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As of January 2014 the Ashfield Women's Bowling Group has 28 registered bowlers.  The play days are Tuesday mornings and Saturday mornings and everyone is welcome. 

For information about social or competition games or coaching:  Phone  9798 6666 (Club) or
0437 399 644 (Anthia - President of Women's Group) or  e-mail

UNDER 5's 2015
Quarter finalists of the 2015 Ashfield Under 5 singles
Left to Right
Kate Davis (runner up), Gemma Atkin, Lynne Graham (winner), Narelle Coole, Emma Brown, Lynne Langfield, Pam Willetts, Keiko Kurohara

Over 20 clubs were represented at the recent 2015 Ashfield Under 5 singles held over the last weekend of July this year. The weather was near perfect, the greens were at their peak and the players stepped up and put on some great matches. This was the 6th year that Ashfield has hosted the Under 5s singles and was the first club to host an Under 5s initiative in the City West District. Although the players have only been playing the game for five years or less, the standard of the games has always been very high and it has been rewarding to see many of these bowlers gone on to win championships and be recognised with selection.

The final of this years event was between Warilla bowler Kate Davis and Castle Hill bowler Lynne Graham. City West District Singles Champion, Maelene Reynolds marked the final game that was won by Lynne. The game went shot for shot until the 8th end when Lynne won 5 ends in a row taking a lead of 9 shots that Kate was unable to claw back. Final score 17-5.

Below are (left to right) Winners: Maelene Reynolds, Mona Downs & Mei Wan Lam; Runners up: Dianne Henry, Faye Flint & Kathy Willmont. 

High resolution on our Photo Page

Congratulations to Rebecca Turnbull on winning the 2014 Minor Singles. Played on Saturday 21st June under perfect conditions Rebecca overcame Nerida Watson 25-10. The many hours of rolling up and practice has paid dividends for Rebecca

We have put together all the Championship winners and Officer Bearers since the founding of our Women's Club. 

Metua Teinaki wins the Major Singles for the 3rd year in a row!  What a Champion!

Metua put on an excellent display of the draw game against
Maelene Mihaere, winning the final 26-20.  The game was marked by semi-finalist Beverley Pendleton.

Pairs Championship won by Anthia Hart & Maelene Mihaere in a run away game against Metua Teinaki & Beverley Pendleton, 28 - 2.

Minor Singles Championships 2014 draw:

The final between Nerida Watson and Ripeka Turnbull will be played on Saturday 21st June @ 1.30pm.   Marker:  Anthia Hart 

           Christmas Party 2013      

Women's Club Champions & Runners-up 2013

Major Singles:  Metua Teinaki r/u Anthia Hart 

Minor Singles:  Anthia Hart r/u Mona Downs

Pairs:  Marie McWilliams & Faye Flint r/u Nerida Watson & Jackie Heard

Louise Stenhouse (substitute Mei Wan Lam), Anthia Hart, Beverley Pendleton
r/u Joanne Acton, Carmella Pasquarillo, Faye Flint

Louise Stenhouse, Marlene Dunn, Anthia Hart, Beverley Pendleton
r/u Eireann Murphy, Nerida Watson, Faye Flint, Jackie Heard


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