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The 2011 Law Walker Singles Final has been decided, 
with a determined Paul "Max" Deluca overcoming a equally 
determined Warwick Binett 31 to 25 in an enthralling 
encounter on the 14th August. The game was evenly 
poised throughout, the scores even at 22-22, but with 
12 years playing experience proved too much for a g
allant Warwick. Paul skipped away to win 31-25.
 This Competition is for players who have yet to win a 
Singles title and has a host of excellent players on the 
Honour Roll.


The minor singles for 2011 has been decided with
 a great final between Bruce Pagett and Chris Currie. 
Chris was playing in his first championship event having
 only started bowls some four months early. Chris has 
come through the Club's highly successful program of 
monthly social bowls that targets social bowlers being 
migrated to playing members. Chris had beaten a 
number of established players along the way to the 
final. Bruce who has been playing since 2002 and has 
won other championships, was the favourite for the 
Bruce established an early lead and went onto to win 31 
to 24 after holding out a late charge from Chris when the 
score reached 25 to 24.A. Bruce said he had to bring out 
all his skills to beat Chris. As someone said Pagett survived
 some very hot Currie.

The final of the CLUB FOURS for 2011 was played 
on Sunday 30th January 2011. It was a very 
convincing win to the team of Zac Hadzic, Bruce Pagett,
 Michael Pacya and Greg Aspinall 34 shots to 9 over Phil 
Hollman, Peter Henry, Michael Mason and Matt Tobin. 
Greg Aspinall's team won the first six ends posting a 
very handy lead of 13 shots. They continued to 
dominate scoring five on the 13th end to take a 25 to 5
 lead. It was all over by the 18th end with another five 
picked up by the new champions. It is was Greg Aspinall's
 11th win in the fours in the past 15 years. For photos 
of the final see our
photo page

The blue ribbion event for 2010 the Major Singles has
 finished with the winner being Barry Lindner. It is Barry's
 first major singles championship. He faced Neville Ross
 in the final, who had the week before beaten fourteen 
times Club Champion Greg Aspinall. Neville took an early 
lead winning the first five ends and posting 7 shots, 
Barry then put his nerves aside winning the next end 
and picking up 3 shots. The next few ends were shared, 
with the turing point being the eleventh end when Barry
 picked up the maximum 4 shots and the score was now
 Neville Ross 11, Barry Lindner 10.  Barry hit the lead for
 the first time on the 16th end after picking up 3 shots. 
The battle was now on for the second half of the
 Championship final. Neville replied going to a lead of
 23 to 21. But Barry continued to hold his nerve. 
The end result was Barry Lindner 31 to Neville Ross
 26 shots. Well done to all players in the major singles 
played in the true spirit of the game. To Barry Lindner 
our 2010 Champion congratulations, Barry is a very
 popular member of our Club. This is the first time one
 of our hearing impaired members have won the major 

The second championship final of 2010, the Minor Pairs
 for the men was played under perfect conditions on 
Monday 26th April. The final was played between the 
pair of Michael Payca and Greg Travers and the other 
pair of Michael Daley and Barry Linder.  It was a tight 
match with a number of measures being called to 
decide the ends. Michael Daley & Barry Linder got 
off to a good start leading 8 shots to 2 shots after
 6 ends.But ends 7 to 11 were won by Michael Pacya
 & Greg Travers . At end 16 it was all tired up at 16 
shots each in a very tight battle. However the last 4 
ends were clearly won by Michael Pacya and Greg
 Travers and they took out the Championship. It 
was the first championship to Greg Travers. An 
excellent game and also well done to our runners 
up Michael Daley & Barry Lindner who have just 
returned from the hearing impairedAustralian
 Championships in Adelaide

The first championships for 2010,the Men's Fours
, has been decided. In a very dire match where the
 lead changed a number of times, the team of Phil 
, Michael Pacya, Michael Mason and Paul 
Goodyer were able to hold out the team of Jim 
McCullum, Alex DeLuchi, Greg Travers & Neville
 Ross by a solitary shot. Paul's team had to draw 
on all their experience to claim the championship.
 To indicate how tight the game was is that ends 
won were virtually split with Paul's team winning 
11 ends to 10. Neville Ross the skip of the runners
 up team encouraged his team throughout the final. 
It is good to see Neville adopt the newer Bowlers to
 within a whisker of their first 4's Championship as 
none of his team-mates have playing longer than 
three years. Neville nutured and encouraged his
 team during the competition This gives us a lot
 of confidence coming into the Pennants competition.
 Well done to all players on a great final. A great
 insight to this fantastic final is reported by one 
of the finallists. 

Match report
Men's Fours Final
Following a weekend of washed out and unplayable greens, the 
Final of the Men's Fours took place last Saturday. With heavy 
rain in the morning, there was some speculation the game may 
again be postponed. However, the bowling Gods were kind, the
 rain held off and the men hit the green in the early afternoon.
What followed was one of the closest and most exciting matches
 in recent memory. The Paul Goodyer led side drew first blood
 with two shots on the first end. The Neville Ross led team 
bounced back with four shots the following end. For the 
remainder of the match, neither team scored more than
 two shots and most ends were decided by a single shot. 
By the end of the game the winning ends were shared 
eleven to ten.
At the half way point of the match the scores were locked
 at 10-10 After the 19th end, the game was still locked up at
 16-16. The Goodyer team scored 2 and gave the mat away for
 the final end. After the lead's, second's and third's had completed
 their work, the Goodyear team were several shots up. Needing
 two shots to tie the game, Neville stepped on to the mat and calmly
 drew shot. Paul bowled his first without changing the count.
 Neville's final bowl tracked the same line as his first. The
 tension and anticipation amongst all the players was intense. 
Sadly for Neville and his team, his bowl fell millimetres short 
of second shot. With Bowl in hand, Paul Goodyer declared the 
end and the match was over. The Goodyer team had won 18-17.
Despite the closeness and intensity, the match was played in the 
very best of spirit, humour and just the right amount of friendly 
sledging. Congratulations to the winners and to all the players 
for putting on a great game. We're already looking forward to 2011.
The teams-
Paul (What if I kill the end?) Goodyer, Michael (Mouse) Mason,
 Michael (The Mad Arab) Payca, Phil (Just a Nut) Hollman
Neville (Cool as a Cucumber) Ross, Greg (Maybe I should go back
 to golf) Travers, Alex (Imagine if I played regularly) Deluchi, Jim (
 Welcome to this classy joint) McCullum


As part of our 120th celebrations the 2009 Champions were officially 
acknowledged. We congratulate the following male champions

MAJOR SINGLES                           Greg Aspinall                            Tom Robson    
MINOR SINGLES                           Barry Linder                                Peter Daley
MAJOR PAIRS                                Sol Pedersen                              Don Rolfe
                                                      John Bailey                                Michael Uren
MINOR PAIRS                                David Novella                            Peter Daley
                                                      Michael Kuilder                         John Mara
CLUB TRIPLES                                Jim McCullum                            David Novella
                                                       John Bailey                                Michael Kuilder
                                                       Paul Goodyer                             David Gwalter
CLUB FOURS                                  Bruce Paget                               David Novella
                                                       Don Rolfe                                  Michael Kuilder
                                                       Michael Uren                             Peter Daley
                                                       Greg Aspinall                           John Mara
PRESIDENT’S SINGLES                    Tom Robson                             Neville Ross
LAW WALKER SINGLES                   Peter Henry                               Sol Pedersen
MIXED PAIRS                                 Beverley Pendleton                    Greg Travers
                                                      Alex Deluchi                               Rose Roberts




Greg Aspinall     reaffirmed the claim of being one of best
 bowlers in our Club. Greg won the major singles
 championship for 2009 scoring an 11 shot win in the final. 
It was Greg's 14th time to win the Major Singles more than
 any other player in our 120 year history.Tom Robson  gave 
Greg a good run for the Championship. Greg won the first
 few ends but by the 13th end Tom being 5 shots down early
 pulled back to lead 11 to 9. By 22 ends the scores were still 
close with Greg leading 18 to 16. The next end Greg picked up 
4 shots and that was the break Greg needed. The final score 
was Greg Aspinall     31 Tom Robson20. An exhausting match
 with 30 ends contested. Well done to both players on a good match.


2009 Fours Champions: Bruce Pagett, Don Rolfe, Mick Uren & Greg Aspinall    

Bruce Pagett, Don Rolfe, Mick Uren & Greg Aspinall 26 shots - 
David Novella, Michael Kuilder, Peter Daley & John Mara 13 shots.
Semi Finals:
Bruce Pagett, Don Rolfe, Mick Uren & Greg Aspinall 35 shots – 
Neil Bridgefoot, Phillip Hollman, Warwick Binett & Phillip Ford 10 shots.
David Novella, Michael Kuilder, Peter Daley & John Mara - BYE
1st Round
David Novella, Michael Kuilder, Peter Daley & John Mara 18 shots –
 Neil Bridgefoot (sub), John Bailey, Brian Taylor & Sol Pederson 15 shots
Neil Bridgefoot, Phillip Hollman, Warwick Binett 17 shots - 
Peter Hannan, Michael Daley (sub), Baryy Linder & Tom Robson 15 shots.
Bruce Pagett, Don Rolfe, Mick Uren & Greg Aspinall 33 shots - 
Peter Henry, David Gwalter, Michael Mason & Paul Goodyer 14 shots.
David Novella, Michael Kuilder, Peter Daley & John Mara 18 shots -
 Neil Bridgefoot (Sub), John Bailey, Brian Taylor & Sol Pedersen 15 shots
Quarter Finals: Barry Linder 31-Sol Pederson 21. Further games 
to be played.
2nd Round: Jim McCullum 21-Peter Hannan 27;  Barry Linder 32-
Brian Taylor 17;  Sol Pederson 7-Brian Speary retired; John Bailey 31-
Greg Travers 25; Barry Poynting 31-Ian Fuller 25; David Novella 34- 
John Mara 8;  Peter Daley 31-Michael Kuilder 24.
1st Round: Jim McCullum 31- Phillip Ford 26;  Peter Hannan 31-
Phillip Hollman 17;  Warwick Binett 31-Peter Henry 20; Bruce Pagett 31 Michael Daley 25
The Annual Presentation Day was held on Sunday 7th December 2008.
 It was be a big day held as a combined event with the Women’s Club.
 Also on Presentation Day the Club honoured long time member and 
former Chairperson Neil Bridgefoot OAM with the naming of the Club’s
 ‘B’ green in his honour. They day commenced with a games of bowls 
at 9.30 am. The naming of the Neil Bridgefoot Green then took place. 
Zone 11 councillor offically named the green and it was endorsed by 
Ashfield Council Mayor Ted Cassidy Lunch was served in the 
Clubhouse and the presentation to our 2008 Champions took place. I
t was a great day plenty of photos posted on our
photo page
MAJOR SINGLE          Gregory Aspinall (31)            George Szomolnki (21)
(Club Champion)
MINOR SINGLE           David Gwalter (31)                Peter Hannan     (27)
MAJOR PAIRS            Neil Bridgefoot (24)               Peter  Henry (20)
                                      Evan Graskie                         Michael Mason
MINOR  PAIRS            Paul Goodyer (28)                John Bailey (14)
                                      Michael Mason                      Sol Pederson
CLUB TRIPLES           Bruce Pagett (25)                 Warwick Binet     (13)
                                      Michael Uren                         John Bailey
                                      Greg Aspinall                             Paul Goodyer
CLUB FOURS             Zac Hadzik (31)                     Warwick Binet     (11)
                                      Bruce Pagett                         James McCullum
                                      Michael Uren                         David Gwalter
                                      Greg Aspinall                             Neil Bridgefoot
PRESIDENT”S            Paul Goodyer (31)                Brian Taylor (14)
LAW WALKER            Phillip Ford (31)                   Peter Hannan     (30)
MIXED PAIRS              Colleen Starr (28)                   Tom Robson     (9)
                                    Peter Daley                             Patricia Butler
RESULTS:  Final of the Mixed Pairs was played on Saturday 11th October, 
with the victors being Colleen Starr and Peter Daley scoring 28 shots to
 the runners up Tom Robson     and Pat Butler 9 shots.  In a tight battle 
during the opening ends scores were level. However two winning ends
 of 6 shots each placed Colleen and Peter in a very strong position and 
held on to win the Championship.Well done Colleen & Peter and well 
played to all who competed.

Winners Colleen Starr & Peter Daley
More photos on the
Photo Page


Paul Goodyer on the way to winning the final of the Minor Pairs
Semi final of the Mixed Pairs is being played on the next rink


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