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Waverley tournament Ashfield v. Brighton 18 July 1896


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The association's futures for to-day are -Glebe v. Ashfield, at Wentworth Park, City v Waverley, at Waverley, U. B. C. v. St Leonards, at Strathfield, Brighton v. Redfern at Lady Robinson's Beach, Rosehill v. Victoria Park, at Parramatta , Newtown v. Manly, at Newtown, Balmain  v. Randwick, at Balmain, the City Club had intended sending six rinks to Waverley, but as many of the members are indisposed it has been found neccessary to limit the number to four.

Four Victorian players attended at the Cook Park Green yesterday afternoon and had a friendly contest with a club rink. The result was much in favour of   the visiters. The Victorians were : - Messrs. E. T.   Suhlan (Geelong Club), W. T. Wright, J. Hely, and W. Stanhope (Albert Park Club, Melbourne). These gentlemen visited Sydney as judges in the poultry and dog show.

The match between the Messrs Horrocks (2), of Waverley, and Brogden and Roberts, of Redfern, in the Waverley tournament, will be concluded on Monday. The score of the former at present stands at 16 and of the latter at 17.

Brighton rink tournament commenced yesterday  afternoon, the first competing teams being-Macleod,  Blanchard, Graham, and A. Horrocks (Waverley)  v. O'Connor, Hegarty, Roarty, and Lyons (Brighton). The result of the contest was a win for Brighton.

The Albert Park Club (Victoria) intends arranging a grand pair tournament during the coming season. A prize of £50 will be offered, and entries will be invited from all the colonies. At present bowling matters in the sister colony are unusually quiet.  An interesting match will shortly be played   on the City Green, members over 50 years   of age having been matched against those under.  About four rinks will compete on each side, but at   present the entries in the senior division exceed those in the junior. At the conclusion of the match. Mr. H. E. Vaughan will present the club with a bromide ' enlargement of the winning pennant team. The   picture is framed in oak, and was executed by the donor himself. 

In the event of the home 
team being defeated in the Waverley tournament on Monday a fresh drawing will be necessitated, as, according to the regulations, two teams from the  
same club cannot compete against each other, except  in the final.

A roomy steamer has been placed at the disposal of the City Club for a fishing excursion to Bird Island on 1st August. The trip will be made at 10 a. m. Messrs. R. N. Sadlear, R. Muir, and Major       Morris have been appointed a catering committee.

Representatives of the Ashfield and Brighton clubs will play their round of the Waverley tournament next week. The Ashfield players are: Messrs.  E. G. Aitken and L. H. Whittle, while Brighton is represented by Messrs. Roarty and Lyons.

. GLEBE v. ASHFIELD 11 July 1896

Saturday's Matches.

Seven association inter-club matches were played on Saturday afternoon. The weather was favourable and the play generally was good. The victors of the day were-Newtown, Glebe, Redfern, City, U. R.C., and Victoria Park, the most surprising event being the defeat of Ashfield by the Glebe. The city only narrowly beat Waverley, the majority being three points and several olhor matches were pretty close. Following are particulars of the contests -

This was played on the Wentworth Park green, and was won by the Glebe by 11 points. This result was especially surprising, as Ashfield led in the semi-     final half hour, and was only beaten on the post.     At the first term Ashfield was 15 ahead. In the second Glebe otained a majonty of 3, and preserved         it during the third. In the semi-final Ashfield was 2 points to the good, but in the last term it fell off   considerably and was beaten by the amount indi- cated. Ashfield won in three out of the four rinks   but was defeated in the other by no less than 24 points. The rinks and scores were -  
No. 1 - Glebe : Guest, Small, Mackinlay, Vaughan (captain), 15. Ashfield : Law, Freeman, Aitken, jnr., Thomas (captain), 16.  
No. 2 - Glebe : James, Cole, Purves, Macpherson (cap- tain), 16. Ashfield : Watson, Dupain, Mortley (captain)
No. 3. Glebe : Wirth, Huenerbein, Buckle, Messell (captain), 30. Ashfield : Reid, Brothwood, Bailey,   Hutchings (captain), 6.    
No. 4 - Glebe : Stenson, Fogdon, Hogue, Johnnson (captain), 21. Ashfield : Davis, W. Rogers, Schofield, Gelding (captain), 22.
Half-hour scores. - Glebe, 10, 34, 54, 64, final 82. Ash-   field : 25, 31, 51, 66, final 71. Majority for Glebe, 11.

This was the best contested match of the day, and was played on the Waverley green. Four rinks re
presented each side, but City had to take in as a substitute L. H. Whittle of Ashfield, who played third for Coker. Baines also played as a substitute.   The result of the contest was that Waverley won in   three out of the four rink,s its rink majorities being 4, 9, and 3. Kondio's rink was however, defeated   by Knight's by 19 points, City thus winning the match by 3 points. The rinks and scores were -  
No. 1 -City : Sheldon, Hogg, Butler, Knight (captain), 33. Waverley : Locke, MacDonald, Evans, Kondio (captain), 14.  
No. 2 - City : Bray, Rofe, Whittle (sub), Coker (cap- tain), 20. Waverley : King, Firth, Thomas, Andrew (captain), 24.
N0. 3 - City : Cansdell, Baines (sub.), Crawford, W. P. Moore (captain), 18. Waverley : Morecombe, M'Elhone, Fitzgerald, Wahlberg (captain), 27.
No. 4 - City : James, Graham, Warne, Harris (oaptain), 17. Waverley : W. Horrocks, Mulholland, Graham, A. Horrocks (captain), 20.
Totals - City, 68 ; Waverley, 6o. Majority for City, 8.
The half hour scores were-City .22 46, 66 and 83 : Waverley, 12, 31, 60 and 80.    
The Victorian visitors were loud in their praise of   the excellence of the Waverley green, and expressed themselves as greatly pleased with the play of the  two team.

A small match was played between these clubs on   the Newtown green. Three rinks on each side had been arranged for, but at the time of the contest there were only sufficent local players to form two rinks. Eighteen heads were played. Manly led in   the first term, but Newtown went to the front in the second and kept the lead for the rest of the game. The local majority at the conclusion of the contest was 21 points, Newtown winning in both rinks.
The rinks and scores were: -
No.1- Newtown: V. Goache, Gentle, Dolman, Field
ing (captain), 22. Manly : Rummell, Austin, Davis, Lough (captain), 14.
Newtown : Gosche, Langley, Garland, Fleay (captain), 22. Manly : Smith, Morris, Luckham, Norris (captain), 12.    
The half-hour scores were : -Newtown : 11, 25, 38, final 47. Manly :12, 17, 20, final 26, Majority for Newtown 21.

This game openod out auspiciously for the visitors but a number of young players accompanied the   team and several of the club's best men were un
avoidably absent neccessitating some of the players   using three bowls each. In the Balmam team G. C.     Murdoch was unavoidably called away before the conclusion of the match. The result, however, was in no way affected as the local men had pretty much the best of the game all along the line and eventually won by 45 points. The rinks and scores were -  
No. 1 - Balmain : Cecil Turner, C. Manuelle, A. Christie, Walter Akhurst (captain), 36. Randwick :   Lee (three bowls), L. Levy (three bowls), J. Wallace (captain), 13.
No. 2 - Balmain: H. A. Young, Mansfield, Newton, W. Cruickshank, Dr R. A. Wilson (captain), 26. Randwick : F. G. Crouch, (three bowls), J. A. I. Terry (three bowls), Arthur Scott (captain), 17.
No. 3 - Balmain: A. MarshaII, W. H. Dalrymple, Alderman G> C. Murdoch, H. B. Cohen (captain), 21.
Randwick : A. W. Meeks (three bowls), R. B. Cameron (three bowls), J. B. Hodgson (captain), 14.
No. 4 - Balmain : J. A. Brodie, F. Lemm, J. H. Jervis, J. J. Reeder (captain), 26. Randwick : A. A. Lewis, H. P. Flavelle, J. Maynard, J. Hedges (captain), 20.  
The half-hour scores were - Balmain : 19, 46, 70, 80 ; final 109. Randwick : 18, 30, 37, 55 final 64. Majority for Balmain 45 points.  

Three rinks from Redfern visited Lady Robinson's Beach, and scored a win from Brighton by 13 points. The contest was by no means one-sided, as Brighton   led in the three first terms, its majorities being 4, 3, and 1. At the final, however, the local players were   ahead in only one rink -that captained by Roarty- one of the other rinks being 20 behind. The rinks
and scores were -
No. 1 - Redfern : Mihell, Mihell, Rose, Brogden (captain), 32. Brighton : Edward, Phippard, Kenwood,   MacLeod (captain), 12.
No. 2 - Redfern : Gorton, Finlay, Medcalfe, Hanigan (captain), 21. Brighton : G. F. Saywell, J. H. Carruthers, Deeble, Corbett (captain), 18.    
No. 3 - Redfern: Wilson, Wilson, Parker, Howe (captain), 15. Brighton : Alcock, Gunther, O'Connor, Roarty (captain), 25.
Half-hour scores were- Redfern : 16, 32, 46 final 68. Brighton : 20, 33, 47, final 55. Majority for Redfern, 13.  

A contest between the above was played on the   Parramatta Park green. The visiting team was to   be selected from Messrs. C. J. Lane, H. Mercer, Moran, W. J. Loudon, W. Rigg, Moodie, Griffiths, Byrnes, Dietrich, Young, M'Laughlin, J. E. Lee, Breton, Gibbs, M'Causland and Mackenzie. Some     of these, how over did not put in an appearance and consequently, two rlnks had each to play a man short. 21 heads were played and the visitors maintained the lead throughout. At the conclusion of the game the scores stood -Victoria Park, 91:  Rosehill, 67, the former thus winning by 24 points.

This match took place on the St. Leonards green four rinks playing on each side. U. R. C. was re- presented by Messrs. T. R. Allt, T. Garrett, W. S. Page, J. C. Smith, L. Myles, W. Drake, W. Kopsen, J. Williams, J. Inglis, A. Bunting, T. J. Thomps0n, J. M. Delbridge, G. Gowdery and E. B. M'Kenny with Messrs. A.     Saddington, C. Cowper and J. Nott as emergencies. St. Leonards team was chosen from Messrs. Sleeman, F. J. Cahill, Liggens, Alexander, Bligh, Taylor Wilkie, Hobson, Moore, Perry, T. T. Forsyth, Peat, Trimble, W. P. Smith and P. Punch.

The game opened auspiciously for the visitors who secured a lead in the first term. For the two succeeding terms the advantage was maintained and     it was not till the latter portion of the match that   the locals recovered themselves and got ahead. A really good contest was won by U. R. C. by only 4 points. The home team was ahead at the final in   two of the four rinks, tied in one and lost in the     other. In one rink U. R. C. was 9 ahead.

The final in connection with the Balmain Club's   Championship has been fixed to be played off on the   Balmain green on Tuesday aftern00n, Mr. H. B.     Cohen (secretary of the club) meeting Mr. H. A. Young.
The Balmain Club have selected Messrs. A. Marshall, W. H.Dalrymple, G. C. Murdoch and H. B. Cohen (with five points) to take part in the Brighton   Bowling and Recreation Clubs Handicap to take     place next Thursday at Brighton. They will meet  Messrs. N. C. Marr, J. A. Pietzker, G. T.Saywell, and Fred Gunther (with 10 points).  

On Wednesday afternoon a friendly challenge match took place on the Waverley Green between Mr. Harris of the City Club, and Mr. Myles, of the Ashfield Club. The scoring was very even at first, but towards the end the City player forced ahead and maintained the lead, winning by 31 points to 24.

Oops Wrong Club 18 July 1896


The secretary of the association (Mr. H. C. Evans) has received a letter from Mr Muir, of the Brisbane Club, stating that he will bring to Sydney, at an early date the best rink the Brisbane Club can produce. If Mr Muir succeeds in his efforts it will be the first occasion on which an inter-colonial team has been sent from Queensland.

Mr Myles, who was defeated by Mr Harris, of the City Club, in a challenge match on the Waverley green on Wednesday, does not belong to the Ashfield Club, but to the U. R. C., Strathfield.    

There are no association interclub fixtures for this afternoon, but club matches will be played on several of the greens. At Waverley there will be a contest between teams selected by the president and the vice presidents respectively.

The two tournaments, Brighton and Waverley, will be resumed this afternoon, weather permitting. A St. Leonards rink consisting of Gordon, J Hobson, T. T. Forsyth, and F. Punch, has defeated a   Brighton rink, composed of Deeble, M'Namee, Wilson, and Deerey. The win was a rather easy one, the victors compiling 37 to their opponents' 27.

Information recently to hand is to the effect that some difficulty is being experienced in getting together the Scottish team which it is proposed to send to Australia. Nothing to indicate whether the pro- ject will be carried into effect or not has yet been heard from the Association of Scotland.

The contests for the Union Recreation Club's championship and handicap trophies are still going on.

Five tenders for the construction of the green at Petersham have been sent in.

H. Roarty (2 points) played off with J. Alcock (8 points) for a Brighton prsentaition trophy. At   one period of the game Alcock was 7 points ahead, but was ultimately beaten by a single point.

A meeting of the committee of the Petersham club   was held at the local town Hall last night for the   purpose of considering tenders for the formation of  the green. Alderman Perry Hordern presided. Five tenders had been sent in but they were not gone into, as it was found neccessary to make some alterations in the specifications. The advisability of constructing the green by day labour will be considered,  several proposals in that connection being made. It was evuntually resolved to adjourn the meeting pending receipt of an amended tender and an estimate of cost to be prepared by Mr. Faulkner.  

  THE BRIGHTON TOURNAMENT. 2 Ashfield rinks win Round 1. 18 July 1896 


Several contests in the Brighton rink tournament   weoeo played at the Lady Robinson's Beach green on Saturday. The rinks engaged were representative of Brighton, Ashfield, (2), Manly, Newtown, and Redfern. Play commenced early in the afternoon and at the conclusion it was found that Redfern and two Ashfield rinks had won. The players and scores were -
Ashfleld - H. Drake, J. C. Groth, W. Hankin, L. H. Whittle (captain) - 31, beat Newtown - G. Gommeson, J. Gentle, J. Dunlop, J. R. Dalrymple (captain), - 23. Newtown led to the first three heads, but at the fifth there was a tie. Later on Ashfield was 22 to 7, but Newtown got five in one head. Ashfield received two points, start and Newtown five, the former winning by 5.

Ashfield - W. Law, F. Freeman, E. G. Aitken, F. Thomas (captain), - 31, beat Manly - F. Morris, J. J. Lough, A. Davis, R. A. Luckham (captain) - 25. At the first two heads the scores were even, but Ashfield subsequently went ahead, and was not caught up to. Ashfield received 6 points and Manly 9, the former winning by 6.      

Redfern - Mihell, Medcalfe, Clarke, Hannigan (captain) - 33 beat Brighton - A. Edward, E. Phippard, W. Ken- wood, H. M'Lead (captain) - 22. Redfern received 5 points and Brighton 8, the former winning by 11.

 Brighton Grand Tournament : Ashfield win 2nd Round 24 July 1896


Therw were seven association inter-club fixtures for this afternoon, but one of those will not be adhered to, the City Club being unable to send the requisite number of rinks to play the St. Leonards Club. The City members are indisposed to play the   match on account of the lateness of the season. The other fixtures are-Waverley v Glebe, at Waverley, Ashfield v Strathfield at Ashfield, Redfern v. Newtown, at Redfern, Rosehill v. Bal- main, at Parramatta, Manly v. Brighton, at Brighton and Victoria Park v. Randwick, at Victoria Park.

The president (Alderman A. Rofe) occupied the chair in a meeting of the general committee of the Petersham Club held during the week. Tendors for the construction of the green were submitted, but it was decided that the club itself should carry out the work under the supervision of Mr. Faulkner, one of the committee. The offer of Mr. J. W. Mortley to generally superintend was accepted with thanks, and it was resolved that the work must be carried out to the satisfaction of the whole committee. The advisability of purchasing ground on which to establish club premises was con- sidered, and it was left to Alderman Loudon to make inquiries and report to a future meeting.

Mr. H. C. Evans has received the names of about 20 persons willing to represent banks and insurance societies in a match against the Waverley Club on bank holiday. At least five rinks will represent each side in the contest.

Three contests in connection with the Waverley grand tournament took place yesterday afternoon.
Major Morris and F. J. Josephson (City Club) defeated O. Carroll and Andrews (Waverley Club} by 28 to 22 ; E. E. Wahlberg and W. Macleod (Waverley Club) defeated Buckle and Messell (Glebe Club) by 27 to 16 ; E. T. Aitken and L. H. Whittle (Ashfield Club) defeated Roarty and Lyons (Brighton Club) by 28 to 19.

Arrangements are being made for an inter-club match between Brighton and Ashfield, on the Brighton green next Saturday.

Ashfield v. Strathfield, AShfield in Semi-final of Waverley Grand Tournament 25 July 1896



Unfavourable weather prevented the carrying out of the majority of the association inter-club fixtures   for Saturday, the arrangements being adhered to in only one instinct. Among the contests cried off or postponed were the City - St. Leonards, Glebe - Waerley, Randwick - Victoria Park and Newtown - Redfern. Ashfield and U. R. C. played their contest, though the game was not commenced till 3 o'clock on account of the rain. Manly and Brighton also carried out their arrangement following are particulars of the contests -

ASHFIELD v. U. R. C.  

Five rinks from Strathfield visited the Ashfield   green and succeeded in defeating the local men by 4 points. At no point of the game did Ashfield   lead or even tie. At the first half-hour it was 7 to 1 bad, in the second, 1 behind, and in the semi-final, 17 behind. This reduction of the loss to 4 points during the final term was only achieved by arduous effort. Ashfield won in only one rink, Mortley's team   making 24 to its opponent's 7. The defeat of the losers may be attributed to the fact that some of their best men were unable to play and consequently one or two less experienced players had to be included. The rinks and scores were -    

No. 1 - Ashfield : L. R. Mitchell, C. Butcher, J. C.   Groth, G. M. Laurence (captain), 15. U. R. C. ; W. Kop-   sen, W. Drake, Myles, J. C. Smith (captain), 19.  
No. 2 - Ashfield : F. C. Carson, J. Upward, F. Freeman, W. Hankin (captain), 13. U. R. C. : Linvemore, Saddington, Delbridge, T. J. Thompson (captain), 17. 

No. 3 - Ashfield : G. Watson, W. Semple, J. Davies,
W. Gelding (captain), 13. U. R. C. : Cooper, Page, T. Garrett, T. R. Allt (captain), 22.
No. 4 - Ashfield : J. M. Pierce, A. E. Davies. W. Aitken, F. Thomas (captain), 16. U. R. C. : Cowdery,
Bird, Jas. Jinglis, J. William (captain), 20.  
No. 5 - Ashfield : H. Drake, D. J. Schofield, Hugh Dixson, J. W. Mortley (captain), 24. U. R. C. : Bunting,
J. Nott, J. B. Dimelow, Dr. Blaxland (captain), 7.
The half-hour scores were - Ashfield : 15, 38, 58, 81 ; U. R. C. : 22, 39, 73, 85. Majority for U. R. C. 4.


In consequence of the inter-club association match between the Glebe and Waverley Clubs not being played on Saturday an additional game was played off in the fourth round of the Waverley open pair tournament. Several of the Glebe players were present and witnessed what proved a most exciting game between Evans and Locke (Waverley) and Whittle and Aitkin (Ashfield). Excitement ran high as the gamo drew towards the end, each side scoring most evenly, the final result being a win for Ashfield by 2 points, the scores, being-Evans and  Locke (4 behind), 19 ; Whittle and Aitken (7 behind), 21. The drawing in the fifth round took place on Saturday and resulted as follows -W. Horrocks, A. Horrocks, Waverley (4 behind) will meet Whittle and Aitken, Ashfield (7 behind) and Wahlberg and Macleod Waverley (6 behind) will   play Josephson and Morris, City (7 behind). These games must b Ashfielde played off on or before 1st August  


A two rink match was played on the Manly Bowling Green on Saturday afternoon between the Manly and Brighton Clubs. The rain that fell during the day interferred with the play and also detracted from the pleasure of the game. The first  Manly rink captained by Mr Luckshaw, scored 16 points, while a similar score was obtained by the opposing Brighton rink. The Manly No. 2 rink  only secured 11 points ti their opponents' 19 and the game resulted in a win for Brighton by 35 points to 27.  

Ashfield v. Brighton via 1.10pm train 1 August 1896


There aro no association fixtures for this afternoon, but one or two postponed inter-club matches will be played off.

The annual Banks and Insurance v. Waverley match, to be played off on the Waverley green this   afternoon, promises to be of more than usual in- terest. Mr H. C. Evans has been unusually successful this year in getting together the Banks and Iusurance team, and no less than seven rinks (or 28 players) will represent each side. The majority of the metropolitan clubs have been levied upon for the   team opposing Waverley, and the play should be of an unusually interesting character.  

This afternoon the Ashfield club will send four rinks to Lady Robinson's Beach to meet a Brighton number from the Brighton club. A match between the two clubs had previously been arranged by the association, but the unfavourable state of the weather precluded the carrying out of the fixture. Ashfield players are requested to leave Sydney station for Rockdale at 1.10 p. m..        

A match in the Brighton tournament waa played off on Thursday with what were, under the circumstances, rather unexpected results. Tue competing   teams represented Balmain and Waverley. The players for the former were Brodie, Lemme, Jervis, Reeder (captain) and for the latter, M'Donald, Locke, Evans, Koudio (captain). Kondio being absent, H. C. Evans took the captaincy of the rink, and the other two men played the odd bowls. After the game had been in progress for   an hour the scores stood 11 all. Subsequently the Waverley team put on 24 points, while Balmain ob- tained only 4. The result, therefore was a win for the Waverley team by no leas than 20 points, a remarkable performance for rink events of this character. Balmain was defeated by Rosehill by a few points in the inter-club match at Parramatta.  
The Single Handicap Tournament in connection with the Randwick Club is now reaching its final stages, and as a consequence the games are getting rather excuiting. In the fourth round a splendid game was fought between Mr. James Cook (handicap 3) against Mr. J. Hedges (0). Mr. Cook started well with a lead of 12-love, and afterwards was 22 to Mr Hedge's 10. Slowly but surely Mr.   Hedges then overhauled him and just won by one   point, scoring 31 to Mr Cook's 30. The fourth
round winners were us follows -
C. E. Bedford (9) beat F. G. Crouch (0), T. Huxley (8) beat D. Rose (8), A. Lewis (9) beat W. Green (10), H. F. Francis (12) beat I. B. Hodgson (9), J. Hedges (0) beat
Cook (8), G. Raffan (5) beat P. E. Pemell.
The draw for the fifth round resulted as follows - A. Lewis (9) .v C. E. Bedford (9) G. Raffan (5) v H. F.  
Francis (12), J. Hedges (0) v. E. Huxley (8).

ASHFIELD V. BRIGHTON.  1 August 1896


Unfavourable weather having previously prevented the carrying out of an association fixture between these clubs, Ashfield sent four rinks to Lady Robinson's Beach on Saturday to play an inter-club match against Brighton. Owing to other engagements, many of the best Brighton players were absent, notably Messrs. Lyons aud Roarty. Three of the looal rinks wore therefore a man short. At the commencement of the game the advantage lay with Brighton, which stood 8 points to the good at the end of the first term. During the second period Ashfield did much better, and at the conclusion of the half-hour the scores were equal. In the third term there was much close fighting, but neither side was able to obtain much advantage over the other. The scores posted at the end of the term showed a majority of 2 points for Brighton. During the final the local men forged ahead in rinks 2 and 3, especially in the former, notwithstanding that their opponents played a good game. Tho play of Corbett and Saywell in No. 1 was really excellent,   whiloe M'Leod drew and drove with great precision in No. 2. Final scores showed a win by 11 points for Brighton. During the contest two of the Ash- field rinks (Nos. 2 and 4) got 6 points each in a single head, while another obtained 5. The rinks and scores were -
No. 1- Brighton : J. Deeble, G. Gommeson, Bradbury (captain), 15. Ashfield : J. M. Pierce, J. F. Carson, J. Hutchings, W. Gelding (captain), 19.
No. 2 - Brighton : A. Edward, Gibbons, J. Kenwood, J. M'Leod (captain), 23. Ashfield : W. Kay, F. J. Howard, W. Aitken, J. W. Mortley (captain), 18.
No. 3 - Brighton : Saywell, Wilson, W. F. Corbett (cap- tain), 26. Ashfield : H. Drake, W. Rogers, J. C. Groth, W. Hankin (captain), 15.
No. 4 - Brighton : Alcock, M'Namee, Hegarty (captain), 20. Ashfield : W. Law, F. Freeman, E. G. Aitken, F. Thomas (captain), 21.  
The half-hour scores were - Brighton : 22, 39, 58, 84. Ashfield : 14,39, 56, 73. Majority for Brighton : 11.

W. Horrocks and A. Horrocks, of the Waverley Club, and Whittle and Aitken, of the Ashfield Club 



The Newtown Club sent four rinks to Redfern green on Saturday, but sustained a crushing defeat at the hands of the local players. The game opened inauspioiously for the visitors, as in the first half-hour Redfern beat them by more than three to one. The second term proved little better for them, Redfern standing 36 to the good at the   end. During the third term the home team put on 23 points as against their opponents' 17, making the score more than two to one. In the semi final Redfern made 17, and Newtown 10; but in the final the visitors did a little better, and reduced the majority to just a point less than two to one. Redfern won a very one-sided match by 60 points. It won in every rink, and had a majority of 29 in one and 14 in another. The rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Redfern : Locke, Perkins, Clarke, Widerstrom, (captain), 29. Newtown : Goeche, Wadley, Gentle, Dickinson (captain), 19.
No. 2 - Redfern : Hall, Dearin, Mihell, Brogden (captain), 21 .Newtown : Wilson, Dunlop, Kinwood, Dalrymple   (captain), 14.
No. 3 - Redfern : Gordon, Rose, Roberts, Howe (cap- tain), 41. Newtown : Gummeson, Langley, Dolman, Dun- lop (captain), 12.
No. 4- Redfern : Bromwick, Wilson, Parker, Hanigan (captain), 30. Newtown : Withers, Withers, Garland, Fleay (captain), 16.    
The half-hour scores were - Redfern: 35, 57, 82, 99,   final, 121. Newtown: 11, 21, 38, 48, finalm 60. Majority for Redfern, 60.  

The recently formed club at Annandale with their president (Mr. John Young) visited the Waverley green on Saturday, where they met a team of the Waverley players and played a game of four rinks   each, this being the maiden match played by the Annandale club. Great interest was centered in the individual play by the visitors of whom there was a large number (including several ladies). The visitors had the advantage of the services of Mr. Batten, a prominent bowler from Ballarat (Victoria), who is visiting New South Wales. The younger club made an excellent start at each rink, and at the first naif hour had a decided lead of 11 points over their opponents. The second half hour's play was most even throughout the Annan- dales still leading, although their lead was reduced   by 2 points during this period. In the third division the home team showed a great improvement in their play, and scored no less than 23 points to their oppo-   nents 15, the score at this stage being - Waverley, 59 , Annandale, 60. The next stage saw the home team playing their best, putting on 21 points. The fourth half hour score revealed the fact that the Waverley were leading for the first time doing the progress of the game. This fact is due chiefly to the excellent play shown by Andrew and Wynne at the No. 1 rink. During the last half hour the Waverleys increased their lead by 12   points, finally winning by 19, the final scores being  Waverley, 106 Annandale 87 -The following are the rinks and scores -
No. 1 Rink -Waverley : Dyson, Vial, Andrew, and
Wynne (captain), 28. Annandale : Mann, Jamieson,
Francis, and J. Young (captain), 18.
No. 2 Rink - Waverley : Apted, King, Schmidt and Gardner (captain), 30. Annandale : Arnott, Upon. Smith, and Newman (captain) 28.  
No. 3 Rink - Waverley : Sledge, Watkins, Dr Barkas,   and Morcombe (captain), 20. Annandale : Harmer, Wyley, Skelton, and W. Hughes (captain), 22.
No. 4 Rink - Waverley : E. Bennett, A. C. Hewlett, J. Haycroft, and J. Graham (captain), 28. Annandale : Batton (substitute), Akhurst. J. F. Boyd, and W. H. Rowsell (captain), 19.
The half-hour scores were, Waverley : 16, 36, 59, 83,106. Annandale : 27, 45, 60, 76, 87.

A three rink match was recently played by these clubs on the Parramatta Park green, the result being a win for the visiting team by 8 points. Balmain won in each of the three rinks, but its greatest majority in any one was only 4 points. In other rinks the majorities were 3 and 1 respectively. The rinks and scores were as follow :-
No. 1 - Balmain : J. A. Brodie, F. Lemm, J. H. Jervis, J. J. Reeder (captain), 19. Rosehill : A. Hitchcock, W. Hart, C. J. Byrnes, F. C. Cox (captain), 16.  
No. 2 - Balmain : R. Loudan, N. Stewart (substitute),   M. Newton, Dr. Wilson (captain), 20. Rosehill : A. M'Cormick, H. Mason, Dr. Brown, J. Finlayson (captain), 19.
No. 3 - Balmain : C. Turner, W. R. Salter (substitute) A. Christie, W. Akhurst (captain), 17. Rosehill : B. Drummond, D. D. Henderson, N. Tunks, S. Walker (captain), 18.
Totals: Balmain, 60 ; Rosehill, 48.

In connection with the semi final round of the Waverley open-pair tournament a match took place on Saturday at the Waverley green between W. Horrocks and A. Horrocks, of the Waverley Club, and Whittle and Aitken, of the Ashfield Club. The match drew the closest attention of the large number of spectators who were present to witness the game,   as a close finish was anticipated, both     being prominent players of their respective clubs. As the game drew towards the finish the greatest excitement prevailed. After a lengthened game the Waverley Club's representatives scored a win by 1 point, amidst the utmost enthusiasm.
The following are the scores :-  
W. Horrocks and A. Horrocks, Waverley (4 behinds)   21, Whittle and Aitken, Ashfield (7 behinds), 20.  
Waverley thus won by a single point.

An additional match in the tournament was played on Saturday, M'Leod and Wahlberg (Waverley) meeting Josephson and Morris (City). A good game was played until nearing the finish, when the repre- sentatives of the City team showed good form and won fairly easily. This game, resulting in a win for the City team, leaves the Messrs. Horrocks (Waverly) (2) to play off with Josephson and Morris (City) for the first and second prizes, the winners taking first and the losers second prizes for the remaining two prizes. Whittle and Aitken (Ashfield) will play off with M'Leod and Wahlberg (Waverley), the winners taking third prize and the losers fourth.


The Victoria Park Green presented a very animated appearance on Saturday, the whole of the rinks being in use, playing off for a trophy. The entrance fees were for the benefit of the widow of a   member of the old Glebe Bowling Club. The match was played off in two divisions, Messrs Lane, Harbor, M'Causeland Young, Moran, Bolton, Lee, Chisholm, Gibbs, Banks, Carlaw, Bladwell, Rigg, and Griffiths making up the first, while the second was represented by Messrs Diedrich, Byrne, M'Laughlin, Willins, Walker, Wiseman, and Loudon. The result at sundown was that Messrs. Moran and Harber were left in the first divi- sion, and Mr. Wiseman in the second. The next draw resulted in Mr. Moran having to meet Mr Harber, Mr Wiseman to play the winner. A rink from the newly-formed club at Petersham found room for a game during the after- noon. The tennis courts were in full swing although two teams were away, one at Five Dock and another at the Wellesley College grounds, Stanmore, both playing matches. Mrs Manfield Newton presided at the tea tables, entertaining a number of her lady friends, as well as the club members. Several hundred visitors surrounded the green during the afternoon.  


Ashfield and Waverley on the Waverley green 13 August 1896


Seven inter-club matches, under the auspices of
the association, are set down for this afternoon Glebe and St. Leonards will play on the Glebe green, U.R C. and City on the Strathfield green, Ashfield and Waverley on the Waverley green, Redfern and Manly on the Redfern green, Randwick and Rosehill on the Rosehill green, Newtown and Victoria Park on the Newtown green, and Brighton and Balmain   on the Brighton green. It is probable that one or two of these contests will not eventuate, but in the majority of cases four rinks will represent each side. In the programme the Ashfield-Waverley   match was set down for the Ashfield green, but as Waverley played its last match with Ashfield on the Ashfield green, the latter club decided to send a team to Waverley. Five rinks will represent each 

It had been arranged that the rinks captained by Whiltle (Ashfield) and Kondio (Waverley) should play off their round of the Brighton tournament at Lady Robinson's Beach this afternoon. Some difliculty appears to have arisen in the matter, and there is a possibility of the match not coming off.

A prominent Victorian bowler in the person of the Hon. J. W. Taverner, Minister for Works and Mines, is at present in Sydney The hon. gentle- man has been busily engaged with matters in connection with the Tick Conference, and has consequently been unable to play on the local greens. Mr. Taverner played for his colony in the last inter- colonial match in Sydney.

ASHFIELD V. WAVERLEY. 15 August 1896



As was anticipated, one or two of the matches fixed for Saturday did not eventuate. Manly was unable to muster a sufficient number of players to   send to Redfern, and, presumably for a similar reason. Rosehill did not put in an appear- ance at Randwick. Newtown, likewise, could     not get a team lo meet Victoria Park   on the Erskineville-road green, but it was agreed that the contest be postponed till the 29th instant. Following are accounts of matches played, the winning clubs being Ashfield, Balmain, U . R. C , and Glebe : -


This contest took place on the Strathfield green, and was won by the home team by 6 points. Not- withstanding disadvantages under which the losers laboured, they made a splendid show for the game, and as far as the half-hour results went they had somewhat the better of the match. At the first term they were 4 points to the good ; during, the second they fell into the rear by a single point ; recovering during the third, they regaíned their original lead, and increased it by one. In the semi-final the home team put on 24 points to their 13, and thus won the game by 6 points. The match was lost the City by its No. 2 rink, which was beaten by no less than 25 points : all the other rinks won. This is understood to be the first association inter-club match lost by   the City this season. The rinks and scores were -  

No. 1 -U. R. C. : J. B. Dimelow, W. S Page T. Garrett, T. R. Allt (captain), 18. City : W. H. Goddard, H.   Hughes, J. Cutter, A. Coker (captain), 27.
No. 2 - U. R. C. : Cowdery, Saddington, Myles, Bird (captain), 35. City : Drake (sub), J. Graham, A. F.   Bulter, C. W. Knight (captain), 10.
No. 3 - U. R. C. : M'Kenny, Cowper, R. S. Bird, Thomp- son (captain), 22. City : Major Morris, J. C. Waine, P. Bedford, F. J. Josephson (captain), 29.
No. 4 - U. R. C. : Kopse, Dr. Blaxland, Jas. Inglis, J. Williams (captain), 21. City : E. Cansdell, James. E. Muir, H. Harris (captain), 24.  
The half-hour scores were - U. R. C. : 12, 36, 53, 72 ; final, 96. City ; 16, 35, 57, 77 ; final 90. Majority for U. R. C., 6.

These clubs played on the Waverley Green. The weather was not favourable as previous to the commencement of the game some light showers of rain fell which made the green somewhat damp. Five rinks played. No. 4 rink was the first to finish whilst the play at No. 5 rink was so prolonged that it was finished in a shower of rain. At No 1 rink   the leader of the Ashfield team (Pierce) showed excellent form thronghout, the visitors having the   game all their own way and had scored 20 before  the home team began. The score at the finish for this rink reading -A shfield, 37 ; Waverley, 10. The lead gained at this rink was within three of the total number of points with which the Ashfield team won the game. The average play in the other four rinks was very even. At No. 2 and No. 4 rinks the Waverleys had a decided lead whilst at Nos.3 and five the visitors had a corresponding advantage, the scoring at these latter four rinks gave Ashfield a lead of three points only. The total score being-Ashfield, 109, Waverley, 79. Mr. W. Macleod (president of the home team), in announcing the result of the match, was glad to hear that one of the members of the Ashfield Club (Mr John Searle had generously. offered a trophy, value £10 10s to be competed for during the season by the clubs in the association. Mr. Mortley (president of the Ashfield Club) also spoke. The rinks and scores are as follows -

No. 1- Waverley : A. J. Sands, Godhard, Gardner, Evans (captain), 10. Ashfield : Pierce, Watson, Dupain,   Gelding (captain), 37.  
No. 2 - Waverley : Schmidt, Vial, Morcombe, Wahlberg, (captain), 10. Ashfield : Stanton, Mitchell, Bailey, Whittle (captain), 11.        
No. 3 - Waverley : King, Parsons, Locke, Clarke (captain), 17. Ashfield : Law, Freeman, Aikten, jun., Thomas (captain), 27.
No. 4 - Waverley : Hurley, Gibbes, Andrew, Macleod   (captain), 20. Ashfield : Wisener, Gourlay, Schofield, Aitken, sen. (captain), 18.
No. 5 - Waverley : Sutherland, Green, Blanchard, Fitzgerald (captain), 13, Ashfield : Drake, Upward, Dixson, Mortley (captain), 21.      

The following were the half-hour scores :- Waverley : 23, 33, 50, 79. Ashfield : 20, 50, 76, 109. Majority for Ashfield, 30 points.    

St. Leonards sent four rinks to the Wentworth Park green but were beaten by the Glebe by a single point. Like that at Slrathfield, the contest was an excellent one. At the end of the first half hour the   scores were even. In the second half the visitors put one point to the good, and in the third and semi final they added 15 points as against 11. However, the locals pulled up well in the final, making 28 points   to 22. They thus won by a point, Each side won  two rinks. Rinks and scores were :-  
No. 1 - Glebe : Huenerbein, Cole Hogue, H. E. Vaughan (captain), 28. St. Leonards : Sleeman, Murgin, Bligh, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 19  
No. 2 - Glebe : H. N. Vaughan, Small, Kendall, Purves (captain), 13. St. Leonards : Perry, Dr. Moore, Wilkins, Thompson (captain), 27.    
No. 3 - Glebe : Stimson, Wirth, Huenerbein, Mackinlay (captain), 15. St. Leonards : Barry, -------, Trimble, Punch (captain), 16.
No. 4- Glebe : Parker, Guest, Buckle, Messell (captain),     19. St. Leonards : Taylor, -------, Liggins, W. P.Moore  (captain), 12.
The half-hour scores were - Glebe : 24, 36, 47, final, 75. St. Leonards : 24, 37, 52, final, 74. Majority for Glebe, 1

Played on the Brighton green, and won by Balmain by 25 points. The winners obtained the lead in the first term and maintained it all   through, notwithstanding that two of their men were away and they had to play with substitutes. The first Balmain lead was 10 points. This was brought up to 16 at the end of the hour, and at the semi-final it was increased to 25. During the final   the sides made an equal number of points, each putting on 24. Balmain thus won by 25. Balmain won in every rink except No. 4, where Reeders rink succumbed to that captained by Bradbury. The rinks and scores were : -
No. 1 - Balmain ; Withers (sub.), Manuell, Marshall, Jervis (captain), 32. Brighton : Edwards, Phippard, Kenwood, Macleod (captain), 16.  
No. 2 - Balmain :Young, Lowden, Cohen, Dr. Wilson (captain), 24. Brighton : Alcock, Miller, M'Namee, Corbett (captain), 15.    
No. 3- Balmain : Turner, Langley (sub.), Kershaw, Akhurst (captain), 24. Brighton : Gommeson, Saywell,   Woodruff, George (captain), 19. 
No. 4 - Balmain : Brodie, Dalrymple,Laurence, Reeder (captain), 16. Brighton : Deeble, Gibbons, Dunlop, Bradbury (captain), 27. The half-hour scores were -Balmain : 26, 49, 72, final 96 ; Brighton : 16, 33, 47, final 71. Majority for Balmain, 25.

The rink match for the Brighton tournament, 
playoff for 3rd & 4th
, 19 August 1896.


At the Waverley Bowling green yesterday afternoon the deciding match for the first and second prizes in the Waverley Open Pair tournament took place, the contestants being the brothers W. and A. Horrocks (Waverley) and Major Morris and F. J. Josephson (City). The play ended in a surprise to the many who witnessed the game. A win by the brothers Horrocks by two to one was little expected, the final scores being -W. and A. Horrocks, 25; Morris and Josephson, 13. The former takes first prize and the latter second prize.

The rink match for the Brighton tourament, between St. Leonards and Ashfield rinks, was won by the former by 18 points, Ashfield only scoring in six heads. The teams were : - 
Ashfield : M. Pierce, S. Law, W. Aitken, E. Thomas (captain), 11.
St. Leonards : W. M. Gordon, T. T. Forsyth, J Hobson, F. Punch (captain), 29.



also at Australian_Town_and_Country_Journal_Saturday_29_August_1896,_page_39.jpg

A meeting of the committee of the Bowling Association of New South Wales was held at the Hotel Australia last night Mr. W. Macleod (vice president) occupied the chair. A letter was received from the Victorian Association, inquiring when the intercolonial team would be sent over. Mr Evans moved,-" That the intercolonial match he played in November, and that all the associated clubs be requested to forward at the earliest opportunity the names of the members willing to take part." The North-Western Association of Victoria intimated that it had been found impossible to arrange for a match against this colony at present, but that the Secretary would visit Sydney in August. Mr. Evans reported having been waited upon by the secretary of the N. W. Victorian Ascociation early this month, Messrs. Searl and Sons intimated their intention of presenting to the association a trophy of the value of 10 guineas, to be known as " the Searl Trophy," for a four-bowl competition. All games in the competition are to be played on the Ashfield green. On the motion of Mr W. H. Goddard (president City), the offer was accepted with thanks. The matter of the championship shield, given to the winners of the  pennant, was then discussed, two designs for the trophy being submitted. Mr Goddard moved, and Mr Mortley (president Ashfield) seconded,-" That a sum of 10 guineas be voted for the shield." Mr W.   Rigg, M. L. A. (president Victoria Park), supported, and said the trophy should be of a suitable character. The motion was carried. It was resolved that the design submitted by Messrs. T. T. Jones and Co, of George-street, be accepted. Reference was made to the approaching tournament at Wellington, N Z, and it was stated that Alderman F. J. Josephson (City Club) intended taking over a team to compete in the various events.

 Brighton rink tournament, Whittle's Ashfield rink v. Kondio (Waverley).22 August 1896


There are no association inter-club fixtures for this afternoon, but one or two matches will be played by clubs that have been prevented by the weather, &c, from carrying out their engagements.

Brighton rink tournament will be advanced a stage this afternoon, when Whittle's Ashfield rink will meet that captained by Kondio (Waverley). As these rinks comprise many of the best players of the two clubs an interesting and exciting contest is anticipated.

The design for the championship shield, which accompanies this year's pennant, is to be submitted to the City Club, the winner of the trophies. At Thursday night's association meeting Mr. W. H. Goddard (president City Club) selected a design from those placed before the gathering, and he was empowered to exhibit the drawings to the members of his club.

The intercolonial match with the Victorian Association is to be played at Melbourne in November. As is customary, each colony will be represented by four rinks, and three matches will be played. After the intercolonial matches have been played off the New South Wales team will meet some of the Mel- bourne clubs on their own greens, and subsequently, in all probability, meet the North-western Association teams at Ballarat. There is promise of a very fair team being sent to the sister colony on this occasion.

The champion rink of Queensland is expected in Sydney at an early date. Tho organiser is Mr. Muir, an enthusiastic member of the Booradabin Club, Brisbane. Mr. Muir has written to the secretary of the N.S.W. Association (Mr. H.C. Evans) on the subject, and his communication has been very favourably received by the members of the body.

Mr. F. J. Josephson (City Club) reports that there is promise of several representative rinks -from this colony attending the Grand New Zealand Tournament at Wellington, in January next. From one club alone, it is stated, two rinks will be forthcoming.

OLD V. YOUNG (ASHFIELD), Brighton Rink Tournament 22 August 1896
Petersham's first Inter-club match



On Saturday afternoon Victoria Park and Petersham played a four-rink match on the green of the former. Old v Young matches were played at Ashfield and Waverley contests in the first round for the president's trophy were played at the Glebe, and   the Brighton tournament has advanced a stage. Following are particulars of the games -

This was the first regular match played by the Petersham Club since its formation, and as the majority of the best playing members of the club were absent the natural result was a win for the home team. As was expected the Victoria Park went ahead from the very commencement of the game. In the first term its lead was 17 points. This was increased in the second half-hour to 25. In the semi-final the home team stood 34 to the good, and in the last term they added 10 more points thus winning by 44. Petersham won in its first rink, but the others were somewhat badly beaten. The rinks and scores were :-  
No.1. - Victoria Park : Banks, Carlan, M'Causland, Lane (captain), 11. 1 Petersham : Walker, Moseley, Cock- bane, M'Laughlan (captain), 19. 
No. 2. - Victoria Park : M'Kenzie, Gilfillan, Young, Rogers (captain), 33. Petersham : Willis, Morgan, Doman, Kay (captain), 10. 
No. 3. - Victoria Park : Bradwell, Lee, Moody, Harber   (captain), 28. Petersham : Wallis, P. Horders, Griffins, Briton (captain), 15.
No. 4. - Victoria Park : Chisholm, Moran, Pritchard, Rigg (captain), 23. Petersham : Dow, Hobson, Gibbs, Loudon (captain), 7.    
Half-half hour scores were :- Victoria Park : 39, 54, 66, final, 95. Petersham :12, 26, 32, final, 51. Majority for Victoria Park, 44.    

There was an execeptionally good muster at the Ashfield green on Saturday, the. event of the day being a match between members over and under 50 years of age. The number of each, was found to be evenly balanced but the older players had an advantage over their opponents as they had the majority of experienced bowles on their side.   Taking the total scores during the game it was shown that the Old had the advantage of the play and at the conclusion of the contest they stood 10 points to the good. Though the Young won on only one rink   it tied in another and was only very much in the rear in its No. 4. The play on both sides was generally good. Rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Old: T. Meares, ------- , J. Hutchings, G. M. Miller (captain), 20. Young :, G. Watson, ---------, J. Searl, J. F. Norris (captain), 18.  
No. 2 - Old : J. M. Pierce, J. F. Carson, J Auld, W. Mortley (captain), 20. Young :A .E. Davies, Hillier, F. Freeman, G. Dupain (captain), 20.  
No. 3 - Old: W. Steel, W..Semple, C. Bailey, W.   Gelding (captain), 13. Young : J. Reid, A. W. Pearce, F. J. Howard, F. Thomas (captain), 19.
No. 4 - Old : W. Armitage, Baker, sen., W. H. Hosk- ins, Hugh,Dixson (captain), 21. Young, J. Sheather, Baker, jun., C. Butcher, G. M. Laurence (captain), 12.    
No. 5 - Old : T. F. Wiesener, C. Musman, W. Aitken, J. Davies (captain), 21. Young : H. S. Brothwood, W. Pepperday, R. Stanton, E. G. Aitken (captain), 18.  
Totals: Old, 97 ; Young, 87. Majority for Old, 10.

Three rinks met and played a match at Waverley   green between Old and Young, the division of ages being determined at 45 years. Several of the most prominent members of the club were absent, but the match proved most interesting, and to the great surprise of the Juniors resulted in a win for the "old folks" Wahlberg's team (Juniors) at No. 1   rink led their opponents all the way and finished with a subtantial lead of 9 points, which difference was more than made up by the "Seniors" at N0. 2 rink, who led   the Juniors by no less than 13 points. The play at No. 3 rink was the best shown in the match, the scoring being most even throughout, and the "aged" finishing with a lead of two points. This gave them a win by six points at the whole of the three rinks. Following, are the rinks and scores -
No. 1 - Juniors : Dyson, Sutherland, King, Wahlberg   (captain), 31. Seniors : J. Clark, Apted, Scott, Blanchard (captain), 22.  
No. 2 - Juniors : Hurley, Fitzgerald, Martin (captain), 16. Seniors: Hegarty, Baines, Thomas (captain), 29.
No. 3 - Juniors : J. H. Sands, Sledge, Parsons, G. T. Clarke (captain), 23. Seniors : Hurley, Schmidt, Gardner, Graham (captain), 25.      
Totals: Seniors, 76 ; Juniors, 70. Majority for Seniors, 6.

One of the best contests yet played in connection with the above was that which took place at Lady Robinson's Beach on Saturday between Whittle's Ashfield rink and Kondio's Waverley rink. Whittle's rink had Schofield as substitute for Groth. For the first five head's Ashfield had the best of the game, notwithstanding that Waverley scored five in     the first head. In the second five heads Ashfield increased its lead from five to eight. Waverley then came on better, and at the end of the fifteenth head had again reduced the majorityto five. During the next five the play was more even, but Ashfield still kept ahead. At the twentieth head Waverley was 4 behind. The following three heads decided the game. Ashfield failed to score, and Waverley made 1, 3, and 1 successively, thus pulling off the match by 1 point.  
The rinks and scores were :-
Waverley. - M'Donald, Locke, H. C. Evans, Captain   Kondio (captain), 22.  
Ashfield. - H. Drake, D. J. Schofield (sub.), W. Hankin, L. H. Whittle (captain), 22.

Two matches in connection with the first round of the Glebe Club President's trophy contests were played off on the Wentworth Park green on Saturday, the results being as follow :-
J. Guest (18 points) beat A. Mackinlay (scratch) by 31 to 23 ; H. E. Vaughan (scratch) beat C. Huenerbein (15 points) by 31 to 24 ; C. Messell (scratch) beat A. Thornley (scratch) by 31 to 8 ; A. Huenerbein (7 points) beat J. Amess (12 points) by 31 to 19 ; J. Cole (10 points) beat F. Johnson (scratch) by 31 to 29 ; J. Kendall gave G. Purves a bye and H. Macpherson received a bye from F. Buckle. These were all on scratch.
Mr. F. Johnson has been appointed to act as secretary of the Glebe Club for the remainder of the year, Mr. J. Kendall being absent from Sydney.  

The scores made by Punch's St. Leonards rink and Thomas's Ashfield rink in the Brighton tournament, were 30 and 17, respectively.  

Petersham to play Ashfield??
Waverley Grand Tournament Playoff 3rd & 4th 29 August 1896


This afternoon the Waverley and Redfern clubs will play a four-rink match on the Waverley green.  

Wahlberg and Macleod (Waverley) will also play Whittle and Aitken (Ashfield) in the Waverley Grand Tournament, the winners receiving third and the losers fourth prizes. One or two Petersham rinks may meet Ashfield on the latters green, but the match has not been officially arranged.

The secretary of the association (Mr. H. C. Evans) is collecting information from the secretaries of the associated clubs with a view to showing in his annual report the standing of the various clubs in the association inter-club matches. The information will be of a very comprehensive character, and it is probable that copies of the report will be distributed among members of all the clubs. Mr. Evans is also asking for the names of all mem- bers of the association willing to play in the inter- colonial match against Victoria to be played at Melbourne in November. Club secretaries are requested to notify the secretary of the association of intending players immediately prior to the annual meeting.

A successful musical evening in connection with the Waverley Bowling and Recreation Club took place at the clubrooms, Waverley, last evening. The president, Mr. W. Macleod, presided over a large attendance. An excellent programme of vocal and instrumental music was well carried out by Messrs. A. J. Sands, J. Graham, John Gibbs, Goddard, Frank M'Elbone, G. T. Clarke, J. F. Smith, W. Marshall, and others.

 Waverley Open Pair Tournament, Final Results 29 August 1896


Two inter-club matches, the final for third and fourth prizes in the Waverley tournament, and the semi-final of the U. R. C. handicap competition, were played off on Saturday afternoon. In the inter-club matches Redfern beat Waverley by 9 points on the latter's own green, and City sustained it's second defeat of the year at the hands of the Bal- main Club, Balmain played on its own green and  led in every term except the first. The win was by   32 points, but one City rink lost by 43 points. Following are particulars of the contests : -

Balmain met City on the former's green in a match postponed from a recent date. The result was a win for the local men by 32 poiuts. After the first five heads had been played the game was 19 all, but Balmain gradually drew away at each succeeding head and established a substantial win at the close. The City men owe their defeat to the team display of No. 2 rink, where a development occurred that has not been known on the green heretofore - that of 47 points of one rink to their op- ponents' 4. The neaeest approach to this was about 10 years ago with 45 pointa to 5. In No. 1 and No. 3 rinks the City men obtained good majorities, but were beaten by Balmain in Nos. 2 and 4. The fol- lowing were the rinks and scores : -  
No. 1.- Balmain : J. A.. Brodie. Mansfield, Newton, G. C. Murdoch, J. J. Reeder (captain), 21. C'ity : Colonel Morris, H. A. Magney, C. W. Knight, A. Coker' [captain),   28. No. 2. - Balmain : Cecil Turner, A. Christie, B. Kershaw, Walter Akhurst (captain), 47. City : J. Graham, H. Hughes, H. Vaughan, F. J. Josephson (captain], 4.
No. 3. - Balmain : C. Manuelle, F. Lemm, H. B. Cohen, Dr. R. A. Wilson (captain), 16. City : J. James, H. Usher, W. H. Goddard, H. Harris (captain), 35.
No. 4.- Balmain : A. Marshall, W. H. Dalrymple. W. Cruickshank, J. H. Jervis (captain), 28. City : K. Cans- dell, A. E. Butler, W. P. Moore, R. Muir (captain), 13.
The half-hour scores were :- Balmain, 19, 46, 65, 86. 112. City, 19, 31, 47, 65, 80. Majority for Balmain, 32 points.

An interesting four-rink match between the Waverley and Redfern Clubs was played on the Waverley green. Redfern was two men short, their places being filled by Baines, of No. 1 rink, and Thomas, of No. 4. The best play of the match was shown at No. 2 rink, in which the scores were most even throughout, and ended 22 all. No. 3 rink gave the home team a lead of 17 points for the rink, which almost equalised matters. The winning scores were made at No. 4 rink, in which the Redfern   players had a slight advantage, and thus won by 9 points. The following are the rinks and scores : -
No. 1.- Redfern : Hall. Baines (substitute), Barker. Howe (captain), 35. Waverley : Sledge, Schmidt, Graham, Watkin Wynne (captain), 16.
No. 2.- Redfern. : Locke. Mihell, Medcalf, Hanigan (captain). 22. Waverley : Hurley, Haycroft, F. M'Elhone, Locke (captain), 22.
No. 3.- Redfern : Wilson, Finlay, Rose, Widerstrom (captain), 15. Waverley: King, Blanchard. Evans,   Kondio (captain), 32.
No. 4. - Redfern : Gordon, Thomas (substitute), Clarke, Roberts (captain), 24. Waverley: Dyson, Parsons, Scott, G. T. Clarke (captain). 17.
Totals : Redfern, 96 ; Waverley, 87.
The half-hour scores were :- Redfern, 28, 49, 65. 82, 96 ; Waverley, 13, 25, 40, 70, 87. Redfern thus won by 9 points.

The very successful Open Pair Tournament which was promoted by the Waverley Bowling Club was brought to a termination at the Waverley Green on Saturday, when Macleod and Wahlberg (Waverley) beat Whittle and Aitken (Ashfield), and thus won the third prize, whilst the losers will take fourth place. The prizes in the tournament, which were given by the Waverley Club, are trophies to the value of £10, £5, £3, and £2. Messrs. A. and W. Horrocks of the Waverley Club are the winners of the first prize, £10, beating Messrs. Josephson and Morris of the City Club, who receive the second prize, £5. The concluding game was played under the most favourable conditions, the weather being all that could be desired. The game was played at the No. 3 (centre) rink, and was lengthened out considerably, not being con- cluded until 6 p.m., the latter portion being played in rather a bad light. The scoring was most even from the start, and continued so until the commence- ment of the last half-hour, when the score stood - Whittle and Aitken, 18 ; Macleod and Waldburg, 17.   The greatest enthusiasm prevailed as the Waverley representatives at this stage of the game scored 5 points by skilful play, and thus led by 4. Excel- lent play ensued. Wahlberg and Macleod alter nately commanded the play, and succeeded in scoring slowly but surely, gradually increasing their lead, whilst their opponents failed to add a single point during the last half-hour's play. Macleod and Wald- burg winning by 9 points. The scores were: - Macleod and Wahlberg (Waverley), 6 behind, 27 ; Whittle aud Aitken (Ashfield), 7 behind, 18.

The semi-final round of the Union Recreation Club's handicap matches was played on the Strath- field green on Saturday afternoon. The competitors were Messrs. Tom Garrett and W. Drake, the former being on scratch and the latter having five points. The result of the contest was a comparatively easy win for Garrett by 31 to 21. The winner of the next round will receive a trophy presented by Mr. F. A. Oatley, ex-president.

2nd Annual Smoko Concert at Ashfield 31 August 1896


The second annual smoko concert of the Ashfield Bowling Club was held in the pavilion, Ashfield Park, on Monday night Mr. J. W. Mortley (president) occupied the chair, and among the 70 persons present were Messrs W. M. Fehon, C. Brandís, and T. T. Jones (vice-presidents), Mr. T. Hammond, Mr. J. Upward (Mayor), and many of the leading residents   of the district. The programme, a large and artistic copy of which was prepared by Mr. F. Thomas, was opened with a violin solo by Mr. Arthur Hankin. Several members sang the glee "Rovers' Song," and Mr. Charles Butcher rendered "Come into the Garden, Maud ." Other songs were, " Good Com- pany," Mr Thomas ; " The King's Own," Mr .E. G. Aitken ; " Stars of Normandy," Mr. R. Stanton ; " Embarrassment," Mr. H. S. Brothwood ; " Blow High, Blow Low " Mr. L.. .H Whittle ; " Smuggler Queen," Mr. J. W. Mortley ; " Sailor's Life ," Mr. A. W. Pearce and an item by Mr. George Watson.
The glee "Fair Elsa" was rendered by six voices. Rev. John Auld gave a Scotch anecdote, and Mr. R. Gourlay delivered a recitation. Mr. Percy Jones was encored for a mandoline solo. Contributions were   also given by Mr. Charles Bailey, Rev. H. Dunlop, and others. During the evening the vice-presidents' trophies for rink play were presented, the recipients being Messrs A. Hanken, A. H. Kellett, G. H. Rogers and H. Drake. The running-up trophies were also presented to the members of the second rink. Speeches were delivered by Messrs Fehon, Brandis, Jones, Hammond, and others.

Mr. J. C. Harrison, of the Ashfield Club, intends issuing a challenge to the champion of the Brisbane Club 5 Sept. 1896


The association interclub fixtures for to-day are   as follows : - U. R. C. v. Glebe at Strathfield ; City v. Ashfield, at Cook Park ; St. Leonards v. Waverley, at North Shore ; Victoria Park v. Manly, at Victoria   Park ; Randwick v. Redfern at Randwick ; Rosehill v. Brighton at Parrmatta ; Balmain v. Newtown, at Balmain.

Mr. Thomas A. Williams, secretary of the Western Association of Victoria has written to Mr. Evans (secretary New South Wales Association), stating that his association is about to revise the rules and the laws of bowling. The Western Association intended dipping largely into the New South Wales regulations and has requested that copies thereof be forwarded at once, as the matter is to be considered  next Tuesday.    

The position of secretary of the Manly Club having become vacant by the resignation of Mr. R. A. Luckham. Mr. Aubrey Davis has been appointed to the position. The club will hold it's annual meeting on the 12th September, and it will then be decided whether it will rejoin the association or not.

Mr. Evans (secretary N.S.W. B. Association) has written to country clubs, pointing out the facilities for joining offered by the new rules, and asking whether they will be added to the list of associated clubs. By the new rules country clubs can join the association at an annual subscription of two guineas.

The Newcastle Club will hold its annual meeting next month and the secretary has informed Mr. Evans   that the advisability of joining the association will  then be considered.

No replies to the letter of the secretaries of the association have yet been received from Waratah or Bathurst.

Next Wednesday night there will be a special meeting of the Waverley Club, for the purpose of presenting Mr. Alfred Horrocks (retiring secretary) with a testamonial. On Monday, the 14th instant, the club's trophies for the open pair tournament will be presented. On each occasion there will be a smoko concert.

Union Recreation Club played City on the latter's green duung the week. The rinks and scores were -  
U. R. C. - Williams, Thompson, Miles, Smith (captain), 11. City - Goddard, Butler, Knight. Coker (captain), 18.
U. R. C. - Cowdery, Delbridge, Bird, Allt (captain), 18. City - Crawford, Morris, Muir, Harris (captain), 17.
The totals were - U. R. C.- 29 ; City, 35. 
It was a very
close game all through, and was won by City by 6 points.

The annual meeting of the Newcastle Lowlands Club is to be held this month. Mr. Foskett, the secretary, has informed the secretary of the associa- tion that the club will then consider the matter of affiliation with the N.S W. B. A..

Mr. J. C. Harrison, of the Ashfield Club, intends issuing a challenge to the champion of the Brisbane Club for a four-bowl match at an early date.  

Ashfield v. City, 5 September 1896




Saturday was an ideal day for the game, and con- sequently the whole of the association inter-club matches were played. There were several surprises in the results. City was defeated on it's own green,   for the first time this season, by Ashfield , Brighton beat Rosehill at Parramatta, Newtown defeated Balmain at Balmain, and Glebe beat U. R. C. on the Strathfield green. These results were the more remarkable as the losers playod on their own greens, and are all recognised as being strong in play. This   was the semi-final round of association inter-club matches for the present season, and the final round will take place on the 26th September. Following are particulars of the contests -

This was played on the City green, and won by the visitors by 29 points. Ashfield got the lead in the first half-hour, and kept it all through. The first   lead was by 18 points. ln the second half this was increased to 29 points, and in the third to 38. In the semi-final the locals did a little better, and succeeded in reducing the majority by 5 points, Ashfield still remaining 33 to the good. During the final, City rinks made 5 more points than their opponents , but they were so much in the rear that to win was almost impossible. The scores during the final term were : Ashfield, 14, City. 18 Ashfield thus won the game by 29 points. The rinks and scores were as follow -
No. 1 - Ashfield : J. M. Pierce, G. Dupain, J. E. Groth, W. Gelding (captain), 25. City : Crawford, E. Campbell, F Butler, C. W. Knight (captain). 14.
No. 2 - Ashfield : W. Kay, G. Watson, J. W. Mortley, W. Hankin (captain), 22. City : Unber, J. Gelding, P. Bedford, R. Muir (captain). 18.  
No. 3 - Ashfield : R. Stanton, D. J. Schofield, E. G. Aitken, F. Thomas (captain), 25. City : Major Morris, Magney, W. Goddard, A. Coker (captain), 13.
No. 4 - Ashfield : H. Drake, J. Searl, F. Freeman, L. H. Whittle (cáptain), 22. City : James, Hamilton, Hughes, H. Harris (captain), 20.
The half-hour scores were - Ashfield, 27, 47. 70, 80, 94,   City, 9, 18, 32, 47, 65 , majority for Anhfield, 29 points.

Balmain met a strong team from Newtown on the local green in the presence of a considerable number of bowling patrons, when a most interesting contest resulted in a win for the visitors by nine points. Balmain at the end of the fifth term obtained a sub- taniial lead, but in the succeeding heads lost ground mainly through the efforts of the second and third rinks, whilst in the first and fourth rinks Balmain more than held their own with the visitors, and a feature in connection with the latter rink-a pleasing circumstance-was the meritorious play of Mr. R. Loudon, who for a young player proved invaluable acquisition to his rink. The following were the rinks and rink scores -
No. 1 - Balmain : A. Marshall, W. H. Dalrymple, J. H. Jervis, W. Cruickshank (captain), 31. Newtown : W. Goache, W. Withers, H. Garland, J. Dunlop (captain), 18.
No. 2 - Balmain : Cecil Turner, A. Christie, J. J. Reeder, B. Kershaw (captain), 16. Newtown : R. Bellamy, J. Gentle, L.. M'Donald, A. Murray (captain), 33.
No. 3 - Balmain : H A Young, N. Booth, Dr. R. A. Wilson, F. Lemm (captain), 18. Newtown : A. Wilson, B. Langley, W. Kenwood, J. F. Dalrymple (captain), 29.  
No. 4- Balmain : J. A. Brodie, R. Loudon, H. B. Cohen, G. C. Murdoch (captain), 30. Newtown : A. Newman, G. Gommerson, W. Dolman, J. Dickinson (captain), 24.
The half-hour scores were -Balmain : 23, 37, 56, 75 ; total, 95. Newtown : 16 40, 67, 85, total, 104. Majority for Newtown, 9 points.


On the St. Leonards green Waverley and St. Leonards met in the inter-club contests, and the visitors secured a well-deserved win by eight points after a good game. In Nos. 2 and 3 rinks the locals were badly beaten, while in No. 4 the scoring was even, the only rink that was successful being No. 1, who scored just twice as many points as their op- ponents. The following are the rinks and rink 
scores -
No. 1 - Waverley :King W. Horrorks, Graham, Locke (captain), 14. St. Leonards : W. H. P'erry, Taylor, W. Wilkie, J. Hobson (captain), 28.
No. 2 - Waverley : Martin, Ord, M'Elhone, Wahlberg (captain), 30. St. Leonards : J. Earl, J. Jago, W. B. Smith, J. B. Moore (captain), 23.
No. 3 - Waverley : M'Donald, M'Leod, Thomas, Wynne (captain), 30. St. Leonards : J Musgrave, Palmer, J. Trmble, F. Punch (captain), 15.
No. 4 - Waverley, Hurley, Hewlett, Fitzgerald, Captain Kondio (captain), 23. St. Leonards : O Sleeman, J Peat,   J. Liggins, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 23.  
The half-hour scores were - Waverley : 25, 43, 64, 85 - final, 97, St. Leonards, 14,27,45, 62, final 89. Majority for Waverley, 8 points.

'The Redfern Club journeyed to Randwick on   Saturday, where they met and defeated four rinks of the local club rather easily by 23 points. The win   vas decisive in two of the rinks, but Mr Forsyth's No. 3 rink beat the Redfern No. 3 badly. At the first half-hour Randwick led off with a lead of 5 poiuts, Redfern being 15. The second half showed the local club still ahead by the same majority, the scores being Randwick 40, Redfern 35. Then the     visitors slowly forged ahead, the next three half- hours' play being Redfern 64, 86. and 103, as against Randwick's 56, 64, and 80. At the couclusion of the game the usual complimentary remarks were in-   dulged in. Rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Redfern : Bromwich, Finley, Roberts, Howe (captain), 31. Randwick : Howie J Maynard, J. Coulter, J. Wallace (captain), 12.    
No. 2 - Redfern : Wilson, Dearin, M-tealfe, Brogden (captain), 16. Randwick : C. E. Bedford, H. F. Francis, Andrew Scott, J. Hedges (captain), 20.    
No. 3 - Redfern :Locke, Rose, Clarke, Hanigan (cap- tain), 16. Randwiock : A. Lewis, A. Reid, Artur Scott, J. Forsyth (captain), 31.
No. 4 - Redfern :Gordon, Barker, Mihell, Widerstrom (captain), 38. Randwick : F. . Crouch, J. A. I. Perry.J. Cook, T. B. Perry (captain), 17.
The half-hour scores were - Redfern : 15, 35, 64, 86, final, 103. Randwick : 20, 4o, 56, 64, 80. Majority for Redfern, 23.

GLEBE V. U. R. C..
Played on the Strathfield green, and won by the visitors by 15 points. After the recent defeat of the City by U. R. C. this result was totally unexpected,   the more so as the local team was a very representative one. U. R. C. was behind in every term, and won in only one rink. At the first half-hour Glebe stood a point to the good, but during the second it in- creased its lead to 16. In the third the majority was reduced by 2 points, and in the third it was brought down to 6, U. R. C. beginning to play up. In the last term Glebe forged further ahead, and won a good game by 15 points. The rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Glebe : Guest, Purves, Macpherson (captain), 27. U. R. C. : Cowdery, Bird, Inglis, Williams (captain), 18.    

No. 2 - Glebe : Small, ----------, Mackinlay, Vaughan (captain), 24 U. R. C. : Kopsen, Drake, Bird, Delbridge (cap- tain), 21
No. 3 - Glebe : Wilkins, Amoss, Buckle, Messell (captain), 22. U. R. C. : Brunton, Saddington, Myles, Thompson (captain), 24.  
No. 4 - Glebe : Stinson, Cole, Huenerbein, Johnson (captain), 26. U. R. C. : Donnellan, Nott, Garrett Allt, 21.
The half-hour scores were - Glebe : 17, 47, 65, 79, 99 , U. R. C., 16, 31, 51, 73, 84. Majority for Glebe, 15.

These clubs met on tbe former's green, and though Manly did very well, the final result was not  unexpected. The visitors actually won in the first   and second rinks, but their loss in the third more     than counterbalanced. They also led in the first half-hour, but fell behind during the second, and re- mained so till the end. Victoria Park won by 11.
The rinks and scores were -
No. 1 - Victoria Park : M'Kenzie, Bridwell, Young, Rigg' (captain), 22. Manly : Nathan, Leathes, Graham, Norris (captain), 28.
No. 2 - Victoria Park : Chisholm, M'Laughlin, M'Cuasland, Brltten (captain), 16. Manly : Lee, Newtown, Byrne. Pritchard (captain), 19.
No. 3 - Victoria Park : Walker, Loudon, Moran, Moody (captain), 38. Manly : Morris, Austea, Davis, Lockham (captain), 18.
The half-hour scores were - Victoria Park : 15, 41, 56, 71, 76 ; Manly, 17, 29, 41, 58, 63. Majority for Victoria Park, 11.

A friendly inter-club game was played on Wed- nesday afternoon on the Randwick Green, when three rinks from the Waverley Club met a like number from the Randwick Club members. The match   resulted in a decisive and easy win for the home   players, the only rink offering anything like opposition being No. 3.
The following are the rinks and scores -
No. 1-Waverley : G Dyson, Haycroft, J. Clark, Andrew (captain)-10. Randwick : H. F.-Francis, H. Lee, Arthur Scott, J. Helges (captain) -23.
No. 2 - Waverley : Hurley, Hawthorne, Marcombe, A. Horrocks (captain)-14. Randwick : F. G. Crouch, A. Howie, C. E. Bedford, J. Forsyth (captain)-29.    
No. 3- Waverley : J. Carroll, Apted, Scott, M'leod (captain)-21. Randwick : A. A. Lewis, Andrew Scott, J. Cook, J. Wallace (captain)-27.
Totals -Waverley, 35. Randwick, 79.      

Rosehill and Brighton met on the former's green   at Parramatta on Saturday, when, after a pleasant game, Brighton won by 10 points scores -
Rink 1. -Rosehill : D. D. Henderson, G. Coates, jun., Dr. W. S. Brown, J. Finlayson-22. Brighton : W. R. Nicholas, V. Scott, H. M'Leod, J. Bradbury-23.  
Rink 2. -Rosehill : Hitchcock, W. H. Tunks, W. Hart, S. Walker, 15. Brighton : J. Alcock, N. E. Hart, Thornley, W. Corbitt-24. Totals Rosehill, 37, Brlghton, 47.   

Ashfield Over 50's v. Under 50's, Mr J. C. Harrison of the Ashfield Club to challenge any Bowler from Brisbane, 12 Sept 1896


This afternoon there will be a match between members over and under 50 years of age on the Ashfield Green. Waverley and Redfern will play a four-rink match on the Redfern Green.
Mr J. C. Harrison of the Ashfield Club, returned to Brisbane about the middle of the week. He intends to issue a challenge to play any member of the Brisbane Club.
The new secretary, Mr, Johnson, has been appointed delegate of the Glebe Club to the associa- tion, vice Mr. J. K. O'Toole, resigned.
On the 26th September the association interclub   fixtures for the year will terminate. Seven matches  have been set down for that date.  
The newly formed Petersham Club will play a friendly match on Wentworth Park this afternoon with the Glebe Club.

OLD v. YOUNG (ASHFIELD). 12 Sept, 1896




Several matches were played on Saturday afternoon. The day was a splendid one for play, and the greens were very fast. Four-rink matches were played between Brighton and Annandale, Glebe and   Petersham and Redfern and Waverley. A match between members under and over 50 years of age was played on the Ashfield Green. Following are particulars of the contests -

These clubs played a return match, the result being a win for Redfern by 27 points. The winners led  all through the game. At the end of the first term they were two to one ahead. During the second  they increased their lead by 11 points. At the end   of the third they were no less than 31 points to the good and in the semi-final they added 4 more. In the last term Waverley pulled up somewhat, but   were defeated by the points mentioned. The rinks and scores were -    
No. 1 -Redfern : Locke, Horrocks (sub.), Parker, Hanîgan (captain), 23. Waverley : King, Vial, M'Elhone, Macleod (captain), 23. No. 2 -Johnson, Dearin, Mihell, Howe (cap- tain), 23. Wàverley : Sutherland, Blanchard, Locke,   Wahlberg (captain) 25. No. 3 -Redfern: Gordon, Finlay, Medcalf, Roberts (cap- tain), 21. Waverley : M'Donald, Morecombe, Wynne, Kondio (captain), 17. No. 4- Redfern : Wilson, Rose, Gorton, Widerstrom (captain), 37. Waverley: Martin, Mitchell, Thomas, Andrew (captain), 18. The half-hour scores were:- Redfern, 26, 52, 75, 95 ; final, 110. Waverley : 13,28, 44, 60, final 83. Majority for Redfern, 27.

Petersham sent four rinks to Wentworth Park, and sustained a defeat by nearly to two to one. The losers were behind all through, and lost in every rink. At the half-hour the locals stood 14 to the good, and in the second they added another 10 points. At the end of the third term they were no less than 52 points in the lead. Petersham did somewhat better in the semi-final, and Glebe made only one additional point. The final allowed little alteration in the respective positions, and Glebe ultimately won by 67 points, tho rinks and score, were : - 
No. 1- Glebe : Wilkins, Guest. Mackinlay Macpherson (captain), 35. Petersham : Fogden, Dow, Diedrich, Hughes (captain), 12. No. 3- Glebe : Stinson, Huenerbein, Hogue, Johnson (captain), 18. Petersham : Wallace, Burcher, Loudon. Knight (captain), 21. Petersham : Bedford, Dr. Purcer, Kay, Briton (captain), 21.     No. 4 - Glebe : Cole, Small, Purves, Coker (captain), 33. Petersham : Morgan, Griffiths, Pritchard, Wiseman (captain), 14. The half-hour scores were as follow :- Glebe, 28, 58, 86, 99, final 110, Petersham, 14, 24, 34,46, final, 53.

In a four-rink match Brighton defeated Annandale by the large majority of 40 points. Annandale won in only one rink. The first lead of the winners was 18 points. In the second term they added 8 more. During the third they exactly doubled their majority and led by 52 points. During the final Brighton made 11 points and Annandale 7, the former thus winning by 57. The rinks and scores were as follows -
No. 1. -Brighton :Edward, Phippard, Kinwood, M''Leod   (captain), 33. Annandale: Harmer, Simmonds, Brabant, Rowell (captain), 14.
No. 2. -Brighton :Alcock Marr, Wilson, Corbett (captain), 27. Annandale : Mann, Jamieson, Francis, Young (captain), 14.
No. 3.-Brighton : Pietzker, Gibbons Macnamee, Thornley (captain), 19. Annandale : Lappan, Fife,   Smith Neuman (captain), 21.
No. 4. - Brighton :Gommeson Nickless, Hegarty,Brad- bury (captain), 28. Annandale :M'Clardy, Broad, Skelton, Akhurst (captain), 18.
The half-hour scores were :- Brighton : 31, 59 86; final, 107. Annandale : 13, 33, 47 ; final, 67. Majority for Brighton, 40

The second Old v. Young match between members was played on the Ashfield green on Saturday.There was a very large muster, and five rinks repre- sented each side. The match started off slightly in favour of the seniors, who stood 4 points to the good   at the end of the first term. During the second the juniors made a rapid advance, and when the period expired it was found that they led by 5. The Old had   somewhat the best of the play in the third term and | reduced the majority to 3. The semi-final was unfortunate for this youthful, as their opponents began slowly but surely to gain upon them. When the results were posted it was found that the old players led by 6. During the last term the juniors, made a determined effort to regain supremacy, but with only     partial success. The Old eventually won by 3 points. The rink and scores were as follows - 
No. 1. -Old : Drake. Downing, Bailey, Mortley, (captain), 27. Young : A. E. Davies, Mitchell, Butcher, Thomas (captain), 36.
No. 2.- Old : Armitage, St Clair, Pierce, Gelding (captain), 20. Young : Reid, Baker, jnr., Howard, Laurence (captain), 20.
No. 3.- Old : Sample, Wilson, Upward, Hankin (captain), 26. Young : Watson, Rowe, Stanton, Whittle (captain), 26.
No. 4. - Old : Wiesener. Baker, sen , Kellett, J. Davies (captain), 19. Young : G ourlay, Hillier. Freeman, Aitken, jnr. (captain), 29.
No. 5. -Old : Meares, Carson, Dixson, Miller (captain), 21. Young : Pepperday, Musman, Dupain, Norris (captain), 16.
The half-hour scores were - Old : 20, 47, 78, 100 ; final, 120. Young : 16, 52, 76, 94, final, 117. Majority for the Old, 3 points.  

Waverley Open Pairs Presentation 14 Sept. 1896


Last evening a smoke social in connection with the Waverley Bowling and Recreation Club was held in the clubrooms for the purpose of presenting the prizes won in the recent Open Pair tournament to the successful players. There was a very large   attendance, which included representatives from the whole of the clubs in the association. The president, Mr. W. Macleod, presided. The chairman, in pre- senting the prizes, congratulated the club upon the success of the recent tournament. There had been no less than 64 pairs entered, and he felt proud to   find that the Waverley Club had won the first and third prizes in the final, which he considered more than satisfactory for such a young club as that. He   then presented the following prizes:  
First, £10, A Horrocks and W. Horrocks (Waverley); second, £5, Josephson and Morris (City), third, £3 Macleod and Wahlberg (Wakerley) , fourth, £2, Whittle and  Aitken (Ashfield). Consolation prizes for those who suc- ceeded in winning three games, four pairs at £1: Evans and locke (Waverley), Messell and Buckle (Glebe), Andrews and Carroll (Waverley), Metcalf and Clark (Red- fern). Eight pairs at 10s : Roarty and Lyons (City), Raffan and Cook (Randwick), Coulter and Bedford (Randwick), Brogden and Roberts (Redfern), Luckham and Davis (Manly), Widderstrom and Wilson (Redfern), Punch and Gordon (St. Leonards), Reeder and Newton (Balmain).  



Saturday's Matches.

Though the day is as by no means a pleasant one, several matches were played on Saturday afternoon. Ashfield and Petersham met at Ashfield, the former winning, Glebe beat Brighton at Lady Robinson's Beach, Redfern defeated Randwick at Redfern, and St. Leonards scored a win from Annandale at St.   Leonards. Following are particulars of the contests -

Petersham lost this match by 27 points only, and consequently did very well against a club like their opponents. At the commencement the game was quite in favour of the visitors, who actually led by five points in the first half-hour, two of the local rinks failing to score. In the second term Ashfield   did considerably better, its No. 3 rink pulling up wonderfully well, and its other rinks also scoring. At the end of the term Ashfield was 15 to the good. In the third term the play was pretty even all round, neither side gaining much advantage. The half-hour totals showed locals to be 17 ahead. The fourth and final was more in favour of Ashfield, the locals making an additional 26 points, as against 16. The final showing was thus in favour of the home team by 27 points. The rinks and scores were as follow -  
No. 1. -Ashfield : Drake, Robertson, Freeman, Hankin (captain), 33. Petersham: Wallis, Carson (sub.), Doeg (sub.), Knight (captain), 15.
No. 2. - Ashfield : Wiesener, Meares, Dupain, Laurence (captain), 14. Petersham : Law, Wilson, Cockbaine iiofu (captain), 14.
No. 3 - Ashfield : Stanton Auld Aitken, jun., Thomas (captain), 21. Petersham : Morgan, Brothwood, Loudon, Briton (captain), 11.
No. 4. - Ashfield : Pierce, Upward, Dixson, Mortley (captain), 17. Petersham : Radford, Dow, Butcher, Moodie (captain), 22.  
The half hour scores were - Ashfield : 13, 44,, 67, final, 93.
Petersham : 18, 29, 56, final, 66. Majority for Ashfield, 27 points.

This was played on the Redfern green, and won by the home team by only nine points the contest was a good one in every way, and although Redfern won in every half-hour their opponents were often unpleasantly close to them. Three rinks represented each side. At the end of the first term Redfern was only three points to the good. The second period was better for the home team than the visitors, the former putting in 24 points to 18. Redfern rallied splendidly during the third term, adding no less than 15 to their score, while their opponents only gained 7. The effort, though well made, was not sustained, for in   the last term the home team got 16, while the visitors   obtained only 8. The result was therefore a win for Redfern by 9 points. The rinks and scores were as  follow -
No. 1. -Redfern : Locke Clarke, Widerstrom, Conlon (captain), 22. Ramndwick : Francis, Gorton (substitute) Scott, Coulter (captain), 18.
No. 2 -Redfern: Mihell, Rose, Hannigan, Howe (cap- tain), 23. Randwick, J. A Perry, Bromwich (substitute), Scott, J. V. Perry (captain), 17.
No. 3. -Redfern : Medcalfe, Parker, Roberts, Brogden (captain), 17. Randwick : Lewis, Wilson (sub.), Hodgson, Hedges (captain), 18.
The half hour scores werw as follows -Redfern, 15, 39, 46, final, 62. Randwick, 12, 30, 45, final 53. Majority for  Redfern, 9.

The Glebe Club sent three rinks to Lady Robinson's Beach, and succeeded in defeating the Brighton men by but a single point. Play varied a good deal during the course of the game, neither side having at any time a very great advantage over the other. The first scores came out a tie, both sides having 15 points. ln the second term the visiting team more than doubled its score, making 19 points, while Brighton made only 6. The home team pulled itself together to some purpose during the third term, and succeeded in adding no less than 27 points as against 12. This gave them a lead of 2. During the final the play was pretty even, any advantage being in favour of the visitors. At the conclusion of the term it was found that Glebe had put on 17 points, and Brighton 14. The former thus won by a single point. The rinks and scores  were as follow -
No. 1. - Glebe : Stimson, Huenerbein, Buckle, Mease (captain), 25. Brighton : Alcock, Pietzker, Hegarty, Bradbury (captain), 24.
No. 2. -Glebe : Wilkins, 'Fogden, Mackinlay. Macpherson (captain), 21. Brighton : Edward, Phippard, Kinwood,  M'Leod (captain), 12.   
No. 3. - Glebe : Guest, Purves, Johnson, Vaughan (captain), 17. Brighton : Marr, Gibbons, Macnamee, Thornley (captain), 26.   
The half-hour scores were - Glebe : 15, 34, 46 ; final 63. Brughton: 15, 21, 48 ; final, 62. Majority for Glebe, 1 point.

A three-rink contest took place between St.   Leonards and Annandale on Saturday last on the St.  Leonards green, in the presence of a large atten-   dance, despite the unpleasant wind that was blowing across the green. Only rink were the visitors able to make a fight for it, and here they were only beaten by seven points , in Rinks 2 and 3 they were in a sad minority. The game ended in a victory for   St. Leonards by 63 points. The foliowing are the  rinks and scores -

No. 1. -St Leonards : J Musgrave, J. Trimble, J. Liggins, T. T. Forsyth (captain), 29. Annandale : J. Hamner, J. F.'Broad, W. Smith, W. Newman  (captain), 22.
No. 2.- St. Leonards : W. H. Perry, J. Peate, W. Wilkie, J. Hobson (captain), 33. Annandale : H. Brabant, J. J. Skelton, T. C Ackhurst, W. W. Rowsell (captain), 15.
No. 3.- St. Leonards : J. C. Taylor, J. J. Earl, W. B. Smith, J. B. Moore (captain), 46. Annandale : C. T. Dwyer, W. Jamieson, W. Upton, J. D. Francis  (captain), 8.
The half-hour scores were -St. Leonards : 20, 39, 64, 85, final, 109. Annandale ; 5, 15, 22, 34 , final, 65. Majority for St. Leonards, 63.    

A two rink match between the Newtown and   Waverley clubs took place on Thursday on the Waverley green. The home team comprised A. and W. Horrocks and Macleod, who were prizetakers in the recent tournament. A. and W. Horrocks played at the same rink, but were completely oveermatched,  and suffered a significant defeat at the hands of the visi- tors, the scores being-Newtown 31, Waverley 14.  At No. 1 rink Macleod (Waverley) had victory, although the play was most even, and the small ad- vantage gained by the home team was not sufficient to make up their deficiency at No. 2 rink. The rinks and scores were as follow -

No. 1 - Newtown : A. Wilson, Langley Gentle, and Dalrymple (captain), 27. Waverley : Major Blanchard, J. M'Tavish, W. Andrew, and W. Macleod (captain) ,29.    
No. 2.- Newtown : W. Withers, Gommesou, W. Dolman and A. F. Fleay (captain), 31. Waverley : Hurley, W. Horrocks, G. T. Clarke and A. Horrocks (captain), 14.
Totals : Newtown, 53. Waverley, 43. Majority for Newtown, 15 points.

A two rink match between Waverley and Newtown took place on the green of the former on Thursday afternoon. The result of the contest was a win for Newtown by 14 points. J. T. Dalrymple's rink beating that of W. Macleod, and A. T. Fleay's that captained by A. Horrocks.    

Top dressing operations were commenced at the Ashfield green during the week, and canting of four   rinks has been completed. The remainder of the green will not be touched until the rinks that have   been top-dressed are ready for play.  

Good progress is being made with the new green at Petersham. The turf has been removed fiom the site, and the work of excavation is considerably ad- vanced. The job is being proceded with with the greatest celerity, in order that members shall be able   to play at the earliest possible opportunity.  

A friendly game was played on the St. Leonards   green on Friday, between the Brighton and St.   Leonards Clubs. Two rinks only took part, and the conditions were 21 heads. After a good game the St. Leonards representatives were reined the winners by six points. The following are the rinks and scores -   
No. 1. Rink- St Leonards : J. Peat, J. Musgve, J. B. Moore, T. T.Forsyth (captain), 13. Brighton :Deary,   Kenwood, Corbett, Lyons (captain), 14.    
No. 2. Rink -St. Leonards : T. Cosgrove, J. Liggins, Thomas Jelly, 21 Brighton : Glennister, Thornley, Roarty (captain), 14.    
The half-hour scores were St. Leonards : 8, 11, 28, final 34. Brighton, 6, 15, 17, final 28. Majority for St. Leonards, 6.  

Bowling Association of New South Wales AGM. 25 Sept 1896


Bowling Association of New South Wales.

A special meeting of the committee of the Bowling   Association of New South Wales was held at the Hotel Australia last night Mr W. Macleod (V. P. ) occupied the chair. The secretary (Mr Evans) submitted the draft of the 16th annual report, of which the following is a precis :- The principal event of the year was the 21st ínter-colonial match against Victoria, played at Sydney in April last, which was won by our representatives. The matches were played on Balmain and Waverley  greens. The record now stands at Victoria 13, New South Wales 8. The next intercolonial match will be played in Melbourne during November, and it is hoped that a strong team will be selectod to represent New South Wales. His Excellency Lord Hampden has signified his acceptance of the position of patron to the association. A pleasant incident during the year was the   presentation of a handsome testimonial to the late hon. secretary, Mr. H. B. Cohen, by his fellow bowlers, m recognition of his valunble services.

Early in the year it was announced that a team of Scotch bowlers contemplated a trip to Australasia, and with the associations of Victoria and New   Zealand we extended a hearty invitation to them but private advices say that the visit is deferred. Many members have been lost by death and removal, amongst the latter Mr. T. C. Hinchcliffe, the years champion, and a foremost bowler.   The report was adopted, as also was the balance   sheet of the treasurer (Mr. J. Davies), the latter showing the year's receipts to be £156 16s 5d, and the disbursements £154 12s 7d, leaving a credit balance of £2 3s 7d. A letter from the Victorian Association on the subject of the next intercolonial match was read and it was decided to fall in with   the suggestion that the contests take place on 2nd,   4th, and 6th November. Manly club intimated its intention of rejoining the association, and the Glebe club notified that Mr. Johnson (secretary) had been appointed its delegate, vice Mr. J. K. O'Toole.  

Newcastle senior club wrote to the effect that it  would consider the advisability of joining the association. An application from the Annandale club (accompanied by the neccesary certiticates for permission to join the associa- tion was unanimously granted. Considerable discussion took place over the application of the Waverley club for the sum of£5 towards the cost of entertaining the last Victorian intercolonial team. Mr Howe moved, and Mr Johnson seconded, " That both Balmain and Waverley be paid. " Mr. Cronin said that Balmain would not accept the money. Mr Howe amended his motion so as to apply to Waverley only, and after further discussion the proposition was carried.

The fixtures for to-day are -City v Glebe, on   City green ; Waverley v U. R. C. , on Waverley green ; Ashfield v St Leonards on Ashfield green ; Redfern v Victoria Park, on Redfern Green ; New- town v Rosehill, on Newtown Green, Manly v Balmain, on Manly Green ; Brighton v Randwick, on Brighton Green ; and Waverley v. Ashfield, on Waverley Green. Several of these matches will only be three-rink.  


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