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Annual Concert of 1899

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 26 August 1899, page 10


A well-attended smoko concert in connection with this club took place on Wednesday evening in the club pavilion, Ashfield Park. Mr R Stanton J P , presided in the absence of Mr R Aitken, president, who was ill. A pleasing programme had been prepared by Mr F Thomas, and from it the fol-   lowing items wore rendered: Instrumental trio, Messrs A Hankin, R Laurence, and C E Sharp , songs by Messrs. A Pearce, T Marsen, F Thomas, S Goodin, J W Mortley, F W Garden, and J Fallen, recitations by Messrs E A Autrobus and T Featherstone; and cornet solo by Mr H Burgess. The accompaniments were rendered by Messrs G Dupain, F Thompson, and C E Sharpe, and a very pleasant evening was spent.  

Annual General Meeting of 1899

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 13 October 1899, page 4


The annual meeting of the Ashfield B C was held on Wednesday evening in the club house, Ashfield Park, Mr. L R Mitchell (vice-president) presided,  and there was a large attendance. The annual report   by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. T. C. Allen, showed that the tenth year of the club had been marked by increased prosperity. The membership had increased   from 85 to 92. The green had been greatly improved during the year, so that the club house and its   surroundings were a credit to the suburb. Large numbers of visitors attended it daily, and the place appeared to be an attraction to residents. The green was officially opened on January 26, when a bowling match between Ashfield and Summer Hill residents occurred, the result being an easy win for Summer Hill. During the year the club played 25 matches, winning 14 and losing11. The aggregate number     of points scored for the club was 2515 and against   2194, the majority being thus 321 in favour of Ash- field. The club was represented in all the associa-   tion fixtures viz. , pennant, champion medal, cham- pion rink, B competition, vice presidents' trophies, and in two matches against the Northern Associations. In the pennant matches the club won 7 and lost 6 games. In the B competition the club occupied the honourable position of runners up, In inter colonial matches the club has been to the fore. A representative Ballarat team was entertained, the game on this occasion resulting in a draw. The Launceston ( Tasmania) team was also entertained, and the game on this occasion   was in favour of Ashfield by 27 points. On   September 2 a world's record match against Waverley was played, when 64 players on each side engaged in a bowling contest. The result was a victory for Ashfield by 132 points. A large number of club trophies were competed for, the following being the winners:- -Mr. B. G Aitken won the club championship, Mr. J. W. Mortley being second. Mr W. Armitage won the president's trophy, with Mr. D. J. Schofield runner-up. For the vice-presidents' trophies 15 rinks competed, the winners being Messrs. H Goddard, C. Baker, A. B Clarke, and G. M. Laurence. Messrs. R. Elphinstone, G. H Cary, F. C Baylis, and J. Norri were runners-up. The leader's trophy was won by Mr. J. Harrison, Mr. H Goddard being second. The Larkin trophy was won by Mr. T. Blundell. The club had been indebted to their officers for donations and prizes, and to other well wishers. Special thanks were accorded Messrs J. W. Mortley, H. Goddard F. Thomas, and T. C Allen. The balance-sheet submitted by the hon. treasurer, Mr. P. Thomas, showed receipts   £580 13s, expenditure £568 7s 2d, leaving a credit balance of £12 6s, which, being added to other assets, gave the club a total credit in ad- dition to club fixtures of £31 5s. Votes of thanks were accorded the officers. On the motion of Mr. J. W. Cockbaine it was decided to allow the caretaker to accept gratuities from visiting bowlers. Feeling reference was made to the death of the esteemed president, Mr. William Aitken. The officers elected for the new year were :-President, Mr. J. F. Carson ; vice-presidents, Messrs. R. Stanton, G. Watson, J. Harrison, G. Fishburn, H. Moses, and S. H. Cary ; general committee, Messrs. J. C'. Groth, T. Blundell, F. C. Baylis, J. W. Morltey, E. G. Aitkin : hon secretary, Mr. T. C Allen , hon treasurer, Mr. L. R. Mitchell ; delegate to the association, Mr. L. R. Mitchell , hon, auditor, Mr. M. A. Pinnington. A vote of thanks was accorded the retiring treasurer, Mr F. Thomas, and the re-elected hon. secretary, Mr. T. C Allen.

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