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In 1867, at Parramatta, New South Wales, Thomas Eddes turned for Alexander Johnstone the first set of bowls used in New South Wales who had a green built at Elizabeth Farm Parramatta.

The first Bowls Manufacturer in Australia was Alcock & Co. in 1874

The original Ashfield Bowling Club was located in "the old recreation ground" (now Hammond Park) in 1887, it consisted of a 4 rink green, which was latter relocated and became a 3 rink green. Ashfield Bowling Club, in it's current locality, as an institution began life on 1st January 1890 with  membership of 120. 

Ashfield Women's Bowling Club was the first formed in NSW in 1902.

Pennants was played for 2 1/2 Hours? Scores were published in half-hour intervals. In 1896 they started playing 25 ends, but each club could nominate how many rinks were played (up to 5), scores were then reported each 5 ends, but still called "half hour scores." Rules between the Colonies: NSW, Vic., & N.Z. were unified in 1896, the vast majority of which still stand today. This is probably why a lot of the rules are considered "old-fashioned". 

The Sydney Cricket Ground had a 6 rink x 4 rink Green?

The original "Rosehill" Club (Later to become Parramatta Bowling Club) started on the Woolpack Hotel Green  then moved adjacent to Parramatta RSL in Parramatta Park and closed in the 1986? They used to have a great Disco on Friday nights.

The original "Manly" Club was adjacent to The Clarendon Hotel?

North Sydney Bowling Club was originally St. Leonards Bowling Club (as it is in St. Leonards Park)?

Lawn bowls is one of Australia's most popular sports. It has seen several transformations in its history. Beginning as an occasional public house sport, it was a leisure activity for the male elite in the nineteenth century, a mass sport for men and women after the Second World War and now appeals to a much younger demographic. A player quoted in 1937 acknowledged it was no longer a game for old or rich men but frequently regarded as the most democratic game. "For it knows no social distinction. Jack is as good as his master and probably a bit better on the green." (Hawker, 'Bowls in New South Wales', 21 September 1937, p2). Competition has long been an important element of lawn bowls, with inter-colonial competitions starting in 1880 and test matches against Britain in 1901.

The world's oldest surviving bowling green is the Southampton Old Bowling Green, which was first used in 1299.
Sir Francis Drake is said to have insisted on completing his game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe before setting sail to confront the Spanish Armada in 1588.
The first Intercolonial Match between N.S.W. & N. Z. was played on 9th April 1895 at Ashfield and used an innovative Idea: Scoreboards at the Head of the Rink.
The first game of Bowls in Van Dieman's Land was played in 1845, at Sandy Bay, Tas., adjacent to the Beach Tavern, Sandy Bay was also the site of the first Bowling Club formed at the Bowling Green Hotel.
The early Bowling Clubs had only one green and Greenkeepers, would top dreess half the green, until it was renovated, then do the other half.

The founding President of Ashfield Bowling Club, Mr. J. W. Mortley was previously Mayor of Ashfield and President of the

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