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First suggestion that Bowls be introduced to the Colony
18 Feb 1830

Hyde Park

A cricket match will be held at Hyde Park, on Friday next. This game is a fine recreation, but rather too laborious an exercise for so warm a climate, at least in the summer season. Sydney is greatly in want of gymnastic amusements. A bowling-green would be a desirable acquisition for the health and amusement of the citizens of our metropolis.

First Bowling Green
The Beach Tavern Bowling Green Sandy Bay Tas. 26 November 1844

The opening of what will become the first Bowling Club in Australia
Bowling Green Hotel 15th March 1845
Bowling Green Hotel Construction
In our advertising columns
will be found a notice of the Bowling Green Hotel, recently erected by our old fellow townsman, Mr. W. Turner, late, of the Saracen's Head. Having inspected the house, we are enabled most conscientiously to bear witness to the truth of the notification, which, however, does not, in our opinion, go far enough in explaining the excellencies of the establishment, which, when completed, will be one of the best in the colony. As abundance of pure and cool air from the sea and the hills is a grand desideratum to the weary voyager, and especially if he comes hither from the scorching cities or equally scorching plains of the East, it will be found in perfection at the Bowling Green Hotel, while its close proximity to the business part of the town is a matter of consequence to new corners. Mr. Turner, we believe, prides himself upon his English ales, and not without reason, as we can testify, while we can ensure any who will pay him a visit a hearty welcome, and great civility. Of this also we feel certain, that those who may call at the Bowling Green Hotel will bear us out in all that has been said expecting it, and a good deal more.  
Probationer charged with disobedience 1st April 1845

 First Game of Bowls ever played in Van Dieman's Land at the Beach Tavern
4th January 1845
Sandy Bay Match
OLD ENGLISH RECREATIONS. - The first game of bowls ever played in Van Diemen's Land, or perhaps in the southern hemisphere, was played at Mr. Lipscombe's, Sandy Bay, on Wednesday last, 1st January, 1845, between Mr. T. Burgess and Mr. P. Lipscombe (both old English players) for a small sum, which was decided in favour of the former by the odd game out  of twenty-five. We are glad to see this manly and gentlemanly exercise introduced into our ????  country, as nothing tends more to health than sport and exercise. - Communicated.  

October 28, 1845. J688

Bowling Green Hotel Green opening

HAS the pleasure of announcing to the lovers of this old and delightful game, and to the public generally, that his spacious GREEN, in the construction and cultivation of which no expense has been spared,  WILL BE OPENED FOR PLAY On Monday next, 3rd of November.

When every attention will be paid to those who may favour us with a call. An attendant, to give any information regarding the play, will always be on the Green. The rules are so simple that those not acquainted with the game may learn them in a few minutes.

The Green will be reserved on particular occasions, to be fixed upon by themselves, for those gentlemen who may become subscribers.

Non-subscribers will have a set of balls delivered to them on payment of sixpence for each, player.

A pleasant Alcove for the accommodation of those who may not be playing themselves, but are desirous of watching the game.

Bowling Green Hotel, corner of Fitzroy Place.

First Meeting to Form the First Bowling Club in Australia at the Bowling Green Hotel Sandy Bay Tas.
The Subscribers to this now fashionable place of amusement, are requested to meet at the" Bowling Green Hotel," on Wednesday, 28th inst., at 4 o'clock, for the purpose of initiating the necessity rules and regulations for the formation of the Club. We trust that every Subscriber will make it a matter of business to attend upon this occasion. A substantial luncheon will be provided by the liberal proprietor, from 12 o'clock until the hour of meeting.
First offer of Gambling on a game in NSW
13 March 1847
MESSRS. JOHN GRISDEL AND WILLIAM TAYLOR are open to play any two men in the Colony a single game at Bowls for £5. or £10 aside. The Money and Men are always ready at Robinson's Green, The Boundary Stone.

First Challenge Match
The 96th Regiment v. Civilians 1852 at Bowling Green Hotel


   First Members Only Days for the Bowling Club
Green Reserved for Members Only
30 October 1850
IN again returning thanks to his Friends and the public for the liberal patronage he has received, begs to inform them that the following arrangements with respect to the Bowling Green have been adopted by the Subscribers ; namely, that the GREEN shall be reserved for their use on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY in every week ; and, to prevent disappointment, W. T. begs to inform the public that it will be open to them on the other days, when he will be happy to render his visitors every accommodation in his power.
First Inter-colonial Match in NSW 20 January 1875

First Inter-colonial series v. Victoria at Annandale, Woolpack Inn and Sherwood Scrubs Greens


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