoon. The contest excited a very unusual amount of interest, inasmuch as the Victorian team was considered the most representative that had visited this colony for many years. Almost all the associated clubs were repre- sented on the green. Among those were present were-Mr. John Young (president), H. C. Evans (secretary)and J. Davies (treasurer), New South  

Association ;, J. W. Mortley (president). F. T. Howard (secretary), G. M. Laurence, F. Thomas, J. Searle, and L. R. Mitchell, Ashfield Club; T. R. Allt (president) Strathfield Club, Watkin Wynne (vice-president) and Locke, Waverley Club; . W. C. Goddard (president). J. Grra am (ex-president), R. N. Sadlear (vice-president), A. E. Butler (secretary), Major Morris, J. Wheler, Major. Chapman, U. W Carpenter, and Soloman, City Club ; W. Rigg, M.L.A. (president), and C.W. Wiseman (secretary), Victoria Park Club ; A. W. Meeks (vice-president), J. Forsyth, and Wallace (secretary), Randwick Club; A. F. Fleay (president), Pritchard, and J. F. Dalrymple (secretary), Newtown Club ; Dr. Moore, Stevens, T. T. Forsyth and F. J. Cahill (secretary), St'. Leonards Club ; Captain Heselton (president), H.B. Cohen (secretary), Kershaw (vice-president), Dr. Wilson (ex-presidént), Cruickshank and Cronin, Balmain Club ; Rev. H. Dunlop, Mr. Groom, and a large number of other visitors, including many ladies. The pavillion, tennis grounds, and other appurtenances were nicely decorated, and refreshments for the visitors were amply provided by Mr Walter Akhurst (president Balmain Club). Play started at about 3 pm. One of the local third men-L. H. Whittle of the Ash- field Club-being then absent, A Harber, of the Victoria Park Club, was appointed to fill the vacancy, and played third to Reeder during the day. Mr. Butler (NSW) and Thompson (Vic') noted as umpires, and Messrs. H. C. Evans (NSW) and Colo (Vic. ) as scorers. In addition there were individual rink scorers.

The opening of the game was not at all auspicious for New South Wales, Victoria scoring a point in every rink. The second head witnessed a reversal in favour of the local team, 2 points being scored in each rink except No. 4, which went 3 to the bad. The third head was mainly in favour of the locals, who put on 5 as against 1, No. 4 still being behind. In the fourth head the visitors did better, putting on 3 in No. 1, 1 in No. 3, and 1 in No. 4 Conlon's team kept to the fore in No. 2. The fifth head was much better for New South Wales. Reeder's rink added 1, Conlon's 2, and Coker's 1, while Howe only lost 1. At this time the primary totals came out the first five heads having been concluded. They were -Victoria No. 1, 4 ; No. 2, 1 ; No. 3, 2 ; No. 4, 7 ; total, 14. New South Wales No. 1, 5 ; No. 2, 6 ; No 3, 5 ; No. 4, 0; total, 16. There was then some amount of trepidation regarding the fate of George Howe's rink, which had failed to score a single point. In the sixth head, however, he came to the front with a double, and duplicated it in the head following Conlon also got 2, while the Victorians scored in the other rinks. There was nothing further eventful till the ninth head, when Howe got not less than 5 points. The biggest score at the tenth was in No 3, where Cuddon got 3. The totals put up were -Victoria No. 1, 9 ; No. 2, 3 ; No. 3, 3 ; No. 4, 10 ; total 25. New South Wales : No. 1,7 ; No. 2,10 ; No. 3,10 ; No. 4,9 ; total, 36. The rapidity with which Howe's rink pulled up     surprised and delighted the local bowlers present. Play went very evenly till the 13th head which witnessed one or two good scores. In No. 1 Reeder got 2, in No. 2 Rennie (Victoria) got 5, in No. 3 Coker got 5, and in No. 4 Howe put on 3. The fifteenth head saw somewhat of a read- justment, terms being pretty equal. Coker got 2, Rennie (Vic) 1, Wood (Vic ) 2, and Bartlett (Vic )  

1. The total scores for the teams were -Victoria No. 1, 16 ; No. 2, 9 ; No. 3, 9 ; No. 4, 13 ; total, 47. New South Wales No. 1, 9 ; No. 2, 16 ; No. 3, 18 ; No. 4, 15. total 58. In the 16th head Victoria made 2 in No. 2 and 1 in No. 3.

New South Wales getting 3 and 1in the other two. The local men scored all round in the 17th, Conlon securing 4 in his rink. Head 18 was in favour of New South Wales all round but No. 19 witnessed an entire reversion. No. 20 was a fortunate head for the locals who made 3 in No. 1, and 1 in No. 2, the team scores coming out. Victoria : No. 1, 17 ; No. 2, 13 ; No. 3, 13 ; No. 4, 15. total, 58. New South Wales No. 1, 14 ; No. 2, 23 ; No. 3, 21; No. 4, 22 ; total, 80. With 22 points to the good the game   seemed a certainty for New South Wales. George Howe came with a rush in heads 21 and 22, and put on 4. With Reeder and Wood honours were easy, each adding 2. Rennie obtained 3 from Conlon in No. 2, and Coker went a single point better than Cuddon. The 23rd head and 24th brought some welcome points to the locals, Coker scoring two 2's and Conlon 2 and 1, Howe only lost 1, but Joe Reeder went behind to the extent of 5. The 25th and final   head then came on it being plainly apparent that the visitors had not the remotest chance of winning. Certainly the majority of them played an excellent game but as they subsequentially confessed, tbey   were somewhat overmatched. In the last head a splendid drive by IInglis in No. 1 gave

the Victorians 5, and Cuddon added another. Against that, Conlon and Howe both obtained single points. The 25th and final scores were  -Victoria No. 1, 29 ; No. 2, 16 ; No. 3, 16 ; No. 4, 16 ; total 77. New South Wales : No. 1, 19 ; No. 29, ; No. 3, 25 ; No. 4, 23 ; total, 101.

The analysis shows that Reeder was beaten by 10, but very considerable allowances must be made for him on account of the absence of Whittle the well known Ashfield player, Conlon was 13 to the good and Coker 1 ahead, while George Howe surprised and delighted all the local men by beating his opponents   by 12. The result of the contest, therefore, was a win for New South Wales by 24 points. The rinks and scores were as follows - No. 1 -New Soutl Wales : J Hobson (St Leonards), W. Akhurst (Balmain), A. Harper (Victoria Park), J. J. Reeder (Balmain), captain, 19. Victoria : Lonie, A. Aitkin, R. S. Myles, C. Wood (captain), 29.  

No. 2. - New South Wales : T. T. Forsyth (St Leonards), J. F.Dalrymple (Newtown), M. Dickinson (Newtown), M. J. Coplon, Bedford (captain), 29. Victoria : W.   Aitkin, Dodge, Macdonald, C. Prince (captain), 16.  

No. 3. - New South Wales : W. Goddard (City), D. Nightíngale (City), T. C. Hinchcliffe (City), A Coker (City) captain, 25.Victoria : S. Spry, Wright, Nathan,   W. J. Cuddon (captain), 16.

No. 4-New South Wales : W. Hankin (Ashfield), J.   Hanigan (Redfern), H. Macpherson (Glebe), G. W. Howe (Redfern) captain, 28. Victoria : Doig, Pearson, W. Spry,  Bartlett (captain), 16.  

At the conclusion of the match Mr Young, in calling for cheers for the visitors, said he had never seen better play on any green in his life. It was the best intercolonial match that has ever been played, and he would not like to pre-judge tomorrow's results.

Mr Wood, president in responding referred to the wonderful improvement in New South Wales play during the past four years, and said the Victorians had not expected to see such a scientific game. They had all enjoyed themselves very much Mr. Cuddon, secretary also responded.

The second of the three matches will be played on the Waverley green to-day, play to commence at   2. 30 p. m. Prior to the game the visitors will be driven round and entertained at lunch by the Waverley Club.

Tomorrow the usual picnic will be given. There will be a trip round the harbour, and subsequently a banquet at Chowder.



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At 11 a. m. yesterday the Victorian intercolonial   bowlers were officially received by the Mayor (Alder-   man I. E. Ives) at the City Town Hall. The visitors     were introduced by Mr. John Young (president, New South Wales Bowling Association) and Alderman Waine. Among those present were - Messrs C. Wood, (president Victorian Bowling Association), Inglis (vice president), D. Thompson (ex-president) Cuddon (secretary), Bartlett, Rennie, Groom, Nathan (Mayor of Richmond), Cochrane, and M'Donald. In additional to Mr Young the principal New South Wales bowlers present were - Messrs. J. W. Mortley (president Ashfield B. C. ), Watkin Wynne (vice-president Waverley B. C. ), J. Forsyth (vice president Randwick B. C.), Medcalfe (secretary Redfern B. C), G. W. Howe (president Redfern B. C.), A. W. Meaks (vice-president Randwick B. C.), Stevens, T. C. Hinchcliffe, H. C. Evans (treasurer Waverley Club and secretary N. S. W. Association) and F. J. Howard (secretary Ashfield Club). A large number of ladies from Victoria also attended.  

The Mayor said he was very pleased to welcome the team to the city.

Subsequently there was an adjournment to an ante room, were refreshments were provided. The health of the Mayor and Mayoress was proposed by Mr Wood. The Mayor, in responding, expressed a hope that the barriers dividing the people of Aus- tralia would soon be abolished, and that there would speedily be one united country.

The wives of the members of the team were received and entertained by the Mayoress.

On leaving the Town Hall, after being shown through the building by the Mayor, the visitors were escorted to drags and were driven round the eastern suburbs. Spots of interest were visited, and a call was made at the Randwick. Club, where Messrs. J. Forsythe, Wallace, and Bedford (secretary) were in attendance. The health of the visitors was proposed and responded to.

At 1. 30 p. m. the Victorians were entertained at luncheon by the Waverley Club at Stratton's Hotel, Waverley. In the absence of Mr. W. Macleod (president). Mr. Watkin Wynne (vice-president) occupied the chair, and was supported by Messrs. Wood and Inglis.

The Chairman, after the lunch, proposed the toast of the Victoriain team, coupled with the name of   Mr. Wood. He offered them a hearty welcome to the district, and said that as the New South Wales players had been most hospitably treated in Mel-   bourne they were desirous of returning the compliment.

Mr Wood called upon Mr. Inglis to respond. The latter gentleman said the visitors had enjoyed themselves very much, and would do their best to reciprocate. The Victorians always tried to do their best, but on Wednesday the fates were against   them. They hoped to turn the tables that day. The Victorian team was a representative one, and he thought they should keep closer than on the previous  day.



The second match of the rubber was commenced on the Waverley green at about 2.30 p.m. Most of those present on the previous occasion were in attend- ance and the officials were practically the same, Mr. Waxman particularly distinguished himself in looking after the interests of the visitors and, as at the Balmain green on the previous day, kept himself considerably in evidence. Mr. A. F. Bulter (New South Wales) and Mr. Thompson (Victoria) resumed their positions as scorers and Messrs A. Horrocks and H. C. Evans attended to general requirements.

Play at the outset proved slightly in favour of the locals. Wood gained 2 against Conlon in No. 3, but George Howe obtained 3 in No. 2, Coker 1 in No. 1 and Joe Reeder 1 in No. 4. Head 2 witnessed a change somewhat in favour of   Victoria. Bartlett secured a point in No. 1, Rennie 2 in No. 2 and Cuddon made a   dead head in No. 4. M. Conlon, however, came to the rescue with 3 points in No. 3. The fourth head   was all in favour of New South Wales, the additions being 1 in No. 1, 1 in No. 2, 2 in No. 4, and a tie in No. 3. No. 3 head saw an alteration on behalf of Victoria, Rennie getting 2 in No. 2, Bartlett 4 in No. 1, and Cuddon 1 in No. 4. Conlon obtained 1 point in No. 3. The scores for the first term came out - Victoria: No 1, 9 ; No. 2, 5 ; No. 3, 2 ; No. 4, 4 ; total, 20. New South Wales : No. 1, 2; No. 2, 4 ; No. 3, 7 ; No. 4, 3 ; total, 16. Matters thus looked very moderate indeed for the locals. In the 6th   and 7th heads the Victorians got, 5 as against  8 points, Wood and Cuddon coming to the fore for their side, and Howe and Coker for New South Wales. Heads 8 and 9 proved fortunate for this colony, Arthur Coker got 2 in No. 1, George Howe 5 in No. 2, M. Conlon 4 in No. 3, and Joe Reeder 2 in No. 4. Bartlett and Cuddon obtained singles each for their side. At the tenth head the totals came out -Victoria. No. 1, 10 ; No. 2, 5 ; No. 3, 6 ; No. 4, 8 ; total, 29. New South Wales : No. 1, 10 ; No. 2, 15 ; No. 3, 11 ; No. 4, 7 ; total, 43. During the eleventh head Ronnie got 2, and Reeder 2. In the twelfth Wood scored 5 against Conlon, and Coker   3 against Bartlett. Head 13, saw big scores in all rinks, Coker got 5 from Bartlett in No. 1, Howe 4   from Rennie in No. 2, Conlon 3 from Wood in No. 3, and Cuddon 2 from Reeder in No. 4. The main feature of the 11th was a fiver to Conlon's rink. Term scores were posted at No 15. , They appeared   as follows -Victoria : No. 1,12 ; No. 2, 8 ;No. 3, 12 ; No. 4, 14 ; total, 46. New South Wales : No. 1,   19 ; No. 2, 24 ; No. 3, 20 ; No. 4, 9 ; total 72. With 26 to the good New South Wales entered into   the semi-final with confidence. Head 16 brought the locals out 2 better than before and the end following occassioned no loss. Howe got 3 in No. 16,   and Conlon 3 in 17 and 2 in 15. Ends 18 and 19 proved better for Victoria their scores for   the time doubling those of their opponents. Term scores at the 20th came out -Victoria : No. 1, 17 ; No. 2, 13 ; No. 3, 17 ; No. 3, 21 ; total, 68. New South Wales No. 1, 22 ; No 2, 25 ; No. 3, 27 ; No. 4, 11 ; total, 85. With 17 to the credit of this colony's représentatives the final was entered   upon. The 21st head showed fairly equally for whereas Coker added 2 in No. 1 and G. W. Howe 3 in No. 2, Cuddon got 1 in No. 4, and Wood 1 in No. 3. Head 22 proved rather ordinary and the No. 23 the biggest addition was that of Rennie's, who put 3 up for his side. The penultimate head produced no remarkable results, two apiece to Wood and Coker being the principal results. The   concluding head saw only single points in all four rinks. Finals were put up as follows :- Victoria : No. 1, 18 ; No. 2, 19 ; No. 3, 21 ; No. 4, 24 total, 82. New South W'ales :No. 1, 28 ; No. 2, 29 ; No. 3, 30 ; No. 4, 15 ; total, 102. Majority for New South Wales, 20.  

At the conclusion of the game Mr. John Young briefly complimented the visitors on their play. Messrs. Wood and Rennie responded, the latter expressing' the opinion that had there been five heads instead of three the Victorians would have done   better. Mr Rennie having spoken a few words, Mr. Evans announced the programme of entertainment for the succeeding day. The rinks representing Victoria in the match were the same as on the previous day. Among the New South Wales players Watkin Wynne (Waverley) was substituted for J. T. Dalrymple (Newtown), and Wallace (Randwick) for D. Nightingale (City). A. Horber retained his position of third to Reeder, and, as on the previous day, played an excellent game. His shots were drawn   most consistently all through. Taken altogether the play was of a very superior order, and the visitors frequently received merited applause from the on-lookers.

The rinks and scores were -  
No. 1 - New South Wales : Goddard. Wallace, Hinchcliffe, Cokerb(captain), 28. Victoria : Pierson, Doig, Spry, Bartlett (captain), 18.  
No. 2 - New South Wales : Locke, Hannigan, Mac- pherson, Howe (captain), 29. Victoria - W. Aitken, Dodge, M'Donald, C. Rennie (captain), 19.  
No. 3 - New South Wales : T. T. Forsyth, Watkin Wynne, Dickinson, Conlon (captain), 30. Victoria - Lonie, A. Aitken, Inglis, C. Wood (captain), 21.   
No. 4 - New South Wales : Robson, Akhurst, Harber,   J. J. Reeder (captain), 15. Victoria - S. Spry, Wright, Nathan, Cuddon (captain), 24.  
Half hour Scores - New South Wales : 16, 43, 72, 85 ; final, 102. Victoria - 20, 29, 46, 68 ; final, 82. Majority for New South Wales, 20.

This afternoon the Victorians will be entertained at a picnic down the harbour. According to advertisement in the Herald, the steamer will leave the Floating Jetty, Circular Quay, at 10.30 a.m., and after proceeding down the Parramatta River will   return to the jetty at 1 p.m., en route to Chowder Bay. At the latter place there will be a dinner.  

On Saturday the Victorians, will play a friendly match on the Ashfield green, and similar matches on the City green on Monday, and the Randwick green, on Tuesday. At 7 p.m. on Monday Mr Quong Tart will entertain the ladies accompaniing the visitors at his rooms in King-street.

Waverley Club will play the returned Tasmanian team on the Waverley green on Saturday.




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The Victorian bowlling team yesterday played a match against the Ashfield club on the local green, with the following result -
Rink 1. - Ashfield - K. G. Aitken, C. Bailey, G. M. Laurence, L. H. Whittle (captain), 29. v.Victoria   - Wright, Groom, F. J. Dodge, Bartlett (captain), 13.
Rink 2. - Ashfield - H.Drake, F. Freeman, F.   Thomas, W. Hankin (captain), 22 ; v. Victoria - Waxman, W. Altkin, Doeg, A. Atkin (captain), 22. 
Rink 3. - Ashfield - W. Kay, Hugh Dixson, John Young, G. M. Miller (captain), 19 ; v. Victoria - F. Spry, Cochrane, S. Spry, W. H. Spry (captain), 22.  
Rink 4. - Ashfield - C. Butcher, G.Dupain, J. W. Mortley, W. Gelding (captain), 38 ; v. Victoria - Thompson, Sutherland, H. Lonie, C, Wood (captain), 18.

The half hour scores were - Ashfield; 21, 36, 54, 88, final 108. Victoria; 15, 37, 59, 68, final 75 , Majority for Ashfield, 33.  

Scores in all the other games


except Randwick 80 Victoria 66 v Randwick



A representative team of Victorian bowlers have been playing a series of matches in Sydney and the suburbs during the past week, but the visitors have been singularly unsuccessful. The first "test" match, New South Wales v. Victoria, played on the Balmain Club's Green, was won by the mother colony by 24 points. Twenty-five heads were played. The following were the rinks:

No. 1 Rink: Victoria-Louie, Aitken, Inglis, Wood. New South Wales-J. Hobson, W. Ak- hurst, A. Harber, J. J. Reeder.
No. 2 Rink: Victoria-S. Spry, Wright, Nathan, Curlden. New South Wales-W. H. Goddard, D. Nightingale, T. C. Hinchcliffe, A. Coker.
No. 3 Rink : Victoria-Doig, Pearson, H. Spry, Bartlett. New South Wales-W. Hankin, J. Halligan, Macpherson, G. Howe.
No. 4 Rink: Victoria-W. Aitken, Dodge, M'Donald, Rennie, New South Wales-J. Dalrymple, T. T. Forsyth, J. Dickinson, M. J. Conlon. Emergencies, Messrs. Groom, Sutherland, Wiseman, Spry.

The umpire for Victoria was Mr. George Thompson, and for New South Wales Mr. A. E. Butler,  
The scores were-No. 1 Rink: Victoria 29, N.S.W. 19. No 2 Rink: Victoria 16, N.S.W.  
29. No. 3 Rink: Victoria 16, N.S.W. 25. No. 4 Rink: Victoria 16, N.S.W. 28. Totals, Victoria 77, New South Wales, 101.  

The second "test" match on the Waverley Green ended in favor of New South Wales by a majority  of 20 points. Tile fellowing were the players and Scores::  

No. 1 Rink.-New South Wales: Goddard, Wallace, Hinchcliffe, Coker (captain), 28. Victoria:   Pierson, Doig, Spry, Bartlett (captain), 18.  
No. 2 Rink.-New South Wales: Locke, Halligan, Macpherson, Howe (captain), 29. Victoria: W. Aitken, Dodge, M'Donald, C. Rennie (captain), 19.
No. 3 Rink.--New South Wales: T. T. Forsyth, Watkin Wynne, Dickinson, Conlon (captain), 30.   Victoria: Louie, A. Aitken, Inglis, C. Wood (captain), 21.
No. 4 Rink.-New South Wales: Robson, Ak- hurst, Harber, J. .J. Reeder (captain), 15. Vic- toria: S. Spry, Wright, Nathan, Cudden (captain), 24.

Half-hour Scores.-New South Wales: 16, 43, 72, 85 ; final, 102. Victoria: 20, 29, 40, 68; final, 82. Majority for New South Wales, 20.  

The Victorians on Saturday tried conclusions with the Ashfield Club at Ashfield, and again suffered defeat to the tune ol' 33 points. The following were the players and scores:  
No. 1 Rink.-Ashfield: Aitken, jun., Bailey,   Lawrence, Whittle. 29. Victoria: Wright,  
Groom, Dodge, Bartlett, 13.
No. 2 Rink.-Ashfield: Drake, Freeman, Thomas, Händen. 22. Victoria: Nathan, W. Aitken,  Doig, A. Aitken, 22.
No. 3 Rink.-Ashfield: Kay, Dixon, Young, Miller, 19Victoria: F. Spry, Cochrane, S. Spry,   W. H. Spry, 22.
No. 4 Rink.-Ashfield: Butcher, Dupain, Mortley, Golding, 38. Victoria: Thomson, Suther- land. Lonie, Wood, 18.  
Half-hour scores-Ashfield: 21, 36, 54, 88, 108. Victoria: 15, 37, 59, 68, 75. Majority for Ashfield, 33.

On Monday the visitors played the City Club on Cook Park, and sustained their fourth successive defeat, thi3 time by 61 points. The players and scores were:
No 1 Rink.-City: Sheldon, Waine, James, Hogg (captain), 27. Victoria: Thompson, Sutherland, Cud den, Nathan (captain), 28.
No. 2.-City. Magney, W. Moore, Muir, Hinchcliffe (captain), 40. Victoria: Clarke, Dean, Cochrane, Loni? (captain), 11.
No. 3.-City: Crawford, Carpenter, S. Gelding, Sadlear (captain), 35. Victoria: F. Spry, Pearson, S. Spry, W. H. Spry (captain), 12.
No. 4.-City: Cansdell, Rofe, Butler, Knight (capttain), 22. Victoria: Waxman, A. H. Aitken, Doig, A. Aitken (captain), 28.
No. 5.-City: Morris, Hughes, Cutter, Harris (captain), 36. Victoria: Wright, Groom, Dodge, Bartlett (captain), 20.

Half-hour scores-City Club: 23, 68, 107, 141; final 160. Victoria: 19, 42, 56, 75; final 99. Majority for the City Club, 61 points.

The visitors have been frequently banqueted and entertained in various other ways by the metropolitan bowling clubs during the week, and on Monday night the members of both teams taking part in the inter- colonial contests were entertained by Mr. Quong Tart.    

The British Football Association have secured the University Oval for the forthcoming season. A senior match will be played there every Satur- day. The association have added another grade to their competitions, which will now consist of senior, first junior, second junior, and third junior grades. Entries for all competitions close on May 10.  



also Victorians Teams return to Melbourne

After playing intercolonial and ordinary club matches on the majority of the greens of the metropolis, the Victorian intercolonial team was entertained at a send-off match on Mr. John Young's green, Kentville, Annandale, yesterday afternoon. The gathering was an exceptionally representative one, officers of nearly every club being present. Among those in attendance were Sir Henry Parkes and Lady Parkes, Mr. John Young (president N.S.W. Bowling Association), Mr. H. C. Evans (secretary N.S.W.B.A.), and the fol- lowing club representatives :-Ashfield : Messrs. J. W. Mortley, president ; and. F. J. Howard, secretary. Balmain : Dr. Wilson, ex-president ; H. B. Cohen, secretary ; Cruickshank, Ruffley, Kershaw, Cronin, and Reeder. City : J. Graham, ex-president ; Sadleir, C. W. Knight, K. Muir, Cutter, Major Morris, H. Hughes, Hinch- cliffe, and A. E. Butler, secretary. Waverley : W. M'Leod, president ; E. E. Wahlberg, Captain Kondio. Redfern : G. W. Howe, president ; Hall, Brogden, Rose, and Parkes (Mayor of Redfern). Glebe : N. Mackinlay, Vaughan, and Purves. Randwick: J. Forsyth, vice-president ; and J. Wallace. Vic- toria Park : R. C. Mercer. The principal Victorian bowlers present were Messrs. Archie, Aitken (vice president Victoria B.A.), Aitken, jun., Bartlett, Pearson, Thompson, Cochrane, Doeg, Clarke, Groom, Spry (3), Sutherland, Bright : Mr. L. T. Collins .(Launceston B.C.), and French (American Associated Press) were also present, together with a number of: distinguished visitors. The grounds of Kentville were nicely decorated with flags and Japanese lanterns, and large Chinese umbrellas were expanded on the lawn. The ballroom, refreshment-room, billiard   room, and other apartments were thrown open to the visitors, and every facility for enjoyment was afforded.

Play commenced at about 2.30 p.m., the teams being mixed. As far as possible the players of the different colonies were kept separate, but it was found necessary to put in one or two local men to fill up the rinks. The results of the match were as follows: 
No. 1 Rink.-Victoria : Spry, Cochrane. W. H. Spry, A. Aitken (captain). 14. N.S.W. : F. P. Ruflley, R. Muir, C. W. Knight, J. Young (captain). 11.
No. 2 Rink.-Victoria : Mortley, Groom, Macleod, Bart- lett (captain), 15. N.S.W. : J. Hamilton, Pearson, Dr. Wil- son, J. Forsyth (captain), 7. 
No. 3 Rink.-Victoria : P. Spry, Clarke, J. Cutter, J. H. Sutherland (captain). 7. N.S.W. : Collins, J. D. Cronin, R. N. Sadleir, H. S. Bird (captain), 15.
No. 4 Rink.-Victoria : Morris, J. Doeg, J. Jervis. J. Reeder (captain), 7. N.S.W. : G. Hall, Parker, H. C. Evans, Captain Kondio (captain), 16.

At the conclusion of the matches Mr. Young gave a farewell address to the visitors.

Mr. Archie Aitken (vice-president Victorian Association) replied to Mr. Young's remarks, and said he could not sufficiently acknowledge what had been done for the Victorian bowlers in New South Wales. During the evening there was dancing in the pavilion.

Ashfield v. Balmain 18 April 1896

see also All Saturdays Matches


The association fixtures were resumed on saturday afternoon, and the results of some of the contests  were surprising. Balmain beat a strong team from Ashfield by 27 points, St. Leonards defeated Rosehill by 25, and Redfern lost Waverley. The afternoon was a good one for the game, and play was very enjoyable. Following are particulars of the matches :
This game was very one-sided, for, though Ash- field was only 4 behind at the end of the first term, it dropped further and further into the rear as the game proceeded, and eventually lost -by 27 points. The leads of Balmain through the five terms were 1st, 4 ; 2nd, 17 ; 3rd, 26 ; 4th, 27 ; and 5th, 27. In one rink alone the visitors were beaten by 23 points, and in another by 14. Their other rinks won. The rinks and scores were :
No 1.-Balmain : H. A. Young, J. A. Brodie, H. B. Cohen, Dr. Wilson (captain), 30. Ashfield : W. Kay, D. J. Schofield, H. Dixon, G. M. Miller (captain), 16.
No. 2.-Balmain : V. Cronin, F. Lemm, J. H. Jervis, J. R. Hamilton (captain). 20. Ashfield : H. Drake, F. Free- man, F. Thomas, W. Rankin (captain), 27.
No. 3.-Balmain: A. Christie, W. H. Dalrymple, B. Kershaw, J. J. Reeder (captain), 25. Ashfield : R. Gour- lay, J. Upward, G. M. Laurence, L. H. Whittle (captain), 28.
No. 4.-Balmain : C. Turner, M. Newton, G. C. Mur- doch, W. Akhurst (captain), 32. Ashfield : W. Steel, C. Butcher, J. W. Mortley, W. Gelding (captain), 9. 
The half-hour scores were -Balmain : 23, 50, 74, 90, final 107. Ashfield: 10, 33, 48,63, final 80. Majority for Balmain, 27.





A meeting of delegates to the New South Wales Bowling Association was held at the Hotel Australia last night Mr John Young (president) occupied the chair and amount those present were Messrs.   J. W. Mortley, G. M. Lawrence (Ashfield), W. Rigg, M. L. A. and Alderman Loudon (Victoria Park), W. Goddard and A. E. Butler (City), A. T. Fleay (Newtown, W. Macleod and A. Horrocks (Waverley), W. Akhurst and Cronin (Balmain) Wallace (Randwick), Corbett (Brighton), H. C. Evans (hon secretary), J. Davies (hon. treasurer), and others The sub-committee presented a report on the reception and entertain- ment of the Victorian intercolonial team, the treasurer stating that the credit balance at the bank amounted to £27. In terms of rule 2, the election of vice presidents was proceeded with. A number of nominations were 
eived and the election resulted in the appointment of Messrs J. Forsyth, W. Macleod, W. H. Goddard and J. W. Mortley Messrs S. P. Hogg and Ruffley were granted permission to play with the City Club. Mr W. H. Rowsell (Ashfield Club) wrote complaining of the desecration of Easter time by the playing of matches, and expressing a hope that in future the religious opinions of players would be respected. The letter was received. The New Zealand Bowling Association wrote expressing its concurrence with what had been done by this asso- ciation in regard to assimilating the laws of the game but stated that it could not concur in the regulation relating to the delivery of bowls. The section stated that New Zealand agreed with every- thing except the matter of delivery. The Victorian Association for obvious reasons objected to three men in a rink playing all the bowls, considering that it would give their side an undue advantage. The   secretary intimated that the divergencies were of a comparatively trivial character, and it was left to them to arrange for a general meeting of the members of the association. A number of notices of motion for alterations in the rules were received.   Mr Horrocks gave notice of a motion relating to the non interference of rinks with one another Mr C. W Wiseman intimated his intention to make a proposition relating to the membership and   function of Clubs. Dr. Wilson gave notice of several important alterations in the rules of the game, chiefly relating to the size of bowls and the length of heads. The secretary spoke forcibly on the necessity for some alteration in the method of selecting and arranging the intercolonial teams. He advocated the division of the clubs into three districts and the selection of teams from each to play the three inter- colonial matches The proportion was apparently   received with much favour. On the motion of Mr. Horrocks it was resolved that a cheque to the value of his trophy be forwarded to Mr. T. C. Hinchcliffe, winner of the championship.  

Ashfield v. Victoria Park 2 May 1896.



The Association inter-club fixtures were resumed on Saturday afternoon, seven matches, being played   on the Ashfield, Glebe, City, Strathfield, St.   Leonards, Waverley, and Brighton greens. The   match at Waverley was of a special nature, being combined with a gate in aid of the Hospital Saturday fund. Following are particulars of the various contests - 
Played on the Ashfield Green scores -  No. 1 - Ashfield : H. Drake, L .R. Mitchell, D. J. Schofield, L. H. Whittle (captain), 30.Victoria Park : M Horan, substitute, Diedrick, C Bretun (captain), 19.
No 2 Ashfield : T. Wieaner, G. Dupsain, J. W. Mortley, W. Hankin (captain), 24. Victoria Park : W. J. Loudan, J Chisholm, R. C. Mercer, C. J. Lane (captain), 20. 
No. 3 -
Ashfield : J. M. Pierce, A. H. Kellett, W. Gelding (captain), 26. Victoria Park : H. M'Kenzie, R. R. Falconer, IE. M. M'Causeland, C. W. Wiseman (captain), 24. 
No. 4 - Ashfield : C. Butcher, F. Freeman, K. G. Aitken,
F. Thomas(captain), 29. Victoria Park : J E. Lee, substitute, R. Rigg, W. Young (captain), 22.
The half-hour scores were -    
Ashfield: 18, 36, 62, 81, final 109. Victoria Park : 14, 25, 42, 61 ; final, 84. Majority for Ashfield, 25.    

Three rinks iroia Manly visited the City Green. Scores -
No. 1. -City ; James, Muir, Knight, Harris (captain), 39. Manly: Newman, Rummell, Davies, Lounah (captain), 17.    
No. 2-City : Usher, Dr Barkas, Morris, Josephson ('captain), 18. Manly : Knox, Black, Bacon, Norris (captain), 25.  
No. 3 - City : Cansdell, D. Solomon, Warne, C Soloman, (captain), 25. Manly : Morris, Lowenstein, Byrne, Lockhead (captain), 17.  
Half-hour scores. -City 17, 37, 51, 65 final 82. Manly 8, 22, 34, 49, final, 59. Majority for City, 23.

This contest took place on the Wentworth Park Green, Scores -
No. 1 -Randwick : Larkin,Spencer, Thomson, Wallace     (captain), 21 Glebe : Barker, Cunlon, Huenerbein, John- son(captain), 28.  
No. 2 -Randwick : Lewis, Andrew Scott, Raffan, Perry (captain ), 31. Glebe : Kinane, Horgue, Thornley, Mackinlay (captain), 10.  
No. 3 -Randwick : Maynard, Stevenson, Arthur Scott, Hedge (captain), 23. Glebe :Guest, Carlaw, Buckle, Vaughan (captain), 23. 
No. 4 -Randwick : Bedford, Lee, Coulter, Cook (cap- tain), 25. Glebe : Stinson, Cole, Purves, Macpherson (captain),29.  
Half-hour scores - Randwick :17, 46, 56, 83, final, 103. Glebe 22, 43, 60, 74 final, 81. Majority for Randwick.

On the St Leonards green a match was played between the Redfern and St. Leonards Clubs scores : -
No. 1 -Redfern : Wilson, Hall, Metcalfe, Wilderstrom, (captain), 35. St. Leonards : A M'Leod, W. H. Perry, J. Jago, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 21. 
No 2-Redfern : Gordon, Rose, Mihell, Hannigan (cap- tain), 21. St. Leonards :Dr. Moore, R. C. Brindley, J.     Liggins, F. Punch (captain), 19.  
No. 3 -Redfern : Perkins, Bromwich, Clarke, Roberts (captain), 31. St. Leonards :Peat, F. J. Cahill, W. B.   Smith, T. Jelly (captain), 16.  
No. 4 -Redfern : Locke, Dupain, Parker, Brogden (captain), 15. St. Leonards : W. Wilkie, H. H. Bligh, J. B. Moore, J. Hobson (captain), 39.
The half-hour scores were -Redfern, 22, 46, 71, 80,   final, 102. St. Leonards :11, 37, 58, 69, final, 97. Majority for for Redfern, 5.

In addition to the attraction of the fete in aid of Hospital Saturday on the Waverley Green an inter- club bowling fixture was brought off between the Waverlny and Balmain Clubs scores -
No 1. - Balmain : Turner, Dalrymple, Murdoch, Akhurst (captain), 28. Waverley : Morcombe Waterhouse, M'Elhone, Wynne (captain), 18.
No. 2. - - Blamain : Christie, Newton, Kershaw, and Reeder (captain), 31. Waverley : Carroll, Locke Evans, Wahberg (captain), 16.  
No 3- Balmain : *Marshall, *Hamilton, Cruickshank, (captain), 17 . Waverley : M'Donald, Parson., Macleod, Kondio(captain), 29.  
No. 4 - Balmain: Young, Cohen, Lewis and Wilson (captain), 18. Waverley: Blanchard, W. Horrocks,   Andrew, Graham (captain), 27.
The half-hour scores: were: Balmain, 10, 15, 48, 73, 94,   Waverley: - 17, 36, 59, 68, 90. The finals were Balmain : 94 ; WaverIey: 90. Balmain winning by 4 points.
* These players bowled three balls  

The Union Recreation and Rosehill clubs played a match on the Strathfield Green. Each side was re- presented by four rinks, and the result was a win for the home team by a fair number of points.
The rinks and scores were -
N'o. 1 - Strathfield : Bunting, Cowdery, Williams, Allt (captain), 27. Rosehill :Hitchcock, Hart, Johnstone, Finlayson (captain), 18.
No. 2 -Strathlleld Dlmelow, Mnckinj Myles, Bird (captain), 19. Rosehill : Grimes, Dr. Brown Byrnes, Cox (captain), 23. 
No. 3-Strathfield : Kopsen Inglis, Thompson, Smith (captain), 37. Rosehill : Chatfield, Coates, Tunks, Lavers (captain), 14.
The half-hour scores were - Strathfield: 22, 30, 45, 70 ; final, 83. Rosehill : 8,16, 26, 37, final, 55.   Majority for Strathfield -28.

These clubs played on the green at Lady Robinsson's Beach, that Brighton is rapidly increasing in efficiency at the game was shown by the fact that on this occasion it succeeded in winning the contest by a few points, having previously been defeated by Newtown in the matches played.
The Waverley Club's open pair tournament has closed with 64 entries.

NEW CLUB AT PETERSHAM. Ashfield offers use of Green until they can build one
Inagural Meeting 8 May 1896




A public meeting for the purpose of establishing a local bowling club was held in the Petersham Town Hall last night theMayor (Alderman A.   Rofe) presided, and among those present were Messrs. J. Davies treasurer NSW Bowling Association) J. W. Mortley (president Ashfield B. C. ), C. W. Wiseman (secretary Victoria Park   B. C. ), 1 J Howard (secretary Ashfield B. C. ) Aldermen W. T. Loudon, Percy Hordern, Moxley, Messrs. T. A. Morgan (acting secretary), Wilson, H.   Hughes, C. W. Knight, Dr. Clune, Butcher, Kay, and many others. In opening the meeting the chairman said that the project had every chance of success, as not only had a large number of residents promised to join, but some substantial donations had been promised.

Dr. T.B. Clune moved-" That a bowling club   to be called the Petersham Bowling Club be now,   formed and that application be now made to the trustees to set aside a suitable site in the public park for a green."  Mr. Nicoll seconded the motion, which was sup- ported by Messrs Wallace, Mortley, and Davies, and earned unanimously.

Alderman W. Moxley moved,-" That a committee be appointed to draft rules and carry out pre- liminary arrangements and report thereon to a meeting of those subscribing one guinea. " The motion was seconded by Mr Wilson, sup- ported by Mr Hughes, and earned unanimously. The election of officers was then proceeded with. Mr. F. A. Morgan and Alderman Moxley were unani- mously elected secretary and treasurer respectively. The following were appointed a provisional com- mittee -Messrs Loudon, P. Dow, Nicoll, Butcher, Knight, Rofe, Dr. Clnne, Wallace and Hughes. The comrmittee was empowered to approach the council, as trustees, with the view of securing a site for a green in the park, also to take such other steps as might be necessary for the proper organisation and conduct of the club. During the evening the use of the Ashfield and Victoria Park green, was offered the new club, pending the construction of it's own green. The offer was accepted with thanks.

Yesterday afternoon the final round of the City club's Champion Pairs Match was playod off in the presence of a large concourse of interested spectators. The contest was between Nightingale and Crawford on the one side, and Waine and S. Geld- ing on the other. Some excellent play was shown and for the greater part of the game there was but little difference in the scores. Towards the end Waine and Gelding pushed themselves well to the front, and eventually won by 21 points to 16. The winners will receive silver-mounted bowls as prizes while the runners-up will be awarded bowls with ivory mounts.

Both the championship and the president's trophy of the Ashlield club have been won by Mr.Fred Thomas, who is probably the most promising   youug player in the colony. Mr. Thomas succeeded in defeating W. Hankin (the winner of the championship for two consecutive years) and also "put down" in one of the events no less than 10 other players of considerable merit. Recently he has been playing as one of the club captains, and has achieved an unusual measure of success.

To-day a team from Waverley will journey to Newcastle, and engage in an inter-club contest withone of the local clubs.

Some 64 pairs have entered for the Grand Pair Tournament at Waverley. The handicaps have just   been issued, and, though generally very fair, have given rise to some amount of dissatisfaction. The first round is to be played on or before the 23rd instant.  





The second round of the club rink contests for the vice-presidents trophies was played on the Ashfield green, the number of competing rinks having been reduced to six by the first round. In only one match was the contest at all close. Davies' team defeating Gelding's by only two points. Hankin's rink beat Whittle's by 15, aud Lawrence's defeatod Hutchings' by 20. The rinks captained by Davies, Lawrence and Hankin only now remain in the contest. The next round will be played next Saturday. One team is to receive a bye. The rinks and scores were -
No. 1-J. Reid, J. F. Meares, J. C. Groth, J. Davies (captain), 23, versus J. F. Carson, W. Pepperday, F. J. Howard, W. Gelding (captain) .21.    
No. 2 - H. drake, G. H. Rogers, A. H. Kellett, W. Hinchcliffe (captain), 35, versus A. W. Pearce, T. Wilson C. Butcher, L. H. Whittle (captain), 20.    
No. 3 - W. Armitage, R. Stanton, D. J. Schofield, G. M.   Laurence (captain), 37 versus T. Weisener, F. H. Thatcher,   W. Robertson (substitute) - J. Hutchings (captain), 17. 

A four rink friendly match was played on the St. Leonards green between the St. Leonards and Randwick Clubs and resultied in a win for the home team by 33 points. There was a good attendance and much interest was taken in the game Mr. J. J. Earl carried out the duties of scorer and umpire with satisfaction to all. The following are
rinks and scores -
No. 1 - St. Leonards : O Sleeman, R.C. Brindley, F. J. Cahill, F. Punch (captain), 20. Randwick :Bedford, Dunlop, Coulter, Hedges(captain), 26.   
No. 2 - St. Leonards : I. Musgrave, P. M. Thompson, J. Teat, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 15. Randwick : Lewis, Maynard, R. A. Thompson, T. B. Parry(captain), 25.     
No. 3 - St. Leonards : H. H. Bligh, W. Perry, W. Wilkie, J. Hobson (captain), 39. Randwick : Larkin, Goodwin, Arthur Scott, Wallace (captain), 10.  
No. 4 - St. Leonards : Dr. "Moore, A. M'Leod, J. B. Moore, J. Liggins (captain), 34. Randwick : Crough,   Taylor, Andrew Scott, Raffan (captain), 14.
Half-hour scores -St Leonards: 27, 43, 71, 87 ; final     108. Randwick : 11. 32, 44, 61 ; final, 75. Majority for St. Leonards, 33.

The first of the three final rounds in the Ashfield vice-presidents rink trophy matches



The following matches in the grand pair tourna- ment have been (arranged, and will be played on the Waverley green this afternoon -Whittle and Aitken (Ashfield), 7 behind scratch, v. Mihell and Gorton (Redfern), scratch, Goddard and Coker (City), 10 behind, v. Hobson and Smith (St. Leonards), 6 behind ; Fleay and Fielding (New- town), 6 behind, v Finlayson and Johnstone (Rosehill), 3 behind. In addition to these, other matches may be played, but the socretary of the association has received no intimation in regard thereto.

This afternoon a contest between the St Leonards  and Brighton clubs will, weather permitting, be played on the St. Leonards green.
A very genorous provision for the greens situated on public parks has been made by the Water Board, between 80 and 90 thousand feet of water having been granted to each institution free of charge. Club secretaries are advised to send in the bonds in connection therewith as soon as possible.

The first of the three final rounds in the Ashfield vice-presidents rink trophy matches will be played off this afternoon. Armitage, Stanton, Schofield, and Laurence (captain) will meet Reid, Meares, Groth, and J. Davis (captain). The winning team will play off with Drakes, G. H. Bogen Kellett, and Hankin (captain), who receive a bye. The two defeated teams will play for the second prize.

It is estimated that some 52 players will have to play their first contests in the Waverley tournament within the next nine days.

The secretary of the association (Mr. H. C. Evans) intends if possible convening a meeting of the New South Wales Bowling Association within a fortnight's time, then steps will be taken for the federation of bowling throughout Australasia, and for the amendment of the rules followed by the New South Wales Association.

T. T. Forsyth and Walker, who were first and second respectively, won the prizes presented by Messrs. F. Punch and W. P. Moore for competition among the members of the St. Leonards club.  

Weather permitting, the Redfern club will play a match this afternoon.




A special general meeting of members of the New South Wales Bowling Association was held at the Hotel Australia last night. Mr John Young (president) occupied the chair, and included in a representative attendance were Messrs. H. C. Evans (secretary, association), T. Davies (treasurer, association), J. Forsyth (president, Randwick), W. Macleod (president, Waverley), Dr. Wilson (ex -president, Balmain), W. H. Goddard (president City), W. Dolman (pre- sident, Newtown). J. W. Mortley (president, Ashfield), F.J. Cahill (secretary St. Leonards), A. E. Butler (secretary, City), J. F. Dalrymple (secretary, Newtown), F. J. Howard (secretary, Ashfield), and a large number of others and members of nearly all associated clubs. It was resolved that the rules be taken as read, and discussed seriatim. The first amendment made was in the rule regarding the management of the association. On the motion of Mr. Lewis the rule was amended so as to provide for the election of the oficers from the whole of the members instead of from the delegates. Each club was also restricted to one delegate.

Mr. Laurence proposed that rule 4 read as under, " Any club applying for admission to the associa- tion shall support its application by a certifícate signed by it's hon. treasurer and secretary that it p0ssesses the necessary qualification as set forth in rule 3, giving the names and addresses of the delegates. A similar certificate to the above to be furnished annually if required by the association". Mr. Wiseman moved as a further amendment that rule 4 read as under -"A club applying for admission to the association will be required to be introduced by a member of an associated club, and support its application by a certificate signed by two responsible persons that the club possesses at least members whose subscription is not less than £1 1s per annum paid yearly or half-yearly, and that it   does not cater for the public ; the certificate to be furnished anuunlly if required. "These propositions led to a protracted discussion, it being explained by the movers that their object was to preserve the sta tus of the game and preventing it from becoming associated with anything undesirable. Mr. Laurence's motion was carried the other being ruled out of order. The powers of the match committee were increased so that they could fix the home greens on which the intercolonial matches were to be played and arrange all necessary details. To the fixing the subscription to the association the follow- ing addition was made, on the motion ot Mr Evans, in order to induce Newcastle and other country clubs to join :- " Clubs distant more than 20 miles from Sydney may be admitted to the association on payment of a reduced fee of £2 2s per annum. Such, clubs may appoint a member of any club affiliated to the association as their delegate, provided he is not an ofiicer of the association or a representative of another club. An amendment by Mr Wiseman absolving associated clubs from the liabilities of the association was lost. The function of the committee in regard to making fixtures was restricted to pennant and trophy matches, interclub matches being exempted. The following amendments were carried on the motion of Mr. Laurence :- " No member shall play in any association match during the season for more than one club without a written permit from, the committee. In the event of any member so doing the club with which he shall play (not being the club with which he has declared to play in accor- dance with rules) shall be disqualified for such match. " 2. " The committee shall have the power to settle ill disputes on any matters relating to bowling, either between affiliated clubs or members thereof, which may be submitted to them in writing within three months of the time when such dispute arose, and their decision shall be final ". The following new rules were added on the motion of Mr. Laurence -1. " Any member of two or more clubs shall be deemed to have declared to play for the season for the club with which he shall have first played in any association match durig such sea- son " 2 " An association match shall be deemed to mean any match arranged by the 'committee' in ac- cordance with rules. Unless otherwise mentioned,  the worl ' committee ' shall mean the 'general commitees'.      

Mr Evans moved,-"That these rules as amended be now adopted, and take effect as from the 1st October, 1896." Carried.  Proposed amendments in the laws of the game
were then dealt with.

Ashfield v Newtown, at Ashfield, 6 June 1896



The association arrangements for to-day are -   Glebe v Rosehill, at Glebe, City v Redfern, at City, Stratfield v Balmain, at Strathfield, St. Leonards v Victoria Park at St. Leonards Waverley v. Brighton, at Waverley, Ashfield v Newtown, at Ashfield, Randwick v Manly, at Randwick. Owing to the bad condition of the green through the recent rains, it has been resolved to postpone the match at Cook Park.

In the Waverley tournament Wahlberg and M'Leod (Waverley)will complete their match against Wallace and Perry (Randwick) this afternoon, Knight and Butler (City ) playing off with the winners, Goddard and Coker (City) will also probably meet Widerstrom and Wilson (Redfern). The second round must be plavod off by Saturday next.  

Entries for the Brighton Open Tourney are coming in pretty freely, City will send at least two rinks, one consisting of Goddard, Muir, Harris, and Coker, while Ashfieid has for one rink Groth, E. G. Aitken,   Hankin, and Whittle.  

In the Jersey trophy (St. Leonards) contests, J. Musgrave (10 points) beat J. Liggns (1 points) by 31 to 19. W. Alexander (scratch) also beat J. Jago (4 points) by 31 to 19.





Two of two of the seven inter-club matches arranged for Saturday did not take place. That between the City and Redfern, at Cook's Park, was postponed on account of the condition of the green, and that be- tween the Glebe and Rosehill, at Wentworth Park, was declared off, at the latter could not get a team together. The other matches resulted as follow : - 
This contest took place on the Ashfield green. Only three rinks played on each side, Newtown being unable to get its full, team together. The contest was in favour of the locals all through. At the first half-hour Ashfield had a lead of 12, in the second of 21, and in the third of 19. At the final the score was-Ashfield, 66 , Newtown, 52 , the former thus winning by 14. 
'Ihe rinks and scores were -
No. 1 -Ashfield : H.. Drake, J. Harrison, J. Hutchings, F. Thomas (captain), 17. Newtown Gosclic, Langley, J Dunlop, J. F. Dalrymple (captain), 17.  
No . 2 - Ashfield : J. M. Pierce, F. Freeman, J. W. Mortley, W. Hanken (captain), 24..Newtown : J. Gentle, G. Gommeson, W. A. Dolman, Dickinson (captain), 15.  
No. 3 Ashfield : W. Kay, D. J. Schofield, J. C. groth, W.Geldig (captain), 25.. Newtown : Withers, --------, Pritchard, A. T. Fleay (captain), 20.
The half-hour scores were :-Ashfield, 18, 40, 52, final 60. Newtown, 6, 19, 33, final 52. Majority for Ashfield, 14.

Played on the Strathfield green and won by Bal- main by one point. This was a very remarkable game, inasmuch as the locals had a well-defined lead all through, as follows :-1 First half-hour, 18 ; second, 18, third, 17, fourth, 4. The victory was gained for the visitors by .Jervis's rink, with 28 to 19, U. R. C. was 10 ahead in one rink and tied in another.
'The rinks and scores were -
No. 1-U. R. C. : E. B. Renny, Jas. Myles, John Del- bridge, T. J. Thompson (captain), 23., Balmain : H. A. Young, M. Newton, H. J. Cohen, D. Wilson (captain), 15,  
No. 2- U. R. C. : Geo. Cowdery, W. Page, J. Williams, T. R. Allt (captain), 22. Balmain : C. Turner, G. Fraser, G. C. Murdoch, W Akhhurst (captain), 22.  
No. 3 -U. R. C. : W. Drake,A Saddington, J. B.Dime- low, J. C. Jones (captain), 20. Balmain : A. Christie, W. H. Dalrymple, B. Kershaw, J. J. Reeder (captain), 22.    
No. 4 - U. R. C. : A. Bunting, T. B. Rolin, L. Myles, H. S. Bird (captain), 19. Balmain : A. Marrshall, V. Cronin, W. Cruickshank, J. H. Jervis (captain), 28.  
The half-hour scores were -Union Recreation 27,41, 55, 68 ; final, 86. Balmain : 9, 23, 38, 64 ; final, 87. Majority for- Balmain : 1.

Ashfield Club's rink trophies 13 June 1896 


There are no association fixtures for this afternoon, but in all probability several inter-club matches will be played. Weather permitting, one ot the final rounds for the Ashfield Club's rink trophies will be played.

The second round of the Jersey trophy and gold medal competition was brought to a conclusion on the St Leonards green on Wednesday, the 10th instant. The conditions were : 4 bowls, 31 points up. The match between J. Hobson (scratch) and W. J. Grace} (10) was an interesting contest, as also were those played by O. Sleeman and F. Punch, and   H. H.Bligh and R. C. Brindley, both of which were   won by 1 point only. The following are the scores :  
T. Hobson (scratch), 31 beat W. J. Gracey (10), 22 ; J. Musgrave (10), 31 beat J. Liggins (3), 19 ; W. Alexander (scratch), 31 beat J. Jago (4), 19 ; O. Slee- man (5), 31 beat F. Punch (scratch), 30 ; H. H. Bligh (7), 31 beat R. C. Brindley (4), 30.

Entries for the Brighton Rink Tournament, to be held on the green at Lady Robinson's Beach, closed on Monday night. The entries are believed to beo fairly numerous, and include some really fine rinks from the City and other clubs. The prize offered is one that should call forth the best exertions of the entrants. Tournaments will be held at Wellington (N. Z.) in January and at Christchurch in February. It is desired that a representative New South Wales team take part therein, and a well-known Sydney bowler   has been requested by the New Zealand players to organise one.

At the last meeting of the Victorian Association the resignation of the secretary, Mr Allan Baxter, was received and accepted and it was resolved that he be forwarded a letter of thanks for his services. For the vacant position Messrs. W. J. Cuddon, W.   H.Flood, and R. R. Frotwell were nominated, the last being elected.

The Strathfield Club held a highly successful smoke concert at its premises during last week. A   feature of the entertainment was the lightning sketching of prominent public men and bowlers by a well-known Sydney artist.    

Mr. Savage, secretary of the Perth (W. A.) club,   who is an old NewZealand bowler, visited Sydney during last week on his way to New Zealand. He reports that his club has made a splendid start, and already has 10 members.

The draw for the second round of the Waverley   tournament resulted as, follows -Roarty and Lyons, (Brighton), v. Lewis and A. Scott (Randwick), scratch , Raffan and Cook (Randwick),   2 behind, v. Carlaw and Lowden (Victoria Park), 1 behind, Coulter and Bedford (Randwick), 1 start, v. Gibson and Illidge, (Rosehill), 1 behind ; Marshall and Blanchard ( Waverley), 1 behind, v. Brogden and Roberts (Redfern), 6 behind ; Knight and Butler (City), 6 behind, v. Wallberg and Macleod (Waverley), 6 behind or Wallace and Perry (Randwick), 5 behind ; Reeder and Newton (Balmain), 7 behind, v. Bradbury and  O'Connor (Brighton), scratch , Cohen and Lemm   (Balmain), 1 behind, v. Evans and Locke     (Waverley), 1 behind, v. Punch and Gor- don (St. Leonards), 7 behind, v. Harris  and Muir (City), 9 behind ; King and Howlett (Warverley), 3 start, v Messel and Buckle (Glebe), 1 behind , Forsyth and Chapman (Randwick ), 7 behind, v Luckham and Davies (Manly), 2 start W. P. Moore and Dr. Moore (bt Leonards) 5 behind, v. Whittle and E. G. Aitken (Ashfield), 7 behind ; Medcalfe and Clarke (Redfern), 2 behind, v Pritchard and Murray (Newtown), 6 behind ; Josephson and Morris (City) ), 7 behind, v. Fleay and Fielding (Newtown), 6 behind ; A. Horrocks and W. Horrocks (Waverley), 4 behind v Lane and. Mercer (Victoria Park), 4 behind Andrew and Carroll (Waverley), 3 behind,   or Larkin and Thompson (Randwick), 1 start, J. B. Moore and R. Brindley (St. Leonards), 2 be- hind , Coker and Goddard (City), 10 behind, A. Widerstrom and Wilson (Redfern), 1 behind.

The time for the playing off of the second round of the Waverley grand tournamont has been extended to the 20th instant, the unfavourable state of the weather having prevented the playing of many games.

A number of entrances for the Brighton tournament have been sent in, but no acceptances have as yet been notified.

This afternoon two City pairs Messrs. Butler and Knight, and Messrs. Goddard and Coker, will play their round in the Waverley tournament Messrs. Muir and Harris have secured a postponement of their contest.

The new rules of the association and laws of the game have been printed, and revised by Mr. A. E. Butler (acting secretary), and J. Davies (treasurer) of the association. Copies will be distributed among the clubs in the course of a few days.    

In connection with the Waverley tournament, two   matches were played on Thur day afternoon. Major Morris and F. J. Josephson (City Club) defeated A. T. Fleay and R. Fielding ( Newtown Club) by 28 to   26. Cook and Raffan (Randwick Club) beat Carlaw and W. Louden (Victoria Park Club) by 24 to 12.      

During the week a meeting was held at the pavilion, Victoria Park, for the purpose of making arrangements for a ball. It was decided that the affair take place at the Glebe Town-hall on 3rd July. The following were appointed a sub   committee to carry out the affair - Messrs W. Rigg, M. L. A. (president), R. Jamileson (secretary), J. E. Leo (treasurer), Mesdames. Lee, Edwards, Misses Macdermott and Beaumont, and Messrs. H. B. Hall and A. A. Matthews, Messrs. W. Rigg and C. J. Lane were appointed M. C.'s and it was resolved to request the attendance of Messrs. J. H. Carruthers and Henry Copeland, M's L. A..

A new description of bowls has been introduced to the colony, and has proven satisfaction to those who have tried it. It has the approval of the Scottish Association. 

Third round of the Waverley tournament 21 June 1896



The state of the weather on Saturday prevented adherence to the greater number of the association inter-club fixtures for the day. As a matter of fact only one contest took place, and that was a very small one, as only two rinks took part on each side. The contending clubs were St.Leonards and Brighton, and the match took place   at the green at Lady Robinson's Beach. The visitors won in both rinks and at the conclusion of the game had a majority of 10 points. The rinks and scores were -

No. 1 -St Leonards : Sleeman, Wilkie, Forsyth, Alexander (captain), 20. Brighton : Phippard, Edward, Macleod, Bradbury (captain), 16.    
No. 2 - St. Leonards : Bligh, Trimble, Liggins, Punch (captain), 24. Brighton: Alcock, Nicholas, Hegarty, Corbett (captain), 16.
Totals : St Leonards, 44 ; Brighton, 34. Majority for St. Leonards, 10.
In connection with the Ashfield vice-president's trophy match it appears that only the 25 stipulated heads were played, 26 heads having been marked on the cards through mistake in scoring.

Twenty-five teams have been entered for the Brighton open rink tournament. The home club has six rinks, Waverley, three, Newtown, three, Redeorn, Balmain, City, Manly, and Victoria Park, two each, Ashfield, Randwick, and St Leonards, one each. No entries were received from the U. B. C., Glebe, Annandale, or Rosehill. Tonight a meeting of delegates from clubs   represented will be held, and a committee of five appointed to carry out the contests. The committee will make the draws, and allot the times for the playing of the different rounds. The first prize is 10 guineas, and the second 1 guinea. Handicaps will be declared during this week.

Following is the result of the drawing for the third round of the Waverley tournament, to be played off on or before 4th July.  Cohen and Lemm (Balmain), 1 behind, or Evans and   Locke (Waverley), 1 behind, v. Punch and Gordon (St.   Leonards), 7 behind ; Coulter and Bedford (Randwick), 1   start v. Josephson and Morris (City), 7 behind ; Andrew   and Carroll (Waverley), 3 behind, v.Widerstrom and Wilson(Redfern), 1 behind ; Medcalf and Clark (Redfern) 2 behind or. Reeder and Newton ( Balmain), 7   behind or Bradbury and O'Connor (Brighton), scratch; A and W. Horrocks ( Waverley), 4 behind, v. Brogden and Roberts (Redfern), 6 behind ; Raffan and Cook (Randwick), 2 behind, v. King and Hewlett (Waverley), 3 start, or Messell and Buckle (Glebe), 4 behind ; Whittle and Aitken (Ashfield), 7 behind, v Roarty and Lyons (Brighton). scratch ; Luckham and Davies (Manly) . 2 start, v. Knight and Butler (City) 6 behind or Wahlberg and Macleod(Waverley), 6 behind.

The return match president's versus vice-presidents teams, arranged for last Saturday at Rand- wick, had again to be postponed on account of the inclemency of the weather, however a large num- ber of the members rolled up, and in the evening the "leg of mutton " supper arranged was served in the  club-room and about 50 sat down. Mr. A. Saunders catered. Mr. J.Forsyth (the president) was in the chair, and Messrs. John See, M. L. A. and David Storey, M. L. A. in the vice-chairs. After supper an adjournment was made to the billiard-room, where an enjoyable musical evening was spent, amongst those contributing to the programme being Messrs. J. C. Goodwin, C. E. Bedford, P. Pemell, Perryman, and Arthur Kidman.



Saturday's Matches.


A five-rink match between the Ashfield and Waverley clubs was played on the Ashfield green on     Saturday. It had been intended to have an eight   rink contest-four rinks from both sides playing on each green-but owing to a misunderstanding this plan was not followed. Waverley played with one

substitute. From the outset to the conclusion the game was in favour of the locals. Their leads were - First term 20, second 19, third 2o, and fourth and final 54, the latter being the amount of the win.The most remarkable feature of the    

game was the making of 7 points in one head by Hankin's rink. Ashfield won in every rink. The      

rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Ashfield ; T. Wiesener, L. R. Mitchell, W. Aitken, W. Gelding (captain), 28. Waverley : A. W. Pearce (substitute), Dr.Barkas, D. Mitchell, Captain     Kondio (captain), 13.
No. 2- Ashfield : G. Watson, F. Freeman, E. G. Aitken, E. Thomas (captain), 23. Waverley : Macdonald, F. G.   Ord, E.Baines, Watkin Wynne (captain), 13.
No. 3- Ashfield : H. Drake, W. Robertson, J. C. Groth, G. M. Laurence (captain), 26. Waverley : Suther- land, Haycroft, Major Blanchard, M'Elhone (captain), 12.  
No 4 - Ashfield :J. M. Pierce, D. J. Schofield, Hugh Dixson, L. H. Whittle (captain), 25. Waverley : Clark, Ord, Locke, H. C. Evans (captain), 14.    
No. 5- Ashfield : W. Kay, C. Butcher, J. W. Mortley, W. Hankin (captain), 21. Waverley : O. Carroll, Hurley, G. T. Clarke, Graham (captain), 17.
The half-hour scores were -Ashfield, 31, 53, 80, final, 123. Waverley, 11, 34, 55, final 69, Majority for Ashfield. 54.

This contest resulted in a substantial win for Red- fern by 34 points. Only three rinks represented each club, and Redfern had substantial wins in two of them Redfern led at the end of the first term, and increased its majorities in the two succeeding. The winning Glebe rink was captained by Messell, who   defeated Brogden's team. The Redfern team ma-   jorities were-first, 7 ; second, 20 ; third, 31 ; fourth and final, 31. Rinks and scores -
No. 1 - Redfern : Hall, Rose, Roberts, Brogden [cap- tain), 21. Glebe :: Huenerbein, Kendall, Buckle, Messell (captain), 25.
No. 2 - Redfern : Bromwich, Clarke, Medcalfe, Howe (captain), 30. Glebe : Guest, Hogue, Purves, Johnson (captain), 11.
No. 3- Redfern : Wilson, Purdet, Hanigan, Widertaroin (captain), 28. Glebe : Stimson, Carlaw, Mackinlay, M'Pher-   son (captain), 9.
The half hour scores were -Redfern : 20, 40, 62 ; final, 79. Glebe : 13, 20, 28 ; final, 45. Majority for Redfern, 34.

The postponed inter club match between the St. Leonards and Balmain clubs was played at Balmain. The game was one of the most interesting that have yet eventuated inasmuch as the local club was leading at the 20th head by 7 points but Balmain's   first and fourth rinks experienced hard luck after this ; notably in No 1 rink, where Mr. Frank Punch was successful in putting on 11 points in three successive heads. The green was in the pink of condition but Balmain were without the valuable services of their president (Mr Walker Akhurst), Mr. H. Kershaw and Alderman G. C. Murdoch, necessitating the first and third players in several rinks to use three bowls. The game resulted in a win for the visitors by 10 points. Rinks and scores -
No. 1 - Balmain : H. A. Young (3 bowls), H. B. Cohen, (3 Bowls), Dr. R. A. Wilson (captain), 17. St. Leonards : J. Post, W. M'Leod, J. Trumble, Frank Punch (captain) 29. No. 2 -Balmain : A Marshall (3 bowls), W. D. Cruik- shank (3 bowls), J. H. Jervis (captain), 25. St. Leonards : Dr. Moore, W. H. Perry, J. B. Moore, T. T. Forsyth   (captain), - 21.
No. 3- Balmain : Cecil Turner (3 bowls), Manfield, Newton (3 bowls), F. Lemm (captain), 29. St. Leonard's ; O. Sleeman, F. J. Cahill, J. Liggins, W. Alexander (cap-   tain), 26.
No. 4 -Balmain : G. Fraser, W. H. Dalrymple, A. Christie, J. J. Reeder (captain), 18. 8t. Leonards : H. H. Bligh (3 bowls), J. C. Taylor (3 bowls), J. Hobson (cap-   tain), 29.
Half hour scores : Balmain, 18, 31, 52, 77, final, 89 ; St. Leonards ; 18, 48, 62, 70, final 105.

Mr. P. N. Thomson, a member of the St Leonards Club, was to have played in the above match, but, as reported in another column, died suddenly on Thursday, and was buried on Saturday afternoon at Gore Hill. The club sent representatives to the funeral, and also forwarded a handsome wreath Randwick club match.

The twice postponed return game, president's (Mr   J. Forsyth, J. P.) team against the vice-presidents (Messrs David Storey, M. L. A. , and John See, M. L. A.) team was played on Saturday afternoon on the club's green, and resulted in a record decisive   victory for the president's players by 48 points. Five rinks were played. The following are the rinks and scores -
No. 1- Presidents: Allsopp Bolton Andrew Scott, G.   Ruffan (captain), 31. Vice-President's : A. H.Moore, D. M. Myers, J. Maynard, James Cook (captain), 8.  
No. 2 -President's : F. Stephenson, J. A. I. Perry, A. Lewis, A. W. Meeks (captain), 16. Vice-President's : B. Cameron, B. Foley, J. Kidman, John See (captain), 19.  
No. - 3 : President's : I. B. Hodgson, G. Ireland, J. C. Goodwin, J. Forsyth (captain), 36. Vice-president's: W. Green, H. Roberts, A. Reid, David Storey (captain), 10.
No. 4 - President's : W. Telfer, H. Lee, R. A. Thomp- pon, Arthur Scott (captain), 21. Vice-president's : H. F. Francis, P. Pemell, F. G. Crouch, J. Wallace (captain), 17. 
No. 5 - President's : L. Moore, ____, L. Levy, J. Hedges (captain), 15. Vice-President's : W. T. Waters, ____, H. P. Flavelle, T. B. Perry (captain), 17.
The totals were - President s team, 119 ; Vice-President's       team, 71.

The secretary (Mr A Horrocks) has prepared the third annual report of the Waverley Club. The year ends with a membership of 169, 36 of whom were ladies ; 42 new members were en- rolled during the year. The receipts amounted to   £720 11s 3d, and the expenditure (including allow- ances for depreciation) to £732 19s 7d. £46 4s 8d had been raised for the Hospital Saturday movement. During the year the club competed in   49 inter-club and tournament matches, winning 28, losing 19, and making two ties ; 4166 points were made, as against opponents' 3904. This was a decided improvement on past performances. Parti- culars of club trophy matches were given, and of other contests in which members took part. In the   tennis section 21 matches were played, 15 being won and 6 lost. Results of the billiard and card tourna- ments were also stated. Accompanying the report is a statement showing captains' and scores in all pennant matches, and summaries of all ordinary bowling matches and pennant matches played by the club.  




A three-rink match between representatives of the two colonies was played on the Ashfield green among members of the club on Saturday afternoon. Only three rinks of Victorians were available, and consequently there was no room for selection. New South Wales, on the other hand, was not represented as strongly as possible, as the club champion and other good players were not included in the team. All things considered, the contest was a close and interesting one. Victoria won in two of the three rinks, but Gelding's team secured the victory for this colony by making 32 points to 11. The rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Victoria : J. Reid, A. E. Davies, J. C. Groth, J. Hutchings (captain), 20. New South Wales : W. Brothwood, D. J. Schofield, Hugh Dixson, G. M. Miller (captain), 18.
No. 2 - Victoria : W. Aitken, K. T. St. Clair, E. G. Aitken, P.'Thomas (captain), 20. New South Wales : C. Butcher, G. Watson, J. W. Mortley, L. H. Whittle (captain), 17.
No. 3 - Victoria : Clutterbuck, W. Kay, J. M. Pierce (captain), 11. New South Wales : H. Drake,   A. H. Kellett, C. Bailey, W. Gelding (Captain), 32.  
Totals-Victoria, 51; New South Wales, 67. Majority for New South Wales, 16.



In the report of the Victoria-N. S. W. match at Ashfield, the word " late " was omitted from the phrase " the club champion " Mr Fred Thomas, the present champion, played as a captain for the Victorian team, and won in his rink.

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